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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Strongest Sage, Obtains Permission


"There's a letter!"

A certain evening.
There was a letter in the mailbox in our inn's room when we got back.
No sender is written.

"...Is this another harassment by the city ruler?"

"I wonder if they've given up trying to beat us upright?"

Alma and Ruli observed the letter as they said that.
The city ruler's underlings have been attacking us everyday in this past week indeed.
I don't blame them for getting suspicious at this letter in this situation, but... it's different this time.

"No, this isn't from the city ruler. It's the letter we've all been waiting for instead."

I unfold the letter after saying that.
I haven't put my guard down, but there should be nothing weird written on it.
The content is in line with my expectations too.

"Look, this."

I spread the letter.

Need to pass you a letter. Will wait on the dungeon floor 2.

This all that's written.
There's a dungeon map drawn below with sign marked on a location.
This is the place the sender is waiting at huh.

"...What does this mean?"

"I can't think of it as anything but a suspicious invitation by the city ruler... Maybe he's put a trap there...."

"If he wanted to pass a letter, he could just have put it in the mailbox like with this one...."

"No. This should be different. If they're going to attack us, they wouldn't purposely do it on floor 2 and they would have written the appointed time. And above all... the reason they gave is too suspicious to be a trap."

Basically, the higher the dungeon floor, the more people are there.
You'd find someone just by walking a bit on floor 2.
They would have chosen a deeper floor if they intended to ambush us.

And the reason for calling us would have been a bit less suspicious.

"Then just who..."

"This person probably came to meet us as ordered by the king. Pretending to be an adventurer make them less suspicious, and there's no way a letter from the king be dropped in this mailbox just like that."

"....I see! It's true that getting found out by the city ruler will be troublesome!"

"Which means, the king's messenger is waiting in the dungeon... We've got to hurry!"

"Yeah. We should hurry but still careful as to not raise suspicion."

We hurried to the dungeon.

10 minutes after we found the letter.
We arrived at the location specified in the letter.

There's no one in the appointed place.
...Or so it looks it.

"We're here to receive the letter. Could you show yourself up?"

I said so and waved the letter toward the wall.
And then a part of the wall disappeared... and a man appeared out of thin air.
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"Please excuse me. I'm called Eiku. I was ordered to keep myself hidden until Mathias-sama found me as His Majesty believed you definitely would."

Eiku bowed in front of me as he said that.
His equipment look like that of an adventurer, but... his movements don't.

He's probably a secret agent employed by the royal family.
The magic he used to hide himself is also one of the less objectionable ones I saw in this world too.

"The reason you rigorously hid yourself that far.... is to avoid getting found out by the city ruler, am I correct?"

"Yes. My order is to deliver this letter without the city ruler's knowledge and to accompany you if necessary."

Eiku handed over a letter as he said that.
The letter is stamped with the royal family's crest.

I receive the letter and open it.
The content is... written with something that goes beyond my expectations.

I have received your report regarding the current ruler of Melkia City, Dogiel Melkia.
We have carried out an investigation about his tyranny ourselves, and the situations are just as Mathias reported, it cannot be forgiven.
Thus, the instant this letter is delivered to Mathias, Melkia Household is to be abolished and Dogiel Melkia is to be executed.

In addition, if you wish for it, Mathias and his party, with Eiku as a representative of the royal family, can act as a proxy to arrest the current city ruler.
In that case, you are permitted to execute him on the spot if you deem it necessary to.

As we expect him to put on a resistance, be advised to prepare your force.
But that's probably not needed if Mathias agrees to take part.

"...Mathias-sama, would you like to act as a proxy for the arrest?"

"Yeah. I'd like to."

I immediately replied Eiku's inquiry.
With this, we can make our move now.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Strongest Sage, Acts Friendly


"Damn it! Where'd they go!"

About five minutes after the guild adventurers left.
We concealed ourselves again and came close to where the city ruler's underlings were.
They're still looking for us.

We could have ambushed and defeated them here... but it'd be bad if it was all a misunderstanding.
I should confirm their stance first.

"Alright, I'm gonna cancel the concealment. Don't bring out your weapon just yet, but don't let your guard down either!"


I showed myself up in front of the underlings.
And then....

"Excuse me. We seem to have gotten lost..."

I pretend to be lost and asked him the way.
With my guard up of course.
I can make a counterattack if they do attack me, I've positioned myself to lop off their heads all at once in less than three seconds if needed.

Now then, how will they react....

"Aa. Your inn is that way."

