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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 Intermission 4

This is not from Satou's POV (Nana's POV)

Intermission: Golden Knight and the Caged Birds


The sight monitoring system has raised an emergency directive.
Adding the object before my sight with priority tag.

There are two figures of young organisms over there.
They are imprisoned in the birdcage hanged in front of the slave trader.

The logic circuit urges to have me rescue them.

Executing rescue--Error.

This is a grave situation.
Confirming that the reason for the error is Master's commands which have the maximum priority.

There is an entry that prohibits me from relocating articles without being accompanied with money transfer.
It cannot be helped.

I do not have the authority to break the prohibited matter.
I step into the firm, and proceed to secure the young organism via the regular route.

"Proprietor, I want to release these children, so I claim."
"If it isn't explorer young lady, you have discerning eyes. These are quite a rare species even among the featherkins--"

In summary, "Bring me 100 gold coins if you want to own the young organisms", such an unreasonable thing has been established.

The money in hand, two gold coins.
Lacking 98 gold coins more.

I will have Master's support.
In accordance to the answer from logic circuit, I leave the shop.

"Please reconsider."

Master refuses to secure the young organisms.
I tried to entice him with puff-puff, but Lulu interfered.

Logic circuit announces that without Master's support, helping the young organisms is hopeless.
I am troubled.

"What's wrong? Nana-sama"

The beastkin person who works as a teacher of the training school applies for a conversation.

"I am currently searching the way to secure fund. If you have a good idea, please present it."
"Let's see, I think everyone from Pendragon probably can subjugate the Ruby Golem in the upper Area 33 for quick money?"

After searching the name 'ruby', I've identified that it is a kind of gem.
The size of the ruby that composes the body of a golem should be worth at least 100 gold coins.
I tell my thank to the informant and leave right away.

"Ah, Nana-sama. Nearby the Ruby Golem, Deadly Poison Slimes are--"

I confirm the route on the explorer guild, and depart to the labyrinth.
I change my equipments with Orichalcum ones, and raise my moving pace. If I were slow, the permitted time to release them would expire.

Following Master's example, I exterminate the small fries with Flexible Swords, and crush the strong ones by smashing them with the Orichalcum great sword.

『What's that? A golden knight?』
『Oy oy, who the heck is that? It killed the labyrinth scorpion with a single blow.』
『Maybe it's some Red Iron bunch?』
『There's no one that showy!』

Sometimes I pass by other explorers, but since dealing with them has low priority, I put actions like talking with them to the furthest end of the processing queue.

Against opponents that occasionally appear and are ineffective against material sword, I promptly eliminate them with nature magic.

『Oy, did it just use chantless magic?』
『Chantless, the hero-sama?』
『It's the golden hero-sama!』

Some explorers that I've saved by chance apply for a conversation with me, but since my processing queue is packed, I cannot respond.

This time, a hydra with five heads is blocking the way.
I want to promptly eliminate it, but since other explorers are fighting it, eliminating the hydra would classify as one of the prohibited matter, [Sideswipe].

Every one of the explorers is acting inefficiently.
I searched for the way to cope with this, and got one conclusion.

"I ask! Do you wish for relief!"

Yes, if the other party requests relief, it won't qualify as a prohibited matter.
It's an excellent idea if I do say so myself, so I praise myself.

"Please help us!"
"I take charge of the relief."

Activating the function [Fortress] on the equipment that Master has given me.
Eight force shields and three magic walls block the hydra's fire and poison breath.

I do not have overwhelming offensive power like Liza and Pochi.
However, I have the the impregnable defensive power that Master has bestowed.

I nullify the entire attacks, and eliminate the hostile unit with plain great sword attack.

"Ooh! The hydra's head is cut with one swing of the great sword!"
"Apart from that, why is it fine against the hydra's flame that can even melt iron!"

I am equipped with Master's armor.
This result is natural so I analyze.

I eliminate the hydra and hurry toward Area 33.
Noise asking about the core entered my hearing circuit from behind, but since its sequence priority was low, I canceled it.
In order to increase my moving speed, I grant myself physical reinforcement with nature magic.

I check that here is Area 33 from the Sign Monument.
I could have defined the Ruby Golem's location if I had Master's enemy searching function.

Discovered a passage full of slimes ahead.

Using Force Spear to eliminate them--failed. Confirmed it absorbs force spear.
Using Flexible Sword to eliminate them--failed. Cutting is not effective. Confirmed it absorbs the blade.
Using the great sword to eliminate them--failed. Cutting is not effective.

Searching for effective countermeasures--not applicable.
I evade the slimes and continue searching.

Discovered a Ruby Golem in the space ahead.
Confirmed several slimes along the way.

Searching for effective countermeasures--not applicable.
Searching for ways to get close to Ruby Golem--not applicable.

Searching for effective countermeasures--not applicable.
Searching for ways to get close to Ruby Golem--not applicable.

Searching for effective countermeasures--not applicable.
Searching for ways to get close to Ruby Golem--not applicable.

Confirmed that the logic circuit is looping.
Analyzing breakthrough measure--discovered Arisa's collection of sayings, commencing search....

Discovered the countermeasure.

Booting up multiple [Shelters].
Activating Orichalcum Armor's emergency vernier.

I pass through the defending camping slimes with the sudden acceleration.
Confirming the scattered slimes behind me.
Threat level, low. I leave them alone.

"Ruby Golem! If you think that you're great since you're a gem, that's a misunderstanding, so I refute!"

I crushed the approaching Ruby Golem with continuous [Force Spear (Javelin)] blows.
Since the objective is rebelling, I use the great sword carefully, I'm worried with my remaining mana.
The condition that allows the use of emergency measure has been cleared--utilizing the magic recovery potion.

All Mission Complete.
Commencing return.

"This is a Ruby Golem! How did you get it in complete shape!"
"No, how did--"
"Ah, yes. Please wait a moment."

I've safely secured 100 gold coins.
Successfully safeguard the young organisms in the slave firm.

Naming the white featherkin young organism [Shiro].
Naming the black featherkin young organism [Kuro]--error.

Searching the library, re-naming it to [Crow].

After returning home, I introduce them to Master.

"I have secured them. They are Shiro and Crow."
"Return them."

Searching for countermeasures to oppose the merciless order--Requesting supports from friendly units.

"Please reconsider."
"Isn't it fine, raised right, they can be the communication unit, or the bombardment survey unit~"
"That's right nanodesu! Cute is justice nanodesu!"
"Master, I would also like to ask for it."
"I am sorry to intrude, but since Nana has bought them as slaves, how about training them as maid apprentices?"

With the help of friendly units reinforcement, Master finally raises the white flag, and I have safely acquired the permission to let Shiro and Crow take a new post in the mansion.
With feeling full of gratitude, I was going to do puff-puff that Master liked when we were going to bed, but I received concentrated bombardment from the friendly units.

It is absurdly baffling.

I evaluate that expressing gratitude is something with high degree of difficulty.
While being confused with bewilderment and delight, I wrapped myself with Shiro's and Crow's wings, and fell asleep.

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