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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Strongest Sage, Entrust Role


"Can I ask you one thing?"

"...What is it?"

"What are the requirements to be qualified as a Rank A? Is there a test?"

The examiner looked taken aback to hear my question.
Looks like he recalled something.

"...Test is the ordinary route. A rigorous test that would take one month to finish at least. The danger level can't be compared to Rank B test either. ...However, there is a case where someone became rank A without tests."

"Without tests?"

"Yeah. There was an adventurer who ranked up to Rank A after successfully subjugating an upper rank A monster.... There's only ever been one person who managed to do so with this method though."

...Glad I asked.
They'll allow it without a test so long we beat strong monsters huh.

We've got no time to dilly dallying for one month, I'd prefer to make use of this shortcut.
It'd be nice if the monster we're going to fight now is an upper rank A one.

"By the way, if the boss here is at that level of powers, can it be used to rank up?"

"If it fulfills the conditions, I could make a recommendation for you. But... I'd advise against it. Sure, it was an exception that had been applied once before, but things got quite hectic at that time."

"Was there any problem?"

"Yeah. When it gets to the point that such a strong monster needs to be killed, all ordinary people would have all long gone fleeing. There'd be only a few witnesses even after you beat it. Take this situation, I'm the only observer here, and the enemy is an unknown monster, first you'd have to make the guild recognize the monster's rank to be of upper rank A."

I see.
The aftermath sounds more troublesome than defeating the monster itself.

"Got it. We'll go with monster killing route."

"...You sure about that? I can't guarantee you're getting the rank up even if you succeeded with the subjugation, ya know?"

"No problem. We're gonna have to subjugate it either way."

Even if it didn't pan out, the monster had to be killed anyway.
I'd just chalk it out as good luck If it went well.
And there might be a way to take a short quest like this one even if it didn't go well.

"Once the barrier is dispelled, monsters will come out of it attacking. Their number can't be compared to anything before. Use this chance to prepare as many arrows usable in battle as you can."

Up until now, Alma and Ruli created arrows on the spot during battles.
When you can't use Storage magic, carrying the raw material means less luggage, and you can rapidly replenish only the arrows you need.

Especially magically enhanced arrows, it's pretty complicated to carry them due to magic stones related matters, thus you'd have no choice but to completely discard your mobility and fight near a practically arrow storehouse.
Since evading uses less mana than defending, you normally want to prioritize that, therefore this means she won't be able to use that strategy.

But we will bear those disadvantages.

"We're making arrows in advance? But then won't we be able to move..."

"Exactly. This time we'll stay 50 meter in front of the barrier and fight while defending against enemy attacks. You three will cover for me while I charge into the barrier alone."

"Cover for Mathi-kun... Since the arrows will be pre-made then, you want me to do something with magic tools?"

"Yeah. Ruli, make this magic tool. As magic stones that can be put in an arrow are limited in size, Iris will be throwing them at the battlefield instead."

I hand over a paper drawn with a magic circle to Ruli.
Come to think of it, been awhile since I did this.
Recently, Ruli has become capable enough to construct her own magic circle after all.

"...This magic circle looks incomplete to me though... Like the lines here, they're not connected."

Ruli muttered so within a glance.

"You're going to decide on that when the battle starts."

"...Think up magic circles in the heat of battle?"

I answer Alma's question.

"Yeah. We won't know the boss's magic composition until the battle has been commenced. We will insert a magic circle imitating the main body's magic composition to the hollow part."

Magic circles carved in monsters might look the same, but they differ in details.
This magic circle is pointless if it doesn't imitate the parasite boss monster.

"Imitating magic composition... and, what would that accomplish?"

"Other monsters will mistake the magic tool for the boss, creating chaos. The effect will depend on the magic tool output, but if all goes well, it's possible to neutralize all monsters but the boss in one go."

"I-is that even possible..."

Monsters infected by the parasite monster will obey the parasite monster.
That binding force is far stronger than that of ordinary boss monster's.
And the boss uses its own mana to give orders.

We're making use of that fact.
Using the fake boss mana, we'll issue an order 『Don't do anything』, neutralizing the subordinate monsters.

...The barrier came into view while we were talking.
The barrier has a green colored protective camouflage, but since it only takes color cue from its surroundings and nothing else, it's pretty obvious at a glance.

I can't probe the inside, but judging from the mana this barrier is made of, the boss is inside it no doubt.
We approach the barrier while thinking that.

"By the way, what should I do?"

The examiner asked me that after walking a bit more.
Come to think of it, I forgot to give this examiner an instruction.
This guy has his own important role.

"Please come up with a way to make the higher ups approve our rank up at some place away from the battle. And also, make sure whether the monster we're fighting is an upper Rank A or not."

"...Is that good enough?"

Hearing me telling him that extremely important role, the examiner had a let-down mixed with a relived expressions on his face.
Looks like the examiner was seriously thinking of fighting.

Despite looking eager to go home ever since the quest started, he drastically changed the moment the city was in danger huh.
However, his role really is important.

"Well, not like there's any other choice. This is the most important job there is for you."

"But, any little bit of help would... no. I'm just gonna drag you lot huh. I got it. I'll fulfill my own duty as an examiner... How far should I be to not get in your way?"

"Stay at 500 meter away at first. Afterward, move on in accordance to your assessments while observing the situations."

"Got it."

The examiner nodded with a serious look.
This should ensure the examiner helping our rank up to rank A.

Considering the precedent, there's a very low chance of us getting it, but I hope it'd at least hasten our rank up.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"This place is about 500 meter away from the barrier. I can confirm that there's no monster burrowing in the ground in the area, so you can collect proof for upper rank A stuff without worry here."

"I got it."

When we got 500 meter away from the barrier, then we left the examiner at the place after exchanging those words.

After parting with us, the examiner took a telescope-like item and began to observe us from a distance.
Do your best, the speed of our rank up rests on your shoulders.

Ruli asked me worryingly while we were walking.

"Umm... We still haven't make any preparation, would it be alright?"

"I don't think there's any problem, but what do you mean by alright?"

"Wouldn't the monster cancel the barrier and come out attacking us if we get too close..."

Ruli looked at the barrier as she said that.
We're about 200 meter away from it.

"Ah, that huh."

Come to think of it, I haven't explained.
This knowledge isn't really critical since you rarely ever get the chance to fight this kind of monsters, but I guess I'd better teach them anyway.

"These types of monsters don't fundamentally go out of their way to undo their own barrier. As that'd result in the mana they took much effort collecting to disperse away... It would be a different story were a huge amount of people attempted to shoot large-scale magic at the barrier, but not with our number here. No need to get that cautious."

"Umm, won't it attack me when it sees my mana...."

"It would if you were in your dragon form, but there should be no problem in your current form. It'd be different if there were three more Iris though."

"O-Oh good to hear!"

True, it's easier to attract monster's attention the larger pool of mana you have.
But, since Iris's mana is quite condensed when she's in her human form, it should be fine.

We got close to the monster barrier.
The barrier is completely still even though we're only 50 meter away from it.

