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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 9

This is not from Satou's POV (Arisa's POV)

SS: The Trick to Enjoy Food Carts


There are really too many things recommended by Liza.
Along the way, I took along the little girl maid who were on an errand and went on to capture sweets.

"It's not really that good isn't it."
"Really? Any one of them is delicious, I'm so happy."

The labyrinth bee honey pastry was slightly good, but ever since I ate the sweets made by that cheat Master, it felt lacking nowadays. This is a dangerous sign.

"Arisa-chan, that."

The little girl maid who walked beside me pulled my sleeve, and when I looked there, Pochi and Tama were together with other children flapping their mouth while looking at the meat skewer stalls near them.

What are they doing?

"Pochi, Tama, what are you two doing?"
"Arisa! It's a discovery nanodesu! If you sniff on the delicious smell from the stall, flap your mouth while matching a person eating meat skewer, it feels like you're eating one nodesu!"

Pochi stresses, exhausting her strength.

"Is it fun?"
"Of course~"
"It's very fun nodesu!"

I see~, it's fun huh~ but, let's speak without reading the mood.

"What is it nodesu?"
"You can just buy the meat skewers normally can't you?"

You guys got pocket money from Master too right?

"Ah" "Nanodesu!"

The two look at the money Pochi's taken out, and then tremble.

"Buying and eating~?"
"Biting at every cast nanodesu!"

No I don't understand what that means.

"How many~?"
"You got one gold coin right? You can buy 100 pieces of meat skewers with it."
"A hu, hundred nanodesu?! Can you eat that many nodesu?"
"You won't be able to eat Lulu's dinner if you eat too many, be careful okay."

Pochi and Tama cutely make the 'Shuta!' pose, get close to the meat skewer stall, and buy a large amount of frog meat skewers from the surprised stall old man. Looks like the warning earlier fell on deaf ears.
No no, those many skewers are impossible even for you guys right?

"Line up~"
"One skewer for each nanodesu!"

Ah, they're distributing the skewers to the children who were watching the stalls together with them huh.

The children who got the meat skewers unanimously say their thanks to Pochi and Tama. Looks like the two are embarrassed with it, they are unusually being bashful.

Surrounded by around 10 children, the two are eating the skewers with great relish.
The little girl maid has intruded among them too of course.
That girl sure is shrewd.

"Grills are really the strongest after all nanodesu!"
"It's really good."
"Un, it's not hard like black meat."

Ah, the oil from the skewers are falling to Pochi's and Tama's chest, stickying them.

I know now the reason why Lulu made them wear cheap common dress.
That girl is steadily becoming a wife~

"I'll give them to Arisa too nodesu."
"No, I'll reserve myself."
"Eat the reserve~?"

It's not that I'm reserving. My waist has been painful since awhile ago.

"I've been eating sweets just now, so I can't eat anymore."

Ahh, like a revolving lantern, it's flashing on my mind, that days of suffering!
I absolutely can't do that again. I can't!

"You really don't want it nodesu?"
"It's delicious~ see?"

Don't tempt me~
I pulled the little girl maid's hand, and escaped that place at full speed.

Because, I don't want, to diet again!

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