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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 2

This is not from Satou's POV (Labyrinth City Sentry A's POV)

SS: Fortunate Children


I lightly poke the three lumps in the darkness of the back alley with a stick. Completely lightly.
Since two of them moved while replying with muffled voice, they're still alive. The problem is the last one.

I sent a glance to my pal if he could change with me, but he jerks his chin to urge me continue the work, doesn't seem like he'll help. Since I've debt for meals, can't be helped.

It's fine if you die, but please don't be decomposed already.
I lift up the brat's face with the stick.

The mouth moved slightly, but there's probably no hope for the brat.

"How 'bout it?"
"It lives."

My next patrol will be in 10 days, it would've been decomposed by that time. I'm not a demon, so I can't kill it here and now either. Maybe I should ask boss to send me to another group for three days.

"Let's get out, it's depressing here."
"You're right."

When I pulled the stick from the brat's chin and turned around, someone was there.
Its eyes are glittering from the dark.
Eyes full of vitality that're obviously different from the lifeless ones the brat just now has.

"What are you doing nodesu? Are you bullying small children nodesu?"
"N, no."

I unintentionally stuttered.
Weird, I banter with ruffians all the time just fine.

"We're the sentry corps of the viceroy."
"Sen-try? Police officers nanodesu! Amazing nodesu!"
"Yes, that's right. We're amazing."

Dunno what the heck is police officer, but I'll suitably reply to make her scram.
Even if this guy gives food to these brats, it'll probably only make them die faster.

"Are these children sick nanodesu?"

The one who came out of the dark is a dogkin little girl. Wearing such an expensive looking clothes although she's just a demi-human. She must be a slave of some perverted noble. Would love to let my daughter wear something like that even once.

"They're dying from hunger. They're probably going to survive if they're bought by a rich merchant or noble like you."
"Hunger is painful nodesu! Hungry is sad nodesu!"

The dogkin little girl who's suddenly appeared takes out some kind of flute from her bag and blows it with all her might. I unintentionally covered my ears, but there weren't any sound coming from it.

"Master! Pochi is here nanodesu!"

The dogkin little girl who's finished blowing the flute begins to call her master with loud voice.
Damn loud voice.

"It's terrible nanodesu! Please help nodesu!"

While putting her hands beside her face, she raises her voice to the limit.
Oy, oy, you're alright? Something wrong with this brat's head?

"Oy, let's go."
"You're right."

My co-worker's tilting his head like remembering something, but I don't want to get involved in trouble.

The gust of wind that suddenly blew scrambled the sand on the back alley.
Tsk, can't breath. It's gritty in my mouth.

"Pochi, what's wrong. Did these guys bully you?"
"I-it's not that nodesu! These people are police officers-san nanodesu. It's not that nodesu, come here quick nanodesu. Stomachs are empty, they're going to die nodesu!"

T, this guy, when the heck he appeared.

"Oy, where did you come--"

Looks like my co-worker hit me with a stick from behind. Can't speak from the excessive pain.

"I'm sorry Chevalier Pendragon-sama. My co-worker is being rude."
"No, please excuse me too."

There's no need to be that servile just because he's some noble young master right?
The noble-sama is led by the dog little girl's hand to the dying brats. After ascertaining that, I complain to my pal.

"What the hell man."
"That's my line. Don't you know who is he?"

Always making fun of me, fuhn, it's Pendragon right. Pendragon?
Can't be?

"Don't tell me, the master of the maid who defeated the lost thief king?"
"What kind of way to remember's that--well fine. That's the man. Incidentally, he's also the Marchioness's favorite, and competent enough to defeat a lower-class demon in some distant land. His maid was enough to deal with something like a lost thief king."

Fuh, I was close to lose my neck in more than one meaning.
<TLN: Can also mean get fired.>

"Chevalier-sama, what are you doing? Just in case, euthanasia is prohibited in the kingdom's law."
"You're mistaken. I'm only giving them nutritional magic potions."

Nutritional? Rather, magic potions? He's giving several silver coins worth of magic potion to these dying brats? You can live for half a year with that much! These nobles' hobby.... geez.

"They're moving nodesu!"
"Yeah, let's entrust them to Ms. Miteruna after this. I'm planning to take these children, is there any procedure for it?"

Toys for a perverted noble huh. It's pitiful, but still 100 times better than dying here.

"No, we're going to report it to our superior, so you can just take them now. If you prefer, would you like our help?"

Oy oy, pal-chan? What the hell're you saying?

"No, it's fine. Pochi, Tama, carry the two over there gently."
"Yes, nanodesu!"

Thankfully the noble-sama declined and I don't have to do annoying stuff.
What?! Since when did this catkin brat appear?

My co-worker claps my shoulder as if consoling me.
Dunno what you're doing, but it's pissing me, don't sympathize with me!

After that day, I never see dying brats in the back alley again. The old people who looked like they were going to die loitering around the park near the ivy mansion have also disappeared. I dunno whether someone collected the corpses, or the dying people decreased.

One thing I can say, I feel better that the job of collecting corpses has disappeared.

Half a month later, three unfamiliar little girls came to my station and gave their thanks.
I dunno any little girl with those nice clothings though?

My pal and me eat the cookings left by the little girls.
Yup, good food has no sin.

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