"Uwaa, so big... But there's no movement at all..."

The barrier's radius is about 80 meters.
It is unusually big compared to barrier humans make.

The reason this barrier looks stable is due to its strength, it's not flickering just from monsters moving inside.

"It has the opposite effect and makes it look creepy when it's this stable..."

"Are there really monsters inside this?"

"Yeah. There should be around 2000 monsters at the lateral sides of the barrier alone. All in all there's probably around 5000 including the ones at the center, I think?"

I replied so while we were getting ready to battle.

Regardless of how impermeable the barrier is to mana, that doesn't mean it's perfect.
Thus, once you've gotten close to the barrier surface, it's possible to probe inside.

...This seems quite troublesome.
The monsters inside posses both the number and strength.

I still can't see mana reaction of the main body, but it's probably in the dead center where my detection doesn't reach.
The fact that it's able to surround itself with this many monsters means that it has the strength to back.

Looks like I can expect much from this.
I don't know the standard of an upper rank A monster, but I hope this one exceeds it.

"Arrows and magic tools are all ready!"

"We can go anytime!"

"Yes! Let's fight!"

Looks like they're done with their preparations while I was thinking.
I looked the magic tools and arrows around the three girls to confirm that all the necessary stuff were present and then turned toward the barrier.

"...Shall we then."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-40

16-40. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald (4)


Satou here. I'm not very good with real mystery, but I'm quite fond of TV dramas about detectives. That they're easy on amateur viewers by doing stuff like suddenly divulging who the culprit is, or making an individual obviously suspicious are the nice things about them.

"Let's move on to the next one."

I'm currently doing a test in the Trial before God's room of the Main Temple after obtaining the permission through the miko.

The beastkin girls, Mia, Nana and Mito have come here from the Solitary Island to help me with it.
This time the room is closed for entry, thus no one is going to discriminate them.

"Hamburg steak is really good."

The girls answer my inquiry one after another.

"Yes nanodesu! Hamburg-sensei is the strongest nanodesuyo!"
"It's a bit soft, but it is indeed good."
"Hamburg steak's tastiness is the truth so I announce."
"It really is."

The Golden Scale tilted toward me.

"Is it my turn next? Hamburg steak isn't really good."

Mito who stood opposite to me threw an inquiry that had been prepared beforehand.

"Owh, no~?"
"That can't be nodesu! Hamburg-sensei is really really tasty nodesuyo!"
"There might be people who don't agree to its softness, however I think the hamburg steak itself is good."
"I cry objection to that evaluation so I protest."

We observes no change in the Golden Scale.

"True, it's not that good."

I said something that couldn't be farther from what I think, but the Golden Scale isn't moving an inch.
Looks like in cases the thing you said differ from what you have in minds, it will prioritize what you truly feel.

Suddenly I noticed something and looked below, there Pochi and Tama were looking up at me with sad faces.

"That was just a lie, you two."
"Pochi is relieved nodesu. But lying is not good nodesuyo."

While patting the relieved Tama and Pochi who struck a "Bad!" pose, I organized what we had verified so far.

"--I think I've gotten a good idea about the mechanism."

The test is completed.

"It's over nodesu?"
"Yeah, I was able to understand it thanks to everyone's help."
"I'm honored to have been of use."
"Don't worry be happy~"
"Pochi is glad to hear that nanodesu."
"Master, how should I support you next, so I ask."
"Are you sure?"

I gave my thanks to the beastkin girls, Nana, Mia and Mito who had helped with the test.
Verifying [Golden Scale] was over so quick because these girls are honest to a fault.

I sent them back to the island after thanking them for their help.
Of course I plan to treat them to a full course hamburg steak for their assistance this time.

I thank the miko for allowing me to borrow the room and go back to the airship moored at the outskirts of the city.
Not for taking off, it's cause the ship has a complete set of counterespionage facility inside.

"Now then--"

Since it seems there's still some time until ChuuFat and the other mice, whom I have teleported below the building, to get into their positions, I'll go gather some intel with space magic.

"Usually, I'd go with the king first--"

Since this country's system closely resembles that of democratic ancient Greece's system, there's no king here.
There should be someone that rules over the City Core, but I couldn't find anyone who fit the bill with Map Search.
Perhaps the governance of City Core itself is split up.
That's interesting, maybe I should test it out with one of the City Cores when I have time later.

"Let's take a look at the Chief of Central Judicial Bureau for now."

I stopped myself right when I was going to invoke space magic at the location data I got from Map Search.

In countries with bad public orders and rampant crimes like this, there's a chance that they have sophisticated traceback magic devices installed.
Moreover, in this Judicial Nation Sheriffald, the positions of high ranking officials at Judicial Bureau are like those of nobles in other countries, so they might have access to the City Core terminal.
And if they do, that means they're capable of deploying anti-detection barriers.

Thus, I decided to use the anti-traceback space magic spell before invoking [Clairvoyance] and [Clairhearis].

The chief of the Central Judicial Bureua was a stout fat bald middle-aged man.

『--Who's there!』

Oops, I got found out way quicker than expected.
There's a possibility of him simply bluffing, but 9 out of 10, it's probably for real.

Well, since I the traceback was repelled by the anti-detection space magic I prepared beforehand, he only found out that someone was trying to peek, not that I was the one doing it, surely.

"But, that's weird..."

Unless he's in danger of getting monitored daily, there's no need to deploy anti-detection barriers.
I could understand if he was in the middle of scheming something, but deploying the barrier while he's just doing paperwork feels unrealistic cost-wise.

"Fumu, it doesn't seem like the chief is going to call his subordinates..."

I checked on the Map right after canceling the space magic, but there were no movements that indicated the chief calling his subordinates.
Perhaps, this chief is being monitored daily by someone else?

Well, I've designated the chief's room as the most important place for the Sage Mice to observe, so let's just leave it to them.

There's still some time before the Sage Mice are finished with the arrangement, thus I've decided to investigate people who likely have access to the City Core terminal.

First thing first, let's take a peek at the Guard Bureau's guardroom.

『Bah, I'm beat.』
『You there, less talking more moving.』

I could see one of the guards writing something resembling records while grumbling.
Still, records huh--might be worth stealthily duplicating them and pinpoint all the corrupt people.

『Hero-sama's working his ass off out there.』
『No shit, ya think all Hero-sama are like that?』
『All Hero-sama? Ya talk like there's more than one hero-sama.』
『Previous hero was yeah, but rumor says there's four rite' now.』

Oh, quite an interesting topic.
It isn't related to the Trial, but let's lend an ear to this.

『The heck, four?』
『Yea, seems they all got summoned together.』
『Hee, so how's the other heroes like?』
『Hell if I know.』

Fumu, [Summoned together], does that mean it was a Group Summoning?

Yet, I only found Hero Meiko alone when I searched for heroes at Saga Empire, wonder why?
Maybe it was simply a false rumor, or perhaps those heroes are somewhere else--most likely they're being reared at either Saga Empire's [Hero Labyrinth] or [Bloodsucking Labyrinth].

Suddenly, a young man who seemed to be their superior came in.