The city ruler's underlings looked a bit perplexed to see us suddenly showing up, but they immediately pointed to a direction.
The direction they gave is correct for sure.

We never said our inn's name out, so they probably have investigated our lodging place.
...Well, simply knowing the location doesn't mean that raiding it will be a success.

"Thank you very much."

We thanked them, turn our back on the underlings and began to walk to the direction they told us.
I'm walking in the back most. I should look like an easy target from their perspective.
The next moment--

"Don't move."

The underling put his hands on my neck and pointed a knife on it.
It really comes to this huh.
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"Listen to what we say if you don't want this guy killed."

The underling who's caught me looks over the girls after saying that.
He really does not seem wary of me.

They really think I'm a healer huh....
Well, letting them operate with the misunderstanding is convenient for us, so let's let them keep it.
It'd make things far easier if they targeted me instead of the girls.

"Follow us."

Right when the underling said that and tried to drag me with him... I activated telepathy magic. And tell Iris.

『Iris, with bare hand, you hear me.』


Iris readied her fist and thrust it at us.


The underling swings a knife toward my hand.
He's probably not aiming for my neck to avoid killing me.
You can't take a corpse hostage after all.

Well--either way, it's pointless.
I enveloped my whole body with defensive magic right when the knife was swung down.

Putting up a magical defensive wall while taking care not to make them notice it is a bit troublesome.... But there's no need for that this time.
Because any shred of oddness they felt would be blown away by Iris's fist.

"You think you can win against us with a fist--wha?"

One of the underlings caught Iris's fist with a sword.
However, of course the blade couldn't get through it.

Thus, all of the city ruler's underlings got blown away just like that.
Well, I also got rolled up in it though.

"...Alright, now every one of them has been knocked out."

I slipped in during the confusion and shot Faint-inducing magic on all of them.
With this, we've evaded their ambush with the misunderstanding intact.

"You... knocked them out?"

"Yeah. It's a waste to kill them."

As I said that, I put several magic into the underlings' body.
We're going to let them go after putting these in.

"Alright, that'll do."

After I was done inserting the magic.
I said that as I stood up.

"A magic to detect their position... right?"

Ruli who saw the augmented magic said that.
She's generally correct.

"Yeah. Half of it."


"Yeah. This magic also has an effect to detect demons. If my guess is right, demons don't have anything to do with the matter this time, but... just in case."

I have surmised that demons only played a part in the previous city ruler's demise.
But it's not a bad idea to check it out while also watching the current ruler's moves.
This kind of spell is plain but convenient.

And then, about a week after we dealt with the underlings.
A messenger who carries a letter from the king has arrived at our place.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Strongest Sage, Receives Advice


"...Isn't it only right to introduce yourself first when you ask someone their name?"

After saying that, I look at the pair that talked to me.
Judging from their equipment and clothes... they're probably adventurers.

It seems they're normally working as secret agents, as their equipment are geared toward minimizing sounds, unlike ordinary adventurers'.
Which means... they're probably the guild's secret agents.

"...Excuse me. We're adventurers who took an unofficial quest dispatched by the guild."

I guessed right huh.
Seeing that they're taking different actions from the city ruler's underlings... the guild and the city ruler probably have opposing views.
I should introduce myself first for now.

"Yeah you're right, I'm Mathias. And... what quest you took that required you to tail us in secret?"

"You knew that much huh. ...Our objective is to pass a message from the guild to Mathias and his party. The reason why we're concealing ourselves is to... avoid the city ruler's secret agents, rather than your party."

The adventurer looked at the direction of the city ruler's secret agents as he said that.
Looks like the adventurers have the upper hands in stalking skill.
The city ruler's secret agents seem like they completely have no clue where we are after all.

I guess we can trust these adventurers a bit for now.

"Got it. ...So what's the guild's message? Is it related to the fact that the guild's secret agents are looking for us?"

"...You've seen through everything huh. That's correct. Mathias and his party, all four of you are wanted by the city ruler."

"Wanted? Like with criminals?"

"Yeah. They don't have an excuse, so they won't do it in public. ...But there's a high chance of you getting ambushed in a night like this. They're targeting... Mathias in particular."

When the three girls who had been staying silent heard that... they had a dumbfounded look on their faces.
And then they ask the adventurers while looking like they can't believe it.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Eh? Mathi-kun?"

"...Of all the ones here, Mathi-kun?"

"Why would they purposely go for Mathias-san?"

The adventurer sighs and answers the three's questions.

"There are two reasons mainly. First, he's the leader of the party that defeated a monster whom the city ruler couldn't defeat even after gathering people. He's losing his face.... The second reason... apparently, he thinks that Mathias-kun is the easiest one to beat amongst his party members."


