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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Strongest Sage, Decorates


"Next, let's remove buildings that's on the way! This place should be big enough to hold the people if we remove the inn over there!"

I declared that after we had finished reinforcing the wall and setting up the trap.
And then, Ruli and the girls looked surprised.

"Remove... You mean by dismantling it?"

"Even if it's an emergency, demolishing buildings without permission isn't a good idea..."

"People will get mad at us if we do that!"

Ah. They think I'm going to destroy it huh.
However, there are ways to move buildings around without destroying them.

"We're not gonna destroy it! We're just gonna move it around a bit!"

I jump over the city's outer wall after saying that.
Ruli and the others follow after me even while voicing their doubt.

"M-moving a building that huge, without destroying it!?"

Ruli pointed at the inn I indicated.
Fortunately, there's no one inside, but it's still a very heavy three-story stone-made building.
Moving it by brute force will end up breaking it indeed....

"The inn is built on top of the ground right. There are many ways to go about doing this."

I went inside the inn and used several spells.
And then I turned around to the three.

"Alright, let's push it! To there!"

Hearing my instruction, the three put their hands on the wall and begin to push the building to the direction I pointed.

"I-I got it!"

"There's no way this huge building will move just by pushing--"

The three tried to move the building while seemingly half in doubt... It moved right when Iris began to push.
Traveling on the ground like it's sliding, without anything breaking.

"It moved!?"

"This heavy building, by pushing!?"
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"This is weird even with Iris-san here.... What did Mathi-kun do anyway!?"

Ruli asked me.
True, Iris's power plays a big role in moving the inn building... But the biggest contributor here is the magic I put on the ground.

"I've softened the ground while also supporting the inn with augment magic! It does consume a lot of mana, but we've got no time right now!"

I threw a stone on the ground near the inn's entrance.
Normally it should have rebounded and rolled on the ground, but the stone just sunk into the ground like it was on water.
You can move a building around without breaking it by softening the ground this much.

...That said, the inn is quite large, it barely fits within Disqualified Crest's range.
I might need to think of another way if the building was a bit bigger.

The inn was safely moved out of the way and we opened a space spacious enough to hold the dungeon city populace close to the wall.
We can induce the monsters for real now.

The situation with the monsters... It's about to get dangerous soon.
A lot more monsters have arrived at the dungeon city.
....It is easier to gather people if it gets a bit chaotic though.

"Alright, let's gather the people here!"

I canceled the ground softening augment magic, put another augment into a magic stone in my hand, and threw it in the center of the newly made space.
And then the magic stone developed a magic circle as large as the opened space while emitting blue light.

It's basically a barrier magic.
Its special characteristics is that it emits showy light and that light reaches far away places.

"That small magic stone for such a huge barrier... What kind of magic is this?"

Ruli looked at the magic stone I threw in astonishment.
...In actuality, this magic circle is the lowest level magic circle I've ever used.
I'd have asked Ruli with her Glory Crest instead of doing it myself if I wanted proper performance.

"It's effect is... decoration."


"Yeah. There's no actual effect. It only shines prettily.... But this kind of magic has its use at the right time."

I activated the next magic as I said that.
There's not much time left, we've got to hurry and assemble the populace.

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