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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-18

16-18. To the Country of Sun (3)


Satou here. A friend insisted that music has power to stir people emotion. That friend used scenes in anime where the theme song got played, but if I have to say, I think that's just a typical case of insert songs.

Ornaments glittering with magical lights are swaying, those lights are reflected on the oiled dark brown skins, emphasizing captivating body lines.
Moreover, matching the dancing moves, the short thin fabric flutter about, instinctively drawing line of sights to it.

--T'was a sight for sore eyes.

"Are ye enjoying yourself Earl Pendragon."
"I am, King of Sania."

Evening of the audience day with king of Sania, we're being welcomed with a banquet held by the king.
Zabuton-sized cushions are laid out on top of the soft fluffy carpet where we're sitting.

Authorities of Sania Kingdom are sitting on the carpet in such a way to create a circle, and dancer-sans are performing a wonderful dance in the center space of the circle.
The exposure rate of people in this country is scarce for both men and women, but these girls are practically half-naked, looking sensual.

"It's truly a magnificent dance."
"Umu, 'tis a traditional art older than our country itself."

--Hohou. What a wonderful culture.

"The temple folks scorn it, vulgar they say, but it is nothing to be ashamed about."

Sania king left a weak impression on me, but he looked a bit cool at this moment.
As expected of the bearer of the hidden titles, [Cultural Guardian] and [Mentor of Traditional Art].


Cheers erupted at the opposite side of the circle where the [Clan of Sword] gathered.
It doesn't look good, like they're drunk.

"Get out of the way! This great me will show you the real thing."

A huge man carrying a largish scimitar went to the center of the stage, and drove the dancers away.

--What savagery!

My indignation seemed to have leaked through the impenetrable defense of Poker Face-sensei skill, several of the [Clan of Sword] people sitting on the opposite side got hit by the [Coercion] skill and got knocked out.
Would have been nice if the the savage drunk idiot-kun also got hit, but he got off it since it was just right when I turned my gaze aside.

Idiot-kun threw away his coat, drew his sword and began to dance.
It looks to be a sword dance.

"M-Master swordsman Dorito's dance is famous these days. I-I'm sure, Earl Pendragon too--"

King Sania covered for Idiot-kun.
Looks like he got hit by Coercion skill a bit, he tapered halfway through.

Still, that's a master swordsman huh--
According to AR reading, he's a level 45 swordsman and the little brother of the [Clan of Sword]'s head, the clan's number 2.
I'm intrigued by the [Special Move: Golden Sword] and [Secret Move: Sun Slash Sword]. I'd like to see them at least once.

Putting that aside--.

This master swordsman has been glancing here with a triumphant look on his face since a while ago, it's annoying.

The master swordsman's dance aside, the musical performance is exotic and worth listening to.
This tune must be originally for raising fighting spirit though.

Seeing me not reacting, the master swordsman stopped during the music interlude and walked toward me while smiling ferociously.
Forgetting the drawn sword aside, please stop staring at me with sweat all over your muscled body while breathing roughly.

"I hear that Demon Slayer-dono is also an expert swordsman. Shall we dedicate a dance to Gods together?"

Is he talking about sword dance thing?
I'd gladly become a dancing partner if the other party is a beautiful female swordsman, but not really when it's a muscled daruma.

"Or maybe you're scared to expose yourself before my sword even in a performance?"

The master swordsman provoked me while looking down on me.
Does he want to show off that he's better a better swordsman than me?

Liza, who's sitting beside me, has been leaking out killing intent since a while ago.
Looks like she doesn't like this master swordsman's attitudes.

"Master, allow me."
"I am Master's shield so I announce."

Liza and Nana expressed their wish to dance.

"Is the one known as Demon Lord Slayer gonna hide inside a woman's skirt?"

The master swordsman provoked further, Liza and Nana were about to stand up.
I stopped them with a hand.

They would blatantly go at this to beat him if I let these two take care of this.

"I can't exactly refuse your enthusiastic invitation now, can I."

Since I was unarmed, I borrowed a sword from Sania King's escort and walked toward the center space.
A loud cheers erupted from the Clan of Sword for the master swordsman, really magnifies the feeling of being on the away side.


Since the music starts, I faultlessly dance while recalling the master swordsman's sword dance earlier.