The three let out a vapid voice.

"H-hold on. What do you mean by Mathi-kun being easiest to beat?"

"I think it'd still be easier to annihilate the three of us together than defeating Mathias-san...."

The adventurer answers that question.

"It seems like the city ruler... thinks that Mathias is just a mere healer. And he's a Disqualified Crest at that. Though I think even someone slightly skilled will immediately notice that Mathias is the most dangerous one among you guys...."

Ah. That kind of pattern huh.

"Which means, the city ruler is probably going to try to take Mathias hostage and put his party under his control. Since having Mathias's party under his control means he could save face... Thus, we'd suggest Mathias and his party to leave this city for a while."

"I refuse."

I immediately replied the adventurer's suggestion.
Why should we have to run away just to avoid one shitty city ruler.
He's not worth even that.

"...You might be confident with your skills, but you'd better off not staying in this city. They likely won't attack at places with many people around, but they will persistently come at you anywhere else."

"No problem. You three can hide somewhere if you don't like the idea though..."

"I think it's not a problem."

"Me too, nothing to worry about with Mathi-kun around! We can't let our guard down though..."

"I feel sorry for anyone who's going after Mathi-kun instead..."

The three are in agreement too it seems.

"For now, I've received your advice, so tell the guild that there's no problem. Well, you'll see the result in less than two weeks."

"Result... I probably shouldn't ask what you mean by that. I feel that it's for the best... I got it. I'll tell the guild that."

The adventurers left after saying that.
By result, of course, I mean the contact from the royal capital.

If the king gives his decree to execute the city ruler, dealing with the aftermath will be easier.
Well, I plan to assassinate the guy first if I deem that his adverse effect is too big.

...Now then.
For the time being, shall we go and deal with today's assailants.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Strongest Sage, Tests it Out

"It must be a mistake. It's true that this monster was the most passable one up to floor 18, but it's not really that strong of a monster...."

"No well... The fact that it's the strongest up to floor 18 is already weird in itself okay? ...Did you really defeat this with just four people?"

"I didn't participate, so three people."

"Unbelievable... Are you guys monster.... By the way, Mathias, what were you doing at that time?"

The branch head asked.
He probably knew my name from the guild card.

"I wasn't doing anything. Just watching."

"...You didn't want to help them?"

"The three of them were enough. I fully planned to help them if it looked dangerous though."

The branch head took a pen and wrote something on the memo after hearing that.
I can't see what he's writing from here since he's obstructing it... but I can guess by his muscle movements.
The hidden memo is written with, 『If the report is to be believed, the monstrous ones are Alma, Ruli and Iris. Mathias, the leader doesn't partake because he's a healer』.

Looks like they mistook me as a healer.
And then the branch head smiled.

"I understand the situation. ...I actually don't, but I understand. Either way, we're very grateful for having that monster killed. We can purchase the materials right away, however your reward for the subjugation will have to wait. It takes time to report the subjugation to the city ruler, and for the reward money to trickle down. Do you have any problem with that?"

"I don't."

We didn't defeat the monster because we took the quest, but it appears he wants to give us the reward regardless.
However, since the reward comes from the city ruler, we probably shouldn't expect much.
Thus, we managed to safely (?) sell the materials.

Afterward, we had a meal in a random store, and headed back to the inn.
...On the way back.

My detection magic sensed suspicious presences.
Are we being tailed?
In order to ascertain that, I purposely took a back alley that we normally wouldn't have taken.

"Huh? Was our inn this way?"

Alma asked me who suddenly changed direction.
I reply her while taking care not to make it looks suspicious.

"Yeah. This route seems to be shorter."

While saying that I concentrated on the continuous detection.
It seems like both groups are following us. There's no doubt that they're tailing us then.

There are two groups of suspicious presences in total.
Both of them are trying to hide their presences.
....Their stalking skill's a mess. Walking out in the open at a place with a lot of people would have made them not look suspicious instead.

I activate telepathy magic while thinking that.

『You three, listen to me calmly.』

『...What's the matter?』

『Does this have something to do with the sudden turn?』

The three were surprised at the sudden telepathy but they quickly replied calmly.
And Alma is correct.