『Oy! We're sortieing out! Looks like they found out about the illicit brewery at the central district this time.』
『Hero-sama works way too hard.』

I took a glance at the Map.
The ones taking actions at the central district are Arisa and the girls, not the hero.

They have left the brewery already, and are in the middle of moving to the next criminal's hideout.

『Quit your whining and get to work! If we don't control the situation while Hero Seigi-dono is out there, Hero Yuuki-dono of [Explosive Flame] would show up and turn everything into ashes!』
『What the hell.』
『You sure he's not a demon lord instead?』

I agree with these guards.

Apparently this Hero Yuuki is magician type hero.
He's probably the hero that came to Garleon Union after we left.

I've been ignoring these heroes since I'm not really interested, but once this trial is over, perhaps I'd better gather information from Echigoya Firm and Shiga Kingdom's Intelligence Department?

"Now then--"

When no one was present inside the room, I took it upon myself to borrow the records with [<<Aport an Object>>], and copied the documents with [Recording], [Magic Hand], and [Parallel Thought].
I could have used Transcript skill too if I wanted, but it's faster this way.

After I'm done copying, I return the original records to its place.
I duplicate the copied data into blank papers using my Storage function. It's an original function of Exchange Column's Memo Note to copy text.

Afterward, I call Tifaliza at Echigoya Firm using space magic [Telephone].

『Tifaliza, sorry for bothering when you're busy, but could you analyze some documents for me.』
『As you wish, Kuro-sama.』

Tifaliza readily gave her consent with her usual flat tone even though it was a sudden request.
I send the copied records to Tifaliza's office room with Unit Arrangement.

『What kind of analysis would you like to read?』
『Please check records about crimes perpetrated by Crime Syndicate Dujii, and list all the people who declared or made verdicts that those crimes are perpetrated by Dujii.』
『Understood. Should I also list people who could be profiting from the cases?』
『If you could do that, please do.』

Got a feeling that's impossible from the records alone.

『Kuro-sama, Manager Elterina would like to ask if you want her to do something--』

Looks like the manager is still bordering on workaholic like usual.

『Nah, nothing in particular. Tell the manager to work hard at her normal duty.』
『Y-yes. Understood.』

While feeling slightly puzzled by Tifaliza's ambiguous sounding answer, I ended the space magic Telephone call.

"Think it's about time?"

Once I've confirmed that the Sage Mice are in positions, I use space magic once again to investigate things.
The plan is to let the Sage Mice to record the situations there with the magic tools they carry after we shook things up.

After deploying space magic to prevent traceback, I invoke space magic [Clairvoyance] and [Clairhearis].

Before challenging the chief again, I chose between the three vice chiefs.
I saw on the Map that someone had just rushed into the Vice-chief's room, so I peeked on them.

『Vice-chief Bupa, Zou-dono's brewery has been raided.』

What a timely topic.
This Vice-chief doesn't have anti-detection barrier deployed, so he doesn't notice me looking.

I listen carefully to their conversations through the space magic.
The watching sage mice are carrying video recording magic tools with them, but just in case, I also activate video and sound recording magic to preserve the info I'm witnessing now.

『That blasted hero! What the hell is the official we stick on him doing! Didn't I give him order to lead the hero to the underground bars at the downtown!』

I see, the reason why the hero had been focusing solely at the downtown was these guys' handiwork.

『N-no, that's, it's not the hero this time.』
『What? Another straitlaced inspector? Or is it the hardheaded fools from Guard Bureau?』

Since it's from the suspect himself, I memo-ed people who sounded like they could be taken off the list.

『It's neither of them』
『Then who? Just speak!』
『It's the subordinates of Shiga Kingdom's Earl Pendragon...』

In the picture, the handsome middle-aged judicial bureau Vice-chief stamped his feet before he beat the desk hard.

『Why are those bunch acting like our country's guards! Stop their foolish actions at once!』
『What are you hesitating for? What is there to fear from a noble, no matter how high his rank, of a foreign country we have no real diplomatic relation with. Dispatch the national soldiers and knights if the guards can't handle them!』


Looks like the fact that I'm [Demon Lord Slayer] hasn't reached him, maybe because there's practically no diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Well, since the judges and guards of this country should be listening when Hero Seigi called me [Demon Lord Slayer], I'm sure the news will spread before long.

『That's not what I mean! Earl Pendragon has come here to take on that Trial at God Urion Main Temple.』
『Trial? What the heck is that?』

Guess God's Trials aren't really well known?

『Are you not familiar with it? The Trial of God Urion. Expose evils, make justice be known to the world, that trial.』
『An earl from a foreign country took that?』

The Vice-chief gnarled, "So what?", at the subordinate.

『The populace already knows about the trial. Should we stand in his way, wouldn't that be the same as declaring that there's something going on behind the scene!』

The vice-chief groaned to hear the subordinate.
This vice-chief didn't seem to be aware of it, but apparently, the God's Trial is a common knowledge amongst the populace from temple worships and folklores.

For now, these two seem to be in cahoot.

I open the Map and look for the next candidate.
I tried peeking at the Guard Bureau's director room since he was seemingly having a suspicious secret talk just like the vice-chief earlier.

『You again, Inspector Stary.』

A very obese inspector who was sweating all over pressed on a gray-haired old man, the director.

『I heard that the culprits of salt smuggling have been arrested?』
『Umu, if you mean that beastkin criminal, he had been captured by the pursuing investigator at the Corrupt City--I mean, City-state Dodobu.』
『So then, where is that criminal imprisoned at? I'm gonna find out the ringleaders this time for sure.』

The director pushed away the inspector who brought his face close.
Looks like he got his hands on the sweat as he took out a handkerchief and wipe them before replying the inspector.

『We've identified that already. After an interrogation by the investigators who caught him, he confessed that he was a member of [Crime Syndicate Dujii].』

The inspector raised his voice like he heard the name of his parent's nemesis.

『Dujii! Dujii! Dujii! Are you saying that it's Dujii again!』
『Lower your volume.』

The bureau director frowned.

『I'll get a clue on Dujii's hideout for sure this time. Where's that criminal locked up at?』
『Aah, then you'd better go to the morgue instead of the jail.』
『Did you silence them again?』
『Stop phrasing it like that. Their comrades showed up while we were taking him... We had no other choice to prevent escape.』

The inspector is right, he's silenced them no matter how you look at it.
Moreover, there's a possibility that the beastkin was caught on a false charge judging from the flow of this conversation.

『Dead men tell no tales, huh...』
『You, stop needlessly suspecting your coworkers. I don't care if you're the Chief's favorite, keep that up and I'd have to hand out punishment soon, you hear me?』

The bureau director glanced at the door like he was driving out the inspector.

『I will definitely get a lead on Dujii! Definitely!』

The director sighed while ignoring the inspector who shouted out loud outside the room.

『Good grief, this is why these self-alleged justice bunch are bothersome. If you think you can get a lead on a crime syndicate that never existed, go on and do your worst.』

I check on one target after another after recording the director's confession.
I managed to investigate around 30 people before Arisa and the girls came back, but even though there were two among those who had put up anti-detection barrier, none had prepared a way to traceback like with the Central Judicial Bureau's chief.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"We're back."

