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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Strongest Sage, Arrests


"Wha... Who are you?"

"Did we have this guy in the security?"

The city ruler was perplexed to see me who suddenly showed up.

The reaction is not what I expected.
And I've gone all the trouble of coming here myself as a target of his attacks.

Don't tell me...

"...Don't tell me, you were sending assassins without even knowing my face?"

"Assassins? What are you--no wait, a brat wearing adventurer clothes with Disqualified Crest... Could it be, you're Mathias Hildesheimr!?"

...Seriously. He really didn't know how I look.
Yet he wanted to take me hostage huh.

"Yeah. You got that right."

"...Where's the women?"

"Ruli and the others are in the back. Oy, everyone, come on out."

The four showed up with Iris in the front.
I'm in the center of the room while the four are at the entrance.
Seeing that the city ruler sneers at us... and shouts out loud.

"Kuku... All hands, surround him! ...Fool! Straying away from the women on your own!"

With those words, hidden doors on the floors and ceilings opened and the city ruler's underlings came out of them.
...It's way too crude for an ambush.
At least try giving the signal without us noticing.

I threw out magic and fists at coming underlings while thinking that.
The attackers crumbled down without a sound.

Befitting of a bunch under this city ruler, their movements were also really crude.
The most difficult part was preventing myself from killing them by mistakes.
I'd like to squeeze info out of them after all.


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...Well, such consideration seems to be irrelevant to Iris as an underling who was going to get pass her got blown off into the wall.

The city ruler was watching that in blank amazement.
Thus, his underlings were annihilated in under 30 seconds.

"Ho... How are you fighting! Weren't you a healer, the weak point of the party!"

Ruli and the others are looking at the roaring reddened city ruler with pitying looks.
They've ceased recognizing him as a threat anymore.

"He really believed that Mathi-kun is in charge of healing..."

"He'd have known that it was a mistake simply by looking at his equipment and stuff...."

"...I mean, did we ever get hurt to need healing anyway?"

Now that you mention it... I don't think we ever did.
We should have some training to cope against injury to prevent inactions in case of emergency... but it's been getting postponed.
Well, putting that aside for now.

"Dogiel Melkia, you're under arrest."

I took a rope out of Storage magic as I said that.

"Wha... Me, under arrest!? On what authority!"

Don't tell me, he really didn't know.
Then why would they hunker down in this place.
I made an eye signal at Eiku while thinking that.

Eiku took out the document from the king and thrust it before the city ruler.

"Your apprehension has been ordered by His Majesty the king's decree. With my presence, the executive proxy, Mathias has been endowed with the authority to arrest you."

"Wha, it's fake! This must be a mistake--gah"

I shot magic at the screaming city ruler and tied him with the rope.

"Now then... Now we can leave it to you right?"

I asked Eiku.

"Yes. Mathias-sama could also execute him if you wished so, however... The kingdom administration would be grateful if I could bring him back alive."

Well, I guess that's so.
Even this foolish city ruler might spit out some useful info with some tortures.

And he probably would get it easier if he died here.
However, I personally don't have any reason to let this guy die off so easily.

"I understand, I'll leave the rest to you... We've got something we ought to do ourselves after all."

"Ought to do?"

"Yeah. ...I've got an idea about how our raid here got leaked."

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