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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-30

6-30. The Girls' Battles (3)



"Oy oy, dividing the forest like that, what the heck are they."
"I know. Oy, you guys, follow the ladies before the forest closes."

My subordinates answer with good spirit to my words.
I've heard rumor before that says elves are able to freely make paths on forests. I thought that it was just some stupid drunken talks, but looked like it was true. This is just right, I'll make use of it to slip through that crowd.

Still, what's happening to baron Muno's territory? Looking at the appearance of those crowds, there's no mistake that they're people from Muno city.

Do hordes of monsters attack from the forest?
If it's that then they should have barricaded themselves inside the city, what actually happen anyway.

By the order of the duke, I've thought that this would be an easy job of just meeting his nephew couple, but feels like this has become an unthinkable military outing.



Path springs out of the forest~?

It looks like secret art of fairy, I'll ask Mia to teach me next time.

I'll be taking lots of prey freely~♪

When I stand on the horse to dance, "It's dangerous, sit down.", I've got scolded by Liza.

Could Liza see from her back~?


Ahead, at the opposite side of the forest, I could see dark people behind the people who are running away on the highway?

Ah, an old woman fell.

A dark monkey-like thing bares its fang, bullying the old woman.

Don't bully the old woman.

I throw a stone from atop the horse.

Aah, the dark person's head disappeared.

Will master scold me?

Green blood are coming out of the dark person, looks like it's a monster.



"Mia, to the highway."
"I understand."

Mia connects the path to the highway.
I want to quickly go to master's place, but I wouldn't want to show my face in front of master after abandoning people of the same race as master.
Master even gave mercy to thieves. He probably would not abandon innocent people.

I put magic power into the magic spear. After master reforges it, it feels like an extension of my arm. It feels as if my nerve is connected until the tip, I could wield it freely.

"With me holding this spear, I won't let you through."

A small fry which has passed through with its fast leg is already being dealt with by Tama. I'll leave that side to her.

The enemies are swarm of zombies.

"Mia, bow and arrow don't work on these things. Please support me with magic."

The magic spear slays the zombie which are swarming in group like it's mowing them. Normally, this is not how you should use spear, but thanks to the effect of magic blade that manifests when the magic spear is put with magic power as in accordance to what master has taught me, I could cut them as if they're dead trees.

If it was a normal spear, this careless handling would had broken it a long time ago.

"We're helping ya, scalekin nee-san."

Looks like the cavalries who have been following us from behind are going to participate in the battle.
It's fine as long as they don't get in the way....

<TLN: Sorry, I've mistranslated the part where 'arm is raised', it should've been Karina who does it, not the giant, she's going to hit the giant instead of the other way around. Really sorry about this.:(>

My fist was stopped before it hit Ishizuchi-san.

"Raka-san, why are you stopping me?"
"Karina-dono, it's an attack from the demon's magic. Come back to your sense."

When the magic tools of Raka-san shine blue, the hatred inside me disappears as if being washed away.
Besides me, it seems that young wood giants and sir Zotor are affected by the magic.

The giants who are affected by the magic are pinned down by other giants.
Sir Zotor is violently raging while being held upside down by his feet.

I'm a bit disappointed.

"Ishizuchi-dono, hit to the front left."

Ishizuchi-san hits a tree nearby hard.

It was surprising.

Several dark people who have bat wings emerged from the place that should had been empty. Later when I ask Raka-san, it's not that the demons become invisible, but they disguise themselves as trees. It seems that it's called mimicry. They're like insects desuno.

"Kuhahaha, young lady, some unthinkable reinforcements you"

In the middle of the demon's talk, BAM, accompanying that sounds, the demon is sent flying to outside the forest.
Giants are short tempered. A female giant beside Ishizuchi-san hits and sends all the dark demons flying using an enormous club. It's as if the woodcutter beskyuu that comes out in the folklore.

Most of the dark demons have become dark rubbish after the attack, but one of them recovers and stands still in the air.

"That's the real body, Ishizuchi-dono, let's go!"

However, the situation advances even before Ishizuchi-san moves.
Many little light that come out of nowhere are surrounding and bustling around the demon. It looks very beautiful, although my impression may be out of place.

"Ridiculous, it's impossible."
"Raka-san, what is going on?"
"That's a tactical level magic that belongs to advanced grade of magic art. Karina-dono, is there an exceptional magician working under the baron?"
"No, there's only one person who can use intermediate level magic, but there is no one who can use advanced level."