The master swordsman's sword almost hit me dangerously several times.
The [Clan of Sword] people cheered every time it happened, but the maids and the dancers screamed.
Liza and Nana were releasing their bloodlust toward the master swordsman, so I told them that I'm fine through [Telephone].

Judging from the fact that no one tries to stop it even though it's dangerous like this, sword dances must be in fashion in this country.
Then I've got to match them.

Right, left, up, down.

The sword dance gradually accelerates.

I thought it would be boring, but it's unexpectedly fun.
The speed is similar to playing cards.

The gallery peanut is frolic to watch the high speed sword dance.
The musical accompaniment also matches the sword dance's speed, gradually raising the tempo, helping heating the place up.

In contrast, the master swordsman is wiping his profuse sweat with a frantic look on his face.

I have no obligation to hold back here, so I'm gonna increase my speed again right when the tempo increases.


The master swordsman disappeared in front of me.
No, he slipped on his own sweat.

Cheers and laughter erupted from people other than the Clan of Sword, the loud yells of the Clan of Swords bunch faded out.

"Did you slip on your sweat?"

The master swordsman was looking at the floor with a dark red face that seemed like he had an apoplexy, so I extended my hand with a smile.

"--No need."

The master swordsman was going to flick my hand, so I lightly evaded it.
The master swordsman whose face got even more redder left the place while perking his shoulders.

His career would have been over if this were in Shiga Kingdom, but it seems to be no problem in this country as no one is criticizing him. Even the Sania King.
No, Sania King is flapping his mouth open and close with a pale face, so it might have been rude by this country's standard too.

"Cheers for Earl Pendragon-sama's wonderful sword dance!"

When a close aide of the Sania King shouted that, the remaining officials and singers gave their applauses.
Immediately after, a bright tune got played and the dancers who were chased away earlier resumed their lovely dance.

This Sania Kingdom has a lot of problem but it appears that there are some tactful people left here.

"Earl-sama, that was a terrific sword dance."
"I'd love to hear about your demon lord slaying saga."

By the close aide's instructions, beautiful women and girls in dancer outfits approached me and poured drink while being glued close to me.
It's a cheap way to entertain someone, but these girls have no sin, so I let myself to be entertained.
After enjoying a soft and fluffy moment and drinking a lot, the pale faced Sania King left his seat, thus I also left the banquet.

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"This is a splendid garden."
"Yes, this was relocated from the capital at the end of Furu Empire."

I stare at the southern paradise-like garden filled with blooming flowers as we walk in the passageway adorned with relief.
I wanted to enjoy the exquisite courtyard a bit more, but it seems that you can find uncouth people everywhere.
I look at two shadows hiding behind a bush.


I gave a consent to Liza's whisper.
Nana casually moved to where she could protect me.

Looks like the two noticed the shadows too.

I won't hesitate to expel them if they are assassins, but since their bloodlust is way too obvious, they're probably people from the earlier master swordsman's clan seeking revenge.

"Who's there!"

Maid-san called out at the man and woman who didn't even attempt to hide their figures.
Maid-san held her breath when she saw the two under the moonlight.

"Zanza-sama? Myufa-sama? What business do 『Clan of Sword』 have with us?"

Looks like the maid is familiar with them.

"This got nothing to do with a mere servant."

The handsome swordsman Zanza ignored the maid after saying that and walked toward me with the beautiful swordswoman Myufa.
Zanza boy is carrying a single-edged scimitar made from monster parts on his back.
While Myufa's is two single-edged swords made from the same material.

"Show us the demon lord slayer's swordsmanship which took down our uncle."

Is he talking about the sword dance?

"We want to fight the strongest swordsman there is."
"Of course, in a serious match."

Myufa supplemented Zanza's line.
They're quite a hot-headed bunch despite their intellectual-looking faces.

"Master, allow me to take care of this."
"I will be their opponent instead Master so I inform."

Liza and Nana got between me and the two.

"I will accept your challenge if you two can win against these two."
"Are you telling me, the next master swordsman, to fight women?"
"This discussion is over if you don't want to."

I told the dissatisfied two that there was no room for negotiation.

I'd like to sleep early today. I got too fired up in the talk with the dancers since the impregnable fortress pair wasn't present so I felt slightly tired.

"I got it, let's end this quick and get you on the stage."

Zanza boy pointed at the courtyard arrogantly.
Is he going to fight in this beautiful garden?

"Zanza-sama! This garden is Sania Kingdom's--"
"Shut up."

