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Okami wa Nemuranai 17_18


Lecan is currently standing on top of a small hill, looking over a great beast crouching on the side of a mountain.

The monster's naked eyes could only see things very close to them, he won't be discovered at this distance.

The eye that apparently can see mana is maxed out at 100 steps range.

After all, such a gigantic beast probably has no real need to detect faraway foes.

Looks like it's sleeping. Here's his chance.

Lecan groped his chest and grabbed a jewel. It's the blue jewel he got from Lady Rubianafale. He could sense some mana in it, it might carry some sort of effect. No clue what kind, but today it would serve as a good luck charm. The chain part is too delicately made, he plans to replace it later.

He put the magic jewel inside his shirt, erased his footsteps, and carefully yet quietly approached the monster.

He's gotten right next to it, and the monster still has its eyes closed.

--Allow me to claim the first strike.

Lecan held his trusty sword high and locked his gaze at the scruff of the monster's neck.

There are several wound marks on it. They're from Lecan's attacks. Every one of them is a shallow wound.

Lecan swung down his sword. The feedback betrayed his expectations.


His sword sank deep into the beast's neck.

After a momentary pause, the monster got up while violently writhing, and let out a skull shaking roar. Its forehead eye is firmly locked on to Lecan.

Lecan took a stance. He's got to be ready to dodge the frost breath if it's coming.

Afterward, the monster took a slightly comical action. It began to lumberingly turn around with its short legs.

Lecan swiftly jumped back about 30 steps.

--Just as I thought.

The monster is attempting to launch its spines since its opponent is close by. But it has exhausted its front spines in the battles yesterday and three months ago. It's already got new spines growing, but those likely cannot be launched off before they get big enough.

The monster finally rotated enough to turn the side with spines toward Lecan, and then it shook its huge body.

While staring fixedly at it, Lecan took another 10 steps back.

The spines were launched off.

These spines could only fly straight from their initial location. The farther Lecan is from it, the wider the gaps between each launched spines. Dodging these incoming spines is child's play for those with superior reflexes like Lecan.

Afterward, Lecan waited for his chance to strike at the same spot. He can't dodge the spines if he's too close, yet the monster will shift to other attacks if he's too far away.

The monster finally ran out of spines to launch off after the fourth volley. Some of its spines still remain on top of its back, but that's probably unusable for enemy that walk on land.

Instead, the beast points its head straight at Lecan and exhales. Lecan took another 20 steps back.

He couldn't dodge the breath fully, it hit the outer layer of his overcoat. He's fine. Just as he thought, Overking Bear's fur could safely block the frost breath at this range.

Now that he knows, he just needs to keep dodging the breath while maintaining the distance.

Every time the monster moves slightly forward, Lecan steps slightly backward.

When the monster lets out its frost breath, Lecan moves out of a direct hit.

These pushes and pulls lasted about 12 breaths before the monster finally stopped with the breath attack and curled up its body.

Lecan turned his back and ran just as the monster began to roll. He's running while leading the monster toward a location with bare rocks.

There's nothing that obstructs his dash here. The monster will never reach him if he just keeps <Gust> up.

After leading the monster by the nose for awhile, it eventually stopped rolling, curled out and plopped down on the ground.

It might be faking it.

Lecan carefully approached the monster's head.

And when he was 20 steps away, he rushed in with <Gust>, landed a hit on the monster's scruff and used <Gust> again to back away 20 steps.

The monster shook and growled, but then it fell down on the ground again.

Looks like it's lost its offensive capability due to exhaustion. It must have used up all its mana.

Still, his strike just now sank deep again. Just what's going on.

He rushed toward the monster with <Gust> again, and struck its scruff.

Surprisingly, that strike sank deep into the monster's neck.

The monster shut its eyes and stopped moving.

Surprisingly, the blue dot disappeared in his <Life Detection>. It's dead.

But, why.

Why was his attack more effective only today.

Is it due to a circumstance on the monster's end.

Or perhaps something changed on Lecan's end.

What has changed on Lecan's side anyway.

Suddenly, it hit on him.

The blue jewel.

The jewel he got from Lady Rubianafale.

This jewel must possess the power to increase attack power.

So he thought for an instant, but he laughed off the idea.

Even in his former world, dungeon's floor bosses sometimes drop abilities that increase attack power.

He himself has met adventurers who posses those abilities, <Slash>, <Break>, <Accelerate>. Heck, he had gotten into a deadly duel with a <Slash> possessor. Once he chanted the activation spell, swings from that guy's sword managed to cut a breastplate made of Rock Dragon's pelt and even split Lecan's trusty sword at the time in two.

However, those are ultimately abilities bestowed only to adventurers who braved the depths of a dungeon and defeated the boss there, a technique that can only be obtained during an extremely rare occurrence, and not something that can be passed over to someone else.

It's also possible for jewels to have <State Preservation> or <Auto Restoration> effect, if an enchanter with a special talent enchanted jewels using a magic gem with unique mana. In fact, Lecan's trusty sword is embedded with a jewel enchanted with <Auto Restoration>.

However, he's never heard an accessory that gives the effect of increased attack.

If something like that really exists, it would be a legendary class artifact.

Lecan tried to do a little experiment.

He tried to cut at the dead magic beast's neck and legs, with the blue jewel equipped and with it stored inside <Storage>.

The result made it obvious.

This blue jewel has been enchanted with an effect that grants an enormous increase to attack power. No mistake about it.

Its value is immeasurable.

Just getting ahold of this jewel makes his trip to another world already worth it.

Still, did Lady Rubianafale know about this enchant.

She couldn't have been. If she did, she would have handed this jewel to either her father or her brother.

But, if by chance she did know, why would she give it to Lecan.

Even after contemplating for a while, he couldn't come up with an answer.

Since it was getting dark, he stopped thinking about it, and took the magic gem out of the monster using the jewel's enchant at will. It's a shockingly powerful magic gem. The monster's huge body crumbled into sands in front of Lecan.

He went back to his hut like flying and plopped down in his bed.

Next morning, Lecan woke up, gulped down preserved food and water from <Storage> and immediately departed for the forest.

Then he began experimenting.

Different swords.

Blunt weapons.

Thrusting weapons.

Throwing weapons.

Bare handed attack.

Attacking with a stick.

And the result, he confirmed that this blue jewel does indeed posses an effect that grants increased attack power. It's neither a sharpness enchantment nor a damage increase.

However, the effect did not manifest with throwing weapons or bare fists, only when Lecan equipped armor on his fist did it show up.

