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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Teach Me Futsuno-sensei


Three people are walking on a road. We arrived at a highway-like road slightly away from the place we fought the goblins earlier.

Right now we're heading toward "Gramada" city.
It seems to be the second largest city in this Taikun Principality, and these two's activities are usually centered around the city. The city's most peculiar characteristic is that there are several country-managed dungeons near it.
Dungeons produce monsters and generates treasures out of nothing to lure people into them. Dungeons then absorb the lured people and grow, ultimately, monsters will overflow outside, causing great disasters. Thus, cleaning up monsters inside dungeons is a needed business in areas where dungeons exist.
And when one takes total control of the Dungeon Core that exists in the lowest part of a dungeon, they can stop the dungeon's growth and make it so only weak monsters appear. In other word, it's the most optimal environment for a beginner adventurer.
By the way, in case the core gets destroyed, that dungeon will disappear (apparently the people inside will be forcefully ejected outside).

There are multiple unexplored dungeons around Gramada, adventurers from beginners to veterans have gathered in this city. Thus it's called the "Town of Adventurers", apparently it's quite prosperous.
It's the most suitable city for someone aimless like me. A town called the Town of Adventurers should have various info and documents.
Especially if you're planning to make a killing in dungeons, it's the best place. Because it seems there are occasions where defeated monsters drop treasures or item. The deeper the floor, the stronger the monsters, the higher the probability of them dropping good stuff. Of course it's not that sweet of a deal, as it means you're playing with death or something even worse. Like getting enslaved by monsters while you still have awareness.... Even with all the danger, adventurers going inside dungeons never ceases to exist.
Well, since I also seek strength and money, I would most likely go into one too. In my case, the less people see me doing stuff, the better anyway.

I listened to the two while we were walking.
The two are sisters, Futsuno-san is the elder one. Mitama is her half younger sister. Futsuno-san was the child from her mother's previous marriage.
The relation in the family seemed to be quite good, however, their parents passed away from epidemic around one year ago. That's why they sympathized with my false setting. I'm sorry for that random story.... I didn't mean any harm.
Afterward, it seems the two lived together for a while, but some bad bug creped on these young beautiful sisters.

The third son of the territory lord who were inspecting their village by chance set his eyes on the two. So they really exist, these rotten nobles.
The stupid brat threatened the village elder to give him the sisters, but the elder was a friend of their parents and he secretly gave them traveling expenses and let them escape.
The two decided to be adventures after getting out of the village. Since they didn't know when the stupid brat's pursuers would come at them.
Thankfully, due to the Miko class Futsuno-san learned from her mother, and Hunter class Mitama's father taught her, it didn't take too long until they adapted to adventurer's lifestyle.
They settled in the town around three months ago. Apparently, they judged that the pursuers wouldn't come to a big city far from their hometown.

"Wonder why ya, I usually didn't talk about this stuff. I did since Nobu-san, our lifesaver, asked, but don't go telling it to other people 'kay?"

Not a word my lady, it's a secret between you and me. The slightly bashful Futsuno-san was too cute, my heart skipped a beat.
I hurriedly change the topic since my face feels like it'll redden.

This is a rare chance, so I'm gonna ask Futsuno-san some things I have in mind.

"This is the first time I heard Soul Stones, what are they?"

"Soul Stones are crystals generated inside the body, its size and color changes depending on the owner's strength and magic power. The Soul Stones we got from the goblins earlier are the lowest ranked Soul Stones ya see. Monsters weaker than them won't leave a Soul Stone as it gets destroyed along with them."

Guess the stone gets destroyed in case of Moss Balls, no trace at all. What a joke.
Soul Stones are needed to run Magic Tools so they're always on demand. Thus it makes up for the majority of an adventurer's income.
Soul Stones goes from Black the lowest, to Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, and then White. Rarely there's even rainbow colored Soul Stones. It's rainbow since it shines in seven color, it's very rare and sought after as ornament by nobles and such, thus it's very very expensive.
Looks like the size changes depending on the owner's strength and magic power, the stronger they are the bigger the stones.

"Come to think of it, you were surprised about Housework Lv5, but is it that high? I don't understand that part, could you teach me?"
"It's the same with every skill, think Lv5 is about Skilled. I can tell ya some vague comparison, but don't expect a detailed explanation 'kay."

Futsuno-san tabulated it as such.

