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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-4

7-4. At the Hometown of the Dwarves (3)


Satou's here. The sake is only after you've turned 20! It was the favorite phrase of my father when my middle school self accompanied him drinking after dinner. That phrase might have been unexpectedly important.

The next morning, the sword is completed.
I've struck enough to see it on my dream.
The dwarf's secret medicine was used when the mithril was being heated up in the furnace. Since one of the ingredient is magic core powder, it might be for dwarf-style magic weapon. Looks like the system is different than magic weapon made with magic liquid.

"We finished without changing shift huh. If you're want to seriously train, come here anytime. Someone like you will surpass me immediately."

Bang, elder Dohar slams my back.
Guho. It's about as painful as Wagahai-kun's tail attack. If you don't mind the one on the receiving one, they could die you know?

"You're quite good for a human!"
"Agreed, aren't you actually a beardless dwarf?"
"I didn't think that anyone other than Dohar-shi could swing that great hammer until morning existed."
"You're very welcome anytime here."

Uun, I've just swung the great hammer until morning as instructed by elder Dohar, but it seems I've been approved by the dwarf blacksmiths. I'm happy and all, but the beardless thing is none of their business. It should grow in 5-6 years. ...Probably.

Elder Dohar has gone somewhere while carrying the completed sword, and the other dwarves go to get breakfast.
I wake up Jojori-san who's sleeping on the corner of the room and am also going to get breakfast together with her.

After the breakfast, I was called to a hall near the basement. It seems that this place blows through two layers, it's four meter high until the ceiling.

"Try swinging it."

I receive the presented sword. Apparently, elder Dohar has added ornaments that also acts as an anti-slip on the sword.
The type of the completed sword is of double-edged bastard sword. It's only about 70-80% as heavy as swords made from iron. When I pick it on my hand, it feels a bit light. I think if sword is too light, it wouldn't be as powerful though...

When I take a stance, it feels firmer than the sword I've made before. I wonder if the balance is good?
I could swing better with this.

I swing it lightly.
It feels nice.

I try to swing faster this time.
I could feel air resistance if it's a cheap sword, but, I don't feel one with this sword, just like with holy swords. Yup, it's a nice sword.

"Now, put in your magic power and try it."

Elder Dohar who has been watching me swinging sword gives me an additional order.
Since Magic Edge is quite a rare skill, I guess it's fine to just put magic power normally?

I put about 10 MP.
Ooh, it accepts magic power easily just like Liza's spear. As expected of a sword created by the dwarf master craftsman. It might also because of the ability of mithril.

Ripple-like green patterns appears on the surface of the sword. Seems that it's a characteristic of weapons made from mithril. When I put more magic power, it begins to leak out red light like Liza's magic spear.

It'd be bad if it break if I put too much magic power, so I stop at 50 MP.
Mysteriously, the sword gets heavier as it accepts magic power. At the first 10 MP, I've thought that it's just my imagination, but now it's obviously heavier. We haven't drawn magic circuit during the sword's creation, I wonder if this is a characteristic of mithril?
I've had doubt whether the great hammer could be smaller if it's made from mithril instead, but later I'm told that the magic power from mithril-made hammer could adversely affect the mithril of the weapon that's currently being made.

"Umu, you have good skill. Let's have a bout for a bit."

Elder Dohar says so while taking a battle-axe and readies himself. My crisis perception kicks in as soon as I see the battle-axe.
No wait, that's a cursed weapon right? I could see a nasty red aura on it you know?

>[Ghost Vision Skill Acquired]

Uwah, don't need it. I don't want to learn it at all now.
Although I've seen real undead several times already, putting aside monsters, please spare me the evil spirit kind.
Horror is a no no.

In the end, I'm made to exchange blows with elder Dohar until he's satisfied while my thought is in another place like that.

Still, Dwarves are tough indeed. After pulling an all-nighter doing blacksmith, he's fighting for half an hour on top of it. Moreover, even though elder Dohar shouldn't have eaten breakfast yet, he's still energetic.

Even though I'm devoting myself to avoid his attacks as much as possible, he succeeds in seeing through it and grazes me several times. Even though I'm faster than him, I'm gradually running out of place to run to, just like a chess game, it's a curious experience. As expected of a veteran of many battles. Having a lot of real combat experience is amazing after all.

Dohar-san hands his battle-axe to his disciple, Zajir-san, and walks toward me. He's not running out of breath even after moving that much, as expected.

"Show me the sword."

I give the sword to Dohar-san, and then after checking the blade for any chips, he swings it to confirm something.

"Nice arm. There's no chips, and the sword isn't distorted too."

Is he praising himself? I've thought that, but it seems that he's praising my sword skill instead.
I've tried to move as much as not to have my high skill level known, but he might've seen through it.

"You must've been training on sword since you're small. I don't intend to pry, but you don't look your age. One couldn't be that skillful before having at least 10 to 20 years of experience."

My age certainly doesn't match my appearance.

After elder Dohar stares at the sword he holds with both hands in silence, he begins to chant as if determined in something.

"Umu, ■■ Name Order. 『Fairy Sword Trazayuya』."

