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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 【SS】 12

【SS】 Hot Sand Extra Hard Training (2) Flying Boots Arc


--It was fun.
After playing so much until I can't move anymore, I'm resting on the water bed that Mia's made.
Pochi is also sleeping beside me.

Arisa who's together with Master and Lulu came teleporting in.

"Everyone, is there any place where it's hurt?"

Master asks full of worry, but it's alright.
There is no pain anywhere, I'm only sleeping from fatigue. Everyone replies the same.

"Looks like firing the catapult with the acceleration gate and the deployment of [Shell] to act as the gliding board are going well."
"However, isn't it dangerous if they break their balance like Pochi if it's not in the desert?"
"Pochi isn't hurt nodesuyo?"
"Un, normally people will hurt badly with that velocity even if it's in the desert with the sand acting as cushions. However, the some of the [Shell], besides the part that acts as gliding wings, protects the passenger with thin membrane, so some amount of impact is not a problem."

Master's explanation is difficult nyan.
I'd like for something a bit simpler.

I drink the [Sport Drink] that Lulu gave me and recover my spirit~?
After drinking and giving the cup back to Lulu, Tama plays signal with Pochi who also doesn't understand.

"Then, let's try the Flying Boots this time."
"It's the magic circuit that was used for the False Claiomh Solais back then huh. Have you finally succeeded making people fly with it?"
"It's a different circuit than that one. The fuel consumption is very bad though. This magic circuit is something that imitates the Sky Drive I use."

I wear the pink boots that Master gave me.
The small wings beside the heel are cute.

"When you put magic power into the boots, a force field that will support your body will appear for an instant."
"Do your best nodesu!"

Nyunyu, it's difficult.
My feet are sticking like kyuu, and fumu. It's like when you fall into a pit hole.

However, it's fine.
Because, Tama is a ninja.

"Oh, as expected of Tama."
"Uwah, you're walking in the sky. You're good~"

Master and Arisa praise Tama.
More, praise Tama more please. Tama grows up with praise.

"Ah, I fell! Nanodesu."
"It's difficult isn't it."

On the side, Mia and Pochi didn't do well, their faces crashed to the sand.
Liza seems like she hasn't risen from the ground in the first place.

"Keep at it~"

I cheer everyone while walking in the sky. With [Appare] and [Hinomaru] folding fans I've got from Master on both hands, I dance the [Raisi-ng Up] dance.
Arisa taught me to do this for when I'm cheering.

Aryarya, my eyes are spinning~?

"Are you okay, Tama."
"The sky is spinning~?"
"You ran out of magic power huh. The circuit really still need improvement after all."

Master supplied me with magic power while I was being princess carried.
Since it's become like this already, I'll cheer everyone while we're like this.

Master's arms felt warm, it was full of happiness, I went to sleep.
I, I have to cheer...

--Impossible nyan.
The drowsy person is too strong.

....Good nigh~t. ZZzz.

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