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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 9

Chapter 9 What's Life Magic?


Hi, good morning, it's Nobu-sada who woke up before dawn here.
Too early. The light goes out fast in the night here, so my life cycle isn't turning well.

Now that I'm awake, might as well maintain my sword. I had wiped off the blood from cutting the goblin back then, but I completely forgot to sharpen it. I head to the inn's backyard with a whetstone.
I only know how to sharpen kitchen knives, but I can try at least. I gotta learn how to do it properly once I get to the city.

Swipe swipe swipe swipe

I indifferently sharpen the sword.

Swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe

Umu, shine my iron sword! This iron sword starves for blood this night, kukuku. It's early morning though!
I also polished the knife, shiny.

I finished right at a good time. Wonder what's for breakfast.

Black bread and soup. (´・ω・`)
I don't have anything else to say.

The two sisters got down as I indifferently ate the breakfast.

"Good morning, Nobu-kun."
"Good morning, you two. Is your injury alright Mitama?"
"....It's fine. Thanks to the potion, I can even run already."
"That's good to hear."
"By the way, the next room where Nobu-kun was was a bit noisy yesterday, what were ya doin'?"
"Ah, please look forward to it later. Futsuno-san, could you tell me the plan for today?"
"Today we just hafta continue along the highway. We're gonna camp tonight."
"Fumu fumu, so we're taking turn for the night watch right?"
"Seyea, Nobu-kun can go last since you're probably not used to it rite'. I'm first, Mitama second, Nobu-kun last."
"Got it, I'm fully prepared. I've had my breakfast so I'm ready to go anytime."
"Then please wait a bit, we're gonna have ours real fast."
"Then, I'll wait outside. You don't need to hurry, take it easy."

I return the tablewares and go outside.
My baggage is only the rucksack and the weapon after all. Any preparation is over fast.

I should think about my plan from now on while waiting for them.

1: Secure a place to sleep once I arrive at the town.
2: Register as an adventurer and secure requests and such. In addition, investigate the dungeons.
3: From the fact that my HP and MP increase with a level up of every class, raising the classes looks to be a nice shortcut for getting stronger.
4: Looking at Magic Clad, putting various skills into practice seems pretty effective, it might be a good idea to develop original magic and skills. I don't know if it'll turn out well though.
5: There's also that SE☆C☆RE☆T, but this is impossible at present. I lack funds and connection. This is a future problem.
6: Since there are ingredients for potion and such in my baggage, I can probably make them myself if I change my class to Alchemist. Looking for someone who can teach me how is a priority.
7: I also want to visit a blacksmith in order to learn how to maintain my arms. Actually, forget about maintenance, I'd like to learn how to make them myself. I want to make a katana someday. I actually have a blueprint for it in my head already, but knowing one is a different story from making one. However, this is a men's romance. Top three weapons I want to make are Japanese sword, shuriken and b*am saber. Eh, the last one is strange? You lose if you mind.

"Oy, what gets you that deep in thought?"

Mu, I didn't notice that the two are ready. Looks like I got too much into it.

"I was just thinking what I should do to earn income once I get to Gramada."
"Since Nobu-kun is very good at housework, I think you'd be in high demand anywhere right?"
"No well, for my main job.... I'm thinking of getting big as an adventurer you see."
"Oh my, then we'd be in the same trade. Maybe I should take this promising young newbie before too late."
"Hahaha, please treat me well senpai onee-sama."
"Kufufu, you really are interestin'. Now then, let's break a leg and go."
"All right."

Toward the king future!
Looking around as we walk, I see that this world hasn't developed at all.
They call it a highway but it's only been minimally maintained (they keep weed out of the path), there's no signboards at all, it makes you doubt whether the road will really take you to the city. To be honest, I'd probably get discouraged if I were alone.
I'm glad I'm with these two.
Even just having silly conversations really help.
Well, I don't have many subjects to talk about though. There's too many stuff I just can't carelessly talk about.
Nevertheless it was a rewarding intelligence gathering. About adventurers, the town's situation, Futsuno-san and Mitama's preferences. Thanks to it, I learned many things.
We're chatting without stopping our legs, advancing on. Still, I can't believe I can walk this far. I'm quite sure I would've gotten worn-out in 10 minutes if it was the me before I came here.
The evolution adaptation is going well. I wonder if my stamina also increased due to the level up.
The sun went right above our heads without anything special happening.

"Futsuno-san, Mitama. Should we take a break and have lunch?"
"Seyea. Well, we've got nothing but black bread and dried meat tho'."
"....They're hard but better than nothing."
"Ah, I'll make the lunch. Futsuno-san and Mitama can wait."
"Oo, yer' serious!"
"I am I am. How about we stop near that hill?"
"Aye aye, yaan, looking forward to it. We usually ate flavorless stuff y'see."

I should ask the two to watch the surroundings as I prepare the food.
That said, I can only make something simple since there's not enough seasoning.
I was making udon dough from the flour yesterday.
I hadn't got that psyched up in a while.

My hands are dyed white with flour! Stretch the dough and roar! Knead with love and gratitude, and get fired uuuup! Noodle! Noodle! Noodleeeeeeeeee!

I couldn't get into it without doing that.

