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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Found Animal Ear-san


"Such fine weather. What a nice morning to start a journey!"

I feel like I've been talking to myself a lot more since I came here. It's not because I'm lonely okay.
I saved up food while leveling Fighter's level yesterday. I gathered a lot of things like aralia's sprout, fiddleheads, bracken, and such, there was no sense of season at all. Of course along with various fruits. That reminds me, there was a type of fruit I had never seen before.

Ramputun Fruit
A sweet fruit with thorny rind. The flesh in the inside is smooth.
Besides for consumption, it's also an ingredient for making nutrient, it can be sold at a good price.

Keep it a secret that I hoarded a lot of it because I was attracted by the price part!

I'm finally departing under this clear weather! I stayed too long though!
Ah, my current status is like this.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race:???
Class: Fighter Lv4
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 55/55 MP: 82/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv1 (new!) - Disguise Lv2 - Magic Clad Lv1

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv1

I've put on 【Moss Ball Killer】 as my title.
To be honest, the only titles I have that look usable are only this and 【One who Surpasses Mom】. Then this one is still the better. It's effective when moss balls come out after all.

Now then, I decided to head toward the east direction I inferred by looking at the sun. I continue to advance while cutting grass so I can get back if I make a mistake. Moss balls might come out too.

Slice slice

After walking for about two hours.
I can only hear the sound of me cutting the grass around. I keep walking forward while re-hydrating myself by stuffing my cheeks with a mango I found earlier.

I saw something that looked to be the forest's exit when I was getting tired of this. I think I can see an open plain beyond it.

Claang, cliing

I heard sounds of metal hitting metal. Is this a fight!?
It's probably not with Moss balls, but a fight between something who use weapons.

I head toward the source of the sound while consciously erasing my presence behind trees.

As I got closer, I saw two people fighting a group of goblin-like monsters.

My eyes opened wide when I saw their appearances! Animal...ears!!
My long-awaited animal ears. Of course they also have tails. A cat-like woman and a fox-like woman are having a hard time fighting goblins. One of them, Cat-san (temp name) seems to have hurt her leg, Fox-san (temp name) is fighting while protecting her, the situation doesn't look good.

As someone who intends to become Mofumofu King, I must help them. However, I'm a chick who have just been in another world for four days after all is said and done. There's a high chance that I will drag them down instead if I come out suddenly here. First, let's analyze the opponents' fighting force.

Goblin Leader Lv5
HP:20/20 MP:1/1
Goblin that leads a group of goblins. A kind of monster.
As female goblin does not exist, it makes use of women of other races to breed, a vilified being.
It has high propagative power, it can create a colony at a dreadful pace, thus it's always wanted for subjugation.

Goblin Soldier Lv4 x 2
HP:16/16 MP:0/0
Goblin soldier. Abbreviated.

Goblin Archer Lv3 x 3
HP:11/11 MP:0/0
Goblin archer. Abbreviated.

A group of goblins with an average level of 4 huh. There's six of them remaining. They're of human type, but they're monsters no matter how you look at it.
Since the girls have cut down several goblins already, they probably wouldn't have a problem if it were not for that wound.

First, I need to keep their attention away from me. I pick a nearby stone and swing my arm.
Fortunately, they don't seem to notice me, so I can hurl it with all my might.
Eat this! I throw the stone while praying that it'd be nice if it was a gyro ball that sent out a tornado!!


The stone flew at a speed impossible for me to reproduce before I came to this world, and hit a goblin.


It sank into the face of a goblin archer in the back row! Looks like it fainted and fell down.

"I'll help you two!"

Fox-san replies while looking surprised at me suddenly calling her.

"Thank you. I'm a magician, careful not to get hit 'kay."
"Got it."

While being surprised by her unexpected Kansai dialect, I threw more stones, distracting the goblins on the rear.
This body has a higher performance than I thought, perhaps it's due to the increased level. The stones hit the places I aimed at, possibly due to the assistance of Throwing skill.
It seems even monsters like goblins get relatively high damage when their heads are hit by stones, two of them have already fainted.
I rushed to where Fox-san (temp) was when I ran out of stones.

"Frankly speaking, I'm not that strong, but I'll be young ladies' shield even if I have to offer this body."

I don't have a shield though.

"Uhihi, getting called young lady by a child feels itchy. Could ya at least protect the girl behind while I'm casting a spell?"


