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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 【SS】 11

【SS】 Hot Sand Extra Hard Training


"Arisa~, How many me~ter~?"
『Wait a minute, it's 1109 meters eh.』
"Wa~i, new record~?"
『That's right, congrats.』

Arisa is talking from beyond the sand dune.
Magic is amazing.

『As expected of Tama nanodesu. Pochi also won't lose nodesuyo!』

I see Pochi greatly waving her hands beyond the sand dune.
With a small [Pohyun] sound, Pochi jumps.

--ah, she broke her balance.

She begun to spin, guruguru bosun, and then she got buried into the sand dune.

After Pochi, Liza and Nana also jump.
Both jump shorter than Pochi's.

Because, they're big.

Pochi who's buried in the sand dune isn't coming out.
I rushed to her anxiously, but before I could dug her out, Pochi pushed her way out, wasa wasa, and came out.

"Peh peh, I failed nodesu."

Pochi shakes her body to remove the sand.
Of course I had ran away before she did that.

"I'm sorry, nanodesu."

Mia who's been completely covered with sand is pouting.
Pochi apologizes to Mia while brushing the sands off her.

『Pochi, you're 1050 meters. Unfortunately.』
"Regrettable nanodesu."
"Pochi, don't mind~"
"I won't lose next time nodesu!"

Pochi is challenging for a rematch while taking the shupin pose.
Of course, I'll take up her challenge anytime.

Because, Tama is the onee-chan.

I'm having a dashing competition with Pochi to race back to Master.
Mia who's buried in the sand behind us is really angry.

Pochi goes first this time.
She leaps toward the third [Acceleration Gate] ring with the Flickering Movement.

"Uwah~, nanodesu~"

Pochi jumps and spins like before.
She looks like she's having fun.

Perhaps, doing the jumping spin is fun?

I looked up when I felt a gaze, there was the gentle smile of Master.
I reflexively laugh, nipa~

"You can imitate Pochi if you want, but be careful not to talk during the spinning since you could bite your tongue okay."
"Aye aye sir~"

Master sees through everything nyan.
Tama replies Master with Shupin pose, and then goes toward the Acceleration Gate.

Yo~i, don!

I try to break my balance in the air like Pochi.

Spin, spin, my eyes are spinning.
The sky goes below, the ground goes above, it's dizzyingly fun.

Even though Master's warned me, laughter escape my mouth spontaneously.

Ah, the ground is already--

I plunged into the sand dune like, 'Bosun'.
But it can't stop the jumping force, I break through the sand dune, pop out to the other side just like that, and then roll and roll on the ground.

I shake the sand off, exchange a look at Pochi who's run to me worryingly, and then laugh out loud.

Now, once more!

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