In other words, this blue jewel increases attack power only when you're attacking with weapons equipped, it gives no effect without equipping one.

He took out a wand that shot out <Red Fireball> and experimented with it, but it didn't augment magic attack.

Which means the effect is only true for physical attacks.

The next day and the day after, Lecan kept going into the forest and inspected the blue jewel's effects.

He discovered that the effect won't activate if he doesn't launch an attack with a certain amount of force behind it.

In other words, the effect won't be manifested when you're doing things like cutting meat with a knife or a fork, or sewing cloth with a needle.

On the other hand, swinging a simple stick at a target with enough force will trigger the effect.

Rather than merely increasing a weapon's attack power, it's probably more like augmenting the total offensive force of someone who brandishes a weapon.

As for the activation requirements, he has no idea whether there is anything else other than holding it.

In order to check that, Lecan needs to ask someone else to experiment for him, and he has no intention to do that.

Lecan hypothesizes that perhaps only those whose offensive ability exceeds a certain threshold could activate it, but since he himself is able to use it, it's good enough for now. 

He was going to replace the chain, but he called off the plan.

If by any chance, doing so ruined the jewel's effect, he wouldn't be able to live it.

Instead, he added a pocket inside his shirt.

So that the jewel won't fall off even if the chain breaks.

Though, he plans to put the jewel away in normal situation.

He's got two reasons.

First, in order to develop his skills while he's in a state without the enchant.

Second, there might be people who possess <Appraise> in this world as well.

Up until now, he had neither the leeway nor necessity to be on guard against such, however, once he leaves Zaidmahl house and wanders the world, he needs to keep a degree of precautions for such.

He cannot let anyone find out about this jewel's secret.

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"I see. So you're leaving tomorrow."

"Yale (yes)."

"If someone asks where you come from, just tell them that you hail from the northern country."

"Yale (yes). I shall keep my identity as a descender a secret."

"That's good. However, I'm sure there will come time when you have to reveal yourself as a descender."

"I will think about it when that time comes."

"This is a parting gift along with my gratitudes to you."

A bag was handed over to him.

"And this one is the reward from the magic gems you procured."

Another bag was given to him.

"You should bring some clothes and food with you. I will have a maid deliver them later. Have you a flint?"

"Yale (yes). Bought tools needed for journey, in town."

"I see. You've already made your preparation."

"I have."

"We're having a farewell party tonight."

The farewell party with the knights and the underlings was quite festive and entertaining.

The next morning, almost everyone in the mansion are seeing him off.


Morda the cook handed out a cloth bag as he said that.

The bag is closed. Looks like he's giving the bag along with Griphil Leaves inside.

"Narou (thanks)."

Lecan hangs his sword on his waist, puts on his overcoat, shoulders his luggage and turns his back on the people seeing him off. And then, he briskly walks away.

"May we meet again!"

Knight Ezak shouted at his back.

Lecan raised his right hand to respond him, but at this time, he never thought that he would really meet Ezak again.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 15_16



Morda the cook handed out a cloth sack.

It's filled with Griphil Leaves.

"Narou (Thanks)."

Lecan took a leaf as he thanked. He put it in his mouth and chewed on it. Bitter taste spread inside his mouth. Apparently it hadn't been fully dried out yet, a sharp jolt assaulted him. But he preferred it right now.

Despondent, you could say that's Lecan's state right now.

He lacks drive to do anything.

Though that doesn't apply to Lecan alone. The day after the young lady left, sword training stopped altogether. The servants turned untalkative.

Lecan has been sitting on this rock behind a tree so many times all day, gazing at neatly growing vegetation. Morda has taken a rock next to it.

The two sit together without saying a word, just chewing for a while.

Lecan felt a sense of loneliness.

Is that from his jewel going far away, or Lady Rubianafale going far away, he himself is not quite sure.

As he chewed on the luxury goods that would have fetched a nice price were sold, Lecan pondered about the great beast.

Lecan has an awful affinity with that monster. To begin with, it's a monster he should not challenge alone, and even discounting all that, it'd be hard a fight regardless.

Lecan specializes in fighting a great number of enemy at the same time in a cramped place. His full potential is unleashed when he fights against magic beasts in a dungeon, or when he's surrounded by enemy all around on a battlefield.

That monster's forehead eye can probably see mana. That's why it was able to detect Lecan through obstacles.

Since <3D Perception> range is limited to 50 steps, he's in a serious disadvantage against that monster. His foe has at least two means to attack from more than 50 steps away. On top of that, it can roll around. Speed, range and area of attacks, it's got everything he's unable to deal with.

The monster's skin seems to be quite hard too. It's unclear whether Lecan's attacks could get through it.

He might be able to overcome it if he used <Bombshell>, but that's something he's saving for a really critical situation, he has no way to replenish it once used.

Lecan wishes Boudo was here.

Boudo's blunt weapon and ability <Impact Penetration> are effective against foes with hard outer shell. Lecan draws the enemy's attention, Boudo whittles it down. There's nothing to be afraid of against this monster if he could do that.

However, Boudo isn't here. There's no one else he could work together with.

He's got to do something about the monster by himself.

For now, he'll try to challenge it once again. To ascertain the enemy's ability. Everything begins after that.

Lecan spat out the leaf that had lost its flavor and stood up.

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The next day, Lecan went out early in the morning and came back late at night.

The fight today was a close call. He missed his chance to dodge a spine the monster launched, opening a hole in his stomach. He survived thanks to the high potions he had stocked, but he would have succumbed to the wound and died if he didn't have them.

Magic potions is a headache inducing problem itself.

Lecan made low and mid potions himself, but he has no idea what their raw materials are in this world. He needs to find a talented apothecary and learns from them. Otherwise, he cannot fight recklessly. It's imperative for him to obtain high potions. If such things even exist here that is.

At any rate, the battle today was a fruitful one. He's seen through the monster's skills.

First of all, the spine launching attack, it can continuously launch its spines so long as there remain some, but once it's past the fiftieth spine, its attack power and speed fall.

As for the frost breath, it can only exhibit its true power at around 70 steps to at most 100 steps, at 50 steps the breath could freeze a huge tree down to its core, but at more than 100 steps, its strength falls down dramatically and could only freeze leaves.

The rolling attack is a menace. Moreover, when it's in that state, its skin turns even harder, making it completely invulnerable to physical attacks. However, the rolling speed is slower than he originally thought. It's one thing inside a forest, but in places with clear views, Lecan can outrun the beast roll.

