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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 6 Intermission 3

Intermission: Muno Castle's Servant


"Then there is no objection, we will change to this clothes that Arisa-dono has proposed starting this spring."

After the head maid said so, the 20 maids inside the room cheered in joy at once.
But, that can't be helped I think. It's a brilliantly cute clothes that can't be compared to the dark grey plain work clothes that we have worn until now.

"Umm, head maid."

When I look at the person who's asking, not only me, everyone's faces stiffen.
It's Meeda who's always saying unneeded things at bad times.

"Is there a budget to arrange such expensive looking clothes for everyone's share? If there's an extra budget, then I'd be happier with bonus."

I'd like money too, but there's no way that bonus would come out.
After the head maid glares at Meeda with eyes like ices, she replies seriously.

"There is no extra budget."

What'd you say?!

"Chevalier Satou-sama will bear the expense for the production of one set of maid uniforms including the matching aprons for everyone."

Uhya, if it's for the shares of 20 people, I wonder how many gold coins it'd be?
I've had a guess after seeing Pochi-chan and the other's hairs and equipments, but he's really rich huh. What does he see in this kind of poor noble's place that he'd serve under it?

I guess he's really aiming for Karina-sama's knockers?
Get destroyed you big-breasts lovers.

"What's today's dinner I wonder~."
"Haa, I'm hungry~."

My coworker, Talna, and me enter the dining room. Since the work in the morning got dragged on, our lunches were also delayed.
Usually our meals consist of only boiled potatoes and salted soup, but it can't be helped that we're looking forward to it for the past week.
Pochi-chan and the others said, "Prey nano desu~.", and went on to hunt birds and other beasts. They put professional hunters to shame, but are all demi-humans this amazing?

"Oh, Talna, Erina. You've come at just the right time."

The master of the kitchen, Gelt-obasan, called us.
Oh?! If she's here that would mean that!

"Don't tell me, chevalier-sama is using the kitchen?"
"That's right, looks like he's doing trial and error to make a dish called Karaage or something."

Talna's and my eyes meet, savoring in joy.
It's unbearable if we get driven out of the dining room if we make noise here.

"Hey hey, Gelt-san."
"I know, wait a bit more."

So even Gelt-san is also looking forward to it.
When the door opens, chevalier-sama's slave girl is carrying a plate with small dark brown lumps on it. What's this girl's name again? Was it Lili. Her face is a shame, but she's a good girl with no strange behavior.

"Thanks to Gelt-san's advice, it has come out well. Umm, although there are some from chevalier's trial mixed in, if you'd like."
"Yeah, those starving maids over there will take care of it, no problem."
"Yup, yup, if it's chevalier-sama's dish, I'd eat it no matter how much~"
"Yep, yep, I'm envious with you girls who could eat it anytime."

I stab the karaage with a fork and carry it in front of my mouth. It's a bit bold of me since it's the first time I've seen this kind of dish, but if it's chevalier's dish, it must be delicious without doubt.
I put it in my mouth and bite it. Hot. But, it's delicious. It's different than grilled or steamed meat. What's this I wonder, I think the inside is chicken meat, but I'm not sure what's the crispy thing outside. But, it's delicious.

When I'm thinking of eating one more and put the fork on the plate, there's already nothing remaining.

"Erina, you sure can eat well."
"Mou, Erina, I want to eat a bit more too."

Oops, I thought of eating just one more, but I had already finished half of the plate myself.
Lili is giggling. That laughter must be because she's thinking that my way of eating is similar to another person. I've thought so.

"That's why the shortcut to increase the earning is by gathering population!"
"Even if you say that, what should we do about food supply."
"We're back to our talk earlier for that. Let's readjust the land on this uselessly wide city, and put farms inside it like Seryuu city. According to master's survey, it should be possible to make fields on 70% of the city."

I'm putting tea and tea-cake sweets on a place that doesn't disturb lady Arisa and consul Nina who are engaging in heated discussion.
Still, this girl really doesn't look like a 10 years old.
To talk politics in equal term with Nina-sama, she's surely a genius. Even Nina-sama and Baron-sama call her with [Dono] honorific even though she's chevalier's slave. On top of that, it seems that the prototype for the new maid uniform is made by her, amazing person is amazing in anything. God is unfair.

