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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Nobusada Still... Hasn't Stood on Bare Earth Yet


"First, I should check the situation...."

I muttered alone even though there was no one that'd respond, for now let's look around and find something useful.
It's not that big of a house, but it feels wide with this body. I have no choice but to get used to this odd feeling huh.
Oh, there's some kind of letter and a rucksack on the desk.

--Dear Sir Nobusada-sama
Another world where you don't know left and right. How are you holding up there? Well, you've just arrived and all though.
Right now, you must be dumbfounded after I ended it with a simple explanation. I'm sorry, I didn't have much time you see. That's why I left this letter.
The goods on this desk are things I've prepared to support your life from now on. Truthfully I wanted to prepare a lot more things but these were the best I could manage.
You probably will question how I could arrange these things after I got killed, but we'll go there in time okay. (laugh)
At any rate, unlike earth where you lived until now, life is valued lightly here so be careful okay. Basically you have to rely on yourself to protect yourself. Well then, have a nice trip.
Yours sincerely--.

He's flippant even in a letter. But these cordial departures gift is really nice. If this were a certain national RPG, I would've to make do myself after getting some paltry amount of money.
Now then let's see what we have here. Oh right, I could do appraisal thingy. Let's use it at once.

Iron Sword
Quality: Average - Enclosed Mana: 0/4
Seems to be a normal sword. Thankfully it's of iron. It wouldn't be funny if I had to do with a cypress stick like in a certain national RPG.

Iron Knife
Quality: Average - Enclosed Mana: 0/0
I should use this as a spare weapon to skin or peel some common materials and such. I don't understand what this Enclosed Mana thing that has been appearing is.

Magic Rucksack
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 4/4
Note: Able to store up to 80KG of thing - Slow deterioration of thing put inside the rucksack
Currently it has flint, whetstone, dried meat and a water bag inside, 2KG in total.
It's similar to that thing a certain futuristic raccoon dog robot has huh.
This is the first time the item's Enclosed Mana has quantity. This is probably what makes a magic item distinctive.
For now let's deem it as such. I dunno if it's true either.

Potion x 3
Quality: Average - Expiration Date: 1 year
Why does it have expiration date! Is this because of my Housework skill!?
In the first place, it's pointless since I don't know the manufactured date!
Now that you mention it, in many stories or games, the characters drink potion with no problem, but if it has expiration date, I wonder why they don't have upset stomach.

Material: Parchment - State: Coarse
Note: A map of Gramada Region in Taikun Dukedom
It's quite degraded, I've got to be careful handling it.

Since it was prepared by that guy, it's probably a map of the area around here.
The X mark drawn in this map is probably this place. It's drawn inside a desolate forest after all.

I guess these are all the notable items. Oh, it seems there's money in this small sack. Wonder if I can appraise this one too.

Gold Coin x 30 - Silver Coin x 50 - Copper Coin x 940
Quality: Genuine
Genuine quality uh.... Ummu, there might be people who forge them since we're not in a modern world. Phew, it'd be troublesome if I got caught for having counterfeit money, I should regularly appraise them. Appraising things doesn't decrease my MP, it's quite convenient.

Er, according to Gune, the currency of this world is.

1 copper coin = 1 mani = around 10 yen
1 silver coin = 100 mani
1 gold coin = 10,000 mani
1 soul silver coin = 100,000 mani
1 white gold coin = 1,000,000 mani

In other words, he casually left me a little over 3 million yen....
Even carelessness has its limit, think about common sense!
A coward I am, I immediately put them into the rucksack. Rather, it's scary to carry all you have with you.

These are all things on top of the desk huh.
The other rooms here are only a kitchen and a living room. Quite a bit of dust has piled on them, I wonder if they've been neglected for a long time. There's neither food nor drawn water.
However, looking outside the windows, this place is inside a forest. I might end up getting lost if I carelessly go out.
For now, I'll dust them off quickly to make them livable. Fortunately, the kitchen knife, pot, and furnace seem usable.

After dusting them off for about 30 minutes, they're ready to use now. Looks like there's some firewood in stock too.
Now that I've secured a base, albeit a temporary one, next I should go investigate the surroundings.
I can't deny the possibility of suddenly encountering a bear-san though, so I'm going in full gears.
That reminds me, the clothes that I'm wearing are relatively thick. Rather, this is all I have. I'll take good care of it....

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