He thought it was an opponent with bad compatibility that he couldn't beat it by himself, but it might not be the case at all.

Going against it in a group would slow down mobility, the rolling attack would devastate them. Even if he brings a mage that could attack from a distance, they'd just get frozen over within 100 steps, and you'd be hard pressed to find a mage that could launch an attack from more than 100 steps away. Even if there is one, they have no way to keep the beast away anyway, it'd close the 100 step distance in a flash and massacre everyone.

However, for Lecan who's capable of accelerating himself with <Gust>, it should be possible to get away from it depleting its mana all the while.

That said, the problem is offense.

He managed to strike the monster's neck three times, and none dealt a serious wound.

Landing a blow near its throat should be more effective than the sides of its neck.

However, it would be difficult to aim at such a small throat when its head is situated so low.

Lecan can't think up a solution. He's got no choice but to look for one while fighting.

It's probably a good idea to attempt the rematch asap. This monster would be more difficult to defeat the more time passes.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 14


Lecan has been summoned to the young lady's room.

It has been awhile since the last time.

When Lecan first took a residence at this mansion, he was called every single day. Even though they couldn't communicate with words, they talked with gestures. And he learned many words. Thinking again, those were fun times. It was also the young lady who taught him how to write at first.

After thanking Lecan for protecting her all this time, the young lady threw him a barrage of questions about his hometown.

"My Mr. Descender (La Enpi). What do you eat for breakfast at your hometown?"

"Mr. Descender. What kind of sweets do they have at your hometown?"

"Mr. Descender. What kind of clothes do noblewomen wear at your hometown?"

Descender is a term to refer to people who have descended from another world.

Surprisingly, such people do exist, albeit rarely. And descenders apparently all posses some kind of powerful ability. Though it has been 100 years since the last descender appeared in this country. In other words, it's a stuff of legend that may or may not be true. However, the young lady truly believes that Lecan is a descender and is quite ecstatic about it.

After a considerable time had passed, the young lady finally stopped. Gria, the head maid who had been standing behind her all this time must be tired.

"I have something to ask you, my Mr. Wolf (La Geedo)."

"Yale (yes)."

"Would you show me the jewel hanging on your chest?"

--Ah crap. And after I've taken extra steps not to show it to other people and all. Just when did she saw it. It can't be just now. She couldn't from her position. However, the chain attached to the jewel must be visible to her. Perhaps, she guessed that there would be a jewel at the end of the chain.

"That red jewel."

Apparently not. The young lady is aware of the color of the jewel hanging from Lecan's neck. As it's something that he always carries around with him, someone somewhere might have caught a glance. And that someone informed the young lady.

Marinka the maid stepped forward and presented a tray. Having no choice, Lecan put the red jewel onto the tray.

"It's really, beautiful."

That was the young lady's impression of the jewel in her hand.

She stared at the red jewel in fascination for quite some time.

Then suddenly, she took off a blue jewel along with the chain keeping it on her neck and handed it over to Marinka. Marinka put it on a tray and presented it to Lecan.

"My lady! That's"

"It's fine, Gria."

--Oy, don't tell me. Please no, not that one. O God!

However, the God of this world did not answer Lecan's prayer.

"Mr. Wolf. I will give you my jewel. So you give yours to me, would you."

Silence ruled the place for a while.

The look on head maid who's been glaring at Lecan is getting worse by the minute.

The maid Marinka is sending him painful glances too.

It's understandable. From their point of view, the expensive looking jewel that Lady Rubianafale is wearing cannot be compared at all to a pebble belonging to a vagrant. In other words, this is not an exchange, it's a scene where Rubianafale rewards her favorite warrior, refusing her here would mean the same as throwing huge insults at her.

Even so, Lecan is still toying with the idea.

But what would happen if he did. He probably will have to leave this mansion immediately. That he doesn't mind. However, Lady Rubianafale would likely be crestfallen. And Lecan would be like throwing mud onto his benefactors as he leaves. It's not like he minds that, but....

"...Yale (yes)."

Lecan reflexively gave the word of consent, he himself had no idea why he did.

However, Lecan immediately regretted his decision as he took the blue jewel on the tray. And then, he made a slightly dangerous vow.

--I'm leaving this mansion asap. I'll sneak into the young lady's room the night before the day. And take back the jewel.

It's only natural for Lecan to harbor such thoughts.

This red jewel is a rare item that has been enchanted with both stamina and mana recovery effects. He acquired the jewel itself in a dungeon, and procured himself the magic gem used to enchant it, however, Lecan expended everything he had at the time to pay a famed enchanter he hired. The jewel had continued to support Lecan in his adventures ever since. It's an item that he absolutely cannot let go of.

However, he was unfortunately unable to act on the ploy to take the red jewel back.

Lady Rubianafale spent every day being busy with something and in constant attendance of someone else, two days later, she went off to a faraway town to be wed into a high ranking noble that lived there.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12_13


Lecan had his right eye wide open while still in his bed.

There's an intruder.

And someone who possesses mana at that.

He immediately put on his mantle, and after a slight hesitation, put away his sword into the <Storage>, then he went toward the main building while erasing his footsteps.

Despite being in the dead of night, this intruder is proceeding on behind the cover of places with little visibilty like behind trees and such. And at a tremendous speed. So this is how a specialist in assassination is.

The intruder has stopped moving at one of the pillars in front side of the main building. They're probably climbing up the pillar. It's just a guess since <Life Detection> cannot perceive altitude. They must be using some kind of tools to climb up that bare pillar without anything to hold.

--Why are they climbing from the front? The present family head and family should be located at the inner part of the upper floor.

As a matter of fact, there are many traps installed along the walls to the inner part. If you try to climb up on one of those walls, it will peel off and throw you down. It's common for a mansion that belongs to nobility in this world.

The intruder got on the roof. Right at this time, Lecan has arrived behind the main building, and is hiding himself behind a tree.

The intruder installed a rope end on the roof. With Lady Rubianafale's room right below.

Lecan rushed out of his cover, and dashed toward the main building's back wall at full speed without attempting to erase his footsteps.

The intruder noticed Lecan approaching. However, they faltered only for an instant and proceeded with their attempt to descend into the young lady's room.

A few moment is enough for an expert assassin to get into the young lady's room from the roof. Even if Lecan were to run around to the front, break the window and run up the stairs or perhaps shout out loud to draw attentions, he wouldn't make it in time at all. The assassin must have come to that conclusion.

However, Lecan did not go up the stairs.