The diversion group, Arisa and the girls returned to the base after arresting criminals.

"Zena-tan and Sera were completely dominating the battlefield today, I'll have you know."
"Not at all! I-I just took us to the places where the miasma were the thickest with Wind Magic."
"No need to be so modest, Zena. Didn't you practically arrest all the bad men yourself using the combination of wind magic and self-defense art."

Zena-san is blushing to receive praises from Arisa and Sera.

"What about Sera-san?"
"I only went around telling apart people who had malice in their heart with holy magic."

Arisa could probably do the same with people whose offenses are carved on their Status, but Sera probably saw through those who didn't have them carved.
After all, you can use City Core to delete crimes carved on Status.

"What's that mountain of documents over here?"
"Those files with tags are records of this country. While these thin files are the report Tifaliza analyzed."
"In that short while? Master, you work your employees hard as always."

Arisa took the thin file and began to read on it while sighing.

"Master, this is amazing. Are these documents really created while we were away?"
"Yep, it is."

I don't know how Tifalize analyzed that bundle of records, but the report she made contains minute details in an easy to understand manner like, who laid the blame on Dujii, or who profited from those crimes.

"Really, she'd have been the most valuable player in a cyber information war."
"She really would."

I nodded together with Arisa who was done reading the file.

If I didn't make sure to keep Tifaliza's talent a secret, people at the level of Shiga Kingdom's prime minister would have tried to head hunt her.

I shared the content of the record I took with space magic earlier with the girls.
Even content that were meaningless by itself carry a different meaning after reading Tifaliza's summarized report.

This much is enough to expose them, but still impossible to apply to the whole ruling class of this country.
There's a fair amount of honest guards like the inspector earlier, however, most of the upper echelon ones are taking the wait-and-see approach, none seem capable of unmasking the ringleaders.

It's hard to solely rely on the Main Temple's authority to expose the corruption.
It could end up turning into Main Temple VS Central Judicial Bureau if I'm not careful.


The Sage Mouse ChuuFat that had come back took out many recording magic tools from his small <<Magic Mouse Pouch>> and handed them over to me.

"Good work, ChuuFat. Make sure to change shift with other mice and get some meals before continuing your surveillance okay."

I put Souffle Cakes and Cheese Cakes into ChuuFat's Mouse Pouch and teleported him back to the Judicial Nation's underground.

We check on the recording one by one.

『Hero and an Earl who took on the [Trial of God Urion] huh.... I loathe to borrow the powers of foreigners, but this country has no capability to save itself from itself anymore.』

"Master, isn't this person--"

I quietly nodded to Arisa who turned around, and made a gesture to listen quietly.

『It shouldn't surprise anyone if they came to the conclusion that I'm the head of Dujii if they were to check on the documents.』

No, unfortunately, you were only deemed gray even in Tifaliza's Report.

『Perhaps I should confess and drag along people that Inspector Stary is investigating with me, laying bare this country's abscesses in broad daylight to public....』

Quite a resolution.

He's probably been working hard to correct the corruption in this country.

I lift my eyes from the monitor and look at the girls.

"So yeah, I plan to finish everything tomorrow."

Looks like I can complete this trial quickly.
I'm gonna test a trial holding big weights on the [Golden Scale] tonight, but before that--

"I'll be going to meet the Chief."

To make the final preparations, you see.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Drink Drink Yeah


"Nobu-ku~n, we boughta whole lotsa booze~. Uffuffuffu, I'm gonna drink till I drop~."

"...Nee-san. Just remember when to stop, okay."

"Eeh, it's fine it's fine, I'm gonna drink myself to sleep today anyway. We've got Kagura around too, she's gonna carry me if I went down."

"I do not mind. However, I too plan to cut loose today, so I cannot make any promise. Oooh, but still, it really does smell good."

"Welcome back, I've prepared lots today, look forward to them."

The three came into the room carrying booze... but aren't those too much?
There's like 20 bottles at least. Sefi-san said she was going to bring some too, how much booze are we gonna have again?

"Pardon my intrusion, Nobusada-san. Thank you for the invitation. I got these from the madams, I'd be happy if you could share them."

"Ou, enjoy yourself, Bell."

Bell showed up and brought a package with him. The content... Various bread huh. I'll cut and put them on the table. His complexion has gotten quite brighter compared to that period of time. Still bit too thin though.

"Well well, what a gathering of beautiful ladies you have here Nobusada. If Eleanor doesn't get her act tog..."


With a dull sound, Eleanor-san's heel sunk onto the ankle of Master who had just arrived. And then she proceeded to step on his foot.
OH, Master has a pained look on his face. That musta hurt. I got a chill just from looking.

"Nobusada-san, thank you for inviting me and father. Please use these for those who don't drink alcohol."

Eleanor-san handed over an assortment of fruit juice. Besides peach, there are grape, apple and other flavors here. Ooh, thankies. From me especially! I'll say it again, I can't drink.

"Oh my my, there's so many~. Nobu-chan, I'm here~. Ufufu, okay, here you go, 『Flavor of Waist』 and 『Chief <<DON>> Perry』. I'll get the rest out later kay~."

Futsuno-san, Kagura-san and Master jumped out the moment they heard the brands.

"『Flavor of Waist』 ya say!? Ain't that mom's hometown's sake. Uwaa, the stuff I always wanted to have before I die is right in front of me."

"Mwuu, it has been awhile since my last taste of 『Flavor of Waist』. I can never get enough of that dryness."

"I'm going with 『Chief <<DON>> Perry』. That stuff is always the best whenever the duke treated me to a drink at his place."

"Ufufuu, I've brought many other stuff with me, so you must-not-rush okay~"

While the four heavy drinkers are flaring up, Bell and Mitama are looking at the food with sparkly eyes.

"Uwaaa, uwaa, soo many tasty looking unknown food everywhere. Is it really okay for me eat all these."


Mitama, please stop looking like a carnivore that has found a weakened prey. I've prepared a lot more, so please wait a bit more.

I ask everyone to have a seat once they've all come together. Well, it's technically a party, I guess I'll open it with a light speech. Mitama, hold on a bit, this won't take long. Wipe your waterfall-like drool please.

"Err, I'd like to give my appreciations for coming here today. It's been a bit over a month since I came to this city. It's only thanks to everyone's help that I've been able to continue working as an adventurer this far. It would be my honor if you could enjoy this little party. ...But I'll spare you the longwinded talk, let's get on to it, chee---rs"


With that signal, everyone began to enjoy the drink and the food.

"...hamu hamu hamu hamu. Hofuu, yummm."

"Hamuu, oo niife."

Mitama and Bell stuffing their mouths like squirrels. The relatively expressionless Mitama looks very happy during these times. I like it when she puts on that face.
Ah, Bell, you're gonna choke yourself, slow down. I pour the fruit juice Eleanor-san brought into a cup and put it before Bell. Bell gulped it down while sounding his throat. The food won't go anywhere, eat them slowly.

