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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 1

SS: First Carbonated Water


I'm having a break today since I've been working without one for half a month.

I indulge myself in inactivity on the self-made deck under the tree's shade in the courtyard.

Still, I begin to crave for carbonated drink when it's this hot. There should be some carbonated water remaining if I'm not mistaken. I start preparing the beverages after asking Lulu to fry some potato chips. I add grape juice to the carbonated water, making it look like sparkling wine. I also add more sugar since I feel it's not sweet enough.

With Liza's help, I brought the potato chips and the carbonated grape juice to the place where everyone is playing learning cards.

"Bubbly bubble~?"
"Even though it's sweet and delicious, the bubbly bubble is bursting nodesu!"
"Kuh~ It's been awhile since I've had carbonated water~ If possible I'd have liked to drink Professor Pepper~"

The three who are simply delighted, and the children who are hardened. There was also a child who dropped the goblet, but Tama skillfully caught it.

"Hau, it's tizzling"

There's also a child who can't stop hiccuping, it's quite a success.

"This is the specialty product of the grapevine mountain range right?"
"You know well. I've got it from an acquaintance. I thought of enjoying it with everyone since it was unusual."

Ms. Miteruna knew about the carbonated water since she was treated to it once when she was little by the previous Viscount Shimen. According to her, carbonated water is extremely expensive in the labyrinth city. It's not produced around this area, on top of that since it has to be carried in airtight containers to prevent the carbonated acid from coming off, there are a lot of cases where the containers explode during the transportation, so it rarely arrives here. Looks like it worths one gold coin for one cup. The children hardened when they heard that story, but Arisa persuaded them, "If you don't drink it and let time pass, it will become a normal water, so go on and drink it."

The potato chips seem to go too well with the sweet carbonated water, the chip plate is emptied in the blink of an eye. Lulu told the children who're licking the potato chips powder on their fingers, "Let's make some more okay."

Later on, I came to understand that it was easy to extract the carbonated water with alchemy. It was fast since I remembered that some liquor like ale contained a minute amount of carbonated water. Of course the local alchemists knew about, but it seemed no one did it since there was no meaning in extracting the carbonated water from it.

It looks like it could become a new specialty product if I just can cheaply extract the carbonated water.
I dream of such a future while staring at the bursting bubbles in the glass.

It was one week later that I knew there's a place where carbonated water gushed out in the middle layer of the labyrinth.

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