『We're being tailed. And by two groups at that.』

『Two groups?』

『Yeah. One of them is... no doubt, subordinates of the city ruler. And they don't seem friendly at all. They even carry equipment for capturing people with them.』

『...You know that much without seeing them?』

『Yeah. Once you're used to it, you can somewhat know the enemy's equipment and such with just Passive Detection. Particularly when they're carrying magic tools, it's quite easy.』

『No, I don't think that's easy at all...』

『First of all, even though I know there are human reactions, I don't know whether they're tailing us or not....』

Well, this stuff is a matter of experience.
Alma and Ruli should be able to do this much without focusing once they train a bit.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
As for Iris.... it's better left unsaid.
Every human has something they're good at. She's a dragon though.

『And, the other group, I'm not really sure, but.... There's not a lot of them, and they don't seem hostile. So I'm thinking of coming in contact with this one.』

『...We're meeting the people tailing us ourselves? Isn't that dangerous...』

『We simply need to respond in kind if they try to harm us. Moreover, we can decide the timing if we're the one going after them ...Letting them to decide the timing is way more dangerous instead.』

I activated concealment magic after saying that.
Both of the tailing groups have lost us with this.
Next is...

『Now! Follow after me while being careful about the sound from your footsteps!!』


I simply go to our target with the three following.
And we arrived at... the path the group who isn't with the city ruler is going to take.
Now that we're here, they should find us soon once I cancel the concealment magic.

And then....

『Let's stop here. Make it look like we're only walking naturally.』


I deactivated the concealment magic after their reply.
We probably look like we're casually walking from their point of view.
People who could see through this camouflage wouldn't have done such a poor stalking.

Now then, what's coming out.
If they're attacking, I'll consider them enemy....

"...Am I correct to assume that you're Mathias-san?"

Just as I thought, they went ahead and talked to us huh.
It appears that... they're not our enemy.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Strongest Sage, Explains the Situation


We immediately went to the guild after leaving the dungeon.
I put our baggage in the Storage magic since I knew that I didn't really need the mana right now, but my mana won't recover if I keep this on.
Fortunately, the guild is close by the dungeon.

"We'd like to sell some materials."

"...You guys went inside the dungeon at a time like this?"

The receptionist girl looked at us like she couldn't believe it.
I guess entering the dungeon after so many people fell victims makes us look rash.

The dungeon cities in my past life got it even worse at their worst though.... Well, I shouldn't judge this world using the same standard considering the current technology is underdeveloped.
And since we've returned safely, there should be no problem here.

"Yes. That said, we didn't encounter any strong monster though."

"Oh right, it shouldn't be that dangerous in the upper floors... You don't have a lot with you either."

Looks like she got it.
The part about not having a lot is a mistake on her part though.
Guess it's faster if I just show it.

"We don't have a lot because of Storage magic. ...See."

I took out the materials we brought.
Seeing that... the receptionist girl's expression froze halfway through.

"Anything wrong?"

"E-err.... What are those materials?"

The receptionist girl pointed at the materials we brought.
We only picked up the relatively better materials with us as we descended through the dungeon.... but the ones that remain in the end are the materials from that bird.
Even though it was beaten into a mess, the materials are still in a whole different class compared to other monsters, which were just too weak.

"They're from a bird monster we defeated in the dungeon. ...I didn't partake in the subjugation though, these three were the ones who did it."

I pointed at Ruli and the others.

"It was Mathi-kun who made that magic circle though...."

"I mean, I feel that Iris-san did most of the work."

While saying that, Ruli and the others brought the materials so they could be better looked at.
The receptionist girl had a perplexed look when she saw the materials... then she turns around and shouts out.

"Branch Head! Big news!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"What's wrong!"

"It's materials from the monster from yesterday!"

A middle aged man rushed out of the back to hear the receptionist's voice.
He's probably the branch head.
I don't remember us doing anything worth getting fussed over though....

Or rather... What does she mean by the monster from yesterday? This bird monster?
We delved into the dungeon for the sake of defeating the monster who annihilated adventurer joint party... but we couldn't find that monster y'know?

I wait for their reaction next while carrying that doubt.
And the branch head... Asks this question.

"Where did you get these materials?"

"It should be from floor 11."

"...Why did you go to floor 11 at this day?"

It kinda feels like he's suspecting us in his confusion.
Yeah, I guess going to floor 11 without any reason is suspicious.
As I'd also like to report about our failure in finding any strong monster, I should tell them the truth here.

"We heard that there was a strong monster in the dungeon, so we went to see how it was. Well, we didn't find that monster even after getting to floor 18 though."

"In the end, this guy was the strongest!"

"Right, most other monsters were done in one hit...."

Iris and Alma gave their own impressions after I explained the situation.
Seeing that, the branch head... put his hands on his head while looking like he wanted to say, 『The hell they're going on about』.
And then he muttered.