"Wind! Wind! Wind!"

He ran up the wall with winds pushing his back. The wall he stepped on peeled off along the way, but he paid no heed to it and arrived next to the intruder in no time flat.

The intruder made an excellent reaction for an enemy.

Their left hand gripped the rope, as they came slashing with the dagger in their right hand.

Lecan took out his trusted sword form <Storage> and lopped the intruder's head off at a blinding speed.

The slightly visible intruder's eyes opened wide when they saw a sword appearing out of thin air. Those eyes were that of a woman.

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"It has been decided that Rubianafale shall be wed to Schadrest household. As Schadrest house is a distinguished family who has ties to the royal family, there are many who do not approve of the marriage, for a lady of a countryside noble to be a legal wife of such a house. Or those who consider their own daughters to be more fitting. As such I have installed guards in front of Rubianafale to stand watch all night every day. But never would have I imagined they would come from the roof."

After the disturbance had settled down for a bit, Lecan was summoned to the room of the family head, Zankajiel, to receive an explanation. Knight Ezak is standing next to Zankajiel.

Of course Lecan had noticed the night watch. He even knew who the night watch was last night from the characteristic he perceived with <Mana Detection>. However, he didn't think that the night watch could detect the intruder, nor would they win against her.

"Lecan. Was it not possible for you to capture the intruder without killing her?"

Knight Ezak asked looking seemingly displeased.

"The assassin was a professional. Capturing her alive, proved difficult."

"Ezak. I have heard that assassins would rather choose death when caught. Capturing her would likely not bear anything."

"However, Zankajiel-sama. We could have interrogated her. We might be able to find out who is responsible for such a cowardly act."

"There is nothing we could possibly do even if we knew. Then we would be better off not knowing."

"But, was it really necessary to kill such a young woman."

"She was wearing a mask, surely he did not know it was a young woman until after she had lost her life. Give it up."

That assassin was a mana possessor. She must have some sort of magical ability. It might have been a dangerous kind. Even if she was restrained, she might have been able to kill the young lady from a distant. Lecan never had any other option but to kill her at the time.

"Still, to notice an intruder that no one else could, and then brought them down after running up the wall, I could offer nothing but praises at your feats. Is it some fashion of ability that enables you to run up a wall that high?"

Lecan did not give an answer.

"Fumu, a secret is it. Well, no matter. Lecan, I am most grateful to you. Please continue to protect my daughter from now on."

"Yale (yes)."

Lecan decided to keep the silver ring on his left hand's middle finger day and night.

Afterward, the mansion suffered three raids within two months time.

It was Lecan who took care of the assailants in every cases.

None of the assassins left Zaidmahl house alive.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-64

16-64. Parion Holy Land, Once Again (3)


Satou here. You usually find numerous bugs in a program you perfectly put together during the testing period. Rather, a program that doesn't exhibit any bugs during the testing usually hides a nasty bug inside.

"What the heck is this thing. Why's it multiplying."
"--Tch. Yuuki! Blow them away with your magic."
"No wayyyy~~~"

The heroes are panicking to see the demon lords proliferating quickly to fill the room entirely.
Their attendants have started to chant some kind of spell, but they'd be swallowed in the tsunami-like swarm of the demon lords before they could finish for sure.

"Me-Meiko, do something about thiiiiiiis"
"Shut up, Yuuki. Fighting lots of foes is your forte."
"F-forget about that, we've gotta run--"

It might be a good idea to take these heroes away to a  safe zone for now.

Since handing over the City Core to the demon lord would likely complicate things, I put up multi layered barrier around the Core and order it to defend itself.

I dug out a tunnel vertically above me with earth magic [Free Mining], caught the heroes with [Magic Hands], and moved to the faintly visible sky above the sanctuary with sight-based Unit Arrangement.

"T-the sky? Why the sky?"
"W-where's the demon lords?"

Since Hero Yuuki's scream was getting too loud, I teleported us again to the demolished site of the sanctuary.

After a slight pause, an object that was a mix of ultramarine and dark colors clad in purple phosphorescence gushed out of the vertical tunnel I created as if it was breaking out. 
It barely has any trace of its original form, but that's probably the swarm of Lich demon lords.
It's like an aggregation of sludge-like mucus and old rag down to the inside of its body.

Only 10 demon lords have come out above the ground.
The path seems to have been clogged up, the remaining demon lords are wriggling around in the tunnels and the City Core's room.

"Demon lord, dieeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Hero Meiko rushes up toward the demon lords while clad in blue light.
Fighting against 10 demon lords at the same time should be too much even for Hero Meiko and her perfect evasion-type Unique Skill.


I turned my sight at the direction of the black dragon Heiron's roar and saw Liza and the others circling in the sky.
I got close to the Lich demon lords with Ground Shrink, caught them with [Magic Hands] and then I threw them up into the air.

We're using this opportunity to go all out mainly to relieve the girls' stress and carry out a field combat test, so having this many demon lords is just convenient.

"We will be helping ourselves with the excess."

After telling that to the protesting Hero Meiko, I threw all but one demon lords into the air.
The reason why I left only one is because I'm hoping the heroes defeating it would raise their Return Home flag.

"This one's our prey! Don't butt in, you hear me."
"I know, do your best."

With Ground Shrink, I took enough distance as to not get cut along with the demon lord.


The entire sky flashed, and several Lich demon lords were burned down into black mist by the Black Dragon Heiron's breath.
Pochi riding on the white dragon and Liza flying with her Powered Exoskeleton close in on the three demon lords who have withstood a direct hit of Heiron's breath.
The Infant Dragon that was flying together with them used its breath but it couldn't manage to beat even one demon lord, and cried out sorrowfully.

『TOU, nanodesu!』

Pochi's holy sword clashed with a demon lord's fist, blue colored glints of flash and purple sparks danced in the air.


Perhaps due to effect of [True Hero] title Dog Hero Pochi has, her clashing holy sword emits out a dazzling blue flash of light, burning the Lich demon lord's body.
Pochi's holy sword managed to bisect the demon lord, however it also didn't escape unharmed as the entire blade down to the base broke into pieces.

Liza evaded a Lich demon lord's fists and stabs its head with her dragon spear, then a whirling blue light unleashed from her finishing move blew away the upper half of the demon lord's body.
However, she couldn't dodge the innumerable feelers coming from the other demon lord as they passed by, the side of her Powered Exoskeleton's defensive barrier was pulverized, damaging the exoskeleton suit itself.

