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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 25

Chapter 25  Touching Princess Knight's Nude Body All Over! (Intelligence Gathering 4?)


The inn room at night.
I ordered Celica to strip in order to fulfill her 'wanted to be stronger' wish.

"Then take off your clothes and lie in the bed."
"Eh, so sudden..... Y-yes...."
Celica begun to take off her clothes while blushing.

She took off her undergarment and blouse. One of her arms is hiding her big breasts, warping the softness.
"Ah, that's enough. I'll do the rest."
"Hau.... P-please be gentle...."
Celica lays in the bed with only a red skirt. Her white body with blond hair on top looks beautiful. Her limbs are slender, her waist is narrow.
The breasts that are too big leaned sideway. They shake whenever she breathes.

I sit down beside her.
"The first time might be hurt, bear with it."
"Au.... I-I'll do my best."
Celica's upturned eyes are moist.

I put my hand on Celica's cleavage. Warm smooth skin. Yet it's white like snow.
She twitched and trembled. The big breasts shook.

And then I use <<Truth Sight>>.
--Now then, how should I rewrite this.
I trace my finger on Celica's breasts and collarbone.
She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth like enduring something. But she couldn't hold it as a sweet voice leaked out of her mouth.

"Celica, why did you become a knight?"
"Eh....? It's partly because I was strong when I was little, but it might be because I yearn after its legendary coolness."
"I see.... You'd become a better magician with your current growth rate, but if Celica wishes for it, I can change the growth rate to fit Knight."
"I-Is that possible!?"
She straightened up. The big breasts heavily shook.
Celica holds her breasts with a red face.
She slowly lies down.

I speak while tracing the gently-sloping line of the breasts and waist.
"Well. Even after tampering Knight into Magician, it's still bad."
"I-is that right.... Au."
For some reason, she sighed painfully.
When I look closer, her face and body are wet like she's out of bath. Wonder if she's got a fever.

Well let's finish the rewriting first.
Still these big breasts are obstructive.
I grip it with my left hand. My fingers grasped, altering them.
Celica bent backward in surprise.
"Mu. Are you alright?"
"Hauu.... What did you do so sudden."
With tears on her eyes, she put her hands on mine which is on her breast. Her slender fingers wrap mine.
It feels like I'm teasing her now.
"Don't worry. I'll finish the tampering soon."

Celica stopped moving when I said that.
She holds out her slender arm and catches my Wafuku's sleeve.
"Keika-sama.... What are you doing."
"What you ask, I'm changing your ability and class right?"
"Fe!? ....B-but, you told me to strip."
"I can't do it to other people unless I touch them directly."
"So that was the case...."
Celica looks away with reddened puffed cheeks.
What a strange girl.

I concentrate my eyes and fingers.
"Hmm. What should I do.... Would be nice if I can do something about this hidden Lv 17."
I should tell her.

"You're hiding something right?"
"Uu... That's."
"You still can't say it? I'd like to hear it from Celica if possible."
Celica opened her red lips cutely, but then she sighed.

She loosened her body. The breasts move slowly.
"That's right. Keika-sama can see it.... I'm sorry for keeping it a secret. It's not because I didn't believe or doubt Keika-sama."
"I know."
"I'm a princess of Edelstein Kingdom. My real name is Celica Rem Edelstein. It was a small kingdom destroyed by demon king. My dream is to someday break the demon king's control over it and revive my country."
"W-what'd you say (monotone)."

Celica puffed her cheeks and pointed her slender finger at me. With just that, the breasts shook like they were drawing a circle.
"Please don't say that barefaced lie. I can't go back to become a princess, my body is being touched by a man like this.... Forget about revival, I can't even be a bride anymore."
Celica wipes her eyes with her fingers. Looks like she's crying.

I move my hand from her breast to her head and pat it.
"There's no need to be one."
"I said before right. Keep your body pure for my sake."
"Hau.... I-is my body still pure in this situation?"
"This is a ceremony. There's nothing indecent about it--besides."
"I'll regain it. Celica's wish was, "I still want to live" right. A kingdom is needed for a princess to live."
"Ah.... Keika-sama...."
She called my name while sighing weakly and teary eyed.

I pat her head to relieve her. Sob, Celica sniffled.
"Also, don't worry about the fact that you hid it. I also kept this ability of mine a secret. Since I didn't want it known until I became a hero. In other words, we're even."
Then Celica laughed even though tears were piling on her eyes.
"Keika-sama is too kind.... I'm glad I was able to meet you...."
"Don't say was. We still have a long way to go. And, don't tell anyone about my ability okay?"
"Yes, I understand. Keika-sama."
Celica nodded with her slender chin.
"Then, let's continue."
I got back to the rewriting.