Lv1 Beginner
Lv2 Novice
Lv3 Professional
Lv4 Expert
Lv5 Skilled Adventurer Grade
Lv6 Knight Captain Grade
Lv7 King Grade
Lv8 Hero Grade
Lv9 Demon Lord Grade
Lv10 God Grade

Yup, how do I take this. Well, individual differences exist even if they have the same skill at the same level, for now, I should just treat it as a target.
That reminds me, I wonder what does other people's status look like. Even though I understand it's not a good thing to do, I'm deeply curious.
Three si.... No no, that's bad. But, I stealthily appraise....

Name: Futsuno - Gender: Female - Race: Beastfolk
Class: Miko Lv15
Title: None
Fire Magic - Wind Magic - Life Magic - Barrier Art - Dagger - Staff Art - Negotiation
Three Size -  Unfortunately, your level isn't high enough! ( ・᷄д・᷅ )

Name: Mitama - Gender: Female - Race: Beastfolk
Class: Hunter Lv13
Title: None
Dagger - Archery - Life Magic - Instinct - Concealment - Night Vision
Three Size - Not good, she'd notice your presence! ( ・᷄д・᷅ )

What's with those emoticons! That Gune must be awake doesn't he....
Oh? What is Life Magic? I'm intrigued.
Also, the information is quite scarce compared to when I appraise myself, maybe because my Magic Eye's level is low. The skill level isn't even displayed. Wonder how far I have to level it before I can see skill levels. I guess I have no choice but to appraise everything I see.
That reminds me, I leveled up didn't I, let's see.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race:???
Class: Fighter Lv5
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 42/60 MP: 75/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Magic Clad Lv2 (Up!) - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Evasion Lv1 (New!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv1 - Disguise Lv2

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv1

As I thought, the HP increase of Fighter is nice. MP didn't increase at all though.
Magic Clad has leveled up, wonder if it's because I got damaged while using Magic Clad when I fought the goblins.
I'm glad that I got Evasion without knowing. I'm gonna level this up since I don't plan on equipping a shield or such. It's gonna be effective if I have Instinct skill like Mitama, but I dunno how to get it.

"Nobu-kun, we're about to arrive at the post town. There's only one inn since it's more like a small village tho'."
"I'm glad that we'll likely get there while it's still bright. Futsuno-san, does the town have a general store? I'm thinking of purchasing some supply you see."
"There's one but the line up isn't that nice. I think it's still open at this hour."
"I'd like to shop a bit since I don't have many tools with me."

If possible, I'd like to get various things. It'll be nice if it has ingredients too. Wonder if I can trade with the fruits I picked.

As declared, we arrived at the post town before nightfall. And it's really only big enough to be called a village.
The inn is also not that big. It's only used by people who are going to the forest. Looks like there's quite a few adventurers who visit here for gathering quests and such.
Now then, gotta go to the general store after booking the inn ya. Oops, I got affected by Futsuno-san's accent.
The inn rate was 500 mani. But Futsuno-san was able to lower it with this and that to 450 mani. Yer' good fox girl-san. I'll use her negotiation as a reference.
I parted way with the two who looked tired and headed to the general store they told me.

"Good evening, old lady. May I look at the wares?"
"Aye, please do. We don't have much, but do buy them if you see anything you like."

Looking at an old lady running a shop alone made me recall an old small candy store in the past. Oops, not good, wonder if there's anything good~.

I take the things I'm interested in in my hands.

Some reasonably good stuff are lined up on the shelves.
Oh, there's flour. There's also dried river fish. Appraising them, looks like they're chars.
I bought rock salt, cooking oil, vegetables for three people and two meals, a small pot and various cookwares, several porcelain bowls and several clean cloths. Since I bought a lot, the old lady lowered the price to 730 mani as a service. I felt a bit bad about it so I gave her several fruits, she was quite pleased.
Apparently, things that enter that Rucksack, like fruits and such, deteriorate slower. Fruits that I took two days ago didn't look withered up at all. I'm gonna make some elaborate stuff tomorrow noon. Gotta prepare a bit of things in the inn.

I return to the inn with a satisfied face.

And then, it's time for dinner.

The inn's meal.... was a black bread and soup. Ok, I didn't expect much, but it looks like the food situation of this world isn't that advanced. Gotta endure until Gramada town. I'm sure some of my expectations will be meet in a big city like it. No really seriously please.
Before I returned to my room, I asked for some hot water and a bucket to borrow from the innlady. They cost 5 mani. A delicate amount that's neither expensive or cheap. I was thinking, 'I'd like to take a bath', while washing my body in the room. Japanese would love to take a bath everyday wouldn't they? It's the second thing I'm unhappy with in this world. The first one? Rice, meat, in other words, the meal....
I'll prepare for tomorrow with the remaining time. It'd be nice if it can please the two.

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