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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-44

15-44. New World (2)


Satou's here. I tend to handle things I got for free or got before I wanted it, roughly. I'm sure that things I obtained after much hardships must have this [Hardships Cost] added to it.

"Well then, I'm off."
"Un, take care okay."

After saying that to the girls, I teleported to the desstination using Unit Arrangement.

"....It's cramped."

I open the hatch of the small pod I used to send the mice in and go outside.
I had used Astronout magic before I teleported, so I'll be okay regardless of the environment.

--A desolate world of death.

That was my first impression.
Ruins of crumbled high-rise buildings stretch out in the emptiness.

"Oh, I can still use Skills huh."

Even though the Skill Column is grayed out in my Menu, I still can produce Magic Edge on my finger.

However, using the Magic Edge felt slightly off than the usual.
Since the skill indication is grayed out, perhaps there's no added augment from Skills.

"....Magic power isn't recovering?"

The decreased magic power isn't recovering at all.
I'm not talking about my abnormal recovery rate, but the rate for common people.

Apparently, Magic Essence that's needed to recover Magic Power almost doesn't exist in this land.
This might also be the reason why the mini Gargoyle units I sent earlier as a scout ran out of magic power.

The Magic Column in the Menu is white like usual.

"Now then, how about All Map Exploration--"

My magic power got completely consumed, but it activated nonetheless.
It seems I can get information from this world through the Earth Vein even though there's no Dragon Vein.
In addition, even though it takes a long time to activate, [Appraisal] skill seems to be usable with times.

"The map's name is 『Ordinal M World Line, Planet Earth, Ruins of Japan Empire』 huh."

The word 'ruins' is like a proof that there is no one in this land.

--No. [There is nothing] is more correct.

After searching the whole map, let alone people, there's not even an animal larger than small ones.

I've secured several means to go back, but since my Menu functions normally, it's just excellent.
I tried going back to the [Solitary Island Palace] and went back here.

"Fumu, is it because the worlds are different--"

I put my hand on my chin and muttered.

It seems there was a slight load when I used Unit Arrangement to move between worlds.
I probably shouldn't use it too often between worlds.

I went around the earth using Sight-based Unit Arrangement, and confirmed that there's no one on the ground.
It appears nuclear fusion reactor was the mainstream instead of nuclear fission in this world, but there was a lot of glass craters on the ground and the terrains were considerably different from the earth I know.

World War 3-like nuclear wars probably happened.

"Just how rampant was the insanity in this world...."

Even several large-scale underground shelters were crushed by special bombs that could penetrate earth crust, I couldn't find any survivor.
When I moved to the place that should be Tokyo, snow was piled up like it was in glacier period.

"Survivor in the space is also, none huh."

A lot of debris was floating in the satellite orbit, the lunar base had also been annihilated.

"Traces of attacks by unknown aliens or hell's spawns, also none."

Humanity killing each other is within my assumption.

I give a silent prayer to the destroyed people of this world.

I had grasped about the destruction of this world and the state of electromagnetic waves from the mini gargoyle scout units beforehand, but I still wanted to confirm whether there was really no former inhabitant before we start the emigration.

I call forth a large warship loaded with numerous large-scale Sacred Tree Stone Furnaces from my Storage.
I resupplied my of magic power from those furnaces and picked one magic from the Magic Column.

--Terra Forming.

Rainbow colored light similar to my Spirit Light stretches to the sky, covering the planet like auroras.
With this, these ice age-like atmospheric temperature, lethal toxic substances and radiation should subside somehow.

"Next, I need to prepare the planned site of the settlement--"

The place is Kansai in Japan.
It's partly because it's near an inland sea which is a rich fishing ground, but also because I have limited options since Kanto and Tokai regions have been destroyed into huge craters.

While getting magic power supply, I created cities with multi-storied buildings and 10 KM gaps in between, and covered them in a barrier that'd protect them from radiation and pollution.
The barrier will only hold up for around three months since there's no replenishment of magic power from outside, but during that time, the [Terra Forming] magic should finish purifying the outside world cleanly.

"In addition, I'll leave them water and preserved food."

I turned the land from around Kyoto to Lake Biwa into empty lot, and then I purified the frozen water in Lake Biwa, Lake Nara and Lake Osaka, making them drinkable.
In addition, I left enough preserved food to feed a population the size of a city for 10 years.
I think I put a bit too much, but since they're excess that was over-mass produced by the Chlorella factory, there's no problem.

"These should be about right eh? After this, I can just ask them if they need more once they've settled in--"

And since I'm planning to put a Sacred Tree Stone Furnace in the emigrant ship, it should be possible to use magic here for one year. I guess it could be 10 years if they economized?

