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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 Intermission 3

This is not from Satou's POV (Tama's POV)

Intermission: The Adventure of Ninja Tama


I check the pink ninja clothes that Master's made for me in front of the mirror.

Un, cute~

I wanted to show off to Pochi, but I couldn't find her anywhere.
Seems she's gone playing first thing in the morning~

"Tama-chan, here are your lunch box and snacks for today."
"Sankyu~ Vary ma~"

I'm so happy, I hold the lunch box set Lulu's made up above and spin merrily.
Today must be a good day too nyan.

I'm patrolling the city again today.
Because, ninjas are destined to live in the shadow, I'll watch over the city's peace from the background.

Ah, it's dragonflies!
I chase after the dragonflies flying on the streamlet from the side, pyon pyon.

I wave my hands toward the oba-chans doing laundry, and the one~san holding a baby.
Everyone happily waved back at me.

Huh? Ninjas shouldn't have been seen.
Well, it's fine~

Ah, an old-man is being bullied!
Wait for me~ Ninja Tama, will go now~

"Please wait! I can't continue my business if you take those!"
"We can sell her to the slave trader right?"
"Father! Help!"
"Ah, please forgive my daughter!"

Um~mm, these hoodlum people are bad people?

"Hah! I'll let you off with these cooking tools and your daughter today!"
"Why, my debt should only be one silver coin!"
"There's this thing called interest! It's 100 gold coins now!"
"No way, even usury has a limit!"

Gold coins? Nyu~n?
I got one gold coin from Master this morning, but it's not enough.

Ah, they started beating the old man with sticks.
The Onee-san is crying!

Crying is not good!

"Tenshil! Chisil! Miracurun! The mysterious ninja Tama appears!"

Oh right, I'll use ninjutsu here!

"Ninja art, Uchisemi no Jutsu~"
<TLN: Should've been "Utsusemi no Jutsu". Uchi means house.>

I changed the fainted hoodlums' with clothed logs in their places.
Leaving the logs, together with the hoodlum people to the roof, I ju~mp.

Err, I quickly tie the hoodlum people, and then throw them away to the back alley.
Spinspin~ spin, and poi.

"Eh? The people from the Avarice Fox are gone?"

I secretly land beside the surprised Onee-san.

"Aku, soku, zazan!"
<TLN: From Aku, soku, zan. Lit. evil, immediately, slain.>

I'm triumphant while taking the victory pose.
Onee-san opens her mouth and hardens. Insects would go in you know?

"I exterminated them~ degozaru."
"T, thank you."
"You're wlcome~, nin nin."

Are you going to leave the old man behind you like that?
When I tilt my head and look at the old man, the Onee-san finally notices it.

"That's right! Father, hold on!"
"Let him drink thiss~ degozaru."

Potion is the best for injuries you know?
They were surprised after he drank the potion from Master.

In the park near the Ivy Mansion, I've a lunch.
U~n, there are a lot of greeneries here, I like it very much.
It's the next best after Master's lap.

If there was a short ear rabbit, I'd have chased and play with it.

Huh? Someone is coming.

Tama leaves a doll on the ground, and climbs to the top of a tree.
Because, I'm a ninja.

"Found you! It's you right! The one who beat up the third."
"Hey hey, what's wrong? Isn't she too scared she can't even turn around?"
"Gyahahaha~, We're the Avarice Fox gang who make children run away crying after all!"

Err, fat flag? Diet is hard you know?
The hoodlum people stab the doll with their swords and talk in loud voice.

They will notice soon?
When I don't have turn like this, it feels a bit, irritating.

"The hell is this? It's a doll!"
"Damn, she ran away!"

Ah, they're looking around.
They also look at the trees' tops, but they don't notice Tama. Because ninjas can't be seen.

It's about time for the windmill to appear!
I take out a windmill from my pouch and throw it to the hoodlums below.


"Uwahh, aniki! Aniki isss!"

The hoodlums became squashed under the windmill.