"W-what's with these guys... I heard that the Second Academy was bad news this year, but these kids are just too weird..."

What? Am I imagining things or did he just suddenly bad mouthed us.
I don't get what's going on, I should ask his story.

"...Is there any problem?"

"No, not problem, I mean... That thing is that monster..."

The branch head pointed at the bird materials we brought as he said that.
...Eh? This thing is?

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-14

16-14. End of the Assailants (2)


Satou here. There's this saying, "The mountains have brought forth a mouse", but I think it's better than them bringing forth a major volcanic eruption. I mean, going on a pleasure trip in peaceful times is more fun.
<TLN: The saying means approximately like 'much ado about nothing'.>


I went with Tama using Unit Arrangement and jumped into the place she led me to.

"Master... I'm, sorry..."
"Pull yourself together."

I take Arisa's small hand as she muttered weakly and put my forehead on hers.


"You're burning."

According to AR, it's not influenza, but a cold--looks like she's gotten a common cold.

"Geez, why'd you bath under the waterfall until you got a cold..."
"I'm sowwy."

Lulu who came carrying a rice gruel scolded Arisa.
I see, I get the reason Arisa caught the cold.

"Yaay, rice gruel with sweet potatoes."

Rather than the sweet potato she knows, it's a local product of Seryuu Earldom.

"Master, feed me."

Arisa is acting spoiled, perhaps the fever got her hard.
Well, I guess I can at least spoil her when she's down with a cold.

"Aan, so good. It tastes like Master's love."

Arisa's jokes don't stop even while she's coughing.
It makes me worry that she's getting delirious from her fever.

When I reflexively turned my gaze around, I saw the youth troupe assembled on Arisa's bedside.

"Aan, nanodesu."
"Tama too~?"

That reminds me, my little sister also demanded for the "Aan" from our mom when I was down with a fever before I went to school.

"I'm feeding Arisa right now, so later--"

I noticed something halfway through.
I look around the room.

--Thought so.

"Arisa, you didn't take the magic medicine for treating illness did you?"

I forgot about it since cold was a common illness in the former world.
With the magic medicines and magic available in this world, it can be cured in an instant.

"Eh? Err, I only had elixirs with me, so I thought it would be too wasteful to use one."

Arisa replied me while coughing.
The coughing timing somewhat feels suspicious.

"Then how about Mia's water magic?"
"Was refused."

I turned to Mia, and she shook her head while making an x sign with her arms.

"I mean, you know! Mia came back way after I got down with the cold, and I thought I would get better if I just drank water, ate rice gruel and slept--"
"Even the brownies in this room could use magic to heal a simple cold right?"

Arisa faltered in the middle of her excuse.
Why would she go to sleep while still afflicted with the cold anyway?

"It will be easier if you just confess nodesu."

Pochi urged Arisa while imitating a veteran detective who pressed someone to confession.

"I just wanted to have a nursing play with masteeeeeeeeer"

Next to Arisa who shouted with all her soul, Mia who couldn't understand it tilted her head to the side, and Lulu who understood it muttered her little sister's name while blushing.


When I rejected her, Arisa muttered, "And it was the perfect chance to have a nursing play with the too healthy Master too"

Yup, Arisa should reflect on it a bit.

"Private Pochi."
"Administer the household medicine used in the orphanages to private Arisa."
"Yes nanodesu. This one nodesu?"
"Yes, that one."

I gave the confirmation to Pochi who took the medicine out of her magic bag.


Arisa screamed when she saw the thing Pochi took out.

"I'd like to refrain from that thank you."
"It's okay nanodesu. It won't hurt nodesu."
"No no, it's not about whether it hurts or not."
"Don't worry nodesu. Pochi is a suppository pro nanodesu."
"You'll break a maiden's heart!"

Arisa inched back in the bed while Pochi was approaching with an evil look on her face.

"A-at least, I'd like Master to be the one putting it in--"
"Arisa, you shouldn't act spoiled nanodesu."
"Uoo, I can't teleport? Master sealing teleportation is--"

I went out of the room with Mia while hearing Arisa's scream behind us.
I'll let Lulu handle the rest.

"Satou, welcome back."

Zena-san and princess Sistina greeted me when I returned to the living room in the solitary island palace.

I have to tell the passing of her brother of different mother, third prince Sharlick, to princess Sistina, but let's put off that for later.
It felt like she was indifferent toward the third prince after all.