Even though these two have overwhelming advantages in levels, a demon lord's Unique Skills is still not something to underestimate at huh.

『Master, forgive me. The defensive barrier of Assault Mode has been breached.』
『Save the reporting for later, switch to the balanced Battle Mode or Defense Mode.』

After telling that to Liza, I turn my gaze at the demon lords that slipped out of their assault.


With a cute yell, a blue laser-like shot from Lulu's accelerated cannon pierced through one of the demon lords.
Judging from the caliber, it must be a holy shell from the big caliber accelerated cannon loaded in her Floating Fort.

『Ey! Ey!』

The next holy shell that Lulu shot blew away the upper half of another demon lord, however--

『Uhaa, they're tough even with such low levels, as expected of demon lords.』
『Yeah, it's unbelievable.』

The next target demon lord struck the holy shell with its fist clad in purple light.
Of course, the demon lord didn't come out unscathed resorting to such a reckless act of interception, the holy shell that got turned into spray by the fist ended up blowing away its upper half along with it.

"Now, Yuuki!"
"I got it!"

Wide area flame magic shot from the ground burn down the falling remains of the demon lords.
Hero Yuuki's fire magic did reduce the demon lords' health, but these demon lords appear to have high resistance against magic, it's not really effective.

『Arisa, if you would.』

A blue flame that was unleashed seconds later erased the remains of demon lords that had begun to regenerate in mid-air.
It's [Blue Inferno] that once burned down greater demons in the battle at the Weasel Empire.

"『Blue Inferno』? If I just link myself with Michael, I also--"

Hero Yuuki sounded frustrated.

"Meiko! They're multiplying! The demon lords are multiplying, stop cutting off their limbs!!"
"Shut it, Seigi! How'd you expect me to beat them without slashing at them!"
"Stop fighting you two! Seigi, are your flame still not usable yet?"
"I'm telling you, I can't do it for a while! Can't you just use purification flame yourself!"
"Meiko would be roasted along if I use it!"
"Don't you have magic that can distinguish between friends and foes?"
"I don't do those kinds of half-assed magic!"

Turning around toward the quarreling heroes, scenes of Hero Meiko fighting against three newly spawned demon lords on top of a dark red ground unfolded before me.
Judging from the blood splat and pieces of meat lying around, there appears to be some kind of condition for this demon lord to proliferate, as it only does it when Hero Meiko cut off its limbs.

I've got a feeling that it's related to the miasma density.
Despite the demon lords rampaging around here, the miasma around the holy city is thin.


To confirm my suspicion, I tried to cut off a wrist and the right arm of one of the demon lord with Miasma Sight active.

"Waaa, idiot moron! What are you doing!"
"You, the purple hair over there! Do something about that new spawn yourself!"

The right arm that had fallen on the ground finished regenerating into a new demon lord before Hero Seigi, and Hero Yuuki could finish their complaints.
Sludge-like thing extends out of the cut wrist as it begins to regenerate, but the process is slower than the right arm.

--Just as I thought.

This demon lord consumes the surrounding miasma whenever it regenerates itself.
The reason why the regeneration rate differs depending on the cut limbs must be because of the difference in the amount of miasma contained within those parts.
And the reason why this demon lords aren't regenerating from the blood splat must be because it's lacking in miasma.

"Purify the surrounding miasma! The demon lord will stop multiplying if you do!!"

I shouted toward the priests and magicians who were among the heroes' troupe.
I forgot to use Hero Nanashi's tone, but well, no matter.

I gave the task to the hero's attendants since Hero Yuuki seemed bad at precise magic control.
As long as I'm around, my Spirit Light would dissipate the miasma, but there's no guarantee that I will always be around to protect them.

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Pressed by Mia who had finished summoning her artificial spirit, I threw the demon lords that regenerated from Hero Meiko's and my slashes toward her direction.

『Do it.』

A gigantic platinum colored wolf showed itself from beyond the wreckage.
That's an artificial spirit shaped like a great wolf born from Mia's spirit magic, [Mythology Eater Wolf].
Mia whose MP is almost twice as much as Arisa cannot summon it by herself, she needs the help of a Warship Wand loaded with a huge amount of Philosopher's Stones.


The great wolf let out a howl that was like a chilly wind reverberating in a wintry mountain, and it exhaled a sparkling white breath toward the demon lords.
The demon lords that were bathed in the breath disappeared into black mist.
There were some who tried to oppose it with their fists and feelers clad in purple light, but they all vanished without the slightest bit of resistance.

Though it's probably only right given it's an anti-god magic, I never would have thought it would be this overwhelming.

"W-what is that thing?"
"New enemy? Is it a new enemy?"
"M-my sword shall cut down anything, no matter the opponent."

I don't blame the heroes and their attendants for getting shaken up.

Just like the other artificial spirits, this great wolf also requires an enormous amount of mana to maintain its form.
It ran out of mana provision before long and disappeared into white mist, scattering white crystal snow around.

『Vanishing right after it was summoned and unleashed its finishing move, just like the summons in Final Quest, don't you think.』

Arisa nonchalantly threw a reference to a hugely popular national game along with her commentary.

Adding more mana supply can be done by using a Warship Wand, but there's none that can continuously maintain the highly intensive [Mythology Eater Wolf], it's not that simple.
You'd end with a Warship Wand the size of a small island for it.

『Master, any enemy still remaining?』
『Yeah, there's still around 90 of them.』
『Uhaa, and all of them are around level 50? If we just cultivate this, I could get to level 80 before today's--』

Arisa stopped midway and began talking to someone else.

『--Yes yes, I'll be sure to tell him.』
『What's wrong, Arisa?』
『The miko-san that Tama saved was getting fussy, she told us to stop defiling the holy city at once~』

Far from defiling, the miasma in the holy city has never been thinner.
Though, even if the area around the sanctuary has turned into nothing but rubbles, as far as my eyes can see, around 40% of the buildings are still standing, they must be afraid that our fight and Hero Yuuki's attack magic would sink the holy city in flames.

In fact the flame magic Hero Yuuki shot out had turned one section of the holy city into ash.

I let them to duke it out since the site had turned into ruins anyway, but perhaps I should have brought them all into one of the sub-spaces I had instead.

『Got it. Let's change the battlefield.』

"<<DANCE>> Wind Stiletto!"

Seven stilettos flew off silver knight Air, aka Zena-san's, hands and danced in the air while playing clear refreshing sounds.

"<<WEAR>> Wind Stiletto!"

