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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 8

This is not from Satou's POV (Arisa's POV)

SS: Liza's Buying and Eating


"Oh, found Liza-san!"

When I came to the snack area before the west gate, I noticed her.

I was going to call her, but I shouldn't do it when she's in the middle of choosing the snacks to buy and eat. When I did it before, she shifted her line of sight like it was going to devour me. That was at the degree that can only be seen in a dream.
Under the pressure of that gaze, those old men at the stalls can serve their customers with a smile while washing the greases, they truly have the spirit of merchants. I'd have rated them [First Class] if their smiles weren't cramped though.

"Oy, isn't that the Black Spear Liza?"
"Oh, what kind of meat is she picking now?"
"Looks like she's hesitating between the lizard meat skewer and the rabbit meat bone skewer."
"Either is one big copper coin much huh~ As expected of a powerful Red Iron Plate explorer."

I heard the conversations of the explorers nearby. Liza is quite famous isn't she.
She's choosing between the steel lizard meat skewer and the rock rabbit meat bone huh. Either sounds tough.
However, that guy had given everyone one gold coin each early in the morning, so she could just have picked both.
Choosing between things is fun though so it's alright~

"Oh, she's chosen."
"Which is it?"
"It's the lizard meat skewer."
"Oy, oy, is she a cannibal."

Mu? When I turn around to see the one who said the last line, the neighboring Liza's fans are already beating him.

Arara, no turn for me huh.
I couldn't use magic in the middle of the city, so my skill-level-0 wand art was going to howl. Maybe I should get self-defense skill like Lulu after all I wonder? I wonder~? 

"It's splendid. The steel lizard's meat at first tastes like it's plain, but every time you chew on it, the savoriness oozes from inside--"

Uwah, oh Liza, she's begun to have a narration while biting the skewer.
But, is that really a meat? I can hear some strange sounds you know?

"Oy, Liza-san's 『It's splendid』 appeared. Looks like that skewer is a hit."
"Hah! You amateur. Listen the words after 『It's splendid』 well."

'Amateur' eh, you guys....

"Right right, you shouldn't buy it if she praised the chewy texture. Our feeble teeth not gonna stand against it."
"Don't lump me with you humans, there is no meat that we beastkin can't eat! Old man, give me the same meat as this guy's!"

The beastkin man who ignored the peanut gallery's advice and ate the same meat as Liza's crouches while moaning, "My teeth."
My condolences~
Even so, stocking a meat like that, what a challenger.
Since half of the meat skewers she holds have different color, I wonder if they're from different variety?

Liza is chewing the second type of meat she's picked. This time she's saying, "The chewiness is not quite there."
I see, so she wasn't picking which to eat, but which to eat first. I consent.

"Yosh, I'm going to get the rock rabbit one."
"Next time, when I earn a lot of money in the labyrinth, I want to eat the rock rabbit meat...."

I pray that the last guy didn't raise his death flag....
In the end, I was only able to call Liza-san after her fifth meat, the frog meat skewer.

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