That was dangerous, I almost let it slipped on my face. Poker Face is a really useful skill.
Is it fine to give that boorish straight sword, a name like 'fairy sword'? Mithril is also called fairy silver, so maybe he takes it from there.

"Is Dohar-sama familiar with Trazayuya-shi?"
"Umu, yer' know it too huh. It's an old story, but I've served the Sage-sama for a long time. This is the best sword I've made in my life, I've named it after the late Sage-sama just now."

It's not like he's shedding tears, but elder Dohar closes his eyes and falls silent.
After opening his eyes, he sticks out the sword to me in silence, and having taken by the momentum, I receive it.

"It's a sword formed by yer' cooperation. With your skill, that sword would probably consent too. Use it well."

Wait a minute, the market price shows [--]. The stronger magic swords also have [--] market price, so this one is about equal huh. This should be worth several hundreds gold coins, or maybe even more than a thousand.... As expected of the work of the master among dwarves.

After I receive it, Dohar-san lets out an awfully good smile and shouts.

"Today is a good day! We're drinking it off! Bring out all the barrels!"

And then, the drinking banquet happen just like that.

The place remains as the one where I've had a bout with elder Dohar for half an hour.
There, the dwarven women are bringing large quantities of grilled slices of meat, dried nuts and fruits, and fish variants that are good to have with liquor.
Not losing to them, the dwarven men are bringing out large amount of liquor barrels. Half of it are ales, and the other half are distilled liquor it seems.

Jojori-san pours me drink while I'm sitting beside elder Dohar. The strong drink poured into the silver cup is a transparent liquor with faint reddish tinge, and seems to be quite strong when I tasted it on the edge of my mouth. In turn, it tastes quite nice, so it's easy to drink. It tastes like the Awamori that I've drunk in Okinawa long ago.

"Guhahahaha, you sure can drink."
"Drinking it raw straight even though you're young, this guy has a promising future."
"The human that look like master swordsman from before magnificently choked on it."

The dwarves from the blacksmith room earlier are gathered around elder Dohar. Unlike when they're blacksmithing, everyone is a good-natured person.

Unfortunately, I don't know if it's because of my status or level, I can't get drunk. After I drink, I feel like getting drunk for a bit, but then I sober up very quickly. It's hard to become so even after I discard the effect from poison resistance.

>[Alcohol Resistance Skill Acquired]

I don't want to activate this skill.

Liza and the others are invited to the banquet too.
Since it's been a day, at first I want to spoil Pochi and Tama, but it's only until we get to the table on the corner of the room filled with smoked and grilled meat from unusual monsters.
Nana and Mia are drinking fruit water on my sides. Mia is biting variety of nuts while leaning on me. She looks cute like a small animal. Lulu is unusually eating meat around lead by Arisa.

The dwarven craftsmen's conversation begin to liven up. Although, since the topics are about blacksmith or mines, I mainly take the listener's role. It seems that they employ gnome magicians to deal with cave-in or gases, but when they're not accompanied by one, they use scrolls. It's expensive, but it's nothing compared to their lives they say.
That kind of scrolls aren't sold on the magic shop above the ground, but on the magic shop at the entrance to the dwarf mine district. I'm taught the place to buy earth and wind magic. If they're selling it, I will definitely buy it.

I had considered not to let Liza and the others drink, but since the dwarven old men insisted on letting them drank since it looked fun, I couldn't stop it.

"Ehehehe~ Satou. Fufuh~n Sa-Tou. Ahaha~, Satou♪"

Lulu is fully acting like a spoiled child, probably because she's taken off her sober face.
She looks like a merry drinker. When I take the cup from Lulu, she hugs me and begins to cuddle.

"Sniff, a person like me, it's alright to protect the membrane forever. I'll end alone in this world too."

Arisa is a downer, or rather, a maudlin drinker. I keep in mind as to not let Arisa drinks liquor.

『Kusukusu, it's fun, this is fun. Now Satou, go drink more. Ufufu, there are three of you, it's wonderful.』

Who the heck are you.

The always taciturn Mia talks furiously in elf language. It's a bit surprising.
It's fine that she's spinning around while looking so happy, but her skirt is going loose so I should stop her soon.

"Nihehe~ mas tar sa ara roresu."

Pochi's tongue isn't functioning well.
Tama curls up on my lap as if slipping and starts sleeping. When Pochi looks at it, she also gets on it.
Ah, she's already sleeping.

"Master, the condition of my logic circuit is unusual. This water has poison possibly, possibly, possibly?"

Dang, even Nana drank huh. She has become able to eat a bit of food since a week ago. I make Nana who's become like a broken record to drink a magic potion effective for hangover and put her to sleep.

Liza who has been drinking quietly beside me sleeps in sitting position.

I won't let these girls drink next time.
While I'm having such determination, the drinking festival continues late into the night.

>Title [Blacksmith of the Fairy Sword] Acquired.
>Title [Hard Drinker] Acquired
>Title [Heavy Drinker] Acquired
>Title [Heavyweight Drinker] Acquired
>Title [Friends of Dwarves] Acquired

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