Stilettos clad in dazzling blue purifying wind tore up a demon lord.
Zena-san who's done reciting the Holy Verse begins to chant an advanced level wind spell.

"Watch out desuwa! Ze--"

The Lich demon lord clad in purple light is closing in on Zena-san while evading the swarm of stilettos coming at it.

『It's Silver Knight Air.』
"Yes, that desuwa!"

While receiving the assistance from [<<Intelligent Item>>] Raka she had equipped, Lady Karina puts herself between the demon lord and Zena-san.
Lady Karina attempts to block the purple light clad fist of the Lich demon lord by crossing her arms together.

『You must not! --Emergency Deployment, Phalanx!』

Raka who had judged that raw defense alone wouldn't be able to take on the punch deployed the defensive shields loaded in Lady Karina's silver armor.
The multi layered barrier fashioned like an umbrella that's as tough as Castle clashes with the Lich demon lord's fist.

The demon lord's fist that pulverizes everything gets pushed back by an explosion that occurs every time a defensive layer is destroyed through Phalanx spell art that works like a reactive armor.
The sludge-shaped feelers that extended out of the Lich demon lord's body assaulted Lady Karina on both sides, but she was already long gone.

The Lich demon lord looked around and caught sight of Lady Karina flying in the air.

"<<WHISPER>> Holy Servant!"

Pieces of armor split out of Silver Knight Holy, aka Sera's, armor, turned into geometric objects and floated around her.

"<<PRAY>> Holy Servant!"

Blue colored light waves of purification shot out of the objects, pushed and wrapped around the demon lord.

"<<BESEECH>> Holy Servant!"

Black waves that came with the third holy verse physically smashed the demon lord.
I concocted these Holy Verses when my tension ran high after an all nighter session. The fact that the first two verses sound similar to the revival spell of a certain dungeon game is just an accident. I came up with the last one randomly. No regret.

The demon lord tore through the assault with its purple light clad fists and feelers, but it couldn't manage to smash all the waves at once, thus it's been stopped dead on its track.

While leaving the roles to the Objects, Sera has begun the chant for advanced level holy magic.

"Let's do this, Raka-san!"
『--Umu. <<SURGE>> Rending Force Armor!』

Silver Knight Kung-Fu, aka Lady Karina, who had run up high in the sky began to make her fall in a sharp jumping kick posture while being clad in a blinding light from the holy verse Raka recited.

『<<STARFALL>> Rending Force Armor!』

Lady Karina who wears dozens times the normal gravity through Gravity Control is accelerating to a meteoric speed.

『It's Kung-Fu』

Lady Karina who couldn't finish shouting the full name of the technique since she corrected herself due to Raka's quip crashed into the demon lord's defensive barrier.

An intense clash between purple and blue lights happened only in an instant.

The demon lord's defensive barrier that had been whittled down by Zena-san and Sera's attacks couldn't endure Lady Karina's finishing move that had been reinforced with holy verses, and got broken into pieces.

Lady Karina who broke through the demon lord's upper right half pierced deep into the ground as dust and rocks flew everywhere from her momentum, sinking deep underground just like that.
That last error was just like her, but the power of that one strike is still quite something.


Zena-san's [Wind Stilettos] lodged themselves into the demon lord who had lost the upper right half of its body, and then the stilettos lifted it up high into the air.


Right before Zena-san activated the delayed advanced wind magic spell, she recited the last holy verse.
Wind blew violently around the demon lord like a tempest, and then tracks of golden light manifested inside the wind and shut the demon lord inside the tempest.
The golden birdcage that once encased a greater demon couldn't seem to withstand the demon lord's fists and feelers clad in destructive powers, it looked like it was going to get wrenched open many times.

However, the dignified look on Zena-san's face isn't perturbed.


"Divine Retribution!"

Sera cast a delayed spell, assaulting the demon lord.
The holy magic she cast was originally a ritual magic made possible to be cast by herself with the assistance of the geometric objects floating around Sera.

The demon lord is crumbling into ashen sand starting from tips, the tempest and birdcage help to accelerate the process.


Purple light floods the outside of the tempest birdcage as the crumbling body of the demon lord crept out of it.
Normally, it should have been long dead by now, but the Unique Skill this demon lord has, [Unlimited Regeneration (Rebirth)] is resisting the spell.

"This isn't the time to preserve my stilettos--<<Fill"
"Hold it, Air."

Sera stopped Zena-san who was going to recite the last holy verse.
Before Sera could reply to Zena-san who looked at her asking for her reason, a shout gave her the answer she sought.


Like a fighting game character, Lady Karina sprung up from right under the demon lord.
She punched the demon lord into heavens inside a blue whirlpool.

Lady Karina landed beautifully as the remaining vestiges of the demon lord disappeared into black mist.
Shupin pose that looks cute on Pochi looks somewhat cool on Lady Karina and her outstanding proportion.

『Looks like the Silver Team could defeat a weak demon lord by themselves now.』
『Yes, their fight was quite steady.』

Unfortunately, they didn't get the hero title.

『How's it going over there?』
『We beat every last one of them, but there were only 70. Less than the number Master mentioned at the beginning.』

I tilt my head in puzzlement to hear Arisa.
I checked on the sanctuary site just in case, but I couldn't find any demon lord that I forgot to bring into the sub-space.

『No worries if none escaped then. The exp they give isn't that good anyway.』
『Un, each only nets like 40% of a same level monster. Most didn't even net 10%. I think the more the demon lord regenerates itself the less it gives exp.』

Looks like we can't exploit the Unlimited Regeneration to level up easily.

『Master, my golden armor, purged powered exoskeleton, and spare great shields have all been destroyed, so I apologize.』

I had equipped Nana with a defense oriented Powered Exoskeleton on top of her golden armor, but apparently, it was destroyed in the fight against multiple demon lords.
I had it furnished with a mechanic that could defend against even stuff like dragon fangs, but that apparently got broken through because the number was more than what I anticipated.

The battle was fiercer than I thought, even Ninja Tama had her golden armor damaged.

『There's no need to apologize. I mean Nana has accomplished her duty to protect everyone after all.』

It's more than enough for me if Nana came out without suffering serious injury.

『Yes, Master. I shall be sure to handle it better next time, so I declare.』

Just like with Nana, the powered exoskeletons still have room for improvement it seems.

『So, are those heroes still going at it?』
『Aah, seems like they drew the short end of the stick.』

I turned my gaze to look at the heroes who were fighting against a strongish demon lord.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Strongest Sage, Takes a Breather


"In the end, there was nothing of interest in the treasury."

