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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 Intermission 2

It's not from Satou's POV (Tama's POV)

Intermission: Pochi and Tama's Part Time Job


"Oy, you there! Come with us, we're hiring you."
"We don't need it nodesu. Besides we're in break today nanodesu."
"Don't be cheeky after the trouble of me inviting you."
"Forceful~ is no good~?"

Some dogkin children called us when I was playing with Pochi. He seemed arrogant even though we look the same age.

"I'm sorry. This guy has a bad mouth."
"Gon is a hopeless guy who can't help but speak meanly with cute girls. Forgive him. My name is Ken, this tall one here is Han."
"The heck you two."

From big to small it's Han, Gon, and Ken. The three of them are dogkin boys.

"I was called cute nodesu."
"Pochi is cute~"

Pochi is cute. However, these three boys look somewhat dirty, not cute.

"How about it? I can't pay you daily, but if you properly carry our baggages, I'll treat you to a meal."
"Meal! Meat nanodesu?"

Master's said that he's doing barbecue today. I'm looking forward to it now.

"Alright. We are men. We're going to splurge on meat today!"
"Yay-, nanodesu!"
"Is that alright, Ken. Making a promise like that."
"Acting cool alone."

Before we knew it, we've gone to the labyrinth to carry baggage for the three. I can't let Pochi go alone. Because I'm the onee-chan after all.

"Gon, get back, it's dangerous to be in the front alone."
"Hehe~n, as if I'm scared of one goblin."
"Wait, Gon, Ken. The baggage carrier girls won't catch up with us if we rush."

I exchange a look with Pochi. We're only carrying the Hopping Potato the three have defeated just now in the big bag, so we're alright.

"We're alright nanodesu."
"Piece of cake~?"
"Is, is that so."

The tall Han is breathing roughly. Are you alright?

"Uwah, two of them appear from the shadow. Han, you take care of one. Ken, handle two of them until I defeat it."
"Okay. This looks like a hard fight."

The three boys jump out toward the goblins who are 'kii kii'-ing.
I'd like to cover them by throwing stones, but since they said, "Don't throw stones from the back" when we entered the labyrinth, I won't throw.

That's why, I'll cheer.

"Do your best~?"
"Do your best nanodesu!"

The blood comes out dripdrip when the goblin bites, it looks really painful. Pochi covers her eyes with her palms, looks like she can't watch it.

"Need help~?"
"I'm, all, right! Don't worry."

He doesn't look really alright.

"Oy, the dogkins over there! Do you need help?"
"Thanks! Please take care the two of them."

Eh~, he just said that he didn't need help.
They obediently asked for help when another explorers came. It's a bit complicated.

"Understood! Usasa, get the one on the right."

Oh? It's Usasa and Rabibi. They're Pendragon Training School's graduates. I greet them with 'Shupin' pose.

Uuh, no one notices it.

"Amazing, they defeated one in an instant."
"Don't you know? They're 『Pendora』. They're elite graduates who wear the blue mantles."

The dogkin boys defeated the decreased goblins while bleeding. It looks really painful. Pochi stops their bleeding with bandages.

"Thank you very much."
"Don't mind it, we help each other in time of need--eh?"

Ah, Usasa finally notices. I greet them once again, this time with 'Shutan' pose.

"Eh? Tama and Pochi Nee-san? What are you two doing in a place like this."
"Part time job~?"
"We're in the middle of working as baggage carriers!"

Usasa's face looks strange. Do you have a stomachache?

"You two, do you know the 『Pendora』?"
"We know and we're buddies nodesu!"

Ah, there's a goblin.

Swoosh, I move, and defeat it swiftly with the short sword taken from the pouch. Goblin Assassin is dangerous since it can get close to you before you know it.

"Eh? Tama-chan disappears?"
"Ah, there!"

I wave my hand toward Rabibi who's noticed.

"To notice that approaching Goblin Assassin!"

It's dangerous if you're not careful you know?

"Where did that sword come?"
"You lose if you mind it~"
"Is, is that so."

Huh? Something is vibrating the ground?

"Tama, something is coming nodesu."

This vibration is from six feet. Because it's 'Dota, dota tatta', it's a Soldier Mantis or a Steel Ant I think?
The footsteps feel a bit wide so it should be a Soldier Mantis.

"Probably, a Soldier Mantis footsteps~?"
"As expected of Tama nanodesu! It must be right nodesu."

But, everyone looks strange. I wonder if I'm wrong?

"What should we do~?"
"Pochi-san, and Tama-san, why are you two so calm!"
"It'll be a different story if there are five of you, but you can't possibly win against it with a casual short sword!"

Really? Soldier Mantis is weak isn't it? Isn't it?
Pochi also looks puzzled.

Everyone embraces each other and trembles, "what do we do?", while looking pale. If you can't win, you'd better run you know?

"You guys run, the mantis bastard is coming!"

Four men and women ran through us.

Ah~ not~ good~
Train is no good, absolutely!

"Ye, yes, we have to run."
"Run, quickly get up. Gon, help me. Han, you carry the two. Pochi-chan, and Tama-chan, don't stand around, let's run together."

You won't defeat it?

"I'll defeat it nodesu!"

Only one Soldier Mantis appears from the corner. I match my eyes with Pochi's and nod.


The two of us fill magic power into our short swords.

"Magic Edge" "Go~" "Nanodesu!"

While leaving red trail of light like Liza, Pochi and I cut the Soldier Mantis's forelegs, swoosh swoosh. The short swords easily cut the joints of the legs.

After cutting the legs, I make a sudden stop and turn around.
This time I climb the fallen Soldier Mantis's back, and swiftly cut the fragile neck.


"Vic~ tory~" "Nanodesu!"

The two of us take the victory pose.

Since the Soldier Mantis's meat isn't too delicious, I'm not too happy.

With Usasa's and Rabibi's help, we brought back the Soldier Mantis's core. Since we got a lot of gold coins from the staff onee-san in the labyrinth entrance, everyone ate a lot a lot of meat.

Of course with the dogkin boys, together.
The frog meat skewers we've bought from the stall, are really delicious.

"We will become strong like you two and show you someday."
"I won't lose nodesu!"

Pochi has begin eating the skewers energetically so she won't lose to the boys. There's another stomach for meat, but if you eat too much, you won't be able to meat master's dinner you know~?

The barbecue for the dinner was invincible and the strongest. Circle.
<TLN: Circle denotes 'correct' in Japan.>

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