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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 29

Chapter 29 If I Can't Use Weapon Skills, I'll Just Make One


The fact that I don't have the disposition for Weapon Skills is shocking, but I'm not giving up.

"Well don't worry about it. To begin with, everyone worked out their own techniques before Weapon Skills and martial arts came to be y'know. Then you should just make one yourself. You can use magic, right? Combining that with your techniques, and creating a way to fight exclusive to you have a potential to be far stronger than those."

As expected of master, he's largehearted. His logic feels Marie-ish somewhat. <TLN: Not sure which Marie he's talking about or if the author really means 'Marie' here.>
However, currently it's unclear whether I don't have the disposition for the skill or for the weapon skill itself. Perhaps, I can't acquire it since I'm an outsider from another world. With that in mind, I really should better do a variety of trials and errors just like master said.

"Furthermore, I'm curious to see what kind of techniques you will work out. It looks like it'd be fun."

Oufh, it's completely a mere curiosity. But sounds like working out a technique while listening to master's experiences will be many times faster than not. He's cooperating this time, but I'd even beg to get him teach me.

"Then father. Let me make our breakfast."

"N-no wait, Eleanor. I'll do it... okay, okay."

Master's complexion turned pale at once. Faces can really turn pale this clearly in reality huh.

"Father, you have to train Nobusada-san, don't you? Let me make it as it's been awhile."

"W-wait I said..."

Mumumu, looks like master would really rather avoid Eleanor-san's cooking no matter what? Ah right, I made breakfast already, completely forgot about it.

"Ah, then would you two like to have these food I made? I thought I should do this much at least as thanks for allowing me to learn here."

"Is that so! Since you've gone all the trouble of making them, we cannot let them go to waste!!"

Master made a thumb up while saying that outside of Eleanor-san's view. Looks like I did a good job.

"I've made it easy to eat outside, let's spread a mat and enjoy it here. The weather's fine today and all."

"R-right. My apologies, Nobusada-san. Looks like we've caused you trouble."

"Please don't worry about it. I like to cook myself, you see."

I spread a mat and put out the food I made.
Honey toast, deep-fried bread, walnut jam, custard cream, fruit juice and also some fruits. I've peeled the apples into rabbit shapes.
Master and Eleanor-san sound impressed when they see them.

"Well well, these look solid. You can open a store with these."

"These might be even better than the store bought ones."

"Please help yourself while they're still warm. Here's the honey toast. They're good as is, but putting jam and cream on them are also nice on their own."

"Hou hou, then I'll go with this."

"I'm getting this one."

Master picked the deep-fried bread, Eleanor-san bit on the honey toast. And then they let out indescribable smiles with one bite. Umu, seeing them making those smiles makes me contend making these.

"This crunch is quite nice. And the egg and ham inside ooze out some nice flavor too. I'm never gonna get tired eating this."

"Waaa, this bread is so soft and good. Adding this jam here also gives nice flavor to it. Why are you an adventurer when you can make food this good?"

No well, I learned to cook out of necessity. It's also a kind of obsession. I mean, might as well eat something tasty if I have to make them right.

"Since I was living alone with my grandfather, I naturally ended up taking charge of our food. But it's only for our own shares. I won't be able to play if I turn it into work."

They're disappearing fast while I'm talking. Their eating pace is seriously fast! There's only a few remaining even though I made more than enough shares for three people.

"That was really good. I'm completely satiated."
"It really is... Nobusada-san is better at cooking no matter how you look at it, as a woman I..."

Eleanor-san's voice got quieter and I couldn't hear the latter part, but she seemed down about something. Ah, right, I've gotta feed Tama-chan too.

"Tama-chan, house!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
When I said the call I taught her yesterday, Tama-chan bounced toward me like poyon poyon.
I created water with magic and pour it into a cup where Tama-chan went into and soaked in.
Huh? The two look stunned? Is Moss Ball unusual?

"Nobusada. What is this?"

Master asked while pointing his finger at Tama-chan.

"Eh? It's my tamed monster I met yesterday. She's Tama-chan, a Moss Ball. I've registered her as a Tamed Monster so there's no problem taking her into the city, you know?"

"M-Moss Ball, as a tamed monster? I've been in the guild relatively long, but this is the first I've seen one..."

"So do I. I know some beast tamers, but no one tried to make Moss Ball their tamed monster. In the first place, we don't even know how to have a mutual understanding when these things don't even let out a voice."

Well, it was due to specific circumstances and skill in my case. I just went with the flow and she was my Tamed Monster before I knew it.

"Putting that aside, Eleanor. Shouldn't you go to the guild right about now? You have work today, don't you?"

"Eh? It's this time already!? I-I've got to hurry."

Eleanor-san fiercely dashed back into her house, got out in her uniform in a few minutes and ran to the guild. I mean, she's fast. She's already out of sight.

"Fhuu, considering her age, she'd do good to calm down a bit."

"I think she's doing well at the guild. Well, the usual Eleanor-san is nice and fun too."

"Haahaahaa, then how about making her your wife?"

"EEH!? I still haven't got steady earning yet, so that kind of thing is still to early."

"I'm joking, joking. Now then, I can only accompany you for one more hour, and since we've got a topic now, wanna try working out a technique? First of all, what kind of skills do you have?"

Master is looking at me with excited eyes like that of a boy. Looks like he's looking forward to see how many techniques I could make. I'm hoping for this myself too. I might be aiming too high, but it'd be nice if I could materialize one or two techniques here.

"I am not sure how much should I unveil, but since it's master, I'm willing to fully disclose it. Please point it out if you think there's something amiss. For combat skills, I have Swordsmanship Lv3, Grappling Lv1, Two-handed Spear Lv2, Throwing Lv2. As for magic, I have Sacred Magic Level 2, and all elemental magic Level 3."


The second stunned master today.

"Wait, why a vanguard, with that many magic... Fumu, that many skills, there must be peculiar circumstances. I get that skill composition in that case..."

He's confirming the situations while muttering. He got that far even without me saying anything huh.

"Fumu, well, there are classes like Magic Warrior and such after all, it's not that odd in itself. However, the amount of skills is unbelievable for a beginner. You might get in a scuffle about invitations and stuff if you stand out too much. If you don't want that, might be a good idea to search your own party members."

"For the time being, I'll be solo... No, I'll work it out together with Tama-chan. If fate allows, I'd like to make a party, but I'm still a greenhorn in regard to combat skills and such..."

"That might be a good stance to take. Still, elemental magic leve 3 huh. Let me see, try shooting at that wooden dummy."

