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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-50

This is from Arisa's POV.

10-50. Floor Master


Level 140?
Wait, dog-head demon lord? Lies, I don't know such--no, that's not something as simple as a demon lord.

Yes, that is something written down in the myth.
It's the god of death who burned down temples around the world, and consume the angels that had descended on the earth.

The Demon God's apostle who fought against the god's army and routed the heavenly dragons.

Why is such a thing in this place?
Perhaps, because of me?
I am....

He gently embraces my head that's looping with bad thought.
Un, that's right, we have to protect everyone.

I'll use Never Give Up and Over Boost together with all my power to expulse it to beyond the dimension.
I'll do it no matter how many times if it fails once.

The god who gave me this power said.
The usage limitation is my soul limiter.
Then I'm fine with using all my soul, I'd have loved to flirt and tease more, but if it's to save my beloved and everyone, it's a cheap thing to pay.

This world wasn't bad. I can die laughing now. If possible I'd like to be reincarnated beside this optimistic master in the next life.

Deep breath, unique skill activate--eh?

The spectacle suddenly changes.
Is this Pochi's Flickering Movement? I've been moved to where Nana and the others are in an instant.
There's no doubt my reckless master must be going to fight alone.

I tried looking for master who had teleported with the demon lord, but I couldn't find him.
This can't be, I should've been able to quickly find someone I know well!

"Arisa, it's the floor master. Let's fall back at once."

By Liza's order, everyone evacuates to the safety zone behind.
I'm being carried on Liza's armpit like a baggage, but I don't have time to complain about such treatment. I use search magic with all my power, but I can't find him. I used [Over Boost] once with the search, but I still couldn't find him. It's as if [Satou] has disappeared from this world.

"No good, I can't find him."
"What is that earlier~?"
"It feels tingly like a demon nodesu!"
"No. It must be a demon lord."
"Is that true? Mia."

It looks like Mia understood.

"No need to worry~?"
"But, I'm worried nanodesu!"

Looks like Tama is the only one not worried. I wonder why does this child believe so much.
Even Lulu looks ghastly pale, and Liza and Nana are looking restless.

"Good grief, Tama is the only one who's calm huh. Take a deep breath!"

The masters who had come closer before I knew scolded us.

"Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath in, breath in."

I couldn't breath, and let it all out.
But, I think I've calmed down a bit.

"Good grief, I've said that the shield user has to always be calm right."
"I am sorry, so I apologize. I wasn't able to do anything while master in danger, so I self-analyze."
"Good grief, you know that Satou isn't someone who would choose to die honorably against someone he couldn't win right? He's the type that won't hesitate to run away if that guy wasn't someone he couldn't beat. Did you guys think that he left you because he thought you still couldn't fight a demon lord? Isn't it because he thought that he could easily win even without borrowing you guys' power?"

Uuh, it's not about the reasoning. My feeling wants to run after him!

"I've been forbidden to talk about this, but it should be fine with you guys. I saw Satou killed tens of thousands jellyfish in the void sky in an instant y'know? You'd have understood that worrying about him seemed silly if you saw that spectacle that looked like a joke."

So he was doing something like that when he talked about the pest extermination....
While listening to the masters' story and building my spirits up, shaking around 3 magnitude intermittently come.

"Shakeshake nanodesu!"
"Kya, is, is it alright?"
"The labyrinth is sturdy. It won't collapse with just this much shaking, so I declared."
"I wonder if these shaking are from master and the demon lord's fight?"
"It's probably earthquake I think. There's a volcano nearby, so maybe that's erupting."

Or rather, this earthquake is long. It's enough to imagine how scary the epicenter is.

"I'm back. Sorry for making you worry."
"Welcome back nanodesu!"
"Master, blessing your safe return."

That guy came back as if he had just gone shopping.
When I asked what about the demon lord, he only plainly replied, "I defeated it." Defeated it, you, that easily. Well let alone injuries, his clothes aren't even torn though.

That was something that appeared in the myth you know?
Even though it's an existence that's even out of demon lord standard....