I crush the dried chars in a cloth. And then I look for dozens of stones at the right size. Yup they're heavy enough.
I build two furnaces with the stones and set a pot and a small pot on them.
I boil the crushed dried chars in the pot. Once it's been simmered enough I pour it to another pot with a cloth on top, creating dashi (stock soup). I crushed the fish to make the dashi easier, of course I'd taken out the entrails.
I pour the dashi into the udon and regulate the flavor with salt.
I mix the edible wild plants I collected when I was in that hut with flour and water and throw them into the small pot with oil.
Edible wild plant tempuras, complete!
Once the udon is boiled, I put it into bowls. I put the tempuras beside the udon, they can eat it as is or put into the udon.
Ah, I crave soy sauce and miso. Let's make them once I settle down. I'll spread the home-made recipe of my grandma's miso in this world!

"Hoi, it's done. Although we only have forks, please enjoy them."

Of course I'm also using a fork. I wanted to eat with chopsticks but since there's no such culture here, I gave up the idea. I'll shave my own chopsticks once I get to the town.

"A-ain't those 『Udon』 and 『Tempura』! They were mom's specialties."
"Hohou, even though I'm not sure if they're as good as Futsuno-san's mother's, let's eat before they got cold."
"Then, let's dig in. Mmugu, so good."
"....zuzuzu, omnomnom."

Mitama ate with undivided attention. Could it be, this girl has Gluttony Element!?

"Nn, good."

Mitama said that while looking at me wistfully. Her cat ears are flopped down, looks like she's absentminded.

"Ah, I still have more. let me have the tableware. I'll put it for you."
"Thank you."

She submits her tableware while grinning bashfully. Oh nooo, I'm falling for her.

The lively meal continues. Futsuno-san says this while we're eating.

"Come to think of it, Nobu-kun's clothes are dirty aren't they? Why don't ya clean them with Clear magic?"

Nu? I don't know that magic.

"What's Clear magic? I never heard of it."

She looked dubious for an instant, but then she looked like she got it.

"Oh yea, you wouldn't get the Baptism when you were 10 cause you lived in the forest."
"Seyea, it differs by countries, but at least in this country, once a child turns 10, first their Class gets identified in the guild. Then, once they picked their Class, they get baptized in the temple that suits their Class; it's common knowledge ya."
"For examples, if you're taking Fighter class then you get Baptism in the 'God of Military and War - Aren' temple, if you're of Merchant class then in the 'God of Wisdom and Business - Ordis' temple."
"By the way, how about the Goddess of Growth and Talent Levellit, which class suits her?"
"Ueea. That goddess. Um, yea er well...."

Huh, she seems extremely hesitant?

"Huh? Is it something bad to talk about?"
"No, it's nothing like that. Un, it is hard to say. That goddess isn't that popular you see."
"Eh!? Really."
"Un, look, with the other gods, the direction is clear and it's easy to believe. Since talent and growth are something you're born with, they can't be changed later on, and above all, the Class itself can't be changed easily anyway, most last a lifetime right? Thus in the end it was biased because of Class."

Hmm, that might be right when you think about it. Rather than growing faster, I guess raising your own potential yourself would be more popular. Well, since people can't raise many stuff easily like me, I guess the bias is only natural. Afterward, I asked her for other examples.

People who aspire to become vanguards choose "God of Military and War - Aren."
People who want to become rear guards or merchants then "God of Wisdom and Business - Ordis."
If it's to do with agriculture and food and drink then "Goddess of Life and Harvest - Ametoris"
People who engage in administration of justice and politics then "Goddess of Spirit and Principle - Rutia"
If it's to do with medical care and funeral, then "Goddess of Death and Fate - Hadin" (Apparently, many people who defy death believe in this goddess).
Umu, the direction is clear.
Benefit of "Goddess of Growth and Talent - Levellit" definitely exists, however since the frontage is too wide, it seems vague and inconclusive. Looks like it's popular to a niche of actors and poets. However, since actors and actress operate around big cities at most, they never visit rural areas.
Could it be that she's set her eyes on me since she's got nothing else to do due to the lack of believers?

"We got out of topic. Life Magic is something you get when you're baptized you see."

Life Magic is a set of magic that's useful in livelihood, it's a common thing in this world.
The Clear magic she mentioned earlier is a magic to wash away dirt on your body and clothes. There's also Igniter and faint firefly light magic too. Dammit, I looked like a fool for struggling with flints.

"Can anyone receive the Baptism?"
"Seyea, you'd need to set your class if you want to be an Adventurer anyway, doing that is a good idea. But, I think you need 200 mani for Baptism."

My god, there's a fee!

"Un, I think I can manage that much with my saving. I'll ask for it immediately once we get to Gramada."
"That's a good idea. Lemme use it on you. Since you treated us delicious lunch, it's free see?"

A complacent smile with her high canines on display.

"Please do."

Gotta say that right?

"Then here I go. Pure stream, cleanse the body. Clear!"

Oh, some light wrapped me and then the dirt disappeared. There's no need of washing.
How amazingly convenient.

"Thank you, Futsuno-san."

*Pull, pull*. Hm? Someone's pulling my sleeves.

"....I'll do it too."

Gotta say that right! Right!


Yup, it doesn't look different, but I feel happy somehow.

"Thank you Mitama."

I put up the best smile I could possibly do and thanked her.
Somehow my heart felt warm and fluffy, even my fatigue got washed away.
Now then, let's go toward the target area before sunset! After tidying up, we walked again.

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