Guess arrow type is fine for now. I shoot fire, water, wind and earth arrows in succession.
I looked at master with a 'what do you think' face but he urged me to use more magic. Aren't you enjoying watching magic this closely too much, master?
I'll use magic I can use one by one as requested for now. Or rather, wouldn't fire storm or wind storm bother your neighbors? Just don't blame me if they come complaining about their laundry catching sands, okay?
After having used several magic, master speaks.

"Nobusada. You're already outside the norm."


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Strongest Sage, Intercepts


"...I haven't been able to control the Dragon Vein since awhile ago... Is that your doing?"

The demon suddenly turned around when I was approaching him while concealing my presence.
Well, I already knew that surprise attacks wouldn't work against this level of demon, so it's not a problem.
Might be different if the opponent were defenseless, but they were in high alert after that cave in.

"And what if it is?"

I replied with a vague answer that neither deny or confirm it.
Letting your enemy keep holding their own misunderstanding is a basic of battle.

The mana around the demon shook unnaturally before he showed a reaction.

This is... It's most likely a communication magic.
With that in mind, I see what the content is about by reading the surrounding mana.

『Don't be fooled. Mathias Hildesheimr might be capable of obstructing our attempt to control the Dragon Vein, but not when he's moving. Assume that someone is lurking near the Dragon Vein and doing the sabotage. Judging from the magic used, the one hindering us is most likely a Glory Crest. Each of the magic is likely not of high level, but it's skilfully used.』

『Understood. Then I will fight him while pretending to have been fooled.』

There's probably another demon who's giving instructions to this demon here.
Judging from the content, like the things with magic and Dragon Vein, that demon knows his stuff.

I can destroy their comm here, but... the fight might be easier if I intercept their communication while pretending to have no idea about it.
And I can find out the enemy's skill level with this too.

"...I see. That means, I can manipulate the Dragon Vein as much as I like once I've killed you."

The demon deployed a barrier as he said that.
However, unlike an ordinary barrier, the spell art is concentrated at the center.

A countermeasure against Disqualified Crest huh.
Since the spell art is located at the center, it's hard to destroy this type of barrier with Disqualified Crest.
....Well, at least that's how it is for those who don't know how to make us of Disqualified Crest.

I tampered only a part of the deployed barrier magic's spell art.
Breaking down the entire barrier is difficult if you don't destroy its spell art, however... It's not that hard to slip in by simply breaking a part of it.


I quickly augment my sword while the demon was shocked.
Then I attempted to stab the demon, however...
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"...Sturdy as expected huh."

A demon with proper strength is sturdy.
Well other demons so far were all scouts after all.
But... That's not all.

Judging from the mana reaction, this demon has probably used a magic to defend against melee attacks on himself.

『Looks like the countermeasures against Mathias work well.』

『Yes. His strength is stronger than anticipated, however it doesn't seem like he can break through it.』

『Finish it before he could break it. Long term combat is disadvantageous against a stronger opponent.』


Just as I thought.
This demon is considerably more powerful than all other demons I've fought so far... And more than that, he's seemingly drawn up a plan to cope with Disqualified Crests.

However... This demon only know Disqualified Crest that fights with magically enhanced swords.
And in fact, that was mostly how I fought against all demons I encountered so far.

However--the Disqualified Crest wouldn't have been praised as the strongest crest if that was all there is to it.
It's true that augmenting a sword with a huge quantity of attack magic makes for a powerful weapon, however that's not the only trick a Disqualified Crest has.

『Ruli, prepare the 14th magic circle.』


I prepare to attack while giving instructions to Ruli.

At a glance, it might look like a defensive magic from the way it blocked my attack earlier... But it's actually not.
It's impossible to have the magic permanently active to protect against an attack magic that powerful.

There is gap you can breach here.
The question is where to create that opportunity... since they've prepared a nice material for it and all, allow me to use it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-22

16-22. Sania Kingdom (3)


Satou here. I have some knowledge about ways to exterminate gigantic creatures. It was from a robot anime I watched, many times I nodded in agreement at the methods used in it.
I never thought that I would end up putting that into practice myself until I came to another world though...

"Secret Art--《Sun Slash》"

I'm currently watching the Master Swordsman rushing toward the gigantic Land King.
A crescent-shaped golden light is approaching the Land King's head.


The light exploded at the Land King's head, and the shock wave raised a cloud of dust.

"--Did that do it?!"

The master swordsman went and raised a flag with his clichéd line while glaring at the cloud of dust as he fell.
Thought that's not really the reason, light pole-sized black whips come out of the dust cloud and assault the master swordsman.


The master swordsman parried the black whips.
The black whips and the 『Golden Sword Heraruoph』 clashed, scattering intense golden and black sparks around.

"He parried that well."
"He's also handling the next attacks well so I comment."

Liza and Nana exchanged their impressions of the master swordsman's fight while standing next to me.


The master swordsman managed to parry the blows from several of the whips, however, he couldn't deal with a black whip coming diagonally from above and jumped up to evade it.
He's unexpectedly nimble for a heavyweight-class mass of muscles.

"Master, desperate situation so I inform."

Four black whips charged in to attack the master swordsman in air.

"Secret Art--<<Scorpion Ball>>"

The master swordsman made use of the recoil from using the move.
What a desperate battle if I ever see one.

The identity of the black whips came to light when the cloud of dust cleared away.

"Master, those black things appear to be that Land King thing's beard."
"Yeah, that seems to be the case."

Apparently, those things are the beard of one of the Land King's heads.

"Quite a close combat so I report."

An intense combat between the master swordsman and the freely moving Land King's beard is unfolding before us.
Haifa of the [Clan on Wand] stuck on the Land King's head seems to have suffered no damage as she's protected by crystal-like gem.

There's a reason why the Land King who's on a whole order of magnitude different level keeps on fighting the master swordsman.

"Crunch crunch~?"
"They're like snacks nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi suddenly showed their faces up from the shadow on my feet.

Just like the two said, tentacles growing from the sea anemone on the Land King's back have been catching the fleeing Sand Demon Scorpions, bringing them to its mouth and crunching on them.
Its attacks on the master swordsman feel more like swinging your hand to shoo a bug away than to kill an enemy of equal level.

But well, I have to praise the master swordsman who manages to keep parrying attacks that would have been fatal if even one hit him.

"Is the school over already, you two?"
"Aye aye sir~"
"Pochi made sure to do the end of blast greeting too nodesu."

The two made the shutan pose when Liza asked.
Pochi probably meant to say [end of class] there.

"Master, the master swordsman's reinforcement so I report."

Several sand ships approached the Land King.