Strange~, Arisa said that it was windmill for time like this.

"Why is a windmill in a place like this!"
"Oy, you alive?"

Are windmills and pinwheels different?
Evidence destruction~?

I collect the windmill with the whip sword and put it into the pouch.

"Ah, that pink guy is on such a place!"
"Oy, shoulder aniki, let's run."

Ah, they ran away.
I have to chase them! Because, they're running away!

I jump from shadow to shadow while eating a potato and chasing the hoodlums.
This potato is delicious. I'll give half to Pochi.
Since I'll likely eat them all, I wrap the remaining potato and put it into the pouch.

"Boss! The pink monster is attacking!"
"What'd you say! Get Sensei here."

The hoodlum people are holding hatchets and bone clubs, I take it off their hands and hit them, take it off and hit them.
Holding back to prevent them hurting badly is hard.

"She's too strong."
"Is Sensei's not here yet!"

Two people left.
A bearded old man and a thin old man who've only been ordering around with loud voices without doing anything since awhile ago.

"Mou, I was still in the middle of eating the meat skewers nodesu! Punpun nanodesu!"

A samurai wearing haori hakama came out from the back!
Samurais are the rival of Ninjas!

Her face seen from her hood looks similar to Pochi, but Pochi's name is not Sensei, so it's a different person.

"The bodyguard of justice, Kin-san the bum nanodesu!"
<TLN: A bum samurai wearing haori... Good thing it's not 'Gin' huh? ;) >
"Mysterious ninja~?"

Her real nature is a mystery.

Kin-san pulls out a Japanese katana and sets it up.

"The way of full moon nanodesu!"
"Falling leaves~?"

I cut the coming red Magic Edge Cannon's halo with the ninja katanas on both my hands. I avoided two out of three, they flew and broke the wall behind. They'll get mad at you, you know?

To be able to use Magic Edge Cannon like Pochi and Liza, Kin-san is strong.

"My turn~?"

Using Bunshin no Jutsu, I split into three and attack in three directions.

"Amazing nodesu! As expected of a ninja nanodesu!"

Mumwu, she's moving fast like Pochi's Flickering Movement, attacking the bunshin.
Foul play~?

"If it's three people, then I just have to attack with triple the speed nodesu!"
"It's the real body this time tough~?"

From the ceiling, I randomly shoot shurikens.
I occasionally grab onto the ceiling, and make a feint.

"It's no big deal if it doesn't hit nodesu!"

All of them are swayed by her Japanese sword.

Amazing, amazing! There's a girl this strong besides Pochi.
I'll tell about it to Pochi later.

"I'm settling it with the next move nodesu!"
"Me too, certain kill technique~?"

Certain kill is written hissatsu (必殺).
Certainly not kill is 必生 (hitsunama?). Arisa told me that.

"Magic Edge Rush (Vorpal Lance)!"
"Magic Edge Twin Fangs (Vanquish Fang)."

The Samurai whose whole body shines red shouts the killer technique's name.
She understood the promise well~

"Alright, stop there."

I've been caught and lifted lightly.
I look up, and there's Master.

"Master nanodesu!"

I take off the ninja costume's hood and look at Kin-san.
She also took off her hood like me.

"Tama nanodesu!"

Now wonder she's strong, nyan.

People who came from behind Master are tying up the hoodlum people.

"Well then, Captain-san, I'm counting on you to deal with these people."
"Yes, Chevalier-sama."

It's the sentry Captain-san!
This person often treats me to a lot of meat from the food stalls.
While being lifted by Master, I greet him with 'shupin' pose.

"Why are you arresting me!"
"All you guys' deeds have been investigated by Marquis-sama's intelligence. In addition, since you were smuggling the necessary ingredients for Fiend Drug's production, you're charged with treason. Don't think you can defend it."

Complicated~ Make the explanation shorter!
While handing the potato from before to Pochi, I tell Master and Pochi my remarkable activities today.

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