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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 10

This is not from Satou's POV (Arisa's POV)

SS: Very Popular


Hm? This melody is Mia huh?
Just now, I've eaten yakitori with Liza, this time it might be nice to eat some sweets with Mia.
That girl is liked by old people, so she often gets simple sweets from the locals.

Um~m, she's on this open space I think. I think?!!


Mia inclines her head while looking at the surprised me. Damn, aren't you cute.
The good looking men who were listening to Mia's lute play beside her glanced at me once, but they immediately lost their interest and looked back at Mia.

Kuh, what's! With that attitude!?
Tsk, Mia, even though she usually behaves like a spoiled child, saying [Satou] or the like, she's this popular behind our back!

A kind-looking black-haired shadowkin young man, a bad-boy-type red-haired leprechaun boy, a stiff blond-haired longears-kin, and an ash-colored short-haired ogre-kin man with a bit of muscles surround Mia like they're protecting her. They are all so good looking no one will object if they refer themselves as one. What is this, otome game?

"Mia, aren't you quite popular. Affair?"
"Mwu, no."

Even though it was a joke, she denied it seriously. Maybe there was some envy in my words.

"We have hurriedly come here in order to protect Mia-sama's day off."
"I'm here to hear Mia's lute though."
"Use 'sama'! The elves-sama of Boruenan forest are the masters we should serve!"
"Fufufu, Mia-sama always looks so young and lustrous like a green grass."

Black, Red, Gray, and Gold, The handsome men pamper Mia in turns. Riajuu explodes!
I mean, I want to be popular too! Mainly with our Master!

"Arisa, want?"

Mia raises apple-like red fruit from her lap and offers it to me. Looks like the fruit is gouged to act as a container. The inside has the fleshes of the fruit cut and soaked with something that looks like syrup.

"Un, give me a bite."

I open my mouth, a~n, and have Mia spoon me a bite. I don't usually do something this les-like, but I did it in order to show it to the handsome men around us.
Oh, they're really glaring at me. Surely, they must be envious.

Chomp, I gulp the the content of the spoon Mia is presenting. The taste is also similar to an apple. I thought that the syrup was maple, but this is honey I think? No, this viscous feeling is the ant nectar. U~n, I think honey is better for this one.

"How many point?"
"60 points I think. It'd have been 70 points if it used honey."

The blond handsome man is shocked to receive my strict evaluation. That guy made it huh. Like our Master, being good at cooking like this despite being a man, are you a character of some otome game.

A man should just be good enough to microwave curry powder or ready-made porridge to make them explode. If they don't do that much, I can't participate in the delicious situation of nursing them.
<TLN: Probably a reference to something. Not sure what, from an otome game maybe?>

I didn't have such an opportunity even once though.... orz.

I was going to invite Mia to a sweets tour, but since the retired people in the neighborhood had gathered to listen to Mia's music, I left that place while saying, "Later." I shouldn't take away the pleasure of old people in their remaining years right.

I caught sight of Pochi and Tama having a feast on a stall with some dogkin boys, but it must have been an illusion.
It must've been a shock after seeing Mia getting surrounded by handsome men.

Un, seeing Nana carrying a white featherkin and a black featherkin infants on both her hands must also be a mistake.
Please let it be not a kidnapping!

I came across a group of children in a vacant lot. They're children of our orphanage. They're doing a volunteer work by weeding the vacant lot I guess?

"Ah~! It's Arisa! Let's play hide-and-seek, hide-and-seek!"
"You can't, Arisa-chan is going to play house with us! Arisa-chan's demon lord is amazing you know!"

Ah, why are the one who come after me are all kids~
Looks like I'm going to play as a demon lord again. Let me become the princess once in a while too!

Damn it, I'll play so hard to bury my worries today!

"I'll play in turn! You guys! Be prepared!"

I played hard until the sunset and went home.

Maybe because I played fully, and ate fully during the day, that even though it was the long awaited day of me sleeping together with that guy, I went asleep before I could enjoy his sleeping face.

Ah, I want to flirt!

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