"It'd be nice if there was another of that sword in there, but I guess it won't be that easy."

We took a good look at the treasury after the audience with the king, but we couldn't find anything we wanted after all.
The timing for that sword to be brought here was pretty miraculous, but an item of that level should be pretty rare after all.

...To begin with, I could only find that one magic sword using detection magic back then, so I never expected there would be another.
Amongst weapons capable of opposing a demon of that level, nothing else could be easily found with detector magic tool.

If there really are other demons as strong as Zaridias out there, we'd have to defeat them using other means.
That said, defeating a foe of that level without making use of special magic tools would be extremely difficult.

"So now that we beat the demons and all, what's the plan?"

"First thing first, I need to recover my strength. My life force had been depleted a lot to convert it into mana in my fight against Zaridias."

"Depleted life force!?"

Ruli was shocked when she heard me.
Well, I never told her about this method, it's only natural.
Even in my previous life, only I could use magic that convert life force into mana.

"Yeah. It requires quite a specific spell, and it'd instantly kill you if you make a mistake in the adjustment, so I won't teach how at this stage."

"A-a magic like that... But is life force something that can be recovered?"

"It should get back just fine if I take it easy for 10 days. Until that time, it's probably a good idea to stay inside the great barrier of the royal capital for safety's sake."

Though it may seem short, 10 days are quite long.
What we're going to do next will be for when the time comes.

Until then, let's spend our days in the capital.
We might even be able to collect the arrows that Ishisu Company took over.
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"Mathias-san, we have an emergency!"

A week after we started our stay to recover my life force.
Several guards have come to the inn I'm staying at.
This time, it's an ordinary elite unit not the unit under the king's direct control.

Looks like there has been incident.
I can't sense any suspicious mana reaction around the capital though... Wonder what's going on.

"Are the demons attacking?"

"No it's not that, the national border is under attack by armed forces, but the circumstance surrounding it is quite abnormal, so we'd like to ask for your help, Mathias-san! ...We'll tell you the details in the soundproofed briefing room, could you come to the First Academy in 30 minutes?"

I see, war huh.
I'm curious about the abnormal circumstance part, so I'd at least go and have a listen.
That aside...

"We will be discussing wars in the First Academy instead of the royal palace?"

It's true that there's no safer place in the capital than the First Academy right now.
And since Second Academy's students are using First Academy's building, the students walking around there are stronger than the elite forces under the king, the building is relatively sturdy too.
Once the Second Academy's building that's currently under construction is finished, that's going to the capital's strongest fort, but it won't be for a while.

It's sort of a military academy after all, lending a facility to the army is not a particularly strange thing to do.

But does this mean they're leaving the royal palace and turning the First Academy into the headquarters.
The palace should be quite safe itself, there's no reason to go out of their way and use the First Academy.
The guard answers my doubt.

"We would have held the meeting in the royal palace if it were a full scale war, but there's a possibility that it won't turn into one.... We have repurposed the First Academy's sixth conference room into a briefing command room."

The national border has been attacked, yet no full-scale war option is still on the table huh.
Judging from the diplomacy in this era, the situation must be quite peculiar.
If another country has sent their army, it will instantly turn into a war after all.

That aside, was there even a sixth conference room in First Academy.
I'm sure it didn't exist when I went there before.

...I sent the guard off and called Ruli and the girls who were staying in the next room to my room.

"War... I'm not too enthusiastic to take part in one."

"From the guard's story, it seems like it's not going to turn into war for sure yet... But why are they calling us I wonder?"

The girls began their preparation to leave while discussing that.
True, it's quite weird for us to get called in this situation.

Even if we're a force that's currently staying at the capital, we're adventurers... and students, officially at least.
During war, the first thing to be mobilized should have been the troops.
Calling us before they did that means...

"Isn't it because of that abnormal circumstance thingy? Like say, the army that was attacking didn't belong to the neighboring country or something."

Well, we'll find out what's actually happening if we go.
Let's just hope that they won't involve us in something troublesome.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Get Your Ducks in a Row


Now that I'm done with the request and all, time to prepare for the dungeon conquest.

I do plan to return to surface once we get to a nice part sure, but once we dive in, it means the conquest begins for real. Thus, unlike before, I've got to carefully draw up the plan with the girls also in mind.

I've experimented with the Space-time magic 『Dimensional Storage』 since then. Creating a space that can hold about 100 kilogram worth of things requires 100 mana. Twice the mana amount for a space that slows down deterioration of things inside. And quadruple the amount for a space that completely stops deterioration. When I tried making a space, the magic took the MP from my maximum amount. Apparently the MP needed is treated like another framework. It consumes the MP required to maintain the space from that amount as well as the maximum amount. By the way, my max MP will be back to its original state if I discard the space. The MP consumed stays used, and the things stored inside get thrown out though.

Apparently this skill has another hidden proficiency level stat with it, right now I can only create two spaces, each holding 1 ton max. It should be more than enough, but being a human I am. I've a feeling that it won't be enough soon enough. Since I don't know how to increase the proficiency level, I'll create and maintain one one ton space without deterioration. And I'll use the other quota to repeat creation and deletion process. By the way, you can't put living things inside just like magic rucksacks. Wonder if that part will ever be improved?

And thus, since I've obtained a way to store my stuff myself, I've given Futsuno-san all the magic rucksacks I used so far. She'll be guarding our back, so she'll be in charge of holding our stuff. For the sake of hearing her saying 『I've got this ready for this situation!』 when the time is right. I'll carry only a pouch. In public, I'll take my stuff from the Dimensional Storage via that pouch.

As for stuff we carry with us. First of all, food, and then medicines.
Next is spare equipment and weapons. I don't need spares so long I have my fists, spear and magic, but I'd like to carry specialized weapons other than spears for Kagura-san. And so I come to a simple conclusion that oni girls equal iron clubs. Blunt weapons are so nice. Thus I've ordered one from Boss-san. Since I don't have the model, it's the type without thorns and stuff. But I'll get that one for her someday, for sure. Why you ask? Because that's just how it should be!! I'll make the swimsuit if I get my hands on tiger hide, yeap.

Mitama just got brand new equipment, so she doesn't need any. She's got a full set after all. I'm sure Futsuno-san has gotten herself brand new cane and protector along with everyone right about now.

The problem is food.
We probably will be procuring some on site but we won't know how much of those will be dropped by monsters, so we're still gonna bring lots before entering the dungeon. Considering the watchdogs of feast in our party, I've got to make sure to prepare the very best. Prolly gonna hunt some Louiv Pigs and stuff before proceeding further in the dungeon.

