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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 3

SS: Daily Life of Explorers [Ant Wing Silver Sword]


"Sup~, is the boss here?"
"Sumina! You're still alive."

The weapon shop proprietress celebrates my safe return while crying. To be frank, I didn't think that she'd remember someone poor like me. Even though I've known them for 10 years, I'm not a good customers in the least. I've only bought six weapons during these 10 years. Like when I bought my first spear, I didn't have enough money so I had to make up for it by working as the forge lookout for half a month. I didn't know how to maintain my weapons so I regularly came here, they probably remembered me due to that.

"Oh, just when I'm wondering who, it's the snapping turtle little girl."
"I can't be called little girl anymore with my age you know. I'm already at an age said to be a woman who's missed her chance to marry."

I corrected the boss who came out from the back while saying some rude nickname. It's sinked on me that I'm already 27, so I know I've missed my chance. Wonder if Kuro-sama would make me his mistress.

"What's happened today? You're not here to only report something grievous like your safe return right?"

The boss is rude like always, but he's right on the mark.

"Hehehe, boss knows everything don't you."
"I don't know no everything."

Don't look bashful you 50 years old man.

"About it, I want you to teach me how to maintain this sword."

I pull out the sword on my waist and show it to the boss. This is the magic sword I've got from Kuro-sama, the [Ant Wing Silver Sword]. It's a transparent silver sword that can become scary sharp when I fill it with magic power. Even compared to the black iron sword I've got from the boss back then, it's many times sharper. I mean, It can even easily cut the shell of that excessively hard ant.

"Oy, Sumina. Where'd you get this sword."

The boss is staring at the silver sword with face so serious it's scary.

"What's wrong?"
"Just answer it."

Wonder why, his voice is more tense than when he's working. Not like I was trying to hide it, so I answered honestly, "I got it from Kuro-sama."

"Did that guy make this sword?"
"I don't know who made it."
"That so."
"Didn't the boss make one before?"
"The sword I made was the Ant Wing Silver Sword, but it wasn't the Ant Wing Silver Sword."

The boss said some doubtful question and answer-like thing.
He's not gone senile yet right?

"The color wasn't as this beautiful as this silver was it?"
"That's right. Ant Wing Silver Sword is expensive, but the way to make it is well-known. There are 10 stores that can make it even in this labyrinth city alone. It's something that's relatively wide-spread for a magic sword."


"However they are all gray swords. None is like this beautiful silver."
"Temperature control is the most important thing for Ant Wing Silver Sword making. If the temperature slips even for several degrees during the sword dipping in the liquid medicine until it's adhered, it'll turn black and useless. It's been told that a long long time ago, the silver sword made by the Sage-sama who taught the way to make this magic sword was of the transparent silver color. Maybe this is something left behind by the Sage-sama?"

Elderly people's talk is really long.

"It's not? I mean, the sword was brand new when I got it you know? Let alone chip, there wasn't even a scratch on it."

There's a slight scratch now though. The labyrinth ant's hard see.

"Is that so.... Sumina, do you mind selling this sword? I'll pay you 100 gold coins. I'll even let you use the mantis great sword I've made."

Geh? 100 gold coins? Furthermore, wasn't that greatsword the boss's masterpiece which he boasted he wouldn't sell no matter how much.

"Sorry boss. That sword is something I got from my respected benefactor. I won't yield even if it's boss's request."

I won't be able to face Kuro-sama if I sell this sword.

"Kuh, can't be helped if that's the story. However, absolutely come to this shop when you need to repair this sword. I'll repair it carefully with my own hands. Of course it's free."

Oh, amazing.

"Thanks boss. But I'll be needing to maintain it after fighting in the labyrinth, so would you teach me the minimum care?"
"Ya bet. I'll strictly teach you til' morning. Don't think you can sleep tonight."

I took the Ant Wing Silver Sword from the boss who was holding it like a treasure, and went to the store's back. It really wasn't until morning that the boss approved my way of maintaining the sword.

I'll become an explorer that won't disgrace this silver sword I've got from Kuro-sama.
I don't plan to aim at such a foolish target like Mithril, but at least Red Iron Plate, enough that Kuro-sama won't regret giving me the silver sword--I want to become such an explorer.

I vow so to my dear sword glittering from the morning sun.
As if answering my thought, the silver sword glitters brightly for an instant.

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