--But, what to do.
I thought of changing her 『Sinner』 to 『Townspeople』 since it's just a hindrance, but then it'd be strange when her 『Princess Lv17』 got revived.
Her Princess skills must have disappeared because she lost her kingdom.

Then it hit me.
"Perhaps if I do this to this...."
I press my finger on her flush smooth body. Soft elasticity is transmitted back.

My finger crawled from her tiptoe to her knee when I altered her 【Agility】. My hand got inside the slender thigh hidden inside the red skirt. It's soft and damp by sweat.
Celica's slender limbs became stiff. With a red face, she bit her finger and hair to hold back her voice.
I push my finger on the root of her thigh. Drawing several circles.
Her delicate body stiffened every time.

However, it seemed she couldn't hold back anymore, a sigh that sounded like a suppressed screamed leaked out her red lips.
"Did it hurt?"
"I-I'm fine."
Celica replied while breathing roughly. Her cheeks are red.
"Endure it a bit more."
"Yes.... Keika-sama."

Next my finger crawled on her blond hair to her thin neck and white nape to change her 【Class】.
"And then--finished! Oh the numerics increased! Be glad Celica! For your sake a new Class is--"

Right at that moment, a dim light wrapped Celica's nude upper body. Surprised, she held her breasts and straightened up.
"What's happening!?"
"I don't know! What the heck is this!?"
I look at Celica hastily.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 Year Old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Princess Knight Lv22 (High)
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 90(4) Growth Limit 375
Agility: 68(3) Growth Limit 290
Magic: 45(2) Growth Limit 215
Wisdom: 46(2) Growth Limit 180
Luck: 23(1) Growth Limit 051

Vitality: 790
Willpower: 455

I shout out unintentionally.
"They increased! And I was just trying to make a new class by joining two classes together!"
"M-my body feels like it's filled with power!"
"What a dreadful Your growth limit increased to three digits?"
"What's the matter?"
"Your growth limit was two digit when you were a Knight...."
"And it became three digits.... So such a thing can happen. What has my Class become exactly?"
"It's Princess Knight Lv22. There's High thing attached to it. It looks very strong."

Celica put her hand on her mouth and shouted.
"P-princess Knight!? The legendary Princess Knight, me!?"
"What. That Class actually exists huh. That means your Class got forcefully evolved huh."
It's probably two digits for basic classes, three digits for upper class.

Celica jumped at me while still in nude. I got pushed down by that momentum.
The big breasts are directly pushed on me. Ultimate softness.
"Keika-sama! Thank you very much! I will forever be on Keika-sama's side!"
"R-really.... Do your best."
"This feeling, I'm serious!"
Celica hugs me tightly. Slender arms, delicate body. The puff-puff gets pushed even more. The nice scent from her blond hair tickles my nose.

I touch her white body, patting her blond hair and back.
And then I speak while gripping the small hips.
"You sure became bold."
"Eh....? Kya"
Celica ran away to the edge of the bed and covered her front with a blanket.
She blushes whhile looking at me with upturned eyes.
"Keika-sama is a meanie."
"Hou. Are you saying that I'm teasing you right now? It wasn't my doing you know?"
"Uu.... That's."
"And my teasing isn't nothing like this y'see?"
Celica looked frightened for an instant.

I stand on my knees and approach her. And then she shrinks back and bend her legs.
I catch that thin ankle and pull her.
I dragged her in the wide bed, her red skirt got rolled up. I could see her white underwear and her white thigh.
"No.... But.... Isn't the modification already over...?"
"That's why I'm teasing you."
I open her legs, push her thin shoulders and mount her. At a distance where our breath unite.
Celica sighs sweetly, 'a...." like she's expecting something. Her white skin is dyed pink.
And then she closes her eyes and open her red lips like inviting me--.

I smirk and hold her down suddenly.
And hug her tightly!
Celica screamed cutely and bent her body. The directly pressed breasts shake bit by bit.
And then she said, "funya", and strength fell out of her delicate body.
"Huh? Celica? O-oy."
I tried to shake her but only her breasts shook. Shaking like a doll.
I thought she died and looked at her Status in panic, but it was 【State: Fainted】.

I sigh in relief.
"...I shouldn't tease the princess too much...probably."

I covered her beautiful body with the sheet.
And then I'm thinking while looking at her faintly reddened cheeks.
--Her 【Sinner】 status won't change even if she gets her country back.

I have to uphold the 『Promise』 in order to protect her.

I left the room quietly and left the inn.
Walking straight to the center of the city through the main street scarce of people.

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