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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-1

11-1. Victory Celebration Party


Satou's here. Celebrations are pleasant to have, but I prefer to refrain from showy things such as a parade. Arisa and the others who like attentions are happy about it though....

"Celebrating the Floormaster subjugation, cheers!"

Today, I've lead people to have a toast several times already in the Ivy Mansion.

The plan is for us to return to the labyrinth city after three days.
It seems that there's never a case where people who've gone to subjugate a floormaster come back in the same day, so after considering the time to travel there and subjugate the floormaster, the schedule has become like such.
It has already been half a day since the victory celebration party started after we crushed the floormaster and teleported back to the Ivy Mansion though.

We teleported back to the Ivy Mansion after we had finished collecting the booty and the squid's body and tentacles that had relatively little damage.

I'm concerned about the situation above, but I should really straighten up the things with my companions first.
I called only Arisa to my private workshop in the Ivy Mansion.

I made up my mind, and told her the information about the reincarnated people and demon lords, unique skills, and god's fragments I've heard from [No Life King] Zen and the Dog-head Demon Lord, I also added my opinion regarding them.

"--that's about it."
"I was wondering what kind of secret it was...."

Since she had fallen silent with severe face, I hugged her, put her head on my chest, and was about to pat her, but she lightly replied, "Of course I knew about it", so my hand which was going to pat her head froze.

"I mean, god had explained about those things when I was being reincarnated."
"Can you tell me the detail?"

Since Arisa put her hands below her lips and said some half-asleep things, "I'll talk anything if you give me a sweet kiss", I made her talk with [Order].

"Uuh, you cheapskate."
"Okay okay, just talk."

Good grief, I don't understand how far is Arisa's action being serious.

"U~n, you see. I can't talk about everything I've heard you know? God forbid me to speak, or rather put a restriction about it."

Arisa began to talk with that preface.

There's not much new information.

--When someone gets reincarnated, they acquire the god's fragments, one fragment gives one unique skill.

I've already roughly guessed this.

--The soul of the human needs to have the aptitude in order to receive the god's fragment.

Most reincarnation candidates can't even accept one fragment and get their souls annihilated, someone that can accept two or more fragments seems to be a rarity.
According to Arisa, it seems that she could somehow feel about, "I can still go on", or, "It's already impossible", when she was receiving the fragments.

--The reincarnated people who have acquired the god's fragment won't necessarily become a demon lord themselves.

Rather, it seems them becoming a demon lord is something that's quite rare. Although there are cases where a single-fragment holder became a demon lord, most are the one who has three or more fragments.
....That means, more than Arisa who has two fragments, isn't it more dangerous for me who have four?

--The usage number of the unique skill is the limiter of soul.

You can exceed the number of uses, but the soul which exceeds the unique skill usage limit will become unable to hold the god's fragment.
And then, at the time the soul can't hold it anymore, the soul, which is the vessel, will be either broken or annihilated, and transformed into a demon lord.

The, "Fall into despair and become a demon lord" that the Dog-head Demon Lord was going about probably referred to how reincarnated people who've fallen in despair exceed the unique skill usage limit and transform into a demon lord.

Lastly, I inquire her information about the god.

"So, what's the name of the god who reincarnated Arisa?"
"That you see~, the god only told me 『God』 so I lightly consented, 『I see~, it's the god~』. Like in stories about reincarnation, there's no one who asks the name of the god right?"
"Did you see how the god looked like?"
"The god met me as a soul without a body, so I don't know. I don't know whether the god was a man or a woman, an old man or an infant, handsome or uncouth, I didn't even know if the god had human-like appearance."

She heard some unfamiliar word such as god reincarnation, but she ignored it since she somehow understood it.
In conclusion, the god's identity seems to be unknown.

I can guess god's identity to a certain extent, but since it's not good to arbitrarily decide upon it, I put aside the conclusion.
Since the other party is a god, there's a possibility that I may have been misled.

Before all that, I don't even know if it was really the god.
A devil or a third party pretending to be a god is a cliché in tales after all.

I feel chills down the spine when I heard that Arisa was going to exceed her limit to fight the Dog-head Demon Lord when we met him.
I make her taste eight pickled plums so she reflects on it. Of course the underlying cause was because of myself who was hiding my true level, so it might be a good time to tell her about it soon.

I could just tell it to Arisa, but I decided to also tell Liza who tends to worry like her.
Since other members don't seem to mind about my capability in battles, I'm considering whether to tell them about it after I see these two people's reaction.

"Three hundreds and eleven?"
"As expected of Master."

'Poka~n', Arisa's mouth falls like there's a sound effect, looks like she can't continue talking, her mouth is still open.
Liza speaks words of admiration like she's proud about it while being surprised, she nods marvelously.
Liza grinning like this might be quite rare.

The difference in these two's reaction must depend on whether they have the actual feeling about the abnormality of the news.
Especially Liza, since she has been focused in fighting higher leveled enemies with the boost and her equipments, she must no have the actual feeling of needing more experience points as her level increases. From her viewpoint, she must recognize level 311 as only, "Something that can be reached someday if you just work hard."

I'm thinking of telling it to other members if they ask me to tell them.
I instructed the two to keep the information about my level an absolute secret.