Fox-san began to concentrate on something while dodging. Now then, I'll go to where Cat-san, who can't move, is and fight the coming mobs. I acted cool and all but I could only evade and evade and block with my sword. I countered weakly sometimes.
The level is really different compared to moss balls.

But, I dance like a moth! Prick like a mosquito!!

I provoke the goblins to prevent them going toward Fox-san.
Oh, it seems my provocation worked too well, three of the goblins are coming at me. Even though I have Magic Clad, its defensive power isn't enough to block sword attacks, so I'm getting wounded here and there. Ouch ouch ouch ouch, there's no big wound, but painful things are painful.

Thankfully, the goblins are not that strong, so even I can handle them well without getting fatally hit with my Swordsmanship Lv2.


Fox-san shouts when I finally succeeded cutting down a goblin.

"I'm ready, fall back when I signal ya."

"O mana dwelling in all things. Become a stream of flame and burn them down. Fire Storm!"

As Fox-san gave forth words with power, a torrent of fire swallowed the goblins. Ah, the fainted ones got rolled up into it too.
After the flame disappeared, only roasted goblins remain.

Tereretettette~♪ Fighter leveled up to level 5.

Oh, looks like I leveled up too.
Well, I can check it later, for now these two take priority. I wonder if they're hurt.


Hm? What?

"Thanks a lot, I don't know who you are, but we're saved. I'm Futsuno. The injured one is Mitama, my little sister ya."
"...Mitama. Thank you for saving us..."

The moment when they were thanking me.


"Hwou, my my...."

Eh!? Cat-san screamed, fox-san was staring curiously with reddened cheeks at me. Rather, she's staring real hard.
And then I feel refreshing wind on my lower body.... When I timidly looked down, an elephant overflowing with unused atmosphere was peeking between my nether region.

Uooooo, the string of my trousers and underwear got cut.
I hurriedly raise my underwear and trousers and fix the string.

"That was an accident, yes an accident. I have absolutely no interest in flaunting my nether region, please forgive me."

I desperately apologized while being careful with my words. I was also quite perplexed, but I wouldn't have been able to recover if they treated me like a pervert so I got desperate.

"A, aa, I don't particularly mind. Rather, thanks for the feast?"

Futsuno-san is looking at me while smiling, "pukukuku". On the other hand, Cat-san who's called Mitama is averting her gaze with a reddened face.

"I'm Nobusada. Just call me Nobu."

I tried my best to look as calm as possible, but my face is probably also red. I never thought that my nether region would get fully exposed.

"Then, Nobu-kun. Forgive me for being shameless, but do ya have a medical set? The bandage we had on hands got trampled during that battle earlier."
"Ah, then how about this? I completely forgot I had this in my rucksack since it was so hectic earlier."

I took out a potion out of my rucksack. I shouldn't daringly use holy magic. Since it seems like it'll be a problem if I, who's clearly a Fighter, use healing magic.

"Potion? Ya sure? Ain't that quite pricey?"

Is that true? Its price isn't shown. Well, either way, I don't mind. I don't have something else for this after all. Rather, I can't miss this kind of chance encounter.

"I don't mind. I might have hesitated if the other party were a hopeless old man, but I don't mind at all if it's for beauties like you two."
"Pu, ahahaha, Nobu-kun, you're small but good with flattery. Then, I'll gratefully borrow it."

She opens the potion and sprinkles it on the affected limb. After that, she wraps the wound with a cut-off cloth I brought from the hut. I've boiled the cloth in the hut so there should be no problem with the hygiene.

"Just consider it free. But if you insist.... you could let me touch those fluffy mofumofu ears. Or rather, please allow me to touch them."

Futsuno-san opens her eyes wide in surprises. Huh? Did I say something that surprising?

"....Nobu-kun sure is bold ain't ya. For beastfolks, only family can touch their ears ya know? Once they grew up, even family can't touch 'em y'know?"
"In other words, asking a young female beastfolk to let you touch her ears is the same as asking her hands in marriage ya see."

That cannot be!? If I can't freely touch them, that means the road to become Mofumofu King is extraordinarily steep!? Kuuh, but, I won't shrink back, I won't break, I won't give up! I can't become Mofumofu King if I give up.

I was down on all fours in despair, but I pull myself together and stand up. No good, my emotion is too unstable.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was that important. I don't know a lot of things since I just came out of the forest."
"From the forest? You lived in this remote place?"
"Un, it seems I was abandoned in the forest before my grandfather picked me. My grandfather passed away the other day, so I was thinking of going to the city since I had no other relative."