"Kuuuuh, it's permeating my inside noja. Irresistible."

"Good food, good sake. This might be even grander than your average noble's party. Ever since Nobusada came, I've been looking forward to his growth, and his cook don't fall behind that."

"Hmm, this minced meat goes nicely with 『Flavor of Waist』. No choice but eat it together with the sake then."

"Nfuu, drinking really is better when you're having fun. Ufufu, so good."

While everyone is enjoying themselves, I act as a waiter along with Eleanor-san. Initially she was taking the food sparsely, but it apparently seeing me looking restless made her take the initiative to help.

"I'm truly sorry Eleanor-san. You ended up helping."

"Please think of it as thanks for the food. They're really tasty. And I'm not really good with liquor either, don't worry about me."

Eleanor-san smiled, and then the huge amount of food she'd gathered close by disappeared in an instant. Oh right, this girl could eat really fast. Yet, her suppleness never go away.
I've got to taste the Flame Dog's dishes too before they all disappear.


Mm------, yummy! There's no extraneous flavor in order to bring out the ingredient flavor. And due to the exquisite salt work, it doesn't feel flavorless either. Unlike my cooking that's bordering on overdone, this superb balance is a proof genuine skills. Storm-san's mother-san is pretty good!

Some chew bite and nibble later, I was getting full before I knew it. However, that didn't stop the guests from feasting, even that much food, only 30% remained. Amaze...
I added more dishes from the magic rucksack while cleaning out the plates. I would have retorted about taking dishes from a rucksack just a little awhile ago, but this is my common sense now, so I don't think of it anymore.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

That battlefield was entering the closing act.
Master suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Sefi-san in a drinking bout. Bell was loitering around, seemingly satisfied with full stomach.

"Iyaan, who woulda though the War Fist would fall like this here. Sefi-han, so strong nyaa. I thought I was kinda good at it, but yer' on a whole 'nother level."

"Hey now, Futsuno, aah jeez, you're already tottering on your feet. Nobusada. Pardon me, I will be taking my leave here. We'll never know what mess this girl will perpetrate if we leave her alone now. It was quite a treat. I will be sure to pay you back in kind."

"Imma keep drinking nyao. Muffuu, aa, wait, iyan. Kagura, put ma down."

Kagura-san lifted up the flailing Futsuno-san and brought her back to her room. She had drunk a lot herself, so she was going back to hers too afterward. Yup, Futsuno-san and her sexy disordered kimono felt like she was going to take them off if it kept up, so it was the correct choice. I do feel a tinge of disappointment though!

"Then, I too will be excusing myself. I still have to carry my father after all."

"Would you like me to help you carry him then?"

"I'm used to this much, please don't worry. Thank you for the feast today. Considering his state, my father will probably have a hangover tomorrow, so Nobusada-san, you can pick a date to continue the training at your own convenience."

"Right then. But I would have never thought that Master could drink himself to dead like this."

"As do I. Sefi-san must be quite strong. Or maybe the party today was just that fun to him. I haven't seen my father having that much fun in a long time. Well then, see you later."

"Be careful on your way back. Good night."

Eleanor-san smiled and easily carried Master's huge body on her back. Yup, it felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out when I saw it for the first time too, Eleanor-san's strength is unbelievable. How's that possible with those slender arms of hers I wonder. Maybe it's to do with muscle density or something.
As for Mitama and Bell... Ah, no, the two are already fast asleep. Mitama is sleeping on the sofa so she's fine, but Bell's keeled over with his face on a plate. The two have a really blissful sleeping faces.
I can't bring myself to wake them up, let's put some warm blanket on them.

Now then... There she is. I couldn't see Sefi-san anywhere, turned out she fell over in the king-size bed. Good grief, how much did she drink anyway. Right when I approached her, thinking of piggybacking her back to her store.



My body got forcefully taken into the bed. W-what's happening?
There's bewitching face of Sefi-san right in front of me. I'm being hugged tightly, I can't move my body.
What the heck is this blissful softness hell.

"Wai-, Sefi-san, what just...."

I couldn't speak until the end as my mouth got blocked and something flowed inside. T-this is, alcohol!?
A hot liquid passes down my throat. When Sefi-san separated her lips, I breathed out a slightly steamy breath.

"Nnfufufuu. Baad Nobu-chaan. You can't be the only one sober~"

No wait, what are you saying. I still have to put these stuff away. Wait, Sefi-san. Don't press your breasts on me! I'm getting pinned down by her surprising strength, I really can't move at all. I'm getting dizzier all the while, probably from the alcohol. What kind of strong alcohol did these heavy drinkers have.

"...Thank you. I've never been in such a fun party. Although there were many hectic days, I'm really happy to have met you Nobu-chan.... Zzzzz."

After whispering so, Sefi-san fell into slumber in the position. Of course, while she's still tightly holding me. However, I cannot help but forgive this act of forcefulness after seeing such a blissful sleeping face.
Ah well, might as well go to sleep like this. I'm getting dizzy anyway... And thus I parted ways with my consciousness.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Strongest Sage, Goes Deeper Into the Prairie


"...More incoming monsters."

"Looks... like it!"

Alma shot an arrow at a boar monster coming from afar while saying that.
The arrow accurately pierced the monster's heart, killing it instantly.

Burrowing snakes aren't the only monster that pop up here.
There are of course flying and ground monsters around, and all of them have turned gigantic without exceptions.

Against these powered monsters, even Alma's arrow that usually pierced five monsters in one shot could only manage to kill one with an exact vital shot.
Since arrows don't work well against burrowing monsters, Alma is mostly in charge of flying and on-ground monsters.

"Umm... Over there!"

On the other hands, Ruli is beating these monsters with magic tools.
Normally Ruli would be in charge of creating arrows for Alma most of the time, but since a high powered arrow can't manage to beat two monsters at once this time around, they're acting independently now.

Ruli's strategy is similar to the strategy I used on that snake earlier on.
Whenever snake monsters come out of the ground, she hardens the soil to stop their movements.

One thing that's different is my strategy has myself as the decoy, while Ruli is using magic tools for both roles.
Thus, it's not as efficient as my way, but it enables her to safely beat monsters from a distance.

Even though she'd need to stock magic stones for this tactic, such is one of the strong points of Glory Crest.
Even the past me used a variety of schemes to fight monsters.

"Don't tell me, I'm the only one who can't locate monsters here?"

The examiner asked me in the heat of battle.
Indeed, this fight has us fully making use of Passive Detection.
Especially for monsters below the ground, you can't rely on most of your senses against them.

However... it's not like all of us can do it.

"I don't think Iris knows when underground monsters are going to attack either.... Well, not like there's any need to be on guard in Iris case though."

Iris got blown away while I was speaking.
The snake monster powered up by the parasite monster made a surprise attack on Iris from below.

Due to the damage on her magic circuit, Iris's mana control and detection are unreliable.
She can roughly know the location of monsters above grounds, but those under are just too much for the current Iris.

"Alright, got another one!"

