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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-51

This is from Arisa's POV.

10-51. Floor Master (2)


We attack the Thunder Squid with my fire ball and Lulu's Javelin until Pochi's vision is restored.
It's not good. They're not going through, the squid has resisted them.

"Lulu, can you aim the bombardment at the squid's eyes?"
"Since Squid-san twists its body when it attacks, I might not be able to. I think I can hit it if it stops moving a bit more."
"'Pochi will do it nodesu!'"
"'Tama will dodo too~'"

The voices of energetic Pochi and Tama came in from the telephatic space magic, [Tactic Talk].
Eh? Pochi?

"Pochi, are your eyes alright?"
"'It's cured after I drank the potion nodesu!'"

No, normally that won't heal it you know?
Well, okay.

"Can you do it?"
"Leave it to me nanodesu!"

U~n, I'm afraid the Thunder Squid's will changes its target from the sand giant to Pochi and Tama. We can do something about it after the charm eyes are destroyed I guess.

Yosh, women must be brave!

"Then, please."
"Understood~" "Nanodesu!"

Pochi and Tama each takes a swoosh pose, and then put magic power into their magic short swords with all their might.

"Strawberry taste~?"
"This one is the special jerky taste nanodesu!"

The two drank the MP recovery potions they took from their pouches.
Ugeh, how could she drink a beef jerky-tasted potion.

After timing the Thunder Squid's electric discharges, Pochi and Tama begin their assaults. Pochi who's quickly approached with Flickering Movement pierces the Thunder Squid's eye with the huge blade produced on the Orichalcum's sword. The Thunder Squid closes its eyes from the pain.

"Not yet~, nanodesu!"

Ooh! She shoots Magic Edge Cannon while the sword is still stabbed, blowing the eye huh.... She uses quite a nasty technique even though she has a cute face.

"Whipswo~, un~, leash~"

Tama who's approaching from the opposite side stabs her whip sword that's been coated with Magic Edge. Next she shortens the whip sword and rides on the pulling force. I thought that it should be easy to slip out, but if I'm not mistaken, thorns can come out from the sword's tip. Tama is the same with the nastiness huh.
Tama who's drawing near thrusts the rotating blade Orichalcum sword with her other hand. To really use that joke weapon so well like that, the small girl is amazing.

Whoops, it's coming closer.

"You giant squid! Shine like a firefly squid if you think you're great, so I declare!"

Aah, if you provocate it like that.
The Thunder Squid's body surface glimmers and attacks Nana with a flash of light.


Lulu holds her breath beside me.
Multiple magic shields and magic walls are floating with Nana in the center, protecting her.
This is the second time I've seen this invoked, it has absurd defense power.

Liza enters the match when the enemy's health has been reduced by half.

"Pochi, Tama, let's do the combo."
"Aye aye~"
"Roger nanodesu!"

Ooh! It's a combo technique!

"First sword nanodesu! Magic Edge Rush (Vorpal Lance)!"

Pochi assaults with Flickering Movement while having her whole body shining bright red.
Aren't your assault nice, dog girl.

"Second sword~? Magic Edge Twin Fangs (Vanquish Fang)"

Tama produces huge fangs on both short swords on her hands. While revolving her body like a spinning top, Tama alternatively attacks with her swords, leaving bite-like wounds behind.

The Thunder Squid strikes with its tentacles out of desperation, but Tama splendidly evades it.
Enough with that acrobatic paper-thin difference evades! Leave that kind of thing to the masked assassin!

"Third arte. Magic Spear Dragon Expel Attack (Drag Buster)!"

Liza drives consecutive spear attacks on the Thunder Squid's back which has lost its defense membrane from Pochi's and Tama's attacks. In the end she revolves her body, and rides the force to do a single blow. That blow has penetrated the Thunder Fish's body's which has been shredded by the consecutive attacks.

Liza crunches the MP recovery potion she holds on her mouth and drinks it.
Her MP which was about to dry up recovers in an instant. Geez, the amount of recovery is the same as with a high grade potion.

"Over Arte. Magic Edge Explosion."