I thought of that excuse in the nights before today. It's a common setting, but this is probably the most reasonable pretext for someone with a child body.

"You've been through a lot haven't ya."
"....nod nod."

Mitama-san nodded.
Mitama-san doesn't talk much does she. No wait, is she on guard because of what I did earlier? That would be very regretful if it was.

"Mitama-san, I'm sorry. Were you offended by what happened earlier?"

Shake shake. She denied with her head.

"Ah, this girl usually doesn't talk much. All the more against an opposite sex. In case of Nobu-kun, I think she's just nervous. Yer' our lifesaver 'fter all."
"...Thank you, you saved us. You can call me Mitama."

Mitama-san said while being bashful. Fuoo, cute.
I thought they looked beautiful from afar, but they really are beautiful looking this close.

Mitama is silver haired, blue eyes. She's equipped with a thin leather armor, carrying a dagger and a small bow. She has a nice body with curves at the right places, her relatively big breasts are not that excessive, but they're only slightly emphasized by the leather armor, damn. Her height is sadly only a little taller than mine.
Futsuno-san is blond haired, green eyes. She's wearing miko-like thin robes with a wand and a dagger. Above all, those emphasized breasts. They're quite voluminous. It's like there's two melons. They were bouncing around boink boink in the battle earlier, my eyes inadvertently wandered to them, keep that a secret. Thanks to it, I got hit when I was captivated by them.....

The two of them are right in my strike zone.... It would be the best if I could form a party with them.
Let's take care of our relationship from now on. Gonna have to thank Gune for dropping me in this place.

"Still though, why were you fighting in a place like this?"

"At first we came here for a gathering quest y'see. When we were about to go back after gathering the required item, that goblin group attacked us. Probably because the target of the gathering quest, Ramputun fruit, is Goblins' favorite."

Hohou, that fruit is liked by Goblins huh. They might have come at me if it wasn't for this rucksack. This kind of information is important.

"I see. Then, what are you going to do now?"

"Since Mitama looks like she can walk thanks to Nobu-kun's potion, we're gonna go back to the town. It'd still take three days even if we go slowly after all."

"If it's okay with you two, could I accompany you? I know the direction somehow from the map, but it would be helpful if I'm with people in the know."

"Ara, that would be helpful for us too. But ya can't do that just cause you're surrounded by two beauties 'kay? Don't wanna get burned ain't ya?"

"Hahaha, of course. I ain't gonna do that without consent, young lady."

"Ahaha, you're sure precocious Nobu-kun. Then, let's strip off the goblin's subjugation parts. If we start now, we should arrive at the post town along the way before the day ends."

Sad to say, Futsuno-san treats me like a child. Well it can't be helped, I'm short after all. Rather, what about my age. Is it going to be of my former age, this body's age, or both added.
No, more importantly, what is subjugation part?

"Subjugation part of goblins?"

"Ah, guess you wouldn't know that too. You collect these left ear and the Soul Stone around the chest of the goblins see."

I watch the two from the sideline and then try it at once. I use my knife to slice off the left ear and look for the thing called Soul Stone. I feel a bit hesitant, but I resolve myself and thrust my hand into the chest.
Hm? I hit something small and hard, is this it.
I caught and pulled out a black crystal-like thing. So this is a Soul Stone. Wonder if this is the same thing as the Magic Stone commonly found in light novels. I'll just regard it as such.
After two and three goblins, I got considerably used to it. It's easier than dealing with a wild boar.

"Nobu-kun, you're quite skillful eh. Ain't ya better at it than us already."

"It's because I have Housework Lv5 somehow. Well, this is far easier than processing a big wild boar."

"H-Housework Lv5!? Why's that high!? And how'd you know inside this forest? Ya can't know your skills unless you have a guild card or let an appraiser appraise ya."

Uwaao, I've done goofed----. I see, normally you can't appraise things huh. Hmm, what to do.

"G-grandpa had Appraisal skill you see. He saw my skills right before he passed away."

Alright, this should be fine. Should be.

"Is that right. Still, Housework Lv5 huh. You look blinding to us who are catastrophic with housework."


"Really. Just a while back, the masterpiece Mitama made with all her fibers demonstrated enough power to bring down great many people see?"

"You serious."


Mitama covers her face with her hands and go "no no".
What's this super cute creature. I wanna take it home.

"Alrite' then. We've completed the gathering and all, let's go back to the city. Now let's, snap snap."

We walk toward the city as urged by Futsuno-san. This person is really a good mood maker.

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