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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-5

11-5. Karina's Weapons


Satou's here. I like meat, not as much as the beastkin girls do though. Or rather, besides vegetarians, there should be not a lot of people who aren't fond of meat
This doesn't have anything to do with the above, but there was an illustration of a heroine's silhouette with only the word 'meat' written on it in a light novel I read long ago .
Meat are nice, aren't they.

"Fuh, I feel so refreshed."
"Please wait Karina-sama, I haven't tied the girdle."
"Karina-sama, don't move until after I dry your hairr~"

Lady Karina and her companions who had refreshed themselves on the bathroom in the main building after the long journey entered the room.
She does wear the same bathrobe that we usually use after bathing, but I didn't think that she would enter the living room just wearing that.

Lady Karina is wearing the knee-length robe so the area around her waist is covered, but the breast area is dangerous.
I feel like getting sucked into the deep valley.

Ah, the devil is whispering to my ears. I'm in the same mental state of Adam who was being tempted to reach his hand toward the [Fruit of Knowledge] by the snake--

"Guilty. ■■■■ Darkness"

--The joyous image was cut by Mia's spirit magic.

I won't ever forget the image just now.

"What? Magic?"
"That's right, you can't entice him with those cheat weapons."
"Karina-sama, the stimulus from those clothes is a bit too much, so I'm sorry, but please change into this one piece."

Bewildered Lady Karina was getting complaints from Mia and Arisa, and then Lulu followed up.

I cannot see them since they are on the other side of the darkness curtain made by Mia's magic.
Of course I could have seen it if I just used [Clairvoyance] magic, but that would be like peeping, so I restrained myself.

Mia canceled her magic, and then Lady Karina who had her breast area firmly guarded came back to the room.

It seems these girls didn't bring any change of clothes for their journey, they had only prepared the dress Lady Karina was wearing earlier for her.
I feel sorry if they have to change back to dirty clothes after taking a bath, so we've lent them Lulu's and Nana's clothes for today.

It seems to be a bit too tight, I wont' say where though. The clothes are screaming.

"Please bear with those clothes today, I'll call a tailor to make new clothes for you first thing tomorrow morning."
"I still have the dress I've got from before, so I don't need a new one desuwa."

Lady Karina curtly refuses my suggestion.

I don't know if it's because she has just got out of the bath or because of the bathrobe appearance from before, she's blushing in slightly cherry blossom color, it's a bit sexy.

"We have been invited by the viceroy's Madam to a tea party, you can't possibly attend with the same dress right?"
"I will be absent. I'd like you to convey my refusal desuwa."

That can't be accepted, so after some back-and-forth arguments, she agrees to have new armors and weapons to challenge the labyrinth.

And also one other thing.

"We will be departing to the Royal Capital for the Kingdom Conference in five days. A letter jointly signed by Consul Nina and Baron Muno has arrived, instructing me to take Karina-sama along."
"No desuwa!"
"The matter has been decided."

Lady Karina is throwing a tantrum like a child.

"Karina, selfish~?"
"Your right will be scolded if you don't do your duty properly nodesu!"

There come supports from Pochi and Tama, but the content of the persuasion is subtly strange.

"You can go back to the labyrinth city again once the Kingdom Conference is over right."
"But, won't they tell me to go back to the barondom then?"

I personally think that's fine, but returning home five days after arriving from a long journey seems bitter.

"I'll support you when that happens."
"You absolutely will desuwayo!"

I will support you.
I can't ascertain that you will absolutely go back to the Labyrinth City though.

"Meat-san, why are you meat nanodesu?"

Pochi is being melancholic while staring hard at the meat on a picture book.
Was she really that shocked with the meatless dinner earlier.

Even though I, Lulu, and even Mia accompanied Pochi by eating meatless vegetable-only dinner.
Tama's share wasn't without meat, but there were only half of the usual quantity, so she looked a bit painful.

"Pochi, tomorrow--"
"Do you mean! The meat ban is lifted tomorrow nanodesu?!"

Pochi hyper-reacted to my words and said such things, but she really has to introspect herself this time, so I won't be lenient.

"--there's no meat, but I'll make the curry that Pochi loves."
"Dejected~ nanodesu."

Pochi who had a short-lived elation helplessly crumbles on the cushion.
Her favorite curry didn't help to recover her huh.

I pick up the jerky that Tama tried to secretly give to Pochi with [Magic Hand].