"--We are the herald!"

Swordsmen of the [Clan of Sword] who saw the master swordsman's fight came forward to challenge the Land King.
Their attacks are repelled by the Land King's protective barrier, but that barrier's health gauge is decreasing every time their attacks hit it.

Mowed down.

Blown away.

The swordsmen keep on fighting recklessly nonetheless.

The Land King who was eating the scorpions while ignoring the swordsmen seems to find it annoying, it's inhaling greatly, getting ready to shoot a breath.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

The master swordsman's attack reached its wide open mouth.
However, the Sun Slash only managed to break the Land King's protective barrier.

"Oh no nanodesu."
"Master, it's a dangerous pinch so I report."

Tama, Pochi and Nana brought their peril to my attention.

"Don't worry."

Two white lights flying from the other side of the sand sea hit the Land King's eyes now it's lost its barrier.


The Land King screamed for the first time.
Even a gigantic creature would feel pain on their eyeball it seems.


A sand ship that was standing by on the other side of the sand dune showed up.
Looks like Zanza boy and Myufa of the [Clan of Sword] are on board that ship.

It seems the white lights earlier were Sun Slash shot by Zanza boy and Myufa.

"Zanza! Myufa! We're gonna kill the Land King with the golden sword!"

With the master swordsman leading, Zanza boy and Myufa jump onto a slanting boulder on the desert and run on it.
Apparently, they intend to jump on the Land King's head from that boulder.

The Land King's beard come to attack them midair.


The master swordsman who was rushing in the air shouted.

"...■■■■ Air Hammer"
"...■■■■ Air Hammer"
"...■■■■ Air Hammer"

Wind magicians that remained on board the sand ships used their magic to forcefully changed the three's directions midair.

That was quite an acrobatic coordination.
They must have been trained from the twice-in-a-year Sand Demon Scorpion Hunt.

"""Special Move--<<Golden Sword>>"""

The master swordsmen and the two's swords are emitting golden colored lights.

Just when they were about to reach the Land King's head, they were stopped by the restored Land King's barrier.

"I'll do it!"

Myufa unleashed her finisher, creating a huge crack on the barrier.

"I'm sorry, Nii-sama."
"Leave it to me!"

Zanza boy's golden light sword hit the crack that Myufa made and completely broke the Land King's barrier.


The two that landed on the ground along with the barrier fragments shouted together while looking up.

"Double jump~?"
"He used Pochi's technique nodesu!"

I didn't see it myself but apparently the master swordsman landed on the Land King's head with a double jump.

"Perish, Land King!"

The golden light sword of the master swordsman is stabbed into the Land King's head.
Then the master swordsman shoved down the sword into the head.


The Land King screamed and shook its head.


The master swordsman is clinging on the sword stuck on the Land King's head.

"Ah! It came off nodesu!"
"Fly high~?"

As Pochi and Tama were watching restlessly, the master swordsman got blown away in the air along with the golden sword.

Then the black whip-like beard rushed in to attack him.
The master swordsman managed to evade the first one by double jumping midair, but he couldn't cope with the second one coming from the side in time and got sent flying and bouncing on the sand sea at high speed.

"Stone skipping~?"
"It's the stuff you do at the river nanodesu."

Well it does look like one for sure.

The golden sword that fell from his hand is sinking into the sand sea.
I lengthen the [Magic Hand] and put the golden sword in the sand into my storage.

I'll teleport the master swordsman who's sinking in the sand to the outskirts of Sania Kingdom like with the others.

Priests and magicians have gathered at the outskirts, probably because I've been teleporting people there.
They surely would receive treatment in time even if I leave them alone now.

"Master, should we intervene, so I ask."
"No we can't do it here as that won't clear the trial's condition."

God Heraruon's order was to show off his power to the kingdom's populace, therefore the Land King has to get a bit closer the kingdom's shore.
I'll make sure to decrease the number of victim as much as possible for the time being.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Master, the Land King has come into view so I report."

The Land King finally came into our view after we teleported back to Sania Kingdom and waited at a high ground.
It should arrive at the port in an hour.

Swarms of Sand Demon Scorpions that are running away from the Land King have arrived at the port first.
Sania Kingdom's regular army and magicians are fighting them back, but they're having a hard time since the main forces, the [Clan of Sword] and the [Clan of Wand] aren't with them.

"It should be some time before the Land King arrive, let's give them a hand."

"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi replied with the shupin pose, Liza and Nana nodded like they were saying "I've been waiting for this."
We jumped off the high ground and went from roof to roof toward the port.

Fort-like structures and iron fences buried in the sand are working to hold the Sand Demon Scorpions back from landing on the port.
However, the structures are squeaking, the iron fences are distorting.

Really drives down the feeling that Sania Kingdom is in a precarious situation right now.

"We'll back you up, so I gallantly inform."

Nana positioned herself between the soldiers and the Sand Scorpions, and cut off the scorpion's scissors in one slash.

"""The 『Clan of Sword』 are here!""""
"We can do it now!"

"Negative so I inform."
"We are subordinates of Earl Pendragon."

Nana and Liza corrected the soldiers who had a misunderstanding.

"Tally ho~?"
"Oh no, so many prey nodesuyo."

The two are running on the sand sea while cutting down the Sand Demon Scorpions in one hit.
Pochi must have said that because she was hesitating which prey to beat.

"Who're those brats?"
"Ain't them an elf and a dwarf?"
"A-awesome, they're stronger than the 『Clan of Sword』."

While watching that, I jump on one of the structures.

"W-who are you?"
"We're reinforcements."
"Yes, the Sania King has given us his permission."

With the help of Deception skill, I made up some excuse to the soldiers on watch, took out a magic bow from the magic bag and took a stance.

I picked ordinary arrows from the storage and shot them at Sand Demon Scorpions located away from the girls.
Since I've put minimal amount of magic edge on the arrowtips like before, the Sand Demon Scorpions are sinking nicely.

"J-just who are you?"

I only reply the asking soldier with a smile and focus on decreasing the Sand Demon Scorpion's number.

"Something's coming from the sand sea!"

A scout soldier gave a warning.
It's probably because the sea anemone-like thing on top of the Land King has come in sight.

"S'that, a Sand Worm?"
"There's also Sand Bugs coming to prey on the scorpions, lots of them."

A voice of despair was mixed among the confused soldiers.
Looks like there's someone who noticed the identity of that thing.

"What is?"
"That's the Land King."
"That's... The Land King from the legends."

The soldiers whose faces had turned pale looked at me with imploring looks.
Not sure why they were looking at me, but since I'd like them to quickly take refuge, I gave them an affirmation it with a serious look on my face.

