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You can show your appreciation by donating to this site, however much would help toward keeping the pace of the translations. :)

Since we have caught up to the latest raw of Death March chapter, donation drive for Death March can only be effective at the time the latest raw chapter is released.

Donation Drive:
1. Each $20 collected will guarantee one average-sized (around 5K-6K characters) chapter release within 24 hours after the amount is fulfilled.
2. However I can only guarantee at most one chapter a day.
3. Thus, any surplus will go to guarantee the release for the next day and so on.
4. I will release double chapter the day after if by any chance I can't fulfill rule #1 on that particular day
5. If I can't fulfill rule #4 then there will be an extra guaranteed chapter which will be released the day after the pledged chapter (basically, a 'free' pledged chapter).

This will not in any way, defer me from translating normally. I will release chapter whenever I can regardless of donations. So if you can't donate, don't worry. :)

Thank you very much for your support!

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