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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Strongest Sage, Helps Escape


"...Demons, in the dungeon...? Could the demons' goal be magic stones?"

Eiku asked a question.
Oh right, the world in this age sees dungeons as magic stones.
It's true that dungeons are important resources, but that's all not there is to them.

"Their interest lies not in the magic stones... but the Dragon Vein."

"...Dragon Vein... is it?"

"If they want to cause a global level disaster, the most efficient method is by inserting magic to a large-scale Dragon Vein."

Eiku still doesn't look like he gets it.
Ruli and the other girls who knew about Dragon Vein from the matter with barrier seem like they've got it somewhat though.

"Do you mean that it's possible to cause a disaster by inserting magic to the Dragon Vein?"

"That's about right."

I predict that they've inserted the magic long before though.
And that was quite a while ago.

The movement of the Dragon Vein during the monster outbreak was inexplicably unnatural unless there was a trick behind it, yet the mana didn't look unstable.
It should have been more unstable if the magic was inserted in the Dragon Vein recently.

Those demons mostly came here probably to finish that magic.

For now... We need to contact the Royal Capital.

"Please bring this back to the capital."

I took a paper out of Storage magic, magically wrote something on it and gave it to Eiku.
Of course, I've secured it with magic too.
This letter would look like a reward to a demon trying to peek on it.

"...Understood. I will definitely deliver it!"

"Please do. ...And you might want to make it fast."

The demons must know about the city ruler's defeat.
Which means, the demons who are hiding here will naturally make their next move.
They'd probably try to shift our attentions elsewhere or erase the entire dungeon city--

--The ground shook right when I thought that far.

"...Earthquake? That's unusual..."

Iris sounded puzzled at the sudden shaking.
However, Ruli and Alma... in other words, people who can use 【Passive Detection】 reacted differently.

"W-what's with this mana reaction!?"

"...It's as if monsters have surrounded the city outside..."

I see. It comes to this huh.
Looks like our opponents made their move a bit quicker than us.

Judging from this reaction... They probably interfered with the Dragon Vein and summoned groups of monsters in the vicinity of the dungeon city.
They won't have to worry about us meddling if the entire dungeon city is destroyed after all.

And even if that were not the case, it'd still buy them time.
Those demons probably intend to finish the magic in the meantime.
They didn't make their move until now was probably because they were thoroughly preparing to win the game... it was difficult to act while the city ruler was in power here after all.

"...For now, you should flee from the dungeon city following this route and deliver the letter to the capital."

I drew a route on a paper and gave it to Eiku.
The dungeon city might be surrounded by monsters, but there are gaps in the formations summoned with mana.
The route I gave him will make it possible to slip through those gaps.

"Understood! Then please excuse me!"
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Eiku ran off after saying that.

I predict our enemy's moves while watching that.
It should be safe to assume that the time they'd gain from this would be enough to finish the magic they had inserted.
I've already gotten a rough idea of the type of the magic in question.
The problem is how to stop it.

Might as well shave down the effect of the lodged magic, not just simply stopping this.
That means, the right timing to put in the jamming is....

"...Two hours."


I reply to Ruli who looked dumbfounded.

"We'll clean this outbreak up in two hours. Afterward... Let's pay those demons a visit."

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