Zanza interrupted the maid who was going to scold him with words filled with bloodlust.

"No need to go out to the garden. Just fight in this corridor."
"Hmph, fine then. It'd end with a slash from my golden sword anyway."

Zanza boy agreed with my suggestion and stood before Nana in the passageway.
Nana readied her round shield and one-handed sword she took out of the magic bag.

"Here goes, Special Move--<<Golden Sword>>"

Zanza boy's single-edged sword is clad in golden light.
Zanza boy who's clad in golden light steps forward at a speed that equals Flickering Movement.

I saw Nana lightly pulling back her shield.

Right after, roaring sounds and screams filled the passageway.
Nana is standing with her shield thrust out at the place where Zanza boy was, Zanza boy himself had fainted on a broken pillar at the end of the passageway in an upside down position.

Zanza boy who received Nana's Shield Bash is in critical condition.
His limbs are broken in weird directions and he's coughing dangerous colored blood.


The witness of that disastrous scene, Myufa, screamed sorrowfully.

It'd be bad to leave him alone, so I took out a mid level potion from my bosom and sprinkled it on Zanza.
I healed him after correcting his broken limbs with [Magic Hands] so there should be no problem.

"Trivial, so I inform."

Myufa is glaring.

"Do you want to fight? So I inquire."

Myufa nodded with a pale face at Nana's question.

"Nii-sama's enemy."

Myufa started the fight after shouting like she was the victim here.

Nana fires her Shield Bash at Myufa who's taking the defensive posture.
As if saying that she wouldn't repeat Zanza boy's mistake, she evaded that attack by jumping and did a splendid somersault above Nana.
She went for Nana's head when she was about to leap over her, but Nana who was clad in Magic Edge easily destroyed her magic swords.

"My swords!"

The shocked Myufa was hit by the second Shield Bash before she could land.
Receiving an attack from Nana who doesn't discriminate against sexes, Myufa ended up in the same state as Zanza boy.

"Defenselessly jumping there was a bad move so I inform."

Nana announced her victory while taking her signature pose.
True, not being able to at least do a double jump makes for a good target.

I healed Myufa like I did Zanza boy, and left them alone while they were still unconscious as we went to our room.
I saw their attendants on the Radar, they'd probably collect them anyway.

Naked dancers-san are lying in wait, like it's some honey trap, in the room allocated for me.

"Guilty so I announce."

Nana who went in the room after me drove the dancers-san away after saying that while looking oddly cheerful.
She probably wanted to say [Guilty] like Arisa and Mia did.

"Master Nagasaki! Forgive us for our rudeness last night. Please make me your disciple!"
"I'd like to be your disciple too please! I was keenly made aware of my immaturity from Master's technique."

The next morning, Zanza boy and Myufa intruded on us and asked to be Nana's apprentices.

"Becoming pupils is impossible for anyone but young organisms, so I inform."
"Y-Young organisms?"
"Please don't say that!"

This sibling is quite persistent.

They were quiet during breakfast, but they kept pestering her even after she refused them many times.
To the point that Nana who was usually expressionless emanates her fed up.

The sibling rode on camel and chased after us who rode on a camel carriage, but they had a complex expression on their faces when we stopped in front of Heraruon Temple.
The little sister, Myufa said "I hate temples" and turned the camel's head around, and Zanza boy went after his sister afterward, leaving the temple.

Please don't do those kind of implicative acts.
Well, I guess it's better than having them around, getting in the way.

"Master, the temple's symbol is that of sun so I inform."
"Still, this temple is humongous."
"Yeah, it really is."

It's a very huge temple for being located at a mid-sized country.
According to AR info, the sun symbol isn't only made of colored glass and gems, it also has Light Stones and Light Crystals embedded inside, emitting mystical lights.
This building would have looked even more impressive if we visited by at night.

After going up long stairs at the entrance, a Heraruon Temple priest wearing luxurious vestment was waiting for us.

"We have been waiting for you--"

The priest said that courteously.
It felt a bit hostile for some reason.

"--One who challenges Trials of Gods."

The priest is glaring at me with prickly gazes.
I don't remember having done anything to make the priests here glaring at me though.

Before I could say anything, the priest turned around as if saying, "Follow me", and went into the temple without even looking back.
Since I can't exactly go back here, I shrug my shoulders and follow after the priest with Liza and Nana.

Now then, wonder what's the trial here about?

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