"W-we've got to run."
"Run and what then! Behind us are the kingdom's populace!"

The soldiers are stuck between a rock and a hard place as their fear and their sense of duty clash, so I'm going to give a push on their back.

"You should evacuate the people around the port."
"Evacuate? Right, we've got to lead them to safety!"
"H-however, Sand Demon Scorpions swarms will flood the city if we abandon this place!"

Looks like I haven't pushed their back enough.

"Please don't worry. Look, the reinforcements are coming over there."

Since I had defeated most of the faraway enemy, I put down the bow and pointed at the main street connected to the royal palace.

"""It's the 『Clan of Wand』!"""

The people riding on the back of the running camels are of the [Clan of Wand].
Sania King probably helped them escape their confinement.

『Everyone, come back here.』

I called the girls back with space magic [Telephone] so they won't get swallowed up in the [Clan of Wand] magic attack.

"Take position to bombard the Sand Demon Scorpions! The big one is coming later. Don't waste your mana!"

An elderly Clan of Wand person gave directives to his subordinates with a very loud voice belying his age.

"I'm baack~"
"Returned nanodesu."

Pochi and Tama who came back leaped and hugged me.
Nana and Liza came slightly later.

"Master the bombardment has started so I inform."
"That's quite the firepower."

The Clan of Wand's magic annihilated the Sand Demon Scorpions one after another.
Vivid enough to make [Clan of Sword] and regular army's struggle earlier seem sad in comparison.

The magic Clan of Wand used looks like explosion magic at a glance, but it's slightly different than the explosion magic we use.
A magic circle is produced before the wand before the magic is invoked, then that magic circle compresses the user's mana and shoots out.

I've never seen the formation of that magic circle, I think it's a local technique of Sania Kingdom.
It kinda feels similar to the vile magic circle Demon Lord Believers used somehow, but investigating further is too much work, ignoring it should be fine as long as the sparks don't come flying here.

"Now then, looks like it's about time for the star performer to take the stage."

The Land King is coming closer the port.

"Do not fret! With our 『Clan of Wand』 secret move, a creature that's merely big--"

The elderly person who was making a speech noticed something and stopped speaking.

"--Haifa? Did she take away the Sun Gem Wand and attempt to control the Land King--"

I see, that's how she got stuck on the Land King's head.

"All members, aim at Haifa!"

The [Clan of Wand] people sounded perplexed at the elder's words.

"If the Land King was resurrected in incomplete state through the Domination Art, it should cease when the core of that art, Haifa is eliminated."

I'm not sure if the elder is telling the truth, but it seems the [Clan of Wand] people believe in it.

"Anti Sand Demon Scorpions attack might not work on it. Put as much mana as for when you're up against a Sand Bug or a Great Demon Scorpion!"

The [Clan of Wand] point their wands at the Land King.
Similar to the one Haifa carried, topaz-like gems are attached on the tips. Those don't seem to be Sun Gem.

And when they finished chanting, countless magic cannons were shot from the wands at about the same time.

"Kagiya nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi shouted like they were watching fireworks.

The magic cannons hit the Land King's barrier and broke it into pieces, scattering crystal-like glitters around. Quite a sight to behold.
The offensive capability of these attacks didn't seem to rival the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] that the master swordsman had, the Land King suffered little damage having only its outer skin scorched.

"Here comes the counter~?"
"Danger nodesu."

The Land King mowed down the structure where the [Clan of Wand] encamped themselves.
Furthermore, the Land King is taking a deep breath with its head pointed toward the royal palace.

This one would be dangerous if left alone.

"Wall of light?"

Liza muttered quietly.

Looking closely, there's a transparent wall enclosing the palace that shines faintly. It's [Protective Barrier: City Core] according to AR reading.

However, I'm not confident it could block that.

"Everyone, let's go."

It's hero time.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Nobusada, Shocking Truth


I've gotten the quest complete signet from Sefi-san when the sun has completely set and immediately head to the guild. That was more profitable than I thought. Some stores were still open on the way there, so I bought some ingredients. Next, I simply need to register for tamed monster and report the quest completion. Ah, gotta claim the goblin ears too. Even though they're ears, they're not animal ears, let's dispose of them quick.

"Oh, I see you're back in one piece dearuna."

Ah, Ranba-san's still here. It's quiet inside the guild. Most adventurers have probably started drinking at various places.

"This is the completion report. And also, I've killed three goblins, if you'd please verify their subjugation parts and purchase the Soul Stones."

"Fumu, acknowledged dearu."

Ranba-san did the procedure in five minutes like he'd gotten used to it.

"Three goblins are 150 mani, and the Soul Stones are reasonably well so they're 70 mani each, that will be 360 mani in total dearuna."

"Oh and also, I'd like to register this child. Here's the temporary card."

I pointed at Tama-chan on my shoulder and requested for her registration.

"Hohou, Tamed Monster dearuka. So you were a Beast Tamer dearuna. This is the first time I see a tamed Moss Ball dearu. The registration fee will be 400 mani then dearuna."

I received a plate-shaped tamed monster registration card that's a size smaller than the Guild Card from Ranba-san.
He also told me various things. Like you have to update your tamed monsters' info once a year. Otherwise, the registered data will be erased and you have to re-register back. Additionally, you can participate in tamed monster competitions with this registration card. Such competitions are held in various places, brimming with varied and quirky stuff. By the way, there's not going to be one in Gramada city for a while.

Might be interesting to train Tama-chan and aim for the strongest Moss Ball.

"Oh right, this herb gathering quest has changed into a quest personally for you dearu. Now you will get payment directly from the client, so you get to hold on to the quest form here dearuna. With this, the guild will acknowledge the quest completion whenever you get a completion signet nodearu."

Oh, Sefi-san has changed the quest to be like so huh. I should gather herbs whenever I have time. Kinda feels like a nice side job to have.

I thanked Ranba-san and went back to the inn.
After finishing the dinner, I asked Donur-san for a little something through Minerva-chan. Since I got his permission, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning already.

Come to think of it, what does Tama-chan eat again?

She should be fine as long as there's mana, water and light huh... wait, photosynthesis!? I filled a glass with water using magic and then she dived into it. Tama-chan absorbed the water, looking very satisfied all the while. According to her, it seems to be the 『First rate thick mana water she's been waiting for』. I'm just glad it's to her liking. I don't want Tama-chan getting crushed in my sleep, so I let her sleep in the glass and go to bed myself. I've got to practice before dawn tomorrow, gotta get to sleep quickly, night.