"It appears there was an accident in the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's hangar, did anyone get hurt?"
"N-no. We aren't hurt anywhere. But, err--"

Zena-san who stammered her words awkwardly sent her gaze to the corner of the room.
There's Lady Karina who turns her face away while looking small there.

She probably messed up at something again.

"Would you tell me what happened?"
"Yes, allow me."

Princess Sistina begins to narrate what happened.

"It all happened when we were visiting the hangar--"

Someone stole the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's pilot suit, the mobile armor, and tried to hijack [General].
The fairly successful hijacker who boarded the Holy Shell Mobile Armor, swung the already booted-up armor's arm, and destroyed the scaffold and supporting frames around it, causing panic in the hangar.

The researchers who were about to be crushed under the collapsing scaffold were saved by Lady Karina's intense actions, but since Zena-san and princess Sistina seemed like they had forced smiles when they talked about it, I should take it with a grain of salt.
Her saving them is probably true, but she must have messed up at something.

"『Bizarre humanoids made of wreckage and steel beams』?"

Golems made of rubble that rose up from the wreckage and cloud of dust gathered and beat the researchers to death.

"That's weird. I've put the function to create servant golems like the original in the fake, yes, however I've programmed it so that they are forbidden to kill..."

Servant golems was a function relevant during the wars, so I had programmed them with Three Laws of Robotics built-in.

"Yes, Mito-sama also hypothesized that they might be familiars created by a lesser demon."

Looks like the one behind the incident here were demons too.
The root is probably the same as the one from Duchy Capital.

"Now that you mention it, where's Mito?"
"She said that something else might happen there, so she's on stand by along with Liza-san in the capital."

Then I'll go see how they're doing later.

"May I continue?"
"Yes, if you please."

The rubble golems were dealt with by princess Sistina's golems, while Zena-san was dealing with the Holy Shell Mobile Armor's hijacker.
As Zena-san was chanting advanced magic after her lower class ones proved ineffective, apparently, that was when Lady Karina blew away the steel frames and re-joined the frontline.

"So it was surprised by Lady Karina and tumbled over?"

The hijacker seemed to be a dullard.

Well, even if he made a run with the armor, without the [Real Activation Key] I gave to the king, it wouldn't be able to enter flight mode or high-mobility mode, nor could it fire any weapons, he probably would have ended up getting caught by the Shiga Eight Swords and Hikaru in the end.

"So, did you manage to catch that hijacker?"
"Yes, my golems dragged out the mobile armor and Zena-san arrested the man who tried to run away."

The hijacker seemed to be the page fired by the first prince back then, who was also a former employee of the third prince.
Well, they were probably trying to cause something in the capital while that man created a diversion as a throwaway piece.
Hikaru is probably staying with Liza in the capital because she came to the same conclusion.

"You two did great."

When I praised the two, Lady Karina's mood got even gloomier in the corner of the room.
Apparently, she feels bad for being the only one who did nothing great.

I walk to Lady Karina.


When I called to her, she buried her face into her own breast after a slight reaction.

--As expected of demonic breasts.

"Looks like you saved the researchers."
"That's all I did desuwa..."

Looks like the optimistic Lady Karina is currently in a rare self-loathing phase.

"That's not true at all, or are you dissatisfied that you 'only' saved people's life?"

Lady Karina raised her face with a startled look.
Her reaction resembled Pochi somehow.

"Moreover, we were only able to recapture the Holy Shell Mobile Armor without breaking it thanks to Lady Karina's actions."

Regardless of who the other party was, the fact is the matter was able to be concluded quickly thanks to her actions.


Lady Karina is looking up at me with moist eyes.
She looks like a girl in love, so I'm not sure how to react here.

"Mission complete~?"
"Suppository complete nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi appeared from the door.
Arisa's punishment--administering is done it seems.

Alright, I'll let Pochi who's close to Lady Karina to take care of her.
I beckoned Pochi and entrusted her care to her.

Lady Karina whose arms were wide open was frozen with a taken aback look on her face, but I left the place while pretending not to notice that.

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I teleported next to Hikaru who was sitting on top of a Royal Castle's spire.
From what I gather on the Map, I don't see anyone like demons, or reincarnated people nor unknown high level people.
The sage mice, Chuu Fat and his colony hasn't reported any abnormality either.

Liza is standing with one leg on top of another spire, doing a quiet stance training like a master martial artist.

"I found Dynast in the Duchy Capital."
"You did?"

Hikaru stood up suddenly with a serious look on her face.

"That one is different from General. It's an absurd armor that could fight against a demon lord if it could keep its distance. We've got to think up a plan to--"

Hikaru spoke vehemently without listening to me.

