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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-31

6-31. The Girls' Battles (4)



There's no end to this.

I probably have defeated dozens of zombies already. Even though I could defeat many with just a swing of my spear, their number is beyond expectation.

We've reached the place where I can see the city's gate after some struggling, but there are still more than 100 zombies infesting the area until the gate. It's easy to deal with goblins or thieves zombies, but it's a hard fight against bear or other monsters zombies that sometimes get mixed in.

On top of that, there's even such thing!

The multi-headed snakes that appears from behind the zombies, it's most likely not just big. It spits out fireball as if a dragon.
Thanks to Mia's magic, we're narrowly saved, but it's probably not something that could be defended for many times. I have no choice but to make the first move and take care of it quickly. For that to happen, I have to cut the distance to the multi-headed snake.

"Mia, the road!"

Mia should understand that. Mia uses the magic that she has used to push aside the soldiers earlier to push the zombies away and make a path among the zombies.

I load every ounce of the small magic power I have into the magic spear--


I could hear noises from the direction of Muno city.

I wonder if Liza-san and the others are alright?

We've gathered 100 pebbles just a bit ago. No, it's nearly 200. Everyone seems to have been really eager for the risotto.
Right now I'm learning cuisines of this region from the housewives who have helped me. I will surprise master later.

"Was it okay to have offered so much food for us?"
"There is no problem."

When I was tasting the finished food, the tall and thin village chief came. Nana-san is supporting me. I'm really still not good with other guys beside master.

"Chief! It's terrible, refuges are rushing here from Muno city."
"What'd you say!"
"For now they've stopped in front of the village, but there are more than 100 people."

It seems that Arisa's worry has become real.
What should I do.


The scalekin nee-san begins her assault followed by red afterglow.
What great courage.

"Oy, let's widen the path the elf lady has opened."
"Vice-captain, go assist nee-san."

At any rate, that's the magic that we have got struck by, but I have no idea that you could use water magic like that. Some secret arts of elves huh.

"Donovan, there might be other hydra around, search for it with magic."
"Yes, captain."

Hopefully, it's just an unfounded fear.


I pierced the body of the multi-headed snake with an attack that used my whole body accompanied with roars.
I had the spiral spear attack that master had demonstrated to me once in mind while performing the attack, but as expected, I couldn't do it overnight.
Even so, looks like I've succeeded in neutralizing one of the multi-headed snake's head.

However, I cannot be discouraged.
My magic power has been depleted, my forged body body is the only thing remaining.



When I see a chance, I deliver a heavy blow.

I was dubious since the attack from the snake was few, but before I knew it, a soldier wielding two sword was handling two of the snake's heads.

Some rotten goblins jumps out from under the flank of the multi-headed snake, but stones that flies from behind hit their heads, crushing it. Seems that Tama is also covering me firmly.

The two-swords soldier is quite skillful for a human.
Of course, he's still far away compared to master, but he wields those swords like he's dancing.

"Liza, here."

Mia who gets down from the horse passes me a bottle of potion. I still have no use for health recovery potion though?

"Magic power recovery."

I see.
I gulp down the bottle, and swallow the slightly sweet liquid. Is this how it feels when you recover your magic power. It feels a bit different from when you recover your health.

With my magic spear, I parry the multi-headed snake that has attacked after seeing the chance. One of my arm feels slightly hot sensation.

Looks like Mia casts balloon magic from my side. Green mist bursts out from below of the multi-headed snake's abdomen, toppling it down. It seemed that she made use of the multi-headed snake's blood that was on the ground.

Magic blade--wrapping the magic spear with red light.

While shouting with spirit, I drive the magic spear to the weak spot of the multi-headed snake that Mia has exposed, its stomach.

That big body wriggles for several times, and then it stops moving. This powerful enemy was not defeated with my power alone. Friends' power are great aren't they.


As expected of Liza nano. Liza is great right.

She could defeat such big multi-headed snake.
It's alright even without Satou. It's alright.

Yes, I was thinking such thing.

But reality is terrible. It's terrible!

Three similar snakes have appeared from the other side! What should we do? What should we really do. It was that hard just to beat one of them!


"Although vice-captain did great too, that nee-san defeated the hydra hey."
"Let's work hard until we reach the gate."
"But those swarms of zombies are continuing until the opposite side of the outer wall."
"Good grief, just where are they coming from."
"It can't be that No Life King has been revived right."

However, the room for our mundane chattering is over.

"Captain, three of them are coming from the interior."

I grimace at Donovan's report. Why does my bad hunch have to be proven right like this?
Three hydras come out from the interior.

"I, when this job is over, I will marry Pina-chan from the kitchen."

The fool is already escaping from reality.
There's no choice but to retreat here. Since Donovan is already tired of firing Air Hammer, we have to retreat in one stretch.


Those are impossible indeed.
Even though I could have reached to where master is in just a bit more....

I have force myself here as to not let Mia and Tama get injured.

I'm worried whether the human soldier earlier has escaped far enough, but we have no choice but to withdraw here. However, I wonder if we could get away safely with such enemies?

Let's preserve magic power for now.
The red light on the magic spear that I've stopped supplying with magic power grows dim. As if reflecting my weakness, I feel unpleasant.


I'm covering the last line of defense together with the horses.

It's another fire-spitting snake. This time there are three~?

If I'm not mistaken, it's said that if they're turned into kabayaki, it's delicious. What's kaba I wonder?
<TLN: See kemm's excellent explanation in the comment section.>

Haah, my stomach is hungry~.

The light from Liza's spear has disappeared, Mia is breathing roughly.


But, it's okay.

Toward the snakes that were going to spit fire to Liza and the others, lot, and lots of transparent arrows are descending.


Whenever Tama and the others are in danger, master will always protect us nyan.

I want to eat meat quick~♪


"Am I dreaming?"
"Maybe it's support from baron's army."
"Stupid, one could fire at most three magic arrows right? Just how many dozens of people would be needed for that kind of number."

Moreover, the arrows aim toward the zombies that are going to disturb the spearworks of nee-san, and this happens not only once. I think that it's probably a companion of nee-san, but just spare me from misfire okay?

Good grief, I've had enough of absurdity today.

"Please look at that, giants are on the other side of the outer wall."

Heads of giants could be seen on the other side of the city's wall, it looks like they're not destroying the wall, but attacking something on the suburbs. I'm not sure about it, but they're most likely defeating the zombies on the other side.

I've heard that baron Muno is a carefree happy-go-lucky person, but is he employing even the giants? Impossible, story where giants helping humans only happen in heroic tales.

I'll say this again, I've had enough of absurdity already.

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