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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Strongest Sage, Drew a Strong Crest


I woke up in a hard bed. My memories feel a bit fragmented, but my consciousness is clear.
It seems the reincarnation is largely successful.
I jumped out the bed while thinking that and looked at my left arm first thing first.

"--Alright! It's a hit!"

The one there is not the First Crest I'm used to see, but the Fourth Crest.
This crest specializes in close-quarter combat and as far as I know, it's the most suitable crest for magic combats.

I shouted out loud unbecoming of my age. Since the memories of my past life and current life have mixed together, I wonder if my sense also got younger.

No. It's more correct to say that I got influenced by my past life. My memories simply resurfaced, so it's not like I took over someone else's body and consciousness. My proper age is six year old.
I decide to stop getting influenced by my past self or acting like an old man. My personality isn't like that in the first place anyway.

This current me is not the me who was called Sage. Let me introduce myself again.

My name is Mathias Hildesheimer. I am six year old.
I'm Baronet Hildesheimer's....

I got goosebumps hearing what I just said. I really shouldn't force myself. Let's start over.

My name in this life is Mathias Hildesheimer.
Just as the name suggests, I'm the third son of Baronet Hildesheimer.

I'm not familiar with this 『Baronet』 term, but according to the little knowledge the current me has, it seems to be a sort of government worker with lineage system that administers a local region. People also often call them 『Lord』 or 『Master』. If I'm not mistaken, it's a nobility system or something.
Baronet is most likely the second lowest rank, but nevertheless, it's the top position in this region. Yet from the country's viewpoint, the position should only be about above the bottom.
--At least I believe that's it.

"What happened to the world?"

I couldn't have imagined the world in the memories of the current me from the state of the world in my past self.
I never saw even one Magic Tools that were called indispensable in my past life.

There's no flying-type artificial agriculture fairies, no accelerated molecular motion machine for cooking, no magical machinery for construction.
I wondered just how do they live, but the populace plow the field with human power, and raise crops themselves to sustain their life. Furthermore, the present head of Hildesheimer and the lord of this region, my father is also working among them.

It was an unthinkable spectacle during the Magic Era 12700.
Just what had happened during the time I was reincarnating.

...Well, there's nothing I can do complaining about the present environment.
Fortunately, I have memories of this era too, I'm also experienced in living a survival life in building-less forests for years.
I should have no difficulty adapting.

First, I gotta gather intelligences.
It seems the me until now was not that studios, living a carefree life without ever looking around the region nor reading books in my father's study.
Well since my past self also preferred real practices to studying, I guess it wasn't my current self's duty to do that either.

"Hey, Mathi. Do you need something in the study?"

Reich the eldest son called me as I was walking to the study.
He's the earnest one among two of my older brothers. He's 15 year old.

His crest is the Second Crest. It excels in mid-range ranged magic, a required crest in a group battle.
It seems that right now he's not training in magic, I think he'd become a good magician if he just trains.

"I wanna read books."

I replied my brother with my usual tone. He'd be surprised if it suddenly changed.

"Books huh. I think it's still too early for Mathi.... Which books do you wanna read?"

"I guess books about combat. And magic books."

Nothing else are more important to check first.
I'm also interested in histories to find out just what happened, but that can do later.
Cause it's possible that new combat arts and magic have been developed when I was in the dark.

However, my older brother Reich's face looked complicated when he heard me say magic.
Then his smiling face comes back immediately and he speaks.

"Then I'll read you a book about battle."

Apparently he ignored the matter about magic.
I'm thankful for his offer, but I can read books myself just fine.

"No, I'll do it myself..."

I opened the study door while saying that.
And then, I looked for books that seemed to be related to combat and magic--.

"...What's written there?"

There were a few books in the study.
However, the problem is the spines of those books.
I can't read them.

I had mastered 27 languages before I noticed it as I continued to battle for several hundred years, but the language written on the books' spines didn't match any of those languages.
I probably can read it if I use Translation magic, but it needs a relatively large amount of magic power and throughput. The me right now can't use it.
Even though I have the knowledge, I don't have the resource to materialize it.

"Haha. I figured as much. Then, I'll read this for you."

After saying that, my older brother Reich pulled out a book from our father's study.
That book seemed to be a sort of heroic tales, monsters that could destroy a country alone appeared one after another, and the main character went to defeat them.
How very enviable. There were also monsters like that in my past life, but they were few far and between.
Share me half of them.

Well, that kind of story is too good to be true and can't possibly be real, this book is just a fiction so it didn't help me understand the situations of this world.
However, I was able to comprehend the language somewhat by comparing what my older brother Reich said and the words written in the book. I've got to thanks Reich.

However, it looks like it'll take times before I could read books about combat arts and such, so I'm going to postpone that until later.
And it might be faster for me to train my magic power until I can activate the Translation magic.
By the way, the spoken language wasn't much different to the one in my past life, so I was able to understand it immediately.
There were several terms I don't understand like [Disqualified Crest] and such though.

After he was done reading for me, my older brother Reich went back to his work in the fields.
In this village, you'll get your own field once you turn 11, and you've got a duty to work there.

Both of my older brothers have their own fields in accordance to this rule.
However, it seems the situation is a bit different in my case.
Right now I don't have a field due to my age, but there's a high chance that I don't get one even after I turn 11.

The official reason seems to be because there's not enough area.
Certainly, this village lacks area for fields, so it's not like I can't understand with just that reason alone.
But, judging from the behaviors of the villagers, my parents, and my other older brother Biffgel, I feel that there's more to it.
My parents were looking at me like they feel sorry, while Biffgel was clearly looking down on me.

Apparently, it's got to do with 『Disqualified Crest』, but my older brother and my parents don't want to talk about the particular, and I don't want to ask Biffgel. I probably won't get a decent answer even if I ask him anyway.

Now then. There's still some time until dinner.
First of all, I should train.
It's important to train your stamina and magic power everyday you see.

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