Today's revenue and expenditure, 313,110+3,500+360-400-500(foodstuff)=316,570 mani.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Good morning, Nobusada here.
It's still before dawn, I'm currently preparing ingredients at the corner of the Solomon Pavillion's kitchen.
As thanks for Master and Eleanor-san, I'm thinking of making a little handmade surprise. Let's make honey toast and deep fried bread with the flour I bought yesterday. By the way, since sugar and honey can be found as drop items in the dungeon here, although slightly pricy, even commoners can buy them. Both are 10 mani per bottle.
Let's also make walnut jam and custard cream as options for the honey toast. I put ham and scrambled eggs in the deep fried bread. Should be no problem even if Master doesn't like sweet things now. Let's make mixed fruit juice with the pears and apples I picked yesterday. But since there's no glass bottles here, I put it in an earthenwares. You often see mcs in some light novels profiting from making glasses but unfortunately I don't know how to make glass myself.

I asked Donur-san and Rakog-san to sample the food I made and they really liked it, enough to ask the recipes. Since I gladly agreed, it shouldn't be long before I can eat them in the inn. Improving food culture is a nice thing to do.

I put the stuff I made into the rucksack and immediately run to Master's house.
After running through the sparse street, I arrive at Master's house where Master and Eleanor-san are already working out.

"Good morning."

"Oo, is that you Nobusada, sorry about yesterday. Duke Asbel got something to discuss with me and I couldn't make it in time."

Master reacted and looked at me. However, the two continue on without stopping.
I hurriedly activate Discerning Magic Eyes and firmly engrave his movement in my brain.
Master has enough leeway to turn his attention to me, while Eleanor-san is frantically attacking him. Eleanor-san who was that frightening yesterday is being toyed with like a child easily. Really sinks in the huge gap in ability.
Eleanor-san who's unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks while moving like flowing. Against, Master who's moving unbelievably fast yet precise belying his huge build. He parries at times, block at other times, and when he counter attacks, Eleanor-san is forced to take some distance away. I'd lose the two if I relax even an instant. Even if I wholly concentrate myself to watch them, I can only faintly catch what's going on at most. My eyes keep chasing the two while doing stretches.

I see, so that's how you do counter, that should be applicable with weapons, I'm simulating in my head.

"Alright, that's it for now."

Ooh, looks like the two have finished their practice. I put Tama-chan down on top of the rucksack and run up to the two.

"Good morning, Nobusada-san. How are you feeling?"
"Good morning, Eleanor-san. I'm in perfect condition, and my body has been warmed up I can go anytime."
"Fumu, then let's get right to it. Now then, come at me."

Uho, against Master right from the start huh. But that's exactly what I'm waiting for, I'm ready for a honorable defeat.

After we bow at each other, I immediately take the attack stance/Kata.

"Hou, that's a good posture, better than I expected. I see that Eleanor taught you well."

I kick the ground and rush in. Overlapping Eleanor-san's movements earlier with mine. I took Master's held-back attacks that sometimes came at me, with the guard stance/Kata. Amazing, he held back enough to the level of attacks I could somehow block. I'm amazed he could regulate it this well even though he didn't see my training yesterday. I've blocked for several times already, but I still don't get the timing for Counter stance/kata. When I try to counter attack, I ended up losing the timing and letting out flimsy attacks and even taking some punches sometimes. It's exceedingly difficult.

I give up with the wacky attacks and focus on basic attacks instead. My clothes were wet with sweat when I was beginning to lose my breath.

"Alright, let's take a break here."

I crouch down and gasp. And then someone holds out a towel to me.

"Please use this. Your movement has improved so much it's hardly distinguishable from yesterday's."
"Thank you very much, gasp wheeze."

It's gasping, not arousal okay.

"(Hohoho, looks like they get along better than expected. Hiding the new pupil's identity to make it a surprise was worth it)."

Kinda feels like Master is looking at us warmly, let's just ignore it. It somehow feels like he's plotting something, or is he?
That reminds me, I've had this something in mind forever, but never got the chance to ask someone about it. Might as well ask now, given the chance.

"Um, I'd like you to ask you two something."

"What's the matter?"
"What is it?"

"I've seen an acquaintance and Kyle using Weapon Skills before, how do you use those?"


The two looked shocked and then their expressions changed to that of pitying. Eh, did I say something wrong?

"Nobusada, you don't have any one-hand sword Weapon Skills do you? Having that question must mean that you haven't learned even one Weapon Skill."

"Y-yes. Is that a bad thing?"

"Nobusada-san. Weapon Skills are something that you somehow learn one by one whenever your skill level increase if you have the disposition for it."

...A shocking truth!? In other words, that huh, is that it huh!!??

"I-in other words, I don't have the disposition for Weapon Skills, maybe?"

"You got that right!"

Uhoo, he went and said it out loud! So clearly to the point of refreshing! Even blew away my feeling of getting down.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Strongest Sage, Recycles


『Ruli, how's the jamming going?』

『I have stopped their moves for now... I think! How about your side, Mathi-kun?』

『I'm on floor 31 now, but there's no route going down. The demon probably made use of the Dragon Vein to change the internal structure to be that way. The skill level of the present humans can't reach floor 31.』

I check the mana on the wall as I said that.
...Judging from this state, the dungeon was probably tampered a few hours ago.
I think they've done the preparation quite a while before that though.

『Dungeon floor can't be broken right? Should I tinker with the Dragon Vein and create a path for you?』

Destroying dungeon walls is simple, but doing so to the dungeon floor to move between floors is unexpectedly difficult.
Because, even though the surface of the floor is soft enough that it sinks if Iris even steps on it, the floor gets harder after reaching a certain spot below the surface and going further beyond that is quite a task.

The first floor is already harder than mithril.
And it gets harder the deeper you go.
At this floor... I don't think diamond can even scratch it.


『No, I'll manage it myself this time. Ruli keep doing the interference.』

True, there is a magic that can do that just as Ruli said.
But I don't think the current Ruli can finish that fast enough.

Even if she were to give up on interfering the demons and concentrate on the magic, it probably would still take three days to finish.
...Therefore, I've got no choice but to break the floor.

『Manage it yourself... Are you going to destroy the floor!? Isn't it impossible!?』

『It's harder than breaking the walls sure but it's not impossible. We can break it with brute force if we have say, 10 times the power of Iris in her dragon form.』

『Isn't that practically impossible then!?』

Well, the current me can't put out 10 times the power of dragon Iris indeed.
However, that much power is only needed if we intend to break the floor with brute force.

『There's a trick to break dungeon floor you see. If you invoke a magic 200 times per second, the feat isn't really that far-fetched.』

First, I activate 『Dig』 magic.
This is a magic that simply digs the ground to make a hole like a drill.

At first 『Dig』 magic continued to dig the dungeon floor nicely, but after a few meters down, it suddenly stopped and didn't move even a milimeter more.
That means this is the true face of the dungeon floor.

『200 times per second!?』

I heard Alma's voice from the telepathy magic.

『Yeah. There's this phenomenon called resonance. Like when an explosion happens, the grounds shake for a bit right? If you match the timing of that vibration with the magic, you can break things that are usually unbreakable.』

『No well... Even if that was the case, even Mathi-kun can't possibly activate 200 magic in one second can you!? You're practically invoking all those magic at the same time!』

True, the brute force approach would be faster than trying to invoke that many magic the regular way.
However, there's actually a backdoor to invoke the same magic many times.

『Mixing different magic with it is certainly not possible, however...』
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I activate pressure magic as I said that.
Pressure magic will slightly shake the ground and disappear once it's done its job.

I put additional mana into that pressure magic--and forcefully rebuild the magic.
--This is the backdoor trick. Magic Recycling.

Of course, since this isn't how you usually use magic, it requires a very fine control of mana, but since you can invoke the magic simply by controlling mana in a very short amount of time, the magic activation rate has been raised by leaps and bounds.

...That said, with crests other than the Disqualified Crest, like say the next speediest one, the Small Magic Crest can only output 130 times per second at most.
The battle speeds between close quarter and ranged combat differ after all.
Other Crests cannot activate magic at high speed.

I raised the rate of mana supply while thinking about that.
The vibration that shook the ground gradually got stronger--and after a few seconds, the dungeon floor collapsed.

"...Well, guess this is just how it is on floor 31."

I slip out of the mountain of debris while protecting myself from the collapse and touch a nearby wall to connect with Ruli.

『Mathi-kun! The reaction on the Dragon Vein suddenly changed!』

『Yeah. That's because I broke a floor. There are mana paths on the dungeon floors too, thus breaking them will affect the Dragon Vein.』

I investigated the surrounding mana while saying that.

...It's close.
The demons are probably located two floor below here.

『I'm close to the floor where the demons are. Prepare to interfere with the Dragon Vein here!』

『I understand!』

The sounds from the digging just now probably told our actions to the other party, it won't be strange if a battle breaks out anytime.

Moreover, the fact that the demons could control Dragon Vein to block dungeon floor must mean that it's a reasonably powerful demon.
Looks like I can expect a proper fight this time, sure been awhile.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-21

16-21. Sania Kingdom (2)


Satou here. I've never gone on a whale watching, but I've been out on the open sea on a ship. I think eating tempura made of the fish you catch there is the best luxury you could have gotten.

"Huh, there's more people than I imagined here."

We went to watch the Sand Demon Scorpion hunt we heard about during our lunch.
This seems to be a form of amusement in Sania Kingdom, a lot of people have gathered at the harbor and we will be riding two canoe-sized ships separately.

"Master, there is no young organism here so I report."

Just as Nana said, since this can get dangerous, there's no children here.

"Master, it appears that the warships over there will be doing the hunt."

Liza points at three warships.

According to the info on my Map, there are seven fire magicians, three wind magicians, and three swordsmen of the [Clan of Sword] in addition to the sailors who are equipped with bows on board those ships.
When the warships departed, the tour boat we were riding on also followed after them toward the Small Sand Sea.

I saw a structure that looked like breakwater about three meter big and hundreds meters long although it was hard to distinguish since it was sand colored.

"What's that breakwater-like thing over there?"

I asked a nearby sailor since it piqued my interest a bit.

"Ah, that's to goad the Sand Demon Scorpion swarms during the 『Gnawing』."

After listening to the sailor's explanation, I get what the breakwater construction is for by looking at the Map.
The [Clan of Wand] magic probably kill the Sand Demon Scorpion swarms once they're goaded to various locations.

After crossing the breakwater and sailing for about two hours, the warships lowered their sail and put lamb meat on a crane-like thing.

"The wind magicians will spread the smell of that carrion and then the scorpions will come enticed by the smell."

One of the sailors explained the warships' actions.

"Master, it's coming."

Liza found a Sand Demon Scorpion coming from a distance.
The minitruck-sized Sand Demon Scorpion is walking on the Small Sand Sea like it's swimming.

"Master, the archers on the warships are playing hooky so I report."
"Aah, they're there for the Sand Crocodiles and the vultures. Basic stuff like arrows ain't gonna work on the scorpion's thick shell."

A nearby sailor negated Nana's indictment.

"Ooh! The magicians have begun their assault!"

The passengers cheered out loud when they saw fire bullets and fireballs shot from the warships toward the Sand Demon Scorpion.
The majority of the attacking magicians are the fire magicians. Some of the wind magicians also participated in the assault but most are just watching. Looks like their role is to help the ship travel and to lure the Sand Demon Scorpions.

"Aren't earth magic more effective in desert?"
"Like an earth magician gonna take part in this dangerous work. They're not running out of jobs to take."

Passengers who was well informed about magic exchanged words.

"It doesn't seem to be very effective."

Just as Liza said, the magicians seem to be third rate, the fire and wind attack magic are repelled by the Sand Demon Scorpion's shell, most aren't very effective at all.
It does gradually shave down the scorpion's health, but the scorpion will likely get on the warships first.

"The boss's about to show up."

A merchant who seemed to be a regular pointed at the stern of the center warship and shouted out loud.
Turning my gaze there, I saw three [Clan of Sword] men standing there.

"Let's do it!"

They yelled out, dashed from the stern to the bow of the ship and jumped on the Sand Demon Scorpion along with the momentum.

"Special Move--<<Shell Breaker>>"
"Special Move--<<Hairsplitting Thrust>>"
"Special Move--<<Hairsplitting Thrust>>"

One of the special move broke the scorpion's neck shell, and then the second and third swords gouged it.

The scorpion hasn't fallen from the attacks as its scissors come attacking at the three who are on its back.
The three seemed to have predicted that attack, they jumped off the scorpion's back and landed on the Small Sand Sea.

"Master, they're not sinking on the quicksand so I report."

The sand on the Small Sand Sea is too fine grained, you will sink on it like on snow field or water if you land on it.
Looking closer, the swordsmen' shoes are shaped like snow boots.

"Those are shoes made from the Sand Membrane found on the Sand Demon Scorpion's legs."

The merchant then amicably told Nana and also didn't forget to promote his wares, "Please have a visit to Tonbell Company if you would like to order a pair."
Before long, the three swordsmen killed the Sand Demon Scorpion without the magicians' help.