"Oh~, that's the floor master huh. What would you do? Do you want to challenge it another day?"
"We'll do it. Everyone is going right?"

It's is unthinkable to wait for another day!
I'm glad, everyone nodded too.

After declaring in rough excitement to him who was carefreely looking at the floormaster, I explained the plan to everyone.
We'll show that we are first-rate explorers!

The floormaster that has appeared is the Thunder Squid clad in red lighting on its body surface. It's level 59--not something we can't defeat. Its water magic and electric shock are troublesome, but the most dangerous one is its eyeballs. We should quickly smash them since they're charm evil eyes.
However, this floormaster is in easy win category among the assumed case. We're lucky that the one that came out wasn't something with physical annulment like the Flame Snake from the middle layer.

"Arisa, everyone is in their position, so I report."

While we were taking our positions, the Thunder Squid was spreading pink-colored mist that looked like cotton candy around it. I can hear crackling sounds from it, apparently it has electrifying effect.

If we assaulted it carelessly, we would be electrocuted, and then it's over.
We can't take it on half-heartedly even though it's an upper layer floormaster.

Pochi, Tama, and Liza who have scattered in three sides are waving here. Geez, what would you do if the floormaster found out.

"Mia, you can start preparing for the sand giant."

I release large quantity of sand that I've stored in the space magic [Garage].
With this sand as the material, Mia uses spirit magic to create an artificial life, [Sand Giant]. She can make it even without the sand, but the MP consumption decrease sharply if we prepare the material. I'm thinking of using the Sand Giant as the shield in the front since it's resistant to electric attack and physical blow.

The Thunder Squid has begun to move as a reaction to Mia's magic power,

Immediately, Liza who was standing-by in the opposite side of the hall struck the Thunder Squid's back with a stupidly big Magic Edge Cannon. The Thunder Squid changed its target from Mia to Liza while violently discharging electricity.

No well, it's certainly as planned, but oh Liza, you're putting too much fighting spirit into it.

Lulu who had put Pochi Tama under reinforcing magic came back here.
Lulu who's come as a substitute for our bodyguard changes with Nana who steps forward to the hall.  It's still too early for the provocation. Nana drives five [Javelins] onto the Thunder Squid, changing its target.

Furthermore, Pochi and Tama mutually strike it from both sides with Magic Edge Cannon. Theirs are different than Liza's, the power is ordinary. Yes, it's good like that!

With the four attacking in turn, the Thunder Squid is getting confused to attack which one, the plan seems to be going well.
In games, ping-pong-ing the raid boss around like this does well.

The sand giant that has finally been completed slowly moves toward the Thunder Squid.
It's approaching the thunder squid with a calm face while absorbing the electric attack. Well, there's no such a thing like face on the sand giant though.

After the sand giant had approached at a certain distance, the Thunder Squid unleashed a powerful lighting attack enough to split ears while posing in threatening manner.

Uwah, my ears hurt. I've protected my eyes with my hands, but my ears can't hear anything but 'KIIN' sound. Next time, I'll ask for armors that can protect against sounds above certain level.

The sand giant calmly walk towards the Thunder Squid despite receiving such powerful electric attack. Yet, looks like its health has decreased by 30%. If it wasn't a lighting-resistance type, it might have been destroyed by the attack just now.

Akh, looks like Pochi has seen the attack head-on, she's crouching down while pressing her eyes. Since it seems like everyone's ears have been done in too, we have to gain some time.

"Are you alright Mia?"

She looks like she can't hear me but she understands my gesture, Mia nods.
Looks like she's fine. I instruct her with my hands to order the sand giant to attack.

The sand giant wrestles with the Thunder Squid. The Thunder Squid who doesn't seem to like it strikes the sand giant back with its tentacles, but they only go through the giant's sand body without affecting much.

The Thunder Squid which has become flustered since its attack isn't effective spits out ink-like poisonous spray in desperation, but it doesn't have any effect against the sand giant which doesn't breathe.

Alright, looks like the compatibility is better than I thought.

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