I saw many red lights flickering from inside the Thunder Squid.
Red edges which tear out the squid's rind from the inside appear here and there.

The squid's tentacles are approaching Liza from both sides.

"Are those arms, or are those legs, make it clear, so I condemn!"

Nana who has used body reinforcement magic cuts herself with inhumane speed between Liza and the tentacles.
She blocks one side of the tentacle with her great shield, while stopping the tentacle on the other side with a floating magic shield.

Everyone is amazing.

The Thunder Squid's health is below 40% now.

"Arisa, it's about time."

The sand giant that Mia manipulates crumbles after losing all its health.
There, I use [Labyrinth] magic to buy us some time. It can only keep it for 30 seconds at most, but it's enough isn't it.

I can smell honey drifting from Mia who's drinking an MP recovery potion beside me. It's honey taste for this child huh. Everyone's asked to change the potion according to their preference eh.

This time, the sand snake that's been created from the crumbled sand constricts the Thunder Squid.

"Lulu, start the preparation."
"Un, okay."

I prompts Lulu who has supported everyone with magic to start the preparation.

I also restrict the Thunder Squid's movement with space magic.
However, my aim isn't the Thunder Squid. It would resist if I directly aim on it wouldn't it.

I aim at the sand snake constricting the Thunder Squid. Stopping the sand snake indirectly restricts the Thunder Squid.
I take the MP recovery potion from the pouch and gulp it in one sitting. Bitter.

Its health should be under 30% if Lulu's accelerated bullet hit. Before it enters the Rage (Stampede) state, I will use the big magic [Space Annihilation (Disintegration)] while using all my unique skills and end it in one go.

Lulu sets up the smoothbore gun she has taken from her pouch.
I nodded to Lulu who asked with her eyes and gave her the GO sign.

"Finished aiming. Secure."
『Yes my lady, Dimension Pile stand by』

Support sounds from the smoothbore guns answers Lulu's order.
The invisible dimensional stake secures the heavy smoothbore gun in the air.

"Spread out the virtual barrel."
『OK, Virtual Barrel spread』

20 meter-long force gun barrel is expanded in front of the smoothbore gun.
Kuh, I'm burning up!

"Acceleration magic circle, limiter release."
『Aye aye ma'am, battery full charge』

The magic cylinders attached on the smoothbore gun are being filled with magic power in order to create magic circles.
Huh? It's usually enough with one, but aren't all the cylinders including the spare one used this time?

『Acceleration Over Drive』

Red magic circles are being deployed alongside the virtual barrel--wait, why so many!

Huh? Weren't there supposed to be only three magic circles?
Aren't there 100 of it coming out?

"Preparation complete! Arisa?"

Lulu who had finished the preparation asked for the timing. Of course it's a GO.
I order her to shoot while pointing at the Thunder Squid.


Lulu pulls the trigger with her small finger, and then the shell is fired.

BOMBOOM, Lulu's smoothbore gun is shot while leaving blue trails and earsplitting explosive sound.

Eh? It's a substance bullet right?
Why is it like laser?

Uwaah, there's a huge hole opened on the Thunder Squid's body with just that one attack.

The part around the big hole is gouged inward, you can see behind the Thunder Squid through it. Finally, the Thunder Squid is shredded into slices by the hardened sand snake.

Geh, isn't the labyrinth floor hollowed in straight line until the end wall!
Right then, I heard the voice of our carefree master.

"Mach 20 really is amazing isn't it."

Mach? By 20 that means exceeding the speed of sound by 20 times?!
Restrain yourself a bit more hey!

But I'm too shocked, I can only let out stupid words like au au from my mouth.

"No well, I heard that railgun was 20 mach, so that smoothbore gun is the result of me trying out whether it can be materialized with magic you see."

That explains why there's no rifling.

"Let's do the victory pose!"

Eh? It's over with just now?
Lies? My turn is.
I haven't used that unique skill yet.

My hands are pulled by Pochi and Tama toward the center of the hall where the treasure chest appears, and then we take the commemoration photograph in victory poses. We took the second one with our masters together.

Thus, we obtained the Mithril Plate.

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