From the opposite side of the glittering light, a blue light dazzle for an instant. And then it immediately disappears to the horizon while drawing blue trace of light.

And then, the demon which should have been inside the glittering light is lost.

"Did it escape?"
"That's not it."

Raka-san answers with a voice that sounds as if it's squeezed out.

"Is it not?"
"The demon has been destroyed. No, it was destroyed from the attack of the holy sword just then. Ridiculous, unbelievable."

Holy sword?
Is the sword of that impostor really a holy sword after all?
No, that can't be possible. Or maybe, the real hero has rushed here?

"Maybe it was the real hero?"
"I do not know, but the problem is not about that, Karina-dono. The attack from the holy sword earlier wasn't normal. That was a forbidden technique of making magic tools ran wild by supplying it with excessive magic power in order to increase its attack power. It's unthinkable to make holy swords disposable. Just who in the world is it."
<TLN: Also known as broken phantasm in nasuverse :p>

I am bothered by the thing about holy sword that Raka-san has said, but more than that, it's about the hero-sama. There are two holy swords in this country, but there's only one hero in the entire world. I think it's important to know if the one who has used the holy sword is the hero or not. I wonder what kind of person it is?

"Can't Raka-san see it?"
"It's too far so the power to see through can't reach it, but it seems to be a person wearing a silver helmet. Moreover, he has a golden sword, that's probably a holy sword."

That impostor didn't wear something like silver helmet. Furthermore, the sword that he had shown was letting off blue light that didn't have the feeling of mystic. It was vague at that time so I got deceived, but that sword can't be the twisting Gjallarhorn. If it's about holy sword, I could easily talk for three days straight you know?

"Raka-san, let's find out his true identity!"
"Wait, Karina-dono. First, we have to eliminate zombies that have overflowed the city's outer perimeter."
『Don't mind it, we have no more duty after the demon is destroyed. You can leave the disposal of the zombies to us and the knight.』

I take advantage of Ishizuchi-san's favor and let him take me down on the outer wall of the city.

However, was there a holy sword with golden blade?


"Oy, that scalekin's spear is the real deal, the heck is that?"
"It's amazing eh, it's used like an axe even though it's a spear. Moreover, looks like that light is from the magic blade."
"Uhhya~, just like the duke's imperial guard huh."
"Not just that, look at the horse of that little one. What is that? The little one is throwing stones that always hit its target while standing on the saddle, and the horse moves on its own to near the zombies and kick them."
"Isn't that normal for a war horse?"
"There's no way that fatty a war horse right? That's Gontsu species usually used for cart you know?"
"Oy, this isn't the time to be careless, something really dangerous has appeared from the interior."

My subordinates are properly defeating the zombies even though they're bantering, but we should brace ourselves since a dangerous enemy seems to have appeared.
If I remember right, that should be a hydra. Since it looks like a zombie, it'd be good if it could not use breath.

"Donovan, breath might come out, please use Air Shield if that happen."
"Understood, though I'm just saying that it'd be just a temporary measure against breath."
"I don't mind, better than nothing."


Mou!Just how many are they? Even though Liza and the cavalries should have defeated around 100 of them, they're still coming. It's really coming.

"■■■ ■ ■■ ■■■ Water Screen"

Dangerous. Really dangerous.
Behind the zombies, a snake with lots of neck was breathing fire. Surprising, I was really surprised.

But, but, I had wonderfully prevented it with water screen. Prevent you know. It'd break if I defended against it straight, so I had just warded it for a bit. I came up with it when I saw Pochi and Tama warded off Liza's spear. I had just put it into practical use you know?


The fire breath from hydra destroyed Donovan's Air Shield like it was crumpling paper, but a water screen casted from somewhere and formed in the interior repelled it.

"Oy, oy, yer' losing to that child over there."
"That one's an elf you know? She has lived several times ours even though she looks like that, she's a proper lady even though she's small."
"You don't mind even if you lose huh?"

Even while they were bantering, they kicked the pseudo-goblin zombies which was attacking from below.
Even that girl's magic won't be usable indefinitely. It gradually declines every time it receives the attack. There's no choice but to use Donovan's Air Hammer to secure the gap before the Hydra.

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