"How long does that man intend to sleep? Arisa-dono, aren't you working your master too much?"
"No way, we sleep together even today."

Dangerous, I almost made a sound when I put down the cup.
What? That person is sleeping together with this child. To think that his range isn't limited to the beautiful blond wife with big breasts, but also to this small girl. That's unexpected.

"Erina, you're backing away. Talna, don't hold back."

Today, we're training together with new recruits inside the city. Talna and me were originally soldiers, but they were searching for people who could stand up against thieves from the baron's army, so we changed jobs to become maid and guards for the ladies.
I wonder if it's because of that that I don't really feel sad to hear that baron army is almost annihilated. If I didn't change job, I would had become zombie and ended up flattened on the sole of the giants.

"Tou! nano desu."
"Nyu~ naive~?"

In a slightly separate place, Pochi-chan and Tama-chan are having a match with wooden swords.
Pochi-chan's charging speed is amazing, but Tama-chan who could avoid it is also amazing. If it's 1-on-1 Sir Zotor is stronger indeed, but if it's 2-on-1, they'd likely win. Even though they're so cute, as expected of beastkin.

Well, these two are still far.

"Well then, here I go."
"Yosh, come at me anytime."

The scale tribe woman thrusts her spear together with red glow while screaming full of fighting spirit. Sir Zotor wards it off with his shield and the spear slips away.
The scalekin woman seemingly has read that and attacks with the other end of the spear aiming at Sir Zotor's arm, but it's repelled with his sword.
The level of these two's fight is too different I can't make it into reference. Or rather, why are they using magic weapons during training?

"I've found you! I'll have you fight me today!"

Ah, again.
The way Karina-ojousama expresses her love is really childish.
Chevalier-sama who is cheering for Pochi-chan and the others suffers from the challenge to battle.

Well, those breasts that sway as they pleases are really popular among male soldiers.... Mou, please just fall off.

Karina-sama's movement is different than from the past, it's already not in the realm of human. It looks like it's the effect of an amazing magic tool called artifact or something.

But then, the chevalier who's always able to avoid those attacks, isn't he actually quite amazing?

While being healed from the sound of reed flute from somewhere, I am doing the laundry. I don't know who's playing, but it's a nice melody.

Together with the melody, nice sweet smells arrives.
Kuh, please stop the smell since I'm starving.

When I turned around, there's an elf girl who's holding a reed flute on one hand. She's one of chevalier-sama's mistress if I'm not mistaken. Even though that person looks harmless, he's keeping seven wives and mistress for himself.

Something smells good, it seems that it's drifting from the bread-like thing that this girl is holding on her other hand.


I wipe it while panicking after the elf girl points it out.
I'm sorry~ it's a really delicious smell after all.

While saying "Nn.", the elf girl presents me a thin bread. I don't know what you're saying with those few words. I wonder if all elves are this taciturn?
If she didn't continue with "Mouthful", I wouldn't have understood what she was saying until the end.

I bite the corner of the bread while being careful not to open my mouth too wide.


What's this. It's too delicious. Although the karaage back then were also delicious. I don't understand how should I express this. It's soft and sweet, ah, I'd like to know more vocabularies. It seems that it's called a crepe.

"Thank you, it's very delicious. It was chevalier-sama who made it right?"

I see, so it's really that person.
Should I seriously try to marry into the rich household? I'm fine with being the eighth.

"Erina, are you free now?"
"Yup, I only have to fold these laundries."
"Then put that aside for now, please get the carriage out."
"Un, it's fine. Which official is going out?"
"It seems that chevalier-sama has some businesses in the city."

Ooh, this is a favor from heaven!

"Leave it to me, I'll have the carriage ready at the entrance quick."
"Please do."

I was naive.

He's going to be with his wife when he's going out alright. Satou-sama is not alone, he's together with Nana-sama, the wife.
Unfortunately, the plan to marry into the rich doesn't seem to be able to be realized soon.

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