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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 6 Intermission 5

Intermission: Satou's House Name


"House name is it?"

I was called to Nina-san's office to have me decide the house name for myself as I had been granted honorary knight.

"Isn't honorary noble title only applied for one generation? Is house name necessary?"
"Yes, it's certainly only for one generation, but there are surprising amount of honorary noble house which continue to produce more honorary nobles successively."
"Even though honorary nobles are only limited for one generation, most of them are wealthier than fallen nobles or poor nobles. They could pay for education of their children, and depending on the territory, one could buy titles with money."

Arisa who always hang around Nina-san's room during the day joins the conversation between her documents work.

"It is like that. If it continues for 10 generations, then your house would be bestowed normal chevalier or baronet title."

That's long.

"It's impossible to decide immediately right? We'll do it in 2-3 days, so decide carefully during that time."
"I recommend Tachibana."

If I'm not mistaken, the family name of Arisa past life is Tachibana.

"I'll refrain from that."
"Right, I believe there's already a chevalier called Tachibana. Please check if a name is usable for your house name or not on Yuyurina the civil official. She's more knowledgeable about it than me since she's studied them in royal capital."
"I understand, if I get the candidates to some extents, I'll check on her."

I've talked to Yuyurina-san several times before, she's a calm and taciturn official with brown braided hair. I was vigilant since she was flat, but fortunately the flag wasn't raised.

Since I catch the sight of lady Karina walking on the corridor toward here, I say my farewell to Nina-san and proceed to leave the room.

"Satou-dono, I understand that you're running away from lady Karina, but you're still a noble even at the furthest end. Stop going out from the balcony."
"I'm sorry, Nina-sama. Please overlook it."

I jump off the balcony of Nina-san's office located on the third floor.
In exchange, I hear the voice of Nina-san getting angry at lady Karina who has just gotten there. She came in without knocking again huh. What an obstinate person.

Well then, house name huh. The proper one would be Suzuki, and I would also change my name to Ichirou Suzuki. However, that would be the same as declaring myself as a Japanese, and it's probably safer to not do that.

If I'm to take one from my titles, if it's god slayer, then how about [Kamisaki], or [Kanzaki]?

Satou Kanzaki

It's not bad, but it'll be hard to answer Arisa if she asks about the origin of the name.
Then, from dragon slayer, let's try to take [Ryu] word, or Dragon if it's in western style shall we?

Satou Ryu
Satou Ryuzaki
Satou Dragon
Satou Dragonslayer
Satou Slayer

Not quite there.
I've thought of using hero's name from games, but since there are people who would understand where the inspiration comes from, like Arisa or that Saga empire's hero, it's difficult.

How about using holy swords' names?

Satou Excalibur
Satou Caliburn
Satou Durandal
Satou Longinus

Something's not right.
What about the name from Japanese katana.

Satou Kotetsu
Satou Muramasa
Satou Kikuichimonji

They don't sounds right. Or rather it feels like combining modern world with period drama... those are rejected.

Hah, maybe Satou Satou is good enough~

Not good, I've hit the roadblock.
If this continues, I'll come up with a weird name. I'll go and consult this with other people to change the mood.

"Turtles are delicious nodesu!"
<TLN: House name=kamei, turtles=kame.>

I asked Pochi and Tama since they were the closest from where I was, but they didn't even understand the meaning of [House Name].
The two are sitting beside lady Soruna while eating rice crackers shaped like bones. Recently, beside the time when they're training, they're always getting snacks from either lady Soruna in the baron living room, or the maid-san in the waiting room. You'll get fat you know?

"House name is it? Alright then, it's fine to use Donan name if you marry Karina."

Lady Soruna said so mischievously. Looks like that name is the one baron-san has used before succeeding Muno name.

Satou Donan.

It's not bad, but if it comes with lady Karina, I'll pass.
If she gets a bit calmer, I feel like she could become a friend, but right now she's an acquaintance at best. Of course, I won't say something impossible like her becoming ladylike.

"I will refrain since that sounds dreadful."
"Oh my, Karina's future is rocky huh."

I get out of the room while the lady is giggling.

"I recommend Nagasaki. It was the name of my previous master."
"How about Kishreshgalza? It is the name of my family, there shouldn't be anyone who call themselves so."

Those are remarks from Nana, Liza and Mia in turns.

Satou Nagasaki.
Satou Kishreshgalza.
Satou Bornean.

Or rather, Liza, and Mia, aren't those your family names?

"What are you guys talking about?"

Lulu who has just come back to the room greets. Her eyes are shining when she hears about the decision of my house name.

"Oh my! House name is it! How about Kubooku?"

I believe Kubooku is the name of Arisa's and Lulu's kingdom.

"As expected, it'll be bad if I use Kubooku. It'll look like I'm picking a fight with the country that has invaded Kubooku."
"Then.... Ah, no, it's nothing."

Lulu who seemed to have thought of something  stopped halfway. When I urge her to tell me, the name [Watari] comes out.

"It was the family name of my grandmother. She was from far away country, but the country where I was born forbade anyone besides nobles to have family name, so it wasn't used by anyone."

Satou Watari.

That sounds like Satori.
When I tell Lulu that I'll put it to candidate list, the other three are booing, so I also put the names from the three to the list. Liza wasn't saying any complaint, but I could feel it from her atmosphere.

"How about asking Yuyurina-dono? She should know many kinds extinct house names y'know?"

I asked knight Zotor and retainer Hauto, and although there weren't any good name that came out, I was told about a person that I could rely instead.

I check on the map and head toward where lady Yuyurina is.
She's in the dining room.

