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You can show your appreciation by donating to this site, however much would help toward keeping the pace of the translations. :)

Donation Drive:
1. Each $20 collected will guarantee one average-sized (around 5K-6K characters) chapter release within 24 hours after the amount is fulfilled.
2. However I can only guarantee at most one chapter a day.
3. Thus, any surplus will go to guarantee the release for the next day and so on.
4. I will release double chapter the day after if by any chance I can't fulfill rule #1 on that particular day
5. If I can't fulfill rule #4 then there will be an extra guaranteed chapter which will be released the day after the pledged chapter (basically, a 'free' pledged chapter).

This will not in any way, defer me from translating normally. I will release chapter whenever I can regardless of donations. So if you can't donate, don't worry. :)

Thank you very much for your support!

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