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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 6

This is not from Satou's POV (Pochi's POV)

SS: Hamburg Steak Fraud


"I'm home~?" "Nanodesu!"

Before entering the mansion, I washed my hands and feet with the water jug beside the entrance nodesu. Because Lulu would scold me if I didn't properly wash nodesu.

There's the delicious aroma of hamburg sensei in the mansion!
Huh? It's strange nodesuyo.

"It smells different nodesu."
"It's unusual for Lulu to change the menu by her mood isn't it."

When we go into the mansion, the head maid Miteruna meets us nodesu.
Lulu usually greets everyone with only her voice, "Welcome home everyone" from the kitchen, but she's quiet today nanodesu.

"Welcome home."
"I intend to report our return to Master."
"That is, Chevalier-sama hasn't returned from the dinner with Viscount-sama."

Master isn't here, it's lonely nodesu.
That Viscount person... nanodesu.

"The meal has been prepared, please come to the dining room. Aina and Kitona, take everyone's tools to their room."

Chasing after Miteruna, I entered the dinner room, and not even one dream was there nodesu.

"Hamburg-sensei is not here nodesu!"

I climb the chair and look around, it's really not here nodesu.
I got scolded by Liza, "That's bad manner." but I think that there's more important thing to note nodesuyo!

"Ah, Lulu-san isn't present, so the hamburg steak has been changed to black meat stew. I couldn't use the kitchen as I please since the chef was absent."

Such cruel words from Miteruna went through my ears nodesu.


While sharing the despair with Tama, I grimaced a little at the black meat stew I ate nodesu.

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