I was thinking of bringing a bath tub since we would likely want to take a nice bath after some nice sweating, but I could just use Stone Wall to create one myself, so I didn't go through with the idea.

While chewing on an extra chicken skewer I got for buying up a lot, I stare hard at maps of dungeon.
They're maps the old man in front of the dungeon are selling. I've bought maps for 6F-10F, the aspect greatly differs from that of the first five floors. I don't plan to take the shortest routes. We're using this opportunity to also raise our levels after all.

6F is a marshland area. There are even poisonous swamps there, gotta be careful. Apparently, it's got lots of amphibian and plant-type monsters.

7F is all about sandy beaches and sea. But why, I thought, apparently that's just how it is. Beating the fishmen and stuff that spawn there will net you fish for some mysterious reasons. Apparently, sometimes you could get pearls as a drop item from beating big shell-type enemies, it's a floor where many mid-class adventurers dream of getting rich quick, for those who pursue the romance of counting their chickens before they hatch.

8F is a jungle. It's a peculiar floor with high humidity and temperature unlike other floors in the dungeon where the temperature is kept at a comfortable level. It's inhabited by monsters such as snakes, carnivorous plants and old trents that can use magic.

9F is a quicksand cave. It's mainly infested by ants, but there are some large monsters around too depending on the locations. Including giant scorpions, manticores and stuff. The quicksands have also encroached onto some passages, so there's lots of people getting lost here.

10F changes back to the original looks of the dungeon floors. However, the spawned monsters are all goblins and orcs. And in quite a density as well. It's literally the demon's gate of a floor for female adventurers. Potential for an event where an imperial female knight goes 『Kuh... kill me』 is pretty high here.

I plan to run through all these in two months. It's ultimately just a goal though so I'm not gonna rush it. Getting too fixated on goals could lead to regret later on.

Force-wise, Kagura-san is a pure vanguard. Me with my katana and magic, and Mitama with her dagger and bow are raid-type middle guard. Futsuno-san and Tama are rear guard. Our party has no tanks. Even if Eleanor-san comes into the picture, she'd be a super offensive type. This is one thing that needs a careful consideration. I'd like to look for a shield user if we ever get a chance to add more people. For now, we'll pull through by buffing everyone with a modified spell that combine all type of defensive magic, [Full Protection], I made. I mean my Mana Clad is practically like paper before Master and Eleanor-san, so I'm considering the possibility of having to plunge into a barrage of attacks with these power ups. I'd like to have defensive powers like a soaring steel palace one of these days. I want to try saying 『Hahaha, look. These attacks are like garbage.』

I got sidetracked. I'll be in charge of the frontline, while Kagura-san and Mitama are supporting from both sides. Tama-chan will be enshrined on top of Futsuno-san's head. After all, only Tama-chan and I can use sacred magic. We'll be relying on Futsuno-san's barrier and Tama-chan's healing when push comes to shove. Come to think of it, wonder if I can learn barrier art too. It'd be quite convenient if I could use it as footholds like a certain barrier-user. I'll ask Futsuno-san about it later.

Here I am backtracking to the adventurer guild while munching on banana I bought from Yahatt-san. This outing is turning into a little food tour somehow.
Why am I going back to the guild you ask, it's for checking on quests that are related to dungeon's 6F-10F. Lower floors quests were mostly about procuring foodstuff. There should be lots of quests about foodstuff too with higher floors, but I'm sure there will be some peculiar ones too. Like say, getting Golden Balls from the orcs on 10F. I got some myself the other day, but I've crushed them into powder and mixed it with medicines to create vitality agents and stuff. There should be also quests for the giant scorpions on 9F since their shells can be used to make weapons and armor.
Gotta think up ways to take care of such quests if we're going to take them on in the future.

Guess there's not a whole lot of quests at this time. Most of the remaining ones are quests that have been left untaken for a long time.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

《Soul Stones Delivery》
Recruiting people who can regularly deliver Soul Stones from every class. One month period. Please makes sure to bring five stones every week.
Client: Alchemist Guild
Reward: Price of each Soul Stones + Wages agreed upon beforehand
Contact Person: Alchemist Guild Receptionist

《Fish Dragon Extermination》
In need of livers of a rare Fish Dragon, thus please exterminate the sub-species of Fish Dragon, [Sub Marine], inhabiting the dungeon's 7F. Wanna have a go?
Client: Ordis Temple
Reward: 95,000 mani
Time Limit: Within 30 Days
Contact Person: Oldis Temple's Priest, Avesan.

《『String of Anemone』 Procurement》
Please procure 『String of Anemone』 item dropped by the rare spawn of plant-type monsters, Anemone.
Client: Alchemy Shop 『Second Moon』
Reward: 23,000 mani
Time Limit: Within 7 Days
Contact Person: Storekeeper of 『Second Moon』 Alchemy Store, Wakkenin

《Quicksand Cave Investigation》
Monsters that have never been discovered before seem to have appeared on 9F. Some insists that it's a tiger, another mutters as if giving up that it's a deer. We will be waiting at the provisional observatory base located on 9F, 『Whoosh Whoosh』.
Client: Monster Compiler
Reward: 1,200 mani each day
Contact Person: Adventurer Guild's Monster Compiler, Uretimo

《Spices Procurement》
Please defeat monsters on dungeon 8F and procure these spices.
Capskong: Pepper
Cinnamonkey: Cinnamon
Cloviper: Clove
Five pouches of each spices.
Client: Restaurant 『Hell and Heaven』
Reward: 30,000 for complete set
Time Limit: Within 20 days
Contact Person: Restaurant 『Hell and Heaven』 manager, Gai

Lots of troublesome-looking quests there. I can see why people keep their distance.
The rewards are nice compared to low floor quests indeed, but they're appropriate if we consider the labor needed to get there and the enemy strength. But this spice quest, the size of pouches and the amount of drop itself are unknown, would anyone even take on this quest?
But I'm glad I came here and saw these. I've still got to prepare a wee bit more. First of all, I need to get more bags to separate things. I don't know in which form stuff like spices will be dropped, it could potentially be disastrous if we don't have more than one bag to split them.
Also, after checking with the staff, apparently, there have been lots people that fell victim to the 7F Fish Dragon that was in the quest earlier. Especially male adventurers, apparently it's persistently going after male adventurers, I was warned.

I was just looking at the quest board. Yet it's enough to make me ponder.

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