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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Strongest Sage, Pity His Elder Brother


First I activate a magic called 【Passive Detection】 as a preliminary arrangement of the training.
Just as the name suggests, this magic can detect magic power emitted by magic items and creatures, it's a magic to investigate the surroundings situation.

Even though there are some things that can't be detect by the magic, it's one of the most used detection magic because enemies won't notice its usage and it consumes no magic power.

And yet, it's actually a difficult magic to master if one intends to improve its accuracy and range.
This magic is crucial if I want to enter the forest since the me right now can die easily.
It's closer to art instead of magic since it doesn't consume magic power at all though.

I was able to activate it immediately. There's no problem at all using it with this body since it doesn't consume magic power.
However, since my control of magic power has been quite lowered, there's a lot of noise, and the detection range apears to be considerably constricted.

The past me could detect within a several hundreds kilometer radius, but I have no choice but to settle with around a one kilometer radius for now.
Well, at the present condition, this much should be enough to evade dangers.
After all, I didn't sense any strong animals, let alone monsters.

"Mathias! Why did you go outside!"

Someone shouted that to me who was triumphantly walking toward the forest just when I was several hundred meter away from the house.

I knew who it was just from the voice. It's Biffgel the second son.
Apparently, he doesn't like me going outside.

"I can't go out?"

I replied without stopping, or rather, I hastened my pace.
All the present memories tell me. There's no point in keeping this guy company.

"'Course you can't!"

Biffgel replied angrily his face became red. To the point that I worry his blood vessels would snap. It'd be nice if they did.

"Why can't I?"

I ask again while quickening my steps even more.
I tried using physical buff magic while I was at it.
It's just a light buff, but good enough to let me walk faster.

"Cause you're a disgrace of our house! Once I succeed the house I'll banish a Disqualified Crest like you at once!"

『Disqualified Crest』 again huh.
Even if you disparage with some unknown term, I don't know how to react.

One thing I know for sure, I was never treated as a disgrace by anyone but Biffgel, and no one ever told me not to go outside.
I did overhear plans to reform Biffgel in our house several times.... But looking at him now, looks like it's not going well.

"What's that 『Disqualified Crest』?"

"You don't even know that huh. Shame on you Disqualified Crest!"

What's the point of telling that to a six year child....
By the way Biffgel is 14 year old. As you can clearly see, a 14 year old pouring those words at a six year old child shows how abnormal Biffgel is.

Rather, does this idiot really think he will succeed the house. Even if we disregard his bottomless stupidity, you're a second son y'know?

"Then I with my Glory Crest will teach you. Look at your left arm!"

Well if he's going to tell me, I'll hear him this once.
After thinking that, I move my sight to my left arm. Yup, there's the Fourth Crest.

"What's wrong with this?"

"That's a Disqualified Crest. A proof of trash who can't even use magic well! And this one is a proof of those chosen by the magic god, the Glory Crest!"

After saying that Biffgel raises his own left arm up high, showing it to me.
....Uwaa. It's painful to look at. I feel embarrassed just by seeing it, please stop it by all means. If I were a disgrace of the house, then this guy would be the disgrace of humanity, no, of organic matters.
This is bad. Simply the fact that I was born as the same race as him makes me want to die. Should I reincarnate again?

I observe Biffgel's arm while enduring the headache.
Judging from the arm's direction, the thing he wanted to show me seems to be a crest.

I knew what that crest was at a glance.
--It's the First Crest. I'm absolutely sure I'm correct at this one thing. Cause it was a Crest I got fed up of looking at for several hundreds years in my past life.
I send a pitying look at Biffgel.
It's okay, I understand. This guy must have got his personality twisted cause he fell in deep despair at his own Crest, I'm sure about it.

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