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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-Intermission 1

16-Intermission 1. Royal Capital Then


"Arisa, which?"
"Shortcake is nice and all, but it just has to be mont blanc in fall!"

Mia took the plate with shortcake while looking like she didn't really understand.


The cakes Lulu made really are superb.
Eating something sweet and tasty just blows away the fatigue from class.

"Hey, Mia."
"Whaf (what)?"

Mia whose mouth was filled with shortcake tilted her head at my question.
Kuh, cute. This kind of gestures suits Mia well.

"What kind of incidents do you think Master encounter right about now?"

Mia frowns.

"--World crisis."
"Ah, you think so too?"

Master's rate of encounter with incidents almost seems like he's been cursed by some god of pestilence.
He blew it all away with his cheat power every single time though so the person himself doesn't seem to be aware of his own misfortune.
I mean, it's at a level that'd normally make people cry out, "Such misfortuuuuuune."

"What kind of person do you think brought about the world crisis?"
"....Cute girl."

Mia replied unwillingly.

Un, I think so too.

"For the creativity time, you are free to let out your passions to your heart's content."

Teach said some difficult things.

"Pochi is writing~?"
"Of course nanodesu. Today Pochi is writing 『A Stroll with Lyuryu』 nodesu."

Pochi declared while taking the shupin pose.

"Tama is going to draw a picture nodesu?"
"Of course~"

Tama draws pictures.
Pictures are drawn by Tama.

That's the natural order of things. Arisa said.

"What's Tama drawing nodesu?"

There's too many things Tama wants to draw.

"Pochi thinks Tama should draw the food she wants to eat for dinner nodesu."

Pochi is a genius.
But she doesn't like vegetables. Cause they're a bit bitter.

Tama's favorite food is meat.
She'd like to eat hamburg steak today.
A piping hot cheese-filled hamburg steak that gushes out flowing cheese when you cut it with a knife.

She also likes one covered in flowing cheese and potatoes.

Cheese and hamburg steak are justice.

Tama puts her passions on the brush.
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"--Tama-san, the class is over."

Teach swayed Tama.
The class was over while she was spacing out.


The other kids are looking at Tama.
It feels a bit embarrassing.

"Pochi, drool~?"

Pochi who's peeking at the picture from the side is drooling badly.
Looking closer, even China has drools on the corner of her mouth.

"Ta-Tama-san? Would you be willing to sell this picture?"
"Not for sale~?"

China asked.
This picture is for Master.
Tama's sure Master would praise Tama like, 'Well done, Tama.'

Perhaps, Master might even let Tama sleep on his lap while patting her head.


Tama smiled unintentionally.
Gotta ask brownies to make a frame when Tama got back.


I heard about this store's fame in the capital, but it was even better than the rumors.
It's just a simple tofu nabe, yet it has the umami of the dashi even without condiments and broth added.

"Getting a passing mark from Lulu, that's amazing desuwa."
"But Karina-sama, this nabe really is delicious, you know?"

Karina-sama and Zena-san who came to this shop with me have only been talking while watching me, not touching tofu with their chopsticks.

"You two, this nabe is really good, you should have yours too."
"Yes, you're right, it'll be a waste if the taste spoils because they get overcooked."
"That's true desuwane. It's not as good as Satou's dishes, but it's still really good desuwa."

Karina-sama, Master's dishes are a class on its own.
I mean, Master is the [Miracle Chef] after all.

"Fhy fhe fway (by the way), Zena."
"Yes, what is it?"

『Karina-dono, it's bad manners to speak during meals.』
"Im fowwy"

Raka-san scolded Karina-sama who spoke with her mouth full.
Karina-sama continues after swallowing the tofu.

"What is her highness Sistina doing?"
"It seems like she's currently running about to prepare the ceremony for we--no, for when Satou-san and the others come back."
"U-umm, I'm not really sure either..."

I wonder if it's the thing Arisa and her highness talked about?

"I don't really get it myself, but Arisa said that it was something like a celebration."

I supplemented with what I thought since Karina-sama looked puzzled.

"Is that true?"
"Y-yes. She's making dresses for everyone for that celebration."

It's something that doesn't really have anything to do with me.

"For Pochi and the girls too?"
"Yes, Sistina-sama said that everyone in the Solitary Island Palace will get a dress."

...Which means, me too?

I quietly touched my stomach and felt sweat running down my spine.

"Oh my? Lulu, are you done already?"
"Yes, I've grasped the taste--"

--And it's dangerous for my waistline.

I have to slim down my waistline a bit more if I were to stand next to Liza-san and Nana-san.
I've got to the labyrinth city through the solitary island palace and get some exercise.

In order to compensate for my face handicap, I've got to build a beautiful body line!!
It's essential for the upcoming maiden fight.

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