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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Nobusada's Path of Training ②


Putting my spirit into it and resume the training... this is Nobusada who should have done that.
Presently, I've been tied on a wooden training dummy. My upper half is tightly binded you see. How'd it come to this?

"Well then, Nobusada-san. I will be throwing my fists now, please watch them carefully without blinking okay."

That's what she says. My upper half is tied because I might get hit by her fist if I move carelessly.
First, a training to strengthen kinetic vision? done by apparently watching Eleanor-san's fists, getting used to their speed and removing my fear.
I'm already like a carp on a chopping board. Ready to be cooked in any way.
Oops, looks like Eleanor-san is ready while I was thinking that.

"Now then, here I go."

With that, fwoosh, something passed right beside my face.
Eeeee, I couldn't see it at all. I was able to see Gian's fists, even only a little, but her speed is pretty much in a whole different dimension.



Fists passed the sides of my face with each sounds of wind getting cut. And I don't think it's just my imagination. It's gradually getting closer to my face, her fist that is! I don't feel any fear. It's probably because there's no killing intent, and maybe also because I just got punched senselessly the day before yesterday.

After a bit while. Discerning Magic Eye-sama could finally, slightly, catch her fist.
Or to be more correct, I didn't only watch her fist, but her entire body, and then I grasped the timing of her fists by observing the flow of its movements. Staring hard at the sexy Eleanor-san whose training clothes stick to her sweaty body is my ulterior motive though!!

"You've gotten used to this speed already? You have really good eyes. I thought it would take longer. Then maybe I should hasten the pace a bit."

Mumumu, no wait, it was just a tiny little bit... Or rather, Eleanor-san can still go faster? But she's already faster than Gian.

"B-by the way, how much you're holding back right now?"

"Let me see. I think it's around 30% now."

W-whaaaaat! She hasn't even shown 1/3 of her power. It just hits me again how amazing she is.
Eleanor-san was done preparing while I was thinking that.


A wind cutting sound that was more intense than earlier passed my face.
Yup, I don't see anything at all. Not her fist nor her body. I'm scared. The shockwave-like thing is rattling my cheeks.
I'm trying to learn even a bit while desperately fighting the urge to close my eyes. I'm almost losing to the fear, but I motivate myself by convincing myself that this is a training.

And then, I noticed one thing.

Eleanor-san's face is getting to look amorous!

Her cheeks look slightly flush. Her usual cool face turned into an enraptured expression of a woman.
Wonder why my instinct is sounding alarm for danger. Have a dangerous been inadvertently opened inside Eleanor-san?



The speed has obviously gotten faster! And the gap is paper-thin now.

"Fufu, ufufufu."

Wait a minute Eleanor-san, did you lick your lips just now? I don't taste that good you know.
Hyowaaaa, the wind pressure is starting to create marks on my face like it's grazing me? Or rather, isn't it really grazing me?
I stare with desperate eyes at Eleanor-san who's gradually raising her speed. The special training continues on as I stay immobile cause carelessly moving might get me hit. I mean, a fist comes whenever I try to make a sound.
In the end, this went on until Eleanor-san lost her breath. My face is full of welt-like red lesions.

"I-I'm sorry, Nobusada-san. I got too much into it...."

"No no, this much is nothing. Sorry, but could you untie me for now?"

"Y-yes, of course."

I ran to the toilet at once after getting liberated. I'll take this secret of almost pissing myself in front of Eleanor-san to my grave. It was just that scary.
When I went back to Eleanor-san while sighing in relief, I heard her murmur.

"Haa, I did it again.... Just why can't I hold back when I'm focusing too much. What should I do if Nobusada-san won't come back after this. And father was happy to have a new pupil in a while too...."

Muu, looks like this isn't the first time this happened. It's true that my mind almost broke for a minute there, but I can still go at it! A man has to shut up and endure. I almost shouted out loud though!

"Eleanor-san, thank you for waiting. Now, shall we continue then?"

"Nobusada-san, are you alright? If you don't feel like it now or..."

"I'm completely fine. I can use Heal to quickly cure a little bit of wound, so let's keep at it."

"Y-yes... Since the schedule today is only throughout the morning, let's have kumite until the time is up. Please don't hold back as I won't counter. Maybe, I'll even give you a reward if you can get a hit on me."

What!? I'm all fired up now. I'm weak with reward and stuff, you see.

We take a stance and face each other.
I send out a straight right jab from attack form with all my might. Of course, she easily parried it since there was no feint or anything.
The fact that she won't get any damage from me no matter what I do is relieving in a way. I can go at this with all my might without worrying Eleanor-san getting injured.
I revise my movements little by little by mimicking Eleanor-san's movements earlier. Connected flowing attack instead of one-off shots. Considering my current physique and build, it's probably impossible to end this match in one hit. Then it's a battle of move number. Therefore, Eleanor-san's movements make for a really good reference.
Perhaps Master entrusted the initial training to Eleanor-san for this reason.

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We're in the sixth match now with a break every 10 minutes. This is probably the last considering the time. Even now, I only touched Eleanor-san when she parried me. I still haven't get a hit on her.

I'd like to surprise her a bit at least. Thus, I'm thinking of trying various moves this time.
Imitating boxing jab, one two to smash. Crouching leg sweep continuing to jumping uppercut.
My throwing attempts were in vain as I couldn't even catch her.
Uhahaha, this match is choke full of amateur's shallow thinking.  It's rather refreshing that all of them failed.

In that case, I'll get close to her to the limit.
Eleanor-san is keeping her guard but she's still not moving. Right before I get next to her I draw my hands back.


A loud sound resounded from my hands in front of Eleanor-san. It's the so called Nekodamashi. Even Eleanor-san didn't expect this, her body stiffened.
And just right when I'm going all in to try to catch her clothes' neckline.

Tettere~♪ Acquired Grappling Lv1

Surprised by the sudden noGoddess's announcement which had been absent until now, I inadvertently tripped my leg. And I ended up making a dive onto Eleanor-san.
Eleanor-san who didn't anticipate the Nekodamashi and my dive at all seemed to be taken off guard too and fell.

Ow ow ow, I failed. And it was my chance too.


Monyun? There's something soft on my right hand...
My eyes matched Eleanor-san's when I opened them. The smallish yet nice sensation on my right hand is....




My view was immediately filled with a fist before I blacked out.


I was sleeping on sofa when I came to. Feels like I've been fainting a lot lately.

"Nobusada-san, you've come to!? I'm sorry, I forgot to hold back back then...."

"No no, I'm fine(?) somehow. I should ask for your forgiveness too."

Eleanor-san blushed, seemingly recalling it. I smile wryly while using Heal on my aching face.
I've got to enjoy an unexpected reward. The soft sensation still lingers in my hand even now, thank you for the feast!

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