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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Strongest Sage, Protects the Barrier


"..Now then, let's do this. You three, block your ears."

I put the magic I developed earlier on my mouth as I said that.

"Our... ears?"

"I don't really get it, but okay."

After confirming the three have blocked their ears right, I activate another magic and speak toward the magic.

『Citizens of Dungeon City!』

Then, my voice got amplified thousands of times, reverberating in the surroundings.
This should be loud enough to reach the entire city.
And... This magic has another trait to it.

"Uwaa! What a loud voice!"

"This voice... Is it Mathi-kun's?"

"But I've never heard this voice before..."

It changes voice tone.

It's a synthesized voice of the kings and great magicians of the old.
Transformation magic is normally only useful for disguise... But this could have a huge effect depending on the cases.

I pause there, activate hearing magic and assess the reactions inside the city.

"What, what?"

"Don't tell me, it's a rescue party?"

"But this voice doesn't sound familiar..."

Yup. Expected responses.
While thinking that, I speak again toward the unfolded magic.

『A barrier has just been erected on the eastern side of the dungeon city! Though not absolute, it's sturdier than the city's wall! Those who cannot protect themselves, or those who want to help protect the barrier, please go to the barrier at the edge of the eastern street!』

My magic echoed in every nook and cranny of the dungeon city.
No one probably would believe a word from some unknown person like this in normal times.

However... The city is currently under attack of monsters and has fallen into panic.
Moreover, the city ruler who should have been taking command has been tied up because of his attempted rebellion, no one is giving directions.
At times like this, combining a flashy barrier (though it's actually just a decoration magic) with a dignified voice echoing in the city....

"So you're saying we're saved if we go there!"

"Dunno who, but he could erect that huge barrier! He must be a super high level magician!"

"We're saved! We're saved!"
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This happens.
Some people seem to have noticed the oddness with the magic, but they're outnumbered.
The populace who sought a place to go gathered at the barrier along with adventurers who wanted to protect them.

As a result...

"...There's a lot more than I predicted."

Most of the populace have gathered at the barrier we put up.
Some adventurers have remained on the city's entrances to prevent monsters from coming in... but since the monsters won't go to places with a few people, they should be fine without protection.

"Are we really safe here!?"

Looks like some are still suspicious.
Still a little while before the monsters gather... guess I should buy some time here.

『...Iris, I'm gonna hide, throw a rock at the barrier.』

This time I used telepathic magic instead of amplification to call Iris.

"I understand!"

Looks like Iris quickly got what I wanna do.
And then she casually break the ground and cut a rock that's just the right size--wait, isn't that a bit too big?

『Hey, this is just to show off the barrier, a bit smaller one should...』


She didn't listen.
Thus, a huge rock is fiercely flying toward the barrier (or what it looks like, it's actually just a decoration.)

....Well, I should manage somehow.
As Disqualified Crest is oriented towards close-quarter combat, it can easily switch control quickly.
I quickly conceal myself and go to the rock.

And then I activate an attack magic at the weak point of the rock.
I also activated some random electric magic to make it looks like the barrier was protecting them.

Since the rock was unexpectedly big, its fragments scattered over a wide area... Well, it ended up looking showy.
And the reaction....

"Awesome! It went and repulsed that huge rock!"

"Where'd that boulder come from!?"

"Isn't it the monsters? Still, this is one amazing barrier magic...."

Yup. Nice reactions.
People who were outside the barrier went inside after seeing that.
And the lured monsters have also gathered on the other side of the wall.

...It's show time for the real barrier.

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