However, Iris doesn't seem fazed at all by the ambush.
Rather, it feel more like 『Prey found!』 to her.

And she's not mistaken.
In fact, she didn't even have a scratch on her from the burrowing snake monster's ambush.

So long as Iris is impervious to its fang, the snake's mana-powered neurotoxin is useless against her, and even if the fang did go through her defense, mana-powered toxin would dilute itself inside Iris's enormous mana pool, it probably won't have any effect.
There's too large of a gap between a dragon and a snake, regardless of how powered it is.


While still being blown away, Iris readied her spear mid-air and threw it at the snake monster.

It's just a simple throw without magically enhanced strength or anything... but with Iris's brute strength, the thrown spear had practically turned into an iron stake for the snake.
The snake didn't get staked, it got torn asunder, crushed by the spear.

"What is that? Some kinda ace buff magician or something? I haven't seen her chanting even once though..."

"Nope, Iris is just awfully sturdy, she can't use magic."

Iris killed another monster while we were conversing.

Although it may not compare to [Enforced Detection], her simply moving around would flaunt her mana around to act as a bait to the surrounding monsters.
As a result, Iris beat the most monsters after me.

"...Can't use magic? Yer' kidddin' me?"

"It's true. ...Also, you don't need chanting to use magic. The reason why monsters have been appearing in front of me since awhile ago is thanks to a chantless spell too."

I took a half step back as I said that.
And then, a snake came out of the ground I was standing on, so I made use of its momentum to cut it in half with my sword.

I'm not using magic to converse my mana.
I only draw monsters here with [Passive Detection], and then kill them with the lowest amount of effort.

"Are there nothing but monsters in this party...."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
We got close to the center of the prairie as we battled on.
The incessant monster attacks suddenly stopped midway through.

"They're not attacking anymore."

"I don't detect mana reactions either, think it's finished?"

"...You really did it. Those monsters were ridiculous, but Mathias's party is beyond even them..."

Iris, Alma and the examiner spoke.
Indeed, there's no easy-to-detect mana reaction from monsters in the vicinity.

"Normally you'd think so... but I feel something odd in the surrounding mana... And that boss Mathias-san mentioned didn't come out either."

However, Ruli objected to the opinion that the subjugation was over.
Unfortunately enough for the examiner who looks really eager to go home... she's right.

"Ruli is correct, the boss hasn't shown itself up yet... Well then, which way do you think it is?"

"Unn, judging from the state of mana... Over there?"

Ruli pointed right.
Hmm, she managed to notice the oddness in the mana reaction, but I guess she still cannot grasp the mechanism behind it yet.

Well, just the fact that she could see through this camouflage without prior knowledge means that she's got quite the talent in mana detection.
It took the past me around 30 years to even notice it after all.

"Close but no cigar. The correct answer is over there."

I pointed left.
The exact opposite of Ruli's guess.

"It's not close at all! It's totally the opposite direction!"

"Nah, don't sell yourself short... How does the mana reaction over there feel to you?"

I pointed at the direction Ruli pointed at first.

"Unn, I don't see mana reaction that feels like of monsters... There's some really really small reactions though, but I think that's just bugs or something like that."

"Then how about over there?"

I pointed at the place where the boss is.
Ruli looked over there... and seemingly noticed the camouflage.

"Ah, there's a place without a single reaction, not even from bug!"

"That's the area where the boss monster lurks. It has set up a kind of barrier to stop its mana from leaking to the surroundings."

Some parasite type monsters remake the environment around them to suit themselves better.
The camouflage that prevents mana from leaking is a part of that.
For those monsters, the reason is probably not to prevent their mana from leaking, but simply because a place with dense mana is more comfortable to them.

"A mere monster constructing barrier...."

"Their barrier differs from the barrier we create with magic though."

We're heading to the barrier the monster put up.
Suddenly someone said halt.

"Hold it, you guys have already passed the test. There's no need for you to defeat that thing."

The examiner stopped us.
Looks like we've passed the Rank B Qualification Test.
It's nice that we were able to pass it easily, but...

"Didn't the quest I took ask for Testra Prairie Subjugation? It won't count as one if we don't defeat that."

I point at the barrier.
The barrier seems to be covered in grass and soil, it only looks like a mound from over here, but judging from the mana reaction, it's apparently a dome-shaped barrier.
Monsters that are shutting themselves inside the barrier are harmless, but in reality, those monsters probably dug underground where the barrier didn't reach and went outside the prairie.

"You're right, the quest is about Testra Prairie Subjugation... but the content was [Subjugating monsters, especially those that could become a threat, in the outbreak at Testra Prairie.]. The quest should be considered as complete even without you defeating monsters that shut themselves inside a barrier."

I see.
At the time being, that might be right.
Not like the monster inside is going to come out anytime soon after all.

Personally, I'd like to raise our rank as fast as possible, so it's easier if we don't have to beat that.
Ordinarily I would have gone to beat the monster regardless of quests or such, but I'd be wasting time to recover my mana then.

...However, since we've taken up on this quest, I can't exactly do that.

"If we leave that alone, that thing would break out of the barrier and attack towns. Time left until that happens... about two weeks I reckon."

Hearing that, the face of the examiner who looked like he was going back turned serious.
To the point that I doubted he was the same person.

"...Are you telling the truth?"


"...Is Frejia included in those towns?"

"It's really hard to believe... But if Mathias says so, it's practically guaranteed..."

Saying that, the examiner ponders.
Afterward, he bowed deeply toward me.

"I ask you. Could you please defeat that monster? I don't wanna expose that town to danger. Of course, I'm gonna fight too."

...I see.
He'd like to avoid endangering himself, but he'll fight for real if the town is in danger huh.

Looks like this examiner isn't just a coward.
Well, I guess an adventurer that would run away at the prospect of going to a dangerous location wouldn't be entrusted to be a rank up test examiner.

"Got it. ...Are you fine with that, you three?"

That's always been my intention since we took this quest.
And I couldn't possibly forsake a territory friendly to Eis Kingdom.
It was one of the reasons we could took this quest so quickly after all.

...It might stand to reason if it were a hostile territory though.

"Of course! That's what we come here for!"

"Yes! ...I'm a bit curious about that monster-made barrier too!"

"I'm not really sure, but I just need to beat up monsters right?"

Looks like the three are in agreement.
Let's get on to the kill... is what I'd like to say, but I have something to ask them first.

Our moves would slightly change depending on the answers.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-39

16-39. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald (3)


Rumors about plausible-sounding underworld of society and illegal websites circulating among people might have the same appeals as a certain urban legend. The thing that piqued curiosity isn't whether it exist or not, but that it really might exist.

"Tried inputting Doujii or Dudii?"
"Got no hit on either."

I've searched those before Arisa suggested.
From the results of my search on criminal background, just like in other towns, there's a lot of criminals lurking around.

However, there's no Crime Syndicate Dujii to be found anywhere.

"Wonder if it's its street name?"
"Might be."

Map Search would have found it even if it were concealed, but things get tricky if the case here is where the real organization name and the well-known name differs.