Now then, the thing regarding my companions is enough with this, next let's care about the mansion like the employees and such.

Before calling Arisa, I had checked the situation in the residence and the city with [Clairvoyance], it seemed to have become quite a big uproar.

Ms. Miteruna at the mansion, Porina at the worker row house, and the two Beautiful Wings at the orphanage and the training school each struggled hard to keep the order at their respective place.
Thanks to them, looks like people who tend to feel anxious aren't panicking. The infants were grandly crying, but I expect the older children around to comfort them.

The city is the one in big uproar instead.
People are flooding to the viceroy's mansion, Explorer Guild and the Labyrinth Army's garrison, and are making uproars big enough it could cause riots.

At the Explorer Guild, the guildmaster shot fireballs to the sky and declared, "The demon lord will come if you don't be quiet!" which did stop the uproar from getting bigger, but she got scolded by an elf girl and the secretary-san beside her.

On that subject, Ms. Sebelkea the elf is a beautiful little girl that looks calm, although I've never met her directly. When I heard about her heroic tale from the guildmaster during our drinking bout, I imagined that she was unimaginably cute.
The guildmaster probably exaggerated.

Since we couldn't possibly join the uproar, and more importantly, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the party like this, I conveyed, "The demon lord has been defeated by the hero" to Ms. Sebelkea via Aze-san. It took a bit of time to reach her since it had to go through the high elf of her clan.

Nevertheless, it seems to have been properly conveyed, the labyrinth city that was on the verge of riots has now returned to its festive mood.

Akindo the self-proclaimed, "merchant acquainted with Satou", presents a feast to the orphanage and the training school as a congratulatory gift for the, [Demon Lord's Fall].
Of course, the real identity of Akindo is me myself in disguise.
Ah, how complicated.

Just in case, I notified the hero about the Demon Lord's extinction with the transceiver I had received from him before.
Of course as Nanashi, not Satou.

Since the hero seemed to be in the middle of investigating a labyrinth in the weaselkin empire, the one that got in contact with me was a woman with monotonous voice called Nono.
Since she had immediately departed the labyrinth city Selbira to tell the hero in our place, I didn't directly meet her.
She must be a kyonyuu since she's a hero's companion. I wanted to meet her once.

"Hfey, are you dringing?"
"I'm drinking."

The drunken Arisa leaned herself on my collar to entwine my body.
Since Tama and Mia continue to have their furious fight on my lap, she seemed to have given up that side and came from behind.

I've especially permitted them to drink liquor since today is the celebration for the floormaster subjugation.

"That's riight~ andthen violatte this unripe body~"
"Okay okay, I'll gladly accept in 10 years okay."

While tearing Arisa, who's holding my face and going to steal my lips, off me, I vaguely answer her.

"Aren't Tama unfair? I think she's unfair. I mean, not allowing monopoly while monopolizing herself, that's baad isn't iit? That's why, shouldn't you hand it over to me once in a while? Hand it overr."
"Nyu~? Here is Tama's place. Because, it's relieving~?"

Mia having a long talk is rare, but Tama having it is even rarer.
She said monopoly and all, but Mia often sat on my lap herself when Tama wasn't present.

"Liza! This silver meat is really too strong nanodesu!"
"This is quite splendid! Pochi, listen to me okay? First spread magic power on your teeth. However, be careful not to pour too much or your teeth will feel pain."
"Aye nanodesu! Magic Teeth nanodesu!"

As a joke, I've prepared the hard part of the whale that even Lulu's kitchen knife can't cut by cutting it with a holy sword, making it look like sashimis as decorations, not as food, but....
Apparently, it has plucked Liza's and Pochi's heartstrings somehow.

"Kunyunyu, I can't chew it nodesu."
"This chewiness is something I've never encountered before. The taste resembles whale but my stomach won't be able to digest it if I don't chew it properly."
"This meat person is too strong nanodesu!"

Liza and Pochi are probably drunk.
They hold the sandal-sized piece of meat that glitters palely and bite it with all their might, but it seems they can't chew it.
It's amazing they can even leave tooth marks on it.

I'll prescribe them some digestive medicine later so they won't upset their stomach.

"Master, an obstacle in my magic power circulation has emerged. Please the maintenance!"
"Wait, Nana-san, you can't! Don't take off your clothesss~!"

Lulu who's holding a sheet intercepted the drunken Nana who was in the middle of taking off her clothes.
Lulu's action has become too fast ever since her level increased, I feel that the Lucky Lewd Rate has fallen.

The masters and people who've acted as a padding for party are also enjoying themselves with the liquor and the dishes in the party hall.

The drunken masters were grumbling about how they wanted to try new techniques, so I brought them to a hunting ground in the upper layer.
Apparently they've been fired up from our girls' battle.

Even while drunk, they let me see various secret techniques up close, and then I brought them back to the party while they were looking pleased, but for some reason, Mia and Arisa branded me guilty.

I guess it was bad for Ms. Poltomea to be upper half-nude after all?
It's quite upsetting since there's no way I'll crave a girl of around middle-schooler age.

Putting that side, the party continued until morning, we drank the night away by stuffing ourselves with many valuable things like the Dragon Spring liquor and the Dwarf Slayer.

Having more people in a party really is the merrier.

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