After that, they should be able to make it themselves if I just leave a lot of solar panels.

--Ah perhaps.

Can't I just let them out here from the sub-space without using the Ark?

I tried to do that, but it was not possible.
Apparently, the subspace I created belongs to that world, it can't be connected directly here.

Looks like this world isn't in that easy mode.

『Master, can you hear me?』

Arisa contacted me.

『Yeah, I could--』


It shouldn't possible for space magic to reach here.

『How'd you do it, Arisa?』
『Telepathy thing?』

Arisa's tone sounded slightly triumphant.

『There's no way--』

When I was going to deny that, I understood that it was certainly something close to telepathy.

『Ehehe~ you noticed? It's exactly it, the [Familiar~]'s power!』

I hold myself back from retorting Arisa's weird intonation of [Familiar], I contemplate.

Right now I and Arisa can communicate with our will, the effect seems to be similar to [Telephone].
Apparently, there's a reason why [Satou's Faamiliar] was added on Arisa's title.

『Still, it's amazing how it enables us to talk between world.』
『Sure is, it's the power of our love.』

Well, leaving aside love, being able to communicate between worlds that even space magic can't do sure is convenient.
Moreover, just like my Unit Arrangement, it doesn't seem to consume magic power either.

This looks like it'll be useful when I'm visiting the God's Realm.

『--Ah, right, I forgot.』

Arisa said that and told me her primary business.
Apparently, the weasel emperor called me.

『Got it, tell him that I'll be back asap.』
『Hooi. Cup ramen as the souvenir, please!』
『Okay okay, leave it to me.』

To meet Arisa's request, I dropped in a bit on the way back to our world.

"Were you able to convince them?"
"There is no problem."

When I visited the castle in the desert subspace I made, the former great weasel demon lord--the current weasel emperor was having a lively meeting with the director of [Brains], and several other people.
There's someone wearing a robe too, looks like the weasel empire imperial court magician also came.

The director and other people who saw me begin to ask questions in a rapid succession.

"I heard we're emigrating the people to another world."
"Is it true that it's Earth that's been destroyed by nuclear wars?"
"Did World War 3 really happen?"
"I'd rather go to Mars!"

--Calm down.

While being overwhelmed, I answered the questions of these [Brains] members.

The new world I suggested to them is the earth of a parallel world I visited earlier where no one is alive.
I found it by chance when I was randomly sending unmanned pods to see if I could find my original world.

"We're going to become Adam and Eve in the new world!"

Before I could even finish, a woman who was accompanying Brains's director said something similar to what Arisa would say.
I don't think it'll be that romantic since all the people of Weasel Empire are coming along too.

"However, can you teleport all the empire's people? Weasel Empire needed quite an amount of magic power to summon people from earth. We were barely able to maintain the gate for three minutes even when using catalysts."

I give a positive answer to the man wearing the weasel empire imperial court magician robe.

"It's fine. It will take some time, but the people will be going to that world using ships that cruise between dimensions."

As a matter of fact, transporting the Ark using my Unit Arrangement would have been the fastest, but if they were given a new land without any distress, they'd likely take it for granted, so I'm having them to take a slightly dangerous and troublesome way.

Of course, their safety is guaranteed enough.

"An emigrant ship that can go across worlds huh..... We'll make it in 100, no 30 years."

The director said some long-term idea.

"It'd be too pitiful for the people if they had to wait that long. I'll provide the shell, the main engine, and the life support system, so you guys just need prepare the interior."

The cruise will probably only take three months, three years at the longest, so the system doesn't need to be that tedious.
It'll probably take longer if the system is based on science instead of magic, but since it's going to have Sacred Tree Stone Engine anyway, there should be no problem in using magic tools.

"--Could it be, you had the people in mind from the very start."
"If you're letting all the empire's people migrate, just how long ago you had it planned."

....The emperor and the director seemed to have a misunderstanding.

Seeing them this happy, it's hard for me to say that I just thought it up yesterday.

Thus, the plan to emigrate the people of weasel empire to another world, [World Exodus] truly begins.

"You really made the travel possible in one month...."
"You can finish the interior during the cruise to kill time."

The weasel emperor sighed as he was overlooking several emigrant ships floating in the void sky-styled sub-space.

He had the [God's Fragment] removed by Demon Lord Shizuka, and I turned him back to his original weasel emperor figure using Primeval Magic.
With his devotion, I was able to manage the Primeval Magic quite well to do it.

It seems to be extremely painful, so I'd better not casually use it on living people.

"Your Majesty! We've finished the preparation to depart."

Lady Liedill wearing a space suit arrived with a small void sky ship.
She was a long-earkin girl who served as a Weasel Empire's Temple Knight, I had saved her when she was in critical condition from the Divine Punishment, and she regained a body close to her original one thanks to Bio Tank.