"Tama's feeling is already quite enough nanodesu. Pochi the criminal has to receive her punishment nanodesu."

Pochi looks like she's acting somehow, looking at how she keeps glancing at me, it must be suggested by Arisa, so I ignore it.

After putting everyone to sleep, I move to the Ivy Mansion's underground workshop in order to make equipments for Lady Karina and her companions.
I wanted to investigate the lower layer of the labyrinth tonight, but I postponed it to tomorrow night since some unexpected jobs came up.

Leriril in her sleep-wear met me and then started to prepare the work bench, but since she was being unsteady and looking sleepy, I returned her to her bedroom.

Oh right, let's check Zena-san's condition in the labyrinth before I start working.

By relying on Zena-san's marker, I peek at her situation in the labyrinth using [Clairvoyance] magic.
Apparently, they're still in the Beetle Area since the dinner time.
I was worried whether they would go to the neighboring Mantis Area, but if they're in Beetle Area, they should be fine since the only dangerous monsters are the Labyrinth Beetle, and the Short Horn Beetle that are around level 20s.
The overflowing Labyrinth Crickets from the Gushing Hole would be dangerous for normal explorers, but since there are two people who can use area attack magic among them, they shouldn't be in any danger. Rather, it's tasty exp.

I begin to work on the equipments after feeling relieved.

First, for Lady Karina, swords are no good.
She couldn't control the blade part well that she was banned to use them by Sir Zotor in Muno Castle after she broke several swords.

Blunt weapons are probably better for her.

I thought of Knuckle Guards and Thorn Gauntlets, but since there are many enemies that are dangerous to fight in close combat in the labyrinth, I ought to make a long weapon.
I also thought of Flails, Maces, and Tonfas, but since she has superhuman strength from Raka, she'd probably better off with a Hammer or something along the line.

Pure Mithril Hammer is fast to swing, and has good power to match, but I can't imagine Lady Karina managing magic power well, so I'll make it from Mithril and Iron alloy.

I'll make one with a small hammer on its tip, and then change it into bigger hammer as her level increases.
I quickly make a casted hammer and then etch it with Baron Muno seal.

I lightly swing it to check the balance.
I made it by referencing the great hammer I had used at the Dwarf Hometown, so it has come out well in just one try. Samples are important really.

Her armor should be good enough with the Hard Newt leather armor, just like Arisa and the others' armor in public. I create the helmet and armor by matching her size which Arisa's measured.
Just in case, I make it so the breast area can be adjusted in three sizes. Since the size that Arisa's measured is different from what I've observed by one or two cup.

I've made Lady Karina's armor to be easy to move with, and also added Knuckle Guards for close combat after all.
I guess some normal pre-made one-handed swords and round shields are good enough for Erina and the other.

"Ah, the fukufuku smell makes me feel like I'm in heaven nodesu. "

Pochi and Tama look so happy as they put their nose toward the yakiniku's smell coming from the stalls, I think they're mistaking fukuiku (sweet smelling) with it though.
Even though they've just eaten curry for lunch, it's probably, "There's another stomach for meat."

"Master, reporting my arrival."
"Mornin', masta."
"Good morning, masta."

Nana who've come carrying Shiro and Crow put them down to the ground.
These two call me master, looks like they've been influenced by Nana.

"The pronunciation is different. It's 『Mastar』."
"That so? Mastar?"
"Is it Mastar? The pronunciation sounds different than Nana-sama's though..."

Shiro acts its age, but Crow speaks like an adult despite its 1st year primary grader age.
<TLN: Their gender is unknown according to the author.>

"Pochi, Tama. Let's go! Our battles are waiting desuwa!"

Lady Karina who's shouldering a Pole Hammer gazes at the west gate toward the labyrinth with an expression full of fighting spirit.

"Satou! Let me fight you once I get back okay? I'll let you check my body which will have rapidly grown in the labyrinth!"

Lady Karina who's laughing fearlessly speaks something slightly erotic.
The peanut gallery that only heard the half-end is buzzing.

It didn't seem to be a remark with innuendo as Lady Karina pulled Pochi and Tama with her hands toward the west gate triumphantly.

Now then, I had specially came to see them off since I had other business.
I've come to heed the guildmaster's summon, but that granny probably only wants to boast about some rare liquor she's gotten hold of, so I can't be careless.

"Young master."

I heard someone calling me in low voice from the alley next to the guild hall.
A suspiciously swaying slender hand invites from the shadow, and I move my legs toward the alley.

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