"Haus? Hausnemisit?"
"I'm sorry to disturb you during your meal."
"That's right chevalier-sama. In the first place, servant's dining room isn't somewhere you should often step your foot into."

I called out Yuyurina-san who had stuffed her mouth full like a hamster, but I was immediately scolded by the head-maid who was nearby.
Head-maid-san said that if a noble came close to servants' area, they would get nervous and wouldn't be able to get works done. I don't understand nobles. If it's a company, won't the executives use staff canteen?


Haah, someone's troublesome has come. I've thought that she would come a bit later, but it seems she's taken a shortcut. I had noticed her, but I wasn't able to run away since I was being lectured by head-maid-san.

"Now! Let's have a match like usual desuwa! I'll get a hit on you today!"

Lady Karina takes a stance while declaring so.
She's getting pretty good in this one week. Maybe due to the grappling experience with me, she's acquired [Fighting] skill level 1.

Of course, we haven't ever actually fight during all this time.

"Karina-sama! Please consider the place!"

Head-maid-san thundered off. Lady Karina, you should have been more aware of your surrounding. She's a relative of Toruma (Ossan) in that regard.

In the end, I'm not able to use names from extinct nobles from what I've heard from Yuyurina-san. It looks like I need permission from Crest Parliament on the Royal Capital to use them.

"So, have you decided?"
"I've not found a good one."
"Well, it is something that will follow you for the rest of your life. One can't decide on it so fast huh."

I haven't decided on the house name after the promised three days. There are Yuyurina-san who has come to deliver some documents to Arisa, and somehow, lady Karina in Nina-san's room.

"What~? You're puzzling over house name? Then, I have a good one in mind."
"What kind of name is it?"
"Hmm~ what-should-I-do-I-wonder."

Lady Karina is being pretentious. Annoying.

"Nina-san, I'm sorry, but please wait for some days more."
"It can't be helped huh."
"Then, if you haven't decided after two more days, it's Tachibana, alright."

Arisa, you really want to make my family name Tachibana huh?

"Wait~ please don't ignore me?"
"I'm sorry, I've forgotten."

She's not easily discouraged huh.

"How about Pendragon? It's the name of hero-sama. Orion Pendragon-sama."
"Isn't that a fictional character?"
"That's right. He's the hero from the story I love. It's a heroic story about a hero who went on a journey riding on a dragon, surpassed seven trials of the gods, and finally beat the demon lord."

The story of king Arthur mixed with Greek myth.

"He's riding a dragon is he."
"Yes, and it's not a Wyvern, but a Welsh dragon."

I think the father of king Arthur is Pendragon. Was he a hero who had slain a dragon?
It may be unexpectedly good. I have Excalibur anyway, I might even change my name to Arthur, like Arthur Pendragon.

Afterwards, I was really troubled with the house name matter for two days straight.

"Then, let's begin. ■■ Name Order. 『Satou Pendragon』."

>[Name Order Skill Acquired]

I got a new name and name order skill from Yuyurina-san.

After that, I confirm on the Yamato Stone, and a new ID is prepared for me. Unlike the one for commoner, it's a silver plate with the letters engraved. I'm told that I need to have it casted with fixture magic in duke's territory later.

This time, I had changed the value on companion column before I touched Yamato Stone.

I increased my level and skills as to make it looked like I could support from behind, even if a bit unreliably and moved a bit fast. I've consulted Arisa about this on the day before.

"Fufufu, Karina Pendragon doesn't sound so bad."

I've heard dangerous remark, but let's ignore it.

"Arisa Pendragon sounds like Arthur, but the nuance is good."

Arisa is grinning, making her mouth looks like a wave.

"Ehehehe~ it'd be nice if I get to be called Lulu Pendragon someday."

Lulu, even you huh.
Of course, Lulu were only speaking to herself. If I didn't have [Straining Ears] skill I wouldn't hear it.

"Pochi Pendragon nanodesu."
"Tama Pendragon~?"

Pochi and Tama are congratulating while running around me.

"Mwuu, Bornean."
"Master, you're splendid."
"Master. Master Pendragon. Which one should I use to call you?"

Mia doesn't seem like she's given up yet. Beside her, Liza is saying something like a guardian would.
I answer, "Just master is fine.", to Nana's question.

"Then, chevalier Satou Pendragon, please take care of me from now on."
"Yes, viscount Nina Rottol."

Nina-san offers her hand, and we shake hands. This is the first time I know that there's a custom for handshakes in this world.
While gripping my hand, Nina-san gives me further homework.

"Next, you have to decide on your crest before you depart."

It's crest this time huh...

On the following day, I take lessons for socializing with high-class people from the baron and butlers, and heraldry from Yuyurina-san.
It goes without saying that I've gotten [Social] and [Heraldry] skills during those times.

Name: Satou Pendragon
Tribe: Human
Level: 30
Affiliation: Territory of Baron Muno of Shiga Kingdom
Occupation: None
Rank: Chevalier
Title: None
[Magic Art]
Reward and Punishment:
[Medal of Sapphire of Baron Muno Territory]
[First Rank of Baron Muno Army]
[Medal of Honor of Muno Citizens]

I've set these parameters on my companion column.
They're abnormally higher than the one on the ID from Seryuu city, but since I have not shown it when I go inside Muno city, it's probably fine.

I make it level 30; being higher than average so I won't be make light of and yet not so high as to be feared.
Since I've been seen doing blacksmithing and woodworking in the wagon, I've added them so it wouldn't look strange.
I've also added cooking since the servants have seen me made various things.
Social and Heraldry are noble-like, so I've added them.

The two medals from baron territory seem to be justified for saving the territory. Seems that either of the medals are only given for someone who has done outstanding things.
The last medal is given to me by the influential people from the city.

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