Lady Liedill jumped from the small void sky ship to the wharf where we were.

"Are you okay."

It seemed she was still not used to her new body, I caught her as she staggered and lost her balance.
I help her back on her feet while trying not to focus on the poyo-poyo sensation that hit my arm in accordance to inertia.

『You pervert.』
『I had no ulterior motive.』

I replied to Lady Liedill who complained through Telepathy similar to what Arisa did.

"Your Majesty, the preparation for ceremony has been completed."
"Umu, let's go."

I follow after him to the ceremony hall.

"Liedill, are you really not going to stay here?"
"Yes, Your Majesty. Even if this body has been altered by this guy, my loyalty lies with Your Majesty."
"Is that so--"

I take no notice to the conversation that has been repeated many times these past several weeks.

I don't know if it was because I poured Blood Elixir without restraint, or if it was because Lady Liedill lost the majority of her limbs, her title became [Satou's Familiar] once the treatment was complete.

We can communicate between worlds since she's my familiar, it's useful if there's trouble with the weasel emigrant fleet, so I leave it as is.

As a bonus--.

『This fat, it's a nuisance.』
『I think it's attractive.』

--Maybe because I had set the tank for Nana, her breasts volume increased to E cup from her super slender old self.
She said it like it was a problem, but it seems she's taken a liking to it so I didn't readjust it.

"Hear me my people! We are no longer able to set foot in this world whose gods loathe us. However--"

I take a look at the people standing in lines while taking no heed to the weasel emperor's speech.
There's not even one person with purple hair.

All of the reincarnated people received Unique Skill--or rather, [God's Fragment] as a compensation for reincarnating.

All of those fragments were transfered to small monsters by Demon Lord Shizuka, and then my companions defeated the demon lords that manifested.
Unfortunately, except for Arisa who got [True Hero] title like Pochi, no one got [Hero] title.
I also had the former demon lord who was training in the selbira labyrinth's lower layer, Shin boy to defeat them, but unfortunately his ability wasn't even enough to give a finishing blow to a weakened demon lord so he wasn't able to get [True Hero] title.

"--Give an applause of gratitude to Hero Nanashi! This emigrant fleet wouldn't have been possible without him!"

While enduring the earsplitting waves of sound, I wave my hand at the people elegantly like a member of Imperial Household.

"Then, let us depart!"

After the weasel emperor declared that, the people who were standing in lines began to move to the cockpits of the emigrant fleet.

"Satou. Please take care of my little brother and the weasel people who stay in this world."

Even though I couldn't imagine that Weasel Empire's prince wanting my help, I replied him with a short, "I got it."

『Your Majesty, this is a farewell degozaru.』
『Umu, serve under Satou and become his shield from now on.』
『Acknowledged degozaru.』

The former sword demon lord who's staying here regrettably parted with the weasel emperor.

There were also around 200 other people who declined the emigration, but I had already sent them to various places in the world separately.
These settlers' memories about science were erased by the catear-kin reincarnated person, Louise, who was in charge of memory deletion in Lete City, so they shouldn't become a target of a new Divine Punishment or something.

"Emperor person, please wait nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi ran up while holding a necklace-like thing.

"Dog Hero Pochi and Cat Ninja Tama. I see that you two are lively today too, excellent."

The weasel emperor looks like a friendly old man as he smiles with his whole face.

"Safety prayer~"
"We made 『Sekka Flower』's necklace to protect you in your journey nodesu."

It's the same necklace Pochi and the others got from the little girl Yuni when we departed Seryuu City back then.
For these two, this [Sekka Flower] Necklace must be the very symbol of safe journey.

"Umu, I will cherish it."
"Yes nanodesu."

I left the emigrant fleet with a small void sky ship along with Pochi and Tama who were waving their hands buzzingly.

"Open nanodesu!"

It's an Otherworld Gate I remodeled from Saga Empire's Hero Summoning and Weasel Empire's Japanese Summoning magic circles.
A dark gray subspace can be seen on the other side of the multi layered magic circles.

One ship after another enter that subspace.

"They're gone~"
"Emperor person will be alright for sure nanodesu."
"That's right. I'm sure he can accomplish it."

The preparation was excessively enough after all.

After confirming that the gate had closed, I teleported back to the Solitary Island Palace.
I'd like to relax with my companions before visiting the God's Country.

"Meat meat meat~ ham~ burg~?"
"Bird-san, goat-san, beef-san, lots of them, but I love them all~ nanodesu."

I'm walking in the alley toward Solitary Island Palace where flowers are blooming while listening to Tama's and Pochi's lunch song.
Peaceful daily life really is the best isn't it.

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