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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Strongest Sage, Tells the Plan


"...Good, it went nicely."

Right after Iris shot her magic.
The inside of the barrier instantly blazed, turning it red.
It's burning not only in Iris's magic range, but in the entire barrier.

"Eh!? Was my magic this powerful!?"

"No, that might be the case in your dragon form, but this firepower isn't possible with that form. That's the flour and stuff burning."

"...Flour!? Not explosive or something similar, but flour!?"

"Yeah. When you mix flour in the air just right, it explodes like this."

Think it's called dust explosion in my past life.
Mixing flour with air just right is unexpectedly difficult, but since I practiced it in my past life, I managed somehow.

Or rather, controlling magic in close proximity is easy with Disqualified Crest, optimal for scattering flour in my hand into the air.
I don't think other crests could make it burn this nicely.

"...Now then, should be about time it's dispersing."

And the reason why I prepared this barrier is not only for confining the flame inside.
By also sealing the air inside, the flame will quickly disappear once the explosions recede, thus we can quickly ascertain the situation.

"Ah... There's still some surviving..."

Iris muttered when she saw the inside of the barrier after the flame went away.
There are some survivors indeed... but there aren't many that can still fight.

"I'm gonna clean up the troublesome ones! You too Alma, shoot any monster that looks like they can still fight with your bow!"


After telling that to the three, I went inside the barrier and killed only the monsters that could still fight.
The work was over in less than 10 minutes.

"Alright, now only the dying small fry remain. Even an average adventurer could finish them off easily."

"I'm amazed you can tell with this many monsters... Those monsters all look the same to me..."

"Me too, I beat some, but I couldn't tell if I didn't look at one carefully..."

It's true that experiences are needed to distinguish the state of a monster.
Once you get used to it, you can immediately tell monsters that can still fight from their bloodlust and such.

"You girls should be able to get it in times as long as you keep fighting."

I stop talking there--and activate telepathy magic.
It'll be bad if the surroundings can hear our conversations from here on.
I don't feel demon's magic on the ground for the time being, but I won't be surprised if there are interception magic around.

『Now then... It's the real thing from here on.』

『...So we're going to fight the demons at last.』

『Me too, I'll work hard!』
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Ruli and the others sounded tense.
However, perhaps thanks to their experiences in combat so far, they don't seem to be stiffen in fear despite being tense.

Having them experience multiple actual combat was a correct answer.
And unlike anything before, the plan this time requires Ruli as the key piece.

『Alright, let's get into the dungeon! I'm gonna conceal ourselves with magic, come gather here!』


Once we were in one place, I used concealment magic on us four, hiding our figures.
And then we run to the dungeon.

『I'm gonna explain the plan while we're moving! Listen well!』

While Ruli, Iris, and Alma are looking tense--I tell them the plan this time.

『We will split into two groups! One group will descend to the floor where the demons are, and the other group will interfere with the dungeon's Dragon Vein to jam the demon's magic!』

Hearing that, Ruli ponders for a bit... and shouts with the telepathy magic.

『H-Hold on! Splitting into two groups, that means Mathi-kun is going alone right!?』

...That's right.
Up until now, Ruli usually acts as a backup near me whenever we have a magic fight.

But we can't do that this time.
In order to control the Dragon Vein well, you need to maintain your concentration and stay at one place, but there won't be anyone fighting the demon if I stay to control the Dragon Vein.

However--I've already taught Ruli the skill to handle the Dragon Vein.
Anything is possible... well, not that far, but sabotaging a demon opponent is very possible so long Ruli demonstrates her full ability.

『Yeah. ...I'm entrusting everything related to Dragon Vein magic to Ruli until I beat the demon. Alma and Iris, you two are her guards.』

『I...I got it!』

『Me too, I'll do my best to protect Ruli-san!!』

『I'm not letting a mouse in where Ruli is!』

Ruli didn't object to my plan.
Iris and Alma looks eager to do their missions.

--The dungeon's entrance came in sight while we were discussing.

『Alright, let's do this!』

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