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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Nobusada's Path of Training ①


『Solomon's Pavilion』's courtyard, early morning.

Huff, puff, haa, haa.

I checked my body by stretching. All those bruises were almost gone, leaving only slight soreness. That Alue leaf ointment sure was amazing.
I'm also surprised at this body's recuperative power. If I were still in the old man's body, I wouldn't want to even move a finger.

But instead, I'm quite eager to move my body. I do practice-swing using my iron sword behind the inn.

Oh right, I got called with some horrible nicknames, like 『Captain Big Win』, 『Mister Undead』 and stuff, they won't stick won't they? Please don't, no seriously. Also, that 『Captain Big Win』, wonder if there was someone who won big on the bet....

I did practice swing for one hour while shaking off my worldly thoughts. That was some good sweat.
And then I care for the sword after wiping off my sweat. I got into a brawl before I could maintain it after returning from the dungeon. Come to think of it, the iron ant gauntlet is also slightly dented. It's that Gian guy's fault.
Boss-san said that it wouldn't get much scratch in the beginner dungeon, which means that that guy must be quite skilled. I think the gap in our experiences is bigger than skills and stuff. His fighting style feels more specialized in interpersonal battle.

I won't lose next time... It's frustrating. It all just come to me now.

I'll set my first Class to Fist Fighter for now. I only noticed now that it would make it easier to obtain martial art related skill.

Alright, let's have some grub and head to the station. Master didn't say the time, but I probably should get there early.

And then, at the western gate station.
The working guards seem busy. Looking outside, I can't find Kyle and Master. Wonder if they're inside the station?

"Good morning. My name is Nobusada, are Kyle-san or Captain-Commander Matda here?"

I found Kyle with vacant eyes when I called inside the station.

"...Oh, s'that you Nobusada. Urp, I feel sick. Sorry bout this, I had to accompany Captain-Commander drinking the day before yesterday and haven't been feeling well ever since."

That time huh. I recall Kyle and his dead eyes. How do I put this, I feel like this guy is destined to bear that fate on his shoulders. Namu.

"You sure have it rough. Here, you can have this."

I took an apple from rucksack and tossed it to Kyle.
The apple drew an arc in the air and Kyle caught it.

"Cheers. Yup, the sourness's just right. That sorta cleared my head. Oh right, the Captain-Commander is visiting lord-sama's mansion, he ain't here right now. He said to wait at his house. Here's the map."

Kyle gave a map with his handwritings. It's pretty detailed. This guy has a skillful side too huh, you can't sell him short.

"Thanks, I'll be heading there then."

"Ou, I'm your senior (?) for once, dontcha forget your respect!"

"I'll give you my respect if you can win in our next match. So we're equal right now."

"Kah, you sure can talk big. Well fine. I'm getting special training from Captain-Commander too. I ain't not gonna lose next time."

"Looking forward to it. Well then."


Now then, let's get to the mansion by looking at the map. But what am I gonna do at the mansion when Master isn't there?
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There's a mansion with a spacious yard at the place marked on the map. It's bigger than the Solomon's Pavilion. The yard is especially worth mentioning. There's 20 wooden training dummies. They look well used from afar.

Since there's no intercom or such, I cross over the yard.
I arrived at the front door without meeting anyone. Is there anyone home?
I knock the door while calling.

"Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?"

After knocking a while, I could hear someone running inside.

"Yes, who is it?"

"Huh? Eleanor-san."

"Oh my, Nobusada-san. What's the matter? Do you have a business at our house?"

"Um, Master told Kyle-san to tell me to come here...."

"Master? Could it be, Nobusada is my father's new pupil?"

"Yes, I think that's right. Wait, he didn't tell Eleanor-san about this?"

"My father told me, 『My new pupil is coming today. You're off today right, teach him kata until I'm back』. Geez, he should have said that it was Nobusada."

Oh!? Eleanor-san's gonna instruct me! Got a feeling that Kyle would press me hard if he heard this.

"I'm sure Master had no idea that we knew each other. I may be inexperienced, but please guide me well."

"Yes, well then, please wait here for a bit while I change."

A few minutes later, Eleanor-san in training clothes is standing in front of me.