It got quiet after I smashed its defensive barrier, shot out the magic circuit on its core and drained its mana.
Fighting it at close proximity was probably a wise decision.

"Everything's fine, Hikaru."
"Un, I believe in Ichirou-nii. But, Dynast's 『Damnation Cannon』 is--"
"I've neutralized and retrieved it with me here."

Hikaru froze still with a serious look and then she quickly sighed in relief.

"I'm so glad. I expected nothing less from Ichirou-nii."
"Let's contact Yuika, and then offer him a proper burial like with General on the right day."
"Un, please."

I stayed here for a while, and then went back to the Duchy capital alone.
I can tell my conversation with God Tenion to everyone once Arisa is cured from her cold.

"Satou-san, is it over?"
"Yes, without problem."

When I got to Tenion Temple entranceway, the former head miko, currently miko apprentice Lily was waiting for me.


A blue dot on my Radar is coming here from the Duchy Castle area.
Ga Hou the orc has returned to his base through the sewer, so this one's probably Lady Ringrande.

Since she's with white dots, maybe they're going around to see the Duchy capital's state?

"They look to be quite in a hurry."

A group of cavalry knights who rushed in like they were jousting stopped at the entrance of Tenion Temple.
The horses that have stopped upright look quite imposing.

"The miko over there! Call the temple head and Sera-sama!"

One of the knights haughtily gave an order to miko apprentice Lily.


Miko apprentice Lily obediently run into the temple to call the two.

Behind him, Lady Ringrande who didn't look well was helped by the other knights to get down from the horse.


Lady Ringrande is in critical condition for some reason.
But she seemed fine when she was chasing the Holy Shell Mobile Armor [Dynast] earlier, wonder what happened?

"Are you alright?"
"I'm running out of time. Take me to Sera."
"I understand."

I receive Lady Ringrande from the knights who looked dissatisfied and head to Sera's resting room.
She's in [State: Weakened (Serious)] according to AR reading, her health gauge has almost run out.

"Did something happen?"
"Yep, I used a little something I shouldn't have used."

I saw Ringrande's gaze turned toward her left ring finger for an instant.

It seems to be a type of [Cursed Ring] according to AR reading.
Apparently, it's an artifact from a dungeon that will continue to convert your life force into mana even after it's full.
According to the detailed info on it, recovery magic and health recovery magic potion won't work while it's in effect.

"Ringrande-sama, Sera-sama is currently resting inside this room."

I could only hear a very faint sound from Lady Ringrande, probably because her health had been exhausted.
The other knights were going to come too, but I kept them away by telling them that I couldn't let Sera, an unmarried woman, in her nightdress be exposed.

I close the door with a thud.

The sleeping Sera is the only one in this room, so let's do this.


I touched Lady Ringrande's cursed ring and then it crumbled away like a rusted ring.
This saves time from dealing with a cursed item, no complain please.

The health reduction has stopped after the ring is destroyed, but she's been terribly weakened already.

"Ringrande-sama, please drink this."

I push an elixir bottle on her mouth, but she's already lost consciousness and can't drink it.

I put the elixir in my mouth and make Lady Ringrande drink it mouth-to-mouth.
It's just a treatment and the impregnable fortress pairs shouting [Guilty] aren't looking, so this should be fine.

The AR reading indicates that Lady Ringrande's health gauge has been safely refilled.


I heard a half-asleep voice of Sera from the bed.


I used [Magic Hand] to catch Sera who tried to get up from the bed and almost fell from her anemia.
Since it didn't look like she saw me giving the mouth-to-mouth, I told her about the attack on Duchy Capital, and how Lady Ringrande used a cursed item to avert the crisis, resulting in her critical state.

"Ane-sama is always like that. She always goes straight forward with only the goal in mind....."

Sera is brushing Lady Ringrande's hair who's still unconscious.
Even though she sounded like she couldn't believe her, it seems like she doesn't truly hate her.

"I was able to converse with God Tenion thanks to Sera-san. I'll tell you the details along with the other girls once we get back to the Solitary Island Palace."
"Yes, I'm glad to be of service."

I told Sera what needs to be told while Lady Ringrande was still unconscious.

"We will leave the duchy capital tomorrow morning. You should get some rest in Tenion Temple today."

Since I won't have anything to do tonight, let's go to Ga Bou's place and have some drink there.


Sera beckons me as I stand up.
That's a rare gesture from Sera.

"Please do the mouth-to-mouth to me too when I'm injured okay."

Surprised, I look at Sera's face and she looks back at me like a child who's succeeded in her prank.