"If Master is thinking of using some special searching method, maybe Sera and I'd better go back to base?"

Arisa whispered in my ear.
She's probably being considerate since both of them may have god's back doors on them.

"Nah, there's no need for that."

I don't think we'll get to the point of needing to use cheat skills this time.

Besides, I've got no response from the equipment to trace back the back door the two are wearing.
Looks like gods don't have the time to frequently peek at this world either.

As for these backdoor re-tracer, the mechanism works by indirectly measuring Divinity from the change in Miasma and Magic Power.
The tool doesn't react to my [Unit Arrangement] and Sera's holy magic, but I've confirmed that it did react to Divinity back when I received the [God's Trial] earlier, so it should work properly.

"I'll be heading to Echigoya Firm to collect information, everyone, could you do the same at the inn and other local stores?"

The girls agreed to my suggestion.
I changed into Kuro in a back alley and went to the inn where the advance party of Echigoya Firm is staying.


The advance party was a noble girl working directly under Echigoya Firm's manager, Elterina.
She can use summoning magic, hence she's got a variety of ways to secretly gather info and get in touch with someone.

I immediately got down to business.

"--Crime Syndicate Dujii? Oh that's a famous name."

Apparently their operations extend to many things like distilling liquor, to smuggling salt and stuff.

"I've tried using my summon rats to look for them, but--"

Apparently they couldn't even find a single member, let alone their base.

"Rumors going around that their headquarters is at the neighboring corrupt city Dodobu, but merchants coming from that city denied the rumors, you see~"

Corrupt City is the alias, officially it's known as Commercial City Dodobu.
It's one of city states, and a place where you can procure grey zone commodity and get some services.

"I see, then I should pay a visit to Dodobu City."

After showing my appreciations to the noble girl, I asked her to continue gathering more info about Crime Syndicate Dujii.

『Apparently, Crime Syndicate Dujii's hq is at the Commercial City Dodobu, I'll be going there for a bit.』
『I gotcha--but don't think of going to some lewd onee-san's store just because you're heading alone to the Corrupt City Dodobu, okay.』

Looks like Arisa and the girls knew about Dodobu City from their own network of information.

『Yeah, of course.』

I replied instantly while making sure that my voice wasn't shaking from the guilty consciences with the help of Poker Face skill.

No choice.
Let's postpone the visit to the pretty onee-san establishment for later.

"--I'm back."
""Welcome home, Satou-san.""
"That was quick."

After returning back to the inn from Corrupt City Dodobu with Unit Arrangement, I met up with Arisa and the others by relying on my Map.

"In vain?"
"Yea, both ordinary people and criminals know the name Crime Syndicate Dujii itself, but I couldn't find anyone who knows how to get in contact with them at all."

Since I couldn't find them with Map Search, I marched into the headquarters of a largish Crime Guild and made use of [Interrogation] and [Negotiation] skills, but the results were nil.

"I see, we don't have new info either."

Arisa said so with a gloomy face.

Right then, sounds of building collapsing and noises could be heard from deep inside a back alley.


Afterward, ruffian looking men rushed out of the alley while screaming.

"Satou-san, stand back."

Zena-san steps forward with a Wind Crystal furnished wand in hand.
However, she probably won't get her turn.

Bandages-like things stretching out from behind the men pulled down and bound those men one after another.

『Don't think you can run away from [Hero's Attendant] Jema-sama's Flexible Bandage--wait, Demon Lord Slayer?』

A bunny eared beauty is looking at me.
Unfortunately, she's not wearing a bunny suit, just ordinary leather armor instead.

The gauntlets furnished with small shields equipped on both her arms must be the magic tools to control the bandages that bound the men.

『Aren't you going to catch bad people too? Seigi-sama would catch 'em all if you play around.』

The bunny eared beauty talks in Saga Empire Language.
I suppose she only knows how to speak her native language without a translation ring.

『Are these guys members of Crime Syndicate Dujii?』
『Who knows? I dunno.』

Well, they're not.

『Jema, you got them too huh--A-Arisa-san!』

Seigi came out of the back alley.
Looks like he's been working hard, his armor and mantle are dirty.

The hero brushed off the dirt from his mantle and armor and then, with a flushed face, he trotted and stopped in front of Arisa.

"H-how have you been? Faring? We have crushed six crime syndicates already, and caught more than 100 criminals ourselves."

Hero Seigi is looking at Arisa with a face hoping for her praises.

"Hee, amazing. How'd you do it? With human-wave tactics using Sage Empire soldiers?"
"No no not that, I found them with one of the three Unique Skills I got from Parion-sama, 『Evil Search (Where's the Bad People)』."

A woman wearing a civil official attire rushed from behind him and blocked his mouth in panic.

"Didn't I just tell you not to reveal your Unique Skills after that trial!"
"I-I know that! Your eyes, you don't have to get so mad!"

Hero Seigi protested at the attendant like a child at his rebellious phase.

Come to think of it, he also announced his unique skill 『Justice Mind's Eye (There is Only One Truth)』 during the trial.
Judging from what he said, looks like he still has one last Unique Skill left.
Considering the other two Unique Skills are Search and Examination types, I guess the last one is an Enforcement type?

They're pretty useful if you're going to work as a policeman or a detective, but I can't help but wonder if that's alright for a hero expected to slay demon lords.

"Seigi, is there a top member among these people Jema caught?"
"Wait a minute--"

Asked by the civil official attendant, Hero Seigi glared at the bandaged men for several seconds.
I think it's the initial [Appraise] skill given to Heroes by the god, but he sure takes time to perform it.

"--No. Looks like it was only the bald guy knocked out at that room over there, and the beard guy who tried to escape until the end."
"Thank you very much--please call Saga Empire soldiers to bring those two to our base Moryu and interrogate them."

After telling that to hero Seigi, the official turns around toward the bunny eared attendant and instructs her.

『Jema, hand over those bunch to this country's soldiers.』

Meanwhile, Hero Seigi was talking to Arisa, "Did you know that you're prohibited from drinking liquor in this country, that's why you don't see drunkards around."

Wait, this country has prohibition law?

Come to think of it, I don't think there was a bar at that diner too.
I displayed the Tourism Ministry document on the AR display.

The document states, [Local Product: Nothing in particular], [Choice Liquor: None].
Skimming through, the fact that it's [None] instead of [Nothing in particular] must mean it really is prohibited.
Would have liked if it was written clearly on a footnote instead of this confusing text.

Well, since this is a country where Shiga Kingdom absolutely has no diplomatic relations with, forget embassy, there's not even any spy situated here, I guess it's only natural.

"Seigi, can you still go on?"
"Yea, no problem. I can still use 『Evil Search (Where's the Bad People)』 a few more times."

The official attendant made a sour look to hear hero Seigi who completely didn't get what she just admonished him earlier.
Looks like she's got quite the work cut out for her.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"What should we do? Master?"

Maybe it was due to the fact that Hero Seigi's skills has a surprisingly good compatibility with criminal search, Arisa's voice was mixed with fluster.