"Everyone, the show is still not over yet."

The regular customer spoke to the sightseers who were leaving the boat's side after the battle was over.

The wind magicians come to the ship's bow, wield their wands and begin to chant.
Once the chant is over, a rope stretches out of the ship's bow moving like a living creature and twirls around the Sand Demon Scorpion, stopping it from sinking into the sand.
This time the warship crews are frantically pulling the rope up. Looks like the last spurt is done with human strength.

Meanwhile, the three swordsmen are leisurely sitting on top of the Sand Demon Scorpion.
They're behaving like some kings or children gang boss.

"Master, the scorpions are coming again."

Liza turns toward a slightly remote part of the Small Sand Sea.
Looks like the second Sand Demon Scorpion showed up while they were taking apart the first scorpion. It's a bit smaller than the earlier scorpion.

The warship crews suspended their work and intercepted the scorpions.

"Ah, more incoming."

The third and fourth scorpions came up.
The number of scorpions shown on radar keeps increasing.

"There sure is a lot of them."
"No, something's wrong, there shouldn't be this many when it's not the Gnawing Season."

The regular customer negated what I said in fluster.
From what I heard before, the next [Gnawing] should be in two month time.

"Honored guests, there's something wrong going on. We're heading back to the harbor."
"Please wait a bit. The boat over there will be in danger if this keeps up."

I borrow a long bow from one of the crews.

"Stop, arrows won't work on those guys."
"Is that right?"

I lightly shoot an arrow.

The arrow whose head was glowing red easily pierced a Sand Demon Scorpion.
Since the bowstring was weakly attached, I had produced a minimum amount of magic edge on the arrow tip.

"Killing a scorpion with bow and arrow!"

The crews and the passengers were surprised to see a Sand Demon Scorpion killed in one shot.

"I will help too."

Liza took steel javelins out of her magic bag and quickly killed the scorpions one after another.

"Uwaah, it's a Sand Worm!"

Nana beat down a worm that came out of the sand next to our boat with her round shield.
It probably came out to prey on the Sand Demon Scorpions.

I see that the warships have started to escape from the scorpions.

"Now then, let's flee together."

We shake off the Sand Demon Scorpions and go back toward the harbor.

The number of Sand Demon Scorpions shown on my Map is enough to swallow the kingdom's capital whole.
The trial given to me must be for me to defeat that vast amount of Sand Demon Scorpions with the [Golden Sword Herarusauph], no doubt about it.
Looks like I've gotta break a leg to do that without using magic, but I'm gonna clear nonetheless it if that's the trial.

First of all, I guess I should go back to the royal palace and ask the master swordsman if I can borrow the [Golden Sword Herarusauph] huh?

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"What tomfoolery are you saying at this time of emergency!"

I was able to have an audience with the master swordsman at the royal palace, but he laughed me off when I asked if I could borrow the [Golden Sword Herarusauph].

"Stop talking nonsense."

The master swordsman whose face turned dark red from anger took the top brass of the [Clan of Wand] with him and left the room.

Zanza boy and Myufa siblings who had been asking to be Nana's pupils were the ones who guided us here.

"Earl-sama, what do you need the 『Golden Sword』 for?"

Zanza asked curiously.

"Yeah, that sword is nothing good at all."

Myufa who spoke out in resentment was chided by Zanza boy.

"But Nii-sama."
"Don't say it Myufa."

The siblings exchanged words filled with implications.

"But it's because of that sword, father is..."
"It can't be helped. Compensation is necessary in order to bear the power of God in our body. I'd gladly offer my lifespan or anything if I can become the master swordsman."

The sword looks to be one dangerous item.
Having a girl with a long lifespan as my loved one, I'd like to refrain from using an item that can reduce my lifespan.

Maybe I should make an imitation of the [Golden Sword Herarusauph] the master swordsman carry and use that instead?
God Heraruon's orders were [Show that you can bring it to an end as my representative], and [Once people revere my name far and wide, I shall give thee the proof], therefore, as long as the people think the one I have to be the real thing, it should be okay, I think.

"Zanza, Myufa! What are you doing loafing around here! Get to the assembly quick!"

Zanza boy and Myufa got taken away by a man who came for them.

According to the Map information, Sania Kingdom's troops have started fighting the Sand Demon Scorpions in the Small Sand Sea, but they've only come in contact with the small scale swarms.
It should be about 5-6 hours before they collide with the real swarms.

"I see, that's the 『Clan of Sword』's trump card huh."

There are Sand Demon Scorpions next to the departing warships of the [Sania Kingdom] and [Clan of Sword].
According to AR readings, those flag-bearing Sand Demon Scorpions seem to be tamed monsters.


I found a familiar object on the head of the Sand Demon Scorpions.
A magic tool called [Screw] that Weasel Empire used to control monsters.

"Master, if you'd like to snatch that sword from that man, allow me--"
"No, even if we've got the permission from Sania King, I won't make the move until he's fallen in combat."

I visited the Sania King before coming here and asked if I could borrow the Golden Sword, and he easily gave me the permission.
He's probably trying to have me clash with the [Clan of Sword] and chip away their power.

I can understand if it's during normal times, but I can't believe he's trying to reduce his own army war potential right when an unexpected [Gnawing] started.
Sania King is either an excellent conspirator far capable than me or a foolish ruler.

I thought of liberating the confined [Clan of Wand] for an instant, but since Haifa left a deep impression on me, I didn't feel like doing it.

"Master, I've bought the Sand Yacht, so I report."
"Thank you, Nana. Shall we go then."

We boarded the yacht Nana bought, followed after the warships and got to watch the battle above the sand.

"I see, they let the tamed monsters wrestle with the wild ones and use that chance to drive the screw to create more tamed monsters."

They probably came to an agreement to remove the [Clan of Wand] because they had confidence in this strategy.


"There's just too many scorpions."
"I'm of the same opinion so I inform. Many of the scorpions have come in contact with the warships so I report."

The Sand Demon Scorpions that have climbed the warships are killed by the Clan of Sword's special moves.
Those special move things seem to be specialized in killing the Sand Demon Scorpions. They're killing those scorpions at a pace unbelievable for the difference in levels.

"Oh, looks like they're gonna use the 『Golden Sword』."

The master swordsman is standing on the warship's bow with a golden colored sword in his hand.
A swarm of around 50 Sand Demon Scorpions are coming toward him while raising cloud of dust.

"O God Heraruon, who witnesses from the heavens! O 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』! Eat my soul, turn into my power!"

