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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 155

Chapter 155 Strongest Sage, Meets Unusual Monsters


A few minutes after Eiku escaped.

"Huge crowds of monsters around the city!"

"The western road is done for! What about the east! If there's a few monsters, we'll force our way through--"

"The eastern highway is full of monsters too! Impossible to break through!"

The city is in uproar.
It's full of news about monsters that have occupied the area around the city.

There are some adventurers who are looking for escape routes, but it seems they can't find any.
Even if they do find one, only a few dozens of people could possibly escape.

We go out of the city while watching that.

"How are we going to end the outbreak in two hours!?"

"We'll gather them in one place and annihilate them all in one go! Once they're bundled together, we can blow them away with ranged magic!"

The biggest issue this time is the fact that the center of the outbreak is the city.
If we didn't have to worry about the city getting rolled up in it, we could just use ranged attack magic (or have Iris shoot her breath in dragon form if the firepower isn't enough) after the monsters had gathered in the center.

We ran past the city while thinking about that.
The place where the monsters gather has to be far away enough from the city.

However... there's something amiss.
I feel that the movements of normal monsters and these outbreak monsters... or rather, their actions seem too different.

Monsters basically attack humans whenever they see one.
However, the monsters in front of us now seem different.
Many of the monsters that obviously had us inside their vision ignored us.

"...Let's give it a try."

I tried using 『Enforced Detection』 after saying that.

My hunch was proven correct.
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"...『Enforced Detection』 can't lure them. Or rather, they aren't even reacting at all."

『Enforced Detection』 is a magic that pour hostile mana onto the monsters in order to lure them.
It consumes little mana and since it's not really a magic but a kind of mana manipulation, even a Disqualified Crest can affect a wide area.

However, the monsters didn't show any reaction at all to 『Enforced Detection』.
I also tried hitting them with an amount of mana enough to make normal monsters running away in terror instead, yet they didn't even seem like they noticed.

"Then, how about..."

Ruli made a magic tool from a magic stone in her pocket and immediately activated it.
It's a spell I taught her before to lure monsters.
The range isn't that wide, but its strong point is the fact that it doesn't need mana to maintain the effect, being a magic tool.

However... The monsters don't look like they're coming together.

"There's no effect! Maybe I made a mistake somewhere!"

Ruli took out another magic stone after saying that.
However, from what I saw, Ruli didn't make any mistake.


I went forward and used several types of magic on the monsters I encountered.
Mana, sound, light, infrared rays, temperature, carbon dioxide concentration....
All kind of stuff that normal monsters utilize to detect humans.

However, none of them had any effect.
Magic that physically pull them seemed to be effective, however none of the magic succeeded luring them voluntarily.
There were even monsters who completely ignored me and tried to slip pass me instead.

This is.... The problem lies not in Ruli's spell, it's something that's even more fundamental.

"These monsters probably move with a different principle than normal..."

"Different principle!?"

"Yea. These monsters aren't seeing things through mana, sound or light! ...We have to look for another mean if we want to gather them..."

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