It was really scary since her eyes weren't laughing.

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The journey to the western part of the continent will begin next time.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Strongest Sage, Gives Up


"Ruli, next arrow!"


Alma shot the arrows Ruli augmented one after another, hitting the bird monster.
However, those arrows didn't have much, if any, power.


And the undamaged bird monster charges toward Ruli and the others.
However, Alma didn't loosen her attacks.

She steadily let loose more arrows while being ready to evade anytime.
Ruli also continued to make arrows and augment them.

Instead of creating arrows beforehand, doing it in the heat of battle will lessen the payload on the arrow maker and maintain constant quality.
Thus, besides the pre-made arrows you put aside in Storage magic used for the first strike, you always want to bring the raw materials with you.

And the monster's attack was--


Blocked by the spear in Iris's hands.
Her foothold has been magically reinforced by Ruli beforehand, so it won't collapse easily.


The monster regained its posture even while looking bewildered to have been flung back by Iris who was far smaller than it.
And it's also been slightly damaged. Were Iris could handle her spear better, it might have lost one of its legs already... but well, Iris has only started to adapt to human body after all.

Alma kept shooting arrows one after another while Iris was buying time.
...They're doing pretty good.
The flight inhibition should works its magic right about now.

Right when I thought that, the magic showed its effect.
The bird monster couldn't gain altitude no matter how much it flapped its wing.
This signals for Iris's turn now.

"I'm going!"



Once Iris declared that, Alma and Ruli retreated from the frontline and hid behind a nearby cover, peeking with only their faces showing.
They're avoiding getting rolled up while also being ready to support Iris if anything happens.
...However, that worry seems to be unwarranted.


Iris thrust her spear on the monster's body along with that shout.


The stake-sized spear pierced deep into the monster as if there was no resistance.
Normally, you have to pull a pierced spear right away to prevent it from getting stuck, but.... That's meaningless before Iris's power.

Iris swung the spear along with the pierced monster with both her hands and flung it onto the wall.
Being the center of gravity, Iris also ended up hitting the wall on the opposite side. Faster than the monster's crashing speed.

"Au! ....Ei!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
However, Iris was mostly undamaged.

And then, Iris pierced the heart of the monster, ending the battle.
Or to be more exact, her pierce was slightly off from the heart, but since the power of Iris's spear thrust blew away all the surrounding parts, there was no particular problem.

One unfortunate point is that most of the monster materials have turned into a mess... but we can get this level of monster materials anytime we want anyway, guess it's fine.
I'll gather the usable-looking parts at least.

"You three really managed to defeat it without me."

"Rather than us three, it was mostly Iris-san..."

"Un. The two of us only brought that thing down to the ground..."

Alma points at the tragic remain of the monster.

"No, I alone, wouldn't be able to hit it, it wouldn't have worked! ...Mathias-san, could you make this spear a bit longer?"

Iris asked me.
However, unfortunately, it can't be made longer than that.

"That's the maximum possible length for now. A long spear is hard to manage if you just swing it around, it's too heavy, and you'll just end up getting swung around by it instead."

"That's true... I also got swung to the wall when I was swinging that monster earlier... It hurt a bit..."

Iris looks at a narrow passage with reproachful eyes.
She doesn't seem to be hurt anywhere in particular, but I guess she did get swung with a force that would have turned an ordinary human to pieces.
It ended with just 『Hurt a bit』 because it was Iris.

"Once you get used to spear more, you can do many things even with that length. Your current way of fighting relies too much on brute force.... Also, I think Alma and Ruli's fighting style are fine the way you are. When you're with Iris, it's best to leave the main offensive to her and create a situation that allows her to strike the enemy."

In actuality, there are ways for them to put out serious firepower too.
I should teach them about it to protect themselves when they're not with me or Iris, but an archer grows faster if you let them experiment with arrows in a variety of ways as a support at first.
A style that only relies on high-powered arrows is hard to put into application after all.

--We delved deeper in the dungeon afterward.
Unfortunately we never found the monster we were looking for.
Let alone finding one, there wasn't even any sign or traces of it.
The least bad one was the monster the three fought against... but there's no way they needed to form a subjugation party just for that weak monster.

"Hmm... Wonder if it disappeared?"

"Disappeared.... Can monsters suddenly disappear just like that?"

"It's unusual, but such cases happen sometimes. ...Guess we should turn back for today."

After descending to a certain floor, we had a discussion and decided to make our way out of the dungeon.
And we arrived at the exit safely.
Now then.... We should sell our spoils today at the guild for now.

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