The light that shrouds the Golden Sword wraps the master swordsman's body, very flashy.

"Secret Art--《Sun Slash》"

With one side slash of the master swordsman, around 70% of the 50 Sand Demon Scorpions have been neutralized.

Swordsmen of the [Clan of Sword] leap onto the reduced swarm of Sand Demon Scorpions.
Zanza boy and Myufa were among them.

"Special Move--《Golden Sword》"

The silver mithril sword that Zanza boy has is wrapped in golden light.
The sturdy Sand Demon Scorpion got cut up like butter when he slashed with the sword enshrouded in golden light.

I think it's a variant of Magic Edge skill, but looking at the AR reading of Zanza boy's MP gauge, the skill really has a bad fuel consumption.

"Guess this will be over without our turn?"
"Denying Master's prediction so I inform."
"Master, warships other than the master swordsman's seem to be overwhelmed."

Even without looking on the Map, the front line is gradually getting pushed back just as the two said.
The swordsmen had no choice but retreat to the center of the sand bank once swarms, twice, thrice the number of the 50 strong scorpions earlier, came.


"Wh-what the heck is that!"
"Have the Sand Worms gathered here to consume the Sand Demon Scorpions!"

The swordsmen shouted out loud when they saw a huge beetle larva-like thing that appeared breaking through the sand.
Its diameter is about as big as a sand ship's hold.

"Proliferation fever so I report."

Just as Nana said, the beetle larva-like things appeared out of the sand one after another, sinking the sand ships.
I can't exactly let those people die before my eyes, so I teleport those who were swallowed by those things and those who sank in the sand to the outskirts of Sania Kingdom.

"Master, it's coming."

Vast range of sand lifts up, surging in like a tsunami.
Our yacht is fine since it's supported by [Magic Hands], but the other warships have it rough.

The flagship that the master swordsman is riding on seems to have a good captain and crews, they've managed to prevent the ship from capsizing.

"N-no way! Why is that thing here!"

The master swordsman shouted at the thing that appeared splitting the sand sea.

"That thing should have been sealed in the Sandstorm Labyrinth which Sania King forbid anyone from approaching!"

It's hard to describe the form of that thing.

A sea anemone riding on a giant tortoise with numerous legs, each of the sea anemone's tentacles is as big as a Sand Worm, and it has numerous heads like a hydra.

"Damn you foolish king! Can't even do your only job!"

The master swordsman is getting wild.

"Master Swordsman-sama! Please look at the middle head!"


A girl is attached to it like a figurehead of a sailing ship.

Moreover, the face looks familiar.

"Isn't that the Haifa girl whom we saved from the Sand Pirates?"

Liza who's good at remembering people's faces informed me.

"You damn 『Clan of Wand』! You even went as far as using your position to set up the sandstorm barrier in order to reinstate yourself!"

Looks like the master swordsman is familiar with Haifa too.

"But this is the end of your fate."

The master swordsman roared ferociously while thrusting out the Golden Sword toward the sky.

"No enemy can stand before the 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』 blessed by God Heraruon and my Secret Art, 『True Sun Slash』."

The golden sword pointed to heaven is thrust forward with a snap.

"Perish--『Land King』"

The master swordsman whose whole body was emitting golden colored light launched himself upon the Land King to stake it all on a do or die battle.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Strongest Sage, Digs Out Dragon Vein


"...It should be around here."

I stabbed the dungeon wall with a pickaxe as I said that.
It's the same magically enhanced pickaxe I used to gather mithril at the Second Academy.

Since we're not making barrier this time, I dig out the wall at a quick pace.
And then--a few minutes after I started digging.
Mana gushes out of the dug wall.

"Here it is. This is the great dungeon's Dragon Vein."

"W-what incredible mana..."

Ruli muttered while gazing at the huge amount of mana gushing out of the wall.
At a glance, it only looks like an ordinary rock wall.

But those who can detect mana to a degree will immediately notice that there's a vast amount of mana lurking inside this wall.
And those who have gotten a bit more used to detecting mana should also notice what lies inside.

"Umm... Don't you think this mana kinda feels like demons?"

Looks like Ruli noticed.

"It's cause the demons' mana is mixed in it. ...That said, the majority of it doesn't seem to have been from a recent interference."

"Not recent? ...You mean it's old?"

"Yeah. It's 100 year old at the very least. This amount of mana... It's probably the work of a powerful enough demon at the cost of its life. The demons in this time are only doing the finishing touch."

The reason why demons haven't destroyed mankind as soon as possible is probably because they're waiting for this to activate, in addition to their power decline.
I mean simply activating this should cause a great disaster huge enough to wipe out the present humanity.

"More than 100 years ago... but since it needs a finishing touch, that means we can still stop it right?"

Ruli turns toward the Dragon Vein.
Looks like she's braced herself.

"That's right. For now put this magic circle for communication in the Dragon Vein... Afterward, interfere with the Dragon Vein while consulting with me! If you make a mistake in the control, it will explode and cause Mana Disaster, in the worst case scenario, this entire city could be destroyed, so be careful!"


Telepathy magic won't work with Disqualified Crest at a distance.
Thus, we're using the Dragon Vein as a medium for it.

If it's only for relaying info, I don't need to get too close to the Dragon Vein at its present state, thus it's an effective mean of communication inside the dungeon.
I've taught her how to make magic tools to control Dragon Vein after all.

"You two, I'm counting on you to guard Ruli!"

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"I understand!"

After confirming Alma and Iris's reactions, I dive down the floors.
Due to the demons tampering the Dragon Vein, the floor structures seem to have have changed from yesterday.

『Ruli, any change in the Dragon Vein's fluctuation?』

While progressing through the dungeon, I touch the wall with my hand and communicate with Ruli.

『Yes! It kinda feels unnatural somehow!』

Just as I thought, the demons have started the finishing touch.
This is the perfect timing to interfere with it.

『Interfere their Dragon Vein control! Use any rank 2 Magic Tools you want!』

『I understand!』

Rank is a number that indicates the scale of the effect a magic gives to the Dragon Vein.
Magic doesn't have that kind of classification though, it's just me saying 『This is rank 1, this is rank 2』 on my own.

Since among the magic I taught her, there are some that could cause a great disaster if used carelessly.
Pointing out which magic to use or not to use at times like this will take too much time, thus classifying them into ranks would lessen the work.

While giving pointers like that--I reached a floor that's so obviously different from a natural dungeon.

Right now I'm on floor 31.
Normally, the dungeon should have been much deeper.
However--there is no path that leads beyond here on floor 31.

"Now then... The real thing starts now."

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