She has ponytail like the usual, but she's not putting her glasses on like when she's on the receptionist desk. Her all black training clothes suppress her usual coolness and kinda makes her look a bit rough.

"Well then, I will explain about Kata. That is, attack form, guard form, and counter form. Three in total. The rest are kumite (paired kata) that you have to think up during real combat, father will teach you things other than that."

Attack, defense and counter huh. Indeed, they're the basic of the basic. I don't really know though!

"In other words, I have to adapt them myself in real combat?"

"That's right. I think Nobusada can adapt these three forms with your weapon choice, one-handed sword too. In fact, father's pupils all have their own varying weapons."

"I see."

"Then I will be showing a demonstration of kata now, please observe it well."

I stare hard at Eleanor-san. Activating Discerning Magic Eyes to memorize all the steps. I noticed when I watched Kagura-san back then, activating the Discerning Magic Eyes would analyze and memorize the movements. My body will then move in the exact way by tracing them. This thing is useful not just for Appraisal but also other things I'm still not sure about.

Eleanor-san performs the demonstration like she's dancing. 【War Princess】 title isn't just for show. Everything like kata transition and such look like they're fluently connected. Enough to inadvertently fascinate me.

"Fufu, what's wrong? Your mouth is hanging open, you know."

Ha, looks like I showed her my stupid face because I got too into it. Not good, gotta pull myself together. I'm here to train.

"Now then, let's try moving your body like I showed you."


Move flowingly like Eleanor-san... not, I move awkwardly chunk by chunk.
Once I can do this fluently to a degree, the next step is polishing kumite. Afterward, it's kumite, kumite, kumite. Nothing but single minded kumite. And then, once you've sublimated them to your own fighting style, that's when you've mastered the school. This school doesn't even have a name in the first place as it's just a fist art Master has refined in battlefields. All the pupils differ in their fighting styles. I also have to refine these kata and create my own exclusive fighting style.

I repeat the kata movement while recalling Eleanor-san's steps. I trace it back while taking the difference in body build into account. By the way, Eleanor-san is about 15cm taller than me right now. Hey Gune, just when is my third growth period anyway. Oops, focus focus.

After about one hour, I think my form has gotten reasonably good. Eleanor-san has been coaching me all the while.

"You've gotten quite better. I did not think that Nobusada-san would get it this quick. Now it's a good time, let's have a break ."

"Yes, phew. That was tiring."

"Fufu, you won't get tired from this much once you've gotten used to it. Nobusada-san is still in your growth period, I'm sure it'll progress well."

"Thank you very much."

Phew, contrary to me who's all sweaty, Eleanor-san is looking completely fine. Wonder how long did it take for her to get this far?
I take out some mango from the rucksack and ask her while peeling the skin.

"Eleanor-san, how old were you when you started the training? Ah, please have this."

Eleanor-san smiles while receiving the peeled mango.

"Yes well. I was already training with my father and mother when I was aware of things around me. Ah, this is nice and sweet. I was active as an adventurer for a little while and stood in battlefields with my father before I took employment in the guild."

So she got the War Princess title from then. Even so, already training when she gained awareness huh... No wonder she's strong.

"After that, father worked his pupils really hard. There were many people who applied for apprenticeship, but only a few could call themselves his pupils. There were many who fell out on the way. Presently, I think he's only giving crash courses to Kyle-san sometimes, at most. It really had been quite a while before Nobusada-san's apprenticeship."

Eleanor-san told me many things.
Presently, there are nine people who can truly call themselves Master's pupils. They are people whom Master personally gave approval for their mastery. Three of them are working as generals, commanding officers or such in each countries. Four are making splashes as adventurers, and everyone is rank A, amazing. One is employed by a noble somewhere. And the last one is missing in action. That's because the person in question is a vagabond and tends to wander everywhere without getting in touch.

How do I put this, it feels like they all have strong individuality.
Amusingly enough, among the nine pupils, only one is using fist art. Which proves just how flexible these kata are huh... It's not cause the pupils are all weirdo, is it?

"By the way, did Eleanor-san not receive the full mastership?"

"Yes, I retired as an adventurer and took up clerical work when my mother passed away. I do work out like this once in a while, but it's nothing compared to my heyday. Now then, let's resume the training."


Alright, let's put some spirit into it and continue!

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