"Satou-san, should we split up and search too?"
"Let me help the search with wind magic! The miasma around criminals' bases of operations is usually quite thick, I could narrow them down with advanced level wind magic."
"I will lend a hand too. As it is possible to distinguish criminals with holy magic, 『Evil Detection』."

Sera and Zena-san made an appeal to help.
The roundup would probably not fall behind Hero Seigi's party with these two's magic.

Well, if we're simply looking for criminals, searching with my Map is faster and the correct choice.

However, it couldn't find the Crime Syndicate Dujii hero Seigi mentioned.
Might be a good idea to continue arresting criminals while interrogating them.

『Expose wrongdoings, pass down righteous judgement』

『Right the injustice, you who challenge the trial』

Orders from God Urion flashed on my mind.

"...Expose wrongdoings? Right the injustice...?"

Something bothered me somehow, so I uttered them.

"Aren't those God Urion's order?"

I affirmed Arisa's question.

"Something is not right..."

Sera muttered.
Looks like she caught on something like me.

Together with Arisa, she spaced out with furrowed brows.

"--Is it?"

Zena-san tilted her head.
Unfortunately, I can't articulate it enough to answer Zena-san.

"Even at Seryuu City, we often expose injustice done by the territorial army and civil officials and punish them properly, you know?"

The moment Zena-san said that, Arisa and Sera suddenly raised their faces.

"I got it!"

Arisa and Sera shouted out at the same time.

"It's the expose part!"

Then, as if that explains everything, the two look at me with cheerful faces.

"Umm? What do you mean?"

Zena-san asked the two before I could.

"It's normal for criminals to do wrongdoings right?"
"You won't say 'right the injustice' for criminals. Normally it'd be 『Judge the criminals』 wouldn't it?"

I see, I get what the two are trying to say.

"You mean the people who are committing those crimes aren't part of a crime syndicates?"

I confirmed what the two wanted to say.

In other words, the ones carrying out wrongdoings are people that belong to the authority and judicial organ huh.
Even though I think exposing wrongdoings are also the correct words to use on villains, that's probably what the two mean.

"At the very least."
"That should be what God Urion meant by expose."

Arisa and Sera asserted.

"Perhaps, Crime Syndicate Dujii itself never actually exists."
"Is it like a cover used by the people belonging to the authority and the judicial organ for when they're doing something unlawful?"

Zena-san said her guess at Arisa's remark.
No wonder my Map search couldn't get a hit if it was a fictitious organization created by people who are in charge of punishing evils to hide their wrongdoings.

"Arisa, Zena-san, and Sera, please arrest the criminals at the places I point you at."
"--A diversion huh."

Arisa struck a snapping finger pose that didn't actually make a sound.


Even if we know that it's the authority and judicial organ, the number of people is too big, thus I intend to cause them unrest by randomly arresting criminals who are likely connected to them.

"Besieging them would be troublesome with just you three alone, take the living doll unit from the airship with you."

The heroes should have been enough to act as a diversion, but either his Unique Skill has a limited range, or they carry prejudice on the downtown, they've been ignoring the crime syndicates at the high streets.

"Will Master watch over through magic?"
"I can't possibly do it all alone, I'll be relying on reinforcements, you see."

After seeing off Arisa and the others running off toward the airship, I went behind a shadow and summoned a reliable reinforcement from the capital with Unit Arrangement.


Sage Mouse ChuuFat cried on my palm.
The king-like outfit and crown I gave to him as a present suit him very well.

"Sorry to call you on a short notice, ChuuFat."


ChuuFat cried, like he's saying "Don't worry about it."

"I'd like to investigate crimes done by the bigwigs of this country, could you lend me the Intelligence Bureau of Mouse Empire?"

--Chuii, Chuiiiiiiii.

ChuuFat cried out loud while beating his chest with his small hand, as if saying, leave it to me.

"I'll be counting on you then. I'll send you back, would you gather personnels needed at the Mouse Square then."


I sent back the nodding ChuuFat to Shiga Kingdom's subterranean tunnel with Unit Arrangement.
With ChuuFat at the top, the Sage Mice have exerted a huge influence under Shiga Kingdom's capital, they've been helping to elevate hygiene level and curb criminal activity at the capital.
We may not be able to exchange words, but they understand our words, and can operate simple magic tools.

While waiting for the ChuuFat and other Mice, guess I'll go and support Arisa and the girls, and keep track on hero Seigi's movements?

Spacing out in a back alley would get me reported, thus I decided to move to a nearby bridge.
Gazing at the surface of water on top of a bridge shouldn't look that suspicious.


There was already a preceding visitor on the bridge.

It's the 100-man platoon commander who was deemed a stalker at the trial yesterday.

His face looks serious, like he's going to attempt suicide anytime now--.


While I was looking, the armored commander had put his feet on top of the bridge rail.

"Hold it right there!"

I immediately rushed out and pull the commander back.

"Unhand me! No point in me living anymore! No point in living a life where I can't see Yowa-chan's smiles!"

Yowa-chan must be the bakery girl's name.

"I was just watching over her, what's so wrong about that! Look at Dujii, no one arrest them no matter what shitty thing they did! This world ain't fair!"

He's at the absolute end of his wits.

"If I have to say, it's the way you're doing it that's wrong."

Oh crap, I went and said it out loud.


The 100-man platoon commander is glaring at me resentfully.
Can't be helped, I'll accompany this guy till ChuuFat is done preparing.

"Yep. Should have directly confessed your love to Yowa-chan or something like that instead."
"Like I could do something so embarrassing!"

He declared something so weak with a manly expression.
No well, I think that's the starting point.

"Then what about utilizing a go-between?"
"Enlist your superior's help to ask her parents for her hands in marriage."

I'm not sure how much the average wage of this country's servicemen, but a 100-man platoon commander should be able to support a family.

The commander has a look like everything has ended in this world.

"I did that already. Her parent said 『I'm never giving my daughter to soldiers and guards.』"

They refused both soldiers that could die in a battlefield, and guards too?
Is it because they don't want a groom who can't continue the bakery or something?

"I see, I'm sorry to hear that. Here, eat these and try to cheer up."

Liquor is apparently banned in this city, so I gave him some donuts taken from my bag.

"This is good... Really good..."

Please don't eat while crying.

In addition, I used mind magic [Calm Field], [<<Inconstancy Regret>>], and [Mind Recovery] to sweep away his regret.

--Oh right.

"Can I ask you one thing?"
"What is it?"

I confirm one thing that's caught my interest earlier while supplying additional donuts to the commander who had done eating.

"You mentioned Crime Syndicate Dujii earlier--"

Earlier he said, "Look at Dujii, no one arrest them no matter what shitty thing they did!", didn't he.

"Yeah, guards who usually went to arrest criminals with zeal only do so haphazardly when it involves them, even the supposed watchmen of justice, Judicial Bureau won't dispatch their investigators for them."

I see, looks like I've narrowed down the places where ChuuFat should probe around.

"Do you know somewhere I can check records about cases that had happened and stuff?"
"Why dontcha look at either Judicial Bureