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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 6-33

6-33. End of Turmoil


Satou's here. There's a saying that, "There is no younger brother who surpasses his older brother.", but a "Younger sister who surpasses her older sister." does exist you know.

Well, now that the demon has been dealt with, let's meet up with Liza and the others.
Lulu and Nana are remaining in the village, so they're probably fine. Both of their HP haven't decreased, and also Nana's MP and Lulu's stamina are at no-problem level.

"Now then, Arisa, Pochi, let's get out of here."
"Yes, nano desu."

What's wrong Arisa, you look awfully tired.

"Are you tired?"
"Yeah, I really am."
"I'll piggyback you nodesu~."

It looks like she's not pleased with the instant-kill of the demon with the holy bolt earlier. I should have not taken Arisa's turn to shine after all.
Since Pochi seems to want to carry Arisa on her back, I leave it to her. When Pochi is running down the the stairs, Arisa shouts, "N, No, I'd rather master to carry me instead~". Looks like she's unexpectedly energetic.
Before I knew it, she had started to call me, "Master" again, instead of "you". Since I don't particularly care, I let her call me whatever she likes, but that Arisa obstinately calls me "Master" only when she's exhausted.

I lift off the silver mask costume that I've forgotten to.
Of course, I also clean-up the wooden holy sword and the remains of holy-bolt creation without leaving any trace.

>[Evidence Destruction Skill Acquired]

It's a skill reeks of crime, but after I activate it, I perfectly clean-up the traces once again.

I feel like I could do perfect crimes now.

When I'm joining with Pochi and Arisa who are in front of the deserted mansion, I notice that the second daughter of the baron is coming here quickly.

Even though the destruction of evidences takes time, she has just been at the wall, she's really fast. She likely have used magic.

The lady appears from behind the tall hedges.


"You people there, where are hero-sama desuno?"
"Hero-sama had gone with baron-sama to the castle's stronghold."
"It's not that imitation. I'm talking about hero-sama with the golden sword desuwa."


"The hero-sama I know is only that one. I don't think there's anyone else inside the mansion?"
"Karina-dono, this girl seems to have said the truth. Let us go upstairs."
"Where's that voice coming from nodesu? I can't see the jii-chan nodesu."
"Don't tell me, it's an intelligence item?"
<TLN: Jii-chan means gramp, with chan.>


Yes, those are somethings that only exist in 2 dimension (Fiction).

"I understand, young ladies, thank you for the information desuwa."

Demonic breasts (Manyuu)--an existence that has surpassed explosive breasts (Bakunyuu)--Supported by silver locket-shaped ornament, they're hanging, the girl with proportion that looks like a joke runs up the stairs.

"What happen, you've hardened like a stone since awhile ago."

Thanks to Poker Face skill, my glances weren't exposed.
It was too kyonyuu, I had stopped thinking. Even in my wildest dream, I didn't think that there was an existence that surpassed that girl's big sister.

It'd be hard to oppose if such human approaches you.
In a sense, she's more dangerous than the demon.

"I'm sorry, I was surprised to see an Intelligence Item for the first time."
"You're lying. You were probably ●REC-ing that manga-like kyonyuu right?"

Looks like Arisa could see through my lame excuse.
Oh right, rather than that.

"Arisa, can you create figure of my cosplay earlier with your magic?"
"I could do it if it's just an image seen from eyes."

I see, an image huh.

"Then, create the illusion on the window of the mansion's top floor and have him jump around like a flea toward the castle wall, to the urban area."
"Like that, it'd be out of the range of my magic--Is it really necessary?"
"You don't want the kyonyuu beauty from earlier to follow us along right?"

Her appearance is totally in my strike zone, but I feel like the personality is the type I'm not good with.

"Okay. I want to avoid that with all my power."

Violet magic circle appears on Arisa's surrounding. It's Arisa's unique skill, [Over Boost].
I've made sure that there's no one in the vicinity already, even though there's no one in sight on around 2 meters away from the hedge, it may be a bit careless of her to use it outside in the middle of the day.

The illusion of silver mask appears on the mansion's balcony, and casually jumps out from the window. While carrying the golden sword on its shoulder, it's jumping around like pyon-pyon, in straight posture, and then disappears in the city.
The movements were a bit disgusting, but it seemed that the people in the stronghold had properly noticed it, it was a good performance.

Slightly after the illusion goes to the city, the lady shows her face on the balcony.
I've thought that she would come out a bit faster, but the inertia of those breasts are probably really great indoor making her unable to run with all her might. I've hoped that she would witness it when the illusion is out of the see-through skill range, but since there are other witnesses around, there's probably no problem.

Arisa who is exhausted after using Over Boost tries to coerce me to drink her stamina potion mouth-to-mouth, but I pinch her nose and thrust the potion bottle on her mouth.

Now then, before I meet up with Liza, there's one final work that I have to do.

With Remote Arrows, I crush the zombies who are coming out of the passage that the companions of fake hero have used and litter the road with corpses. And of course I also close the entrance near the castle by bending the iron bars near it and tie them to it.

Even though the fake hero's companions are badly hurt, it seems that there's no one who dies, they're moving toward the territory's border using the side road.

For some reason, knight Eral--It's the guy who's tried to stab Hayuna-san--is also moving behind them. When did that guy escape. His health and stamina are in critical condition too, but this type of guy is usually hard to die, so he probably would live.

Looks like the giants and knight called Zotor are blockading the front gate. Liza and the others are taking care of the zombies inside the city while heading toward the castle gate.
Since the zombies who have invaded the city are consisted of thieves and goblins, they're weak on the whole. I've not fired any support shoot since awhile ago since the opponents are too weak for Liza and the others.

There aren't only soldiers on the top of the castle gate, but also several servant-like people, they are shouting something to the people outside.

Liza and the others are going to arrive soon. The three's levels have been raised. As expected, they would after that many battles. Pochi has become the lowest leveled one among the beastkin girls. Next time, I guess I'll take Pochi to a monster hunting date at midnight.

I lead Arisa and Pochi to climb up the tower beside the castle gate. There's a door that goes toward the castle gate halfway through the tower.
I wonder what is this smell spreading inside the tower. It really stinks. Pochi put both her hands on her nose as if it's really painful. It's quite a cute gesture.

"Ugeh, what's this kendo's guard-like smell."

We get out of the dark tower to the top of castle gate. The light is dazzling.

"Oh! she's defeated the last one."
"Yer' amazing, demi-human knight-san."
"Now, people who've bet on the scalekin knight-san for defeating the last one! Receive your share."

Air of delight is dominating the top of the castle gate.
It seems that Liza has just defeated the last zombie. They're about 300 meters away from the castle gate.

"Liza! Tama! Mia!"

I call the three of them while waving my hand.
Liza who noticed me lead the other two to come here while riding the horses. About 10 Oyugock knights are following them from behind.
What's with the subordinates-like movement.

"Are they subordinates of magician-sama?"

The one who ask is wearing soldier-like clothing, but it's actually one of the maid that I've met on the mansion. Since she had rolled up her hair and wears a helm, I did not noticed.
When I affirm it, she says, "I'll make arrangement immediately", and conveys something to an important-looking man. It seems that he's one of the few survivors of the regular soldiers.

With his instruction, one of the door for horse riders is opened, and Liza and the others go inside the castle.


Someone jumps from the unsaddled horse, it's Mia. I catch her and holds her sideway. She's as light as ever.


Beside us, Pochi and Tama firmly hug each other. Since the two of them were always together, they might had been lonely.

However, Liza is still cautious even after she gets inside the castle. She's moving her line of sight vigilantly.

"Thank you for your hard work too Liza, there's no enemy inside the castle, it's alright."

After I assert so, she finally removes her vigilance, and dismounts.
However, her tension is still high. She's probably tense since this is inside the baron's castle.

"You don't have to worry, baron-sama and his peers are open-hearted good people. Pochi was loved too."
"I've received baked sweets nodesu~."

Pochi takes out baked sweets from her pocket and shares it to Tama and Mia. Come to think of it, she was fed on something when she was sitting on the daughter's lap.

"Master, it is most reassuring that you're safe."
"Un, I'm glad that Liza is safe too."

Since there's a small wound on Liza's arm, I heal it with the magic that I've just learned today. Fumu, it uses 10 MP for such small wound huh, looks like potions are more efficient.

Liza is apologizing for leaving her position and coming to the city that has resulted in exposing Tama and Mia to dangers.
It seemed that her action was because she was anxious that I would be imprisoned by the noble. Looks like she's worried about me, with different reason than Arisa.

I'm thankful for the worry, but tonight, I will tell Liza that it's just an imaginary fear.

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