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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 5

SS: Lulu's Kitchen Knife


I'm going on a sea date with master today.
The ship is flying a bit higher than the sea surface though, but I don't mind the minor details.

I mean, it's a date with just the two of us.

"Lulu, you can see it now. That's the sign."
"That, is it?"

Master is pointing toward a flock of seabirds.
If I'm not mistaken, we're going to catch fish called tunas today, I wonder if it's been changed to birds?

"Un, the small fish those birds are aiming should be being chased by tunas."
"Yes, master!"

As expected of Master. He's amazing.
I've made a [Promise] to Arisa that I'd talk casually with Master after saying [Amazing] when I'm praising him. However, it feels a little embarrassing, when I let out my voice, I talk to him like usual.
<TLN: Lulu usually talks to Satou in formal tone.>

"Master, are tunas delicious?"
"Of course! Especially the fatty tuna see, when you eat it, you feel like your mouth is melting! Ah, just how can I put this into words! Lulu will also understand once you eat it. It's such that you'll be hard pressed to say which is better when you compare it to the highest grade marbled beef! It's truly fit to be one of the two matchless kings of the sea together with whales."

I could only nod to master who was being talkative.
I mean, Master is like when Pochi-chan talked about hamburg steak, he's so cute. Ah, it feels like I'm going to have a nosebleed. I can really understand the feeling of Arisa who's grinning when she looks at Master once in a while. Even though Master is usually calm, the Master who's talking about his favorite things is sorta cute. It's a secret though.

"See, look under the sea, those are tunas... right?"

Why was it a question Master?
Master who slightly bends his head looking doubtful is also lovely. Yes, Arisa would've said it's "Rare."

Tearing the sea surface, the tunas are flying and eating the seabirds.
As expected of the King of the Sea.
I wanted to catch several of the birds as souvenirs for Liza-san, but they're all going to be eaten looking at the current state.

The tunas flying in the sky are coming here.
How gallant of them to come here themselves to get cooked.

I take out the golden-colored [Tuna Slayer] I've got from Master last night from the fairy bag. I can't use Magic Edge like Liza-san and the others yet, but I can do it if it's just filling it with magic power. I set up the huge two-meter long kitchen knife glowing blue light, and cut the attacking tunas right half in two. As expected of an [Orichalcum] knife. The sharpness is wonderful.

I wonder what's wrong? Master's smile is stiff.
I wonder if his fatigue from making swords every days has piled up?

I'll devote myself to make Master thoroughly enjoy the tunas he's looking forwards so much today.

Grilling the tunas' heads, and also making sashimis from them. Among the dishes, he was really pleased with the tuna sushis.
Even Arisa was crying while eating it.
She must really like it.

The words master said after he's finished eating, "It was really delicious, Lulu." is the highest reward for me. Since we've caught a lot of tunas, maybe I should make [Negitoro] and [Pickles] for him next time. There are some missing things like [Quiz] in the recipes I've got from masters, but trying to do various things for its completion is fun.

Ehehe~, my mother said something.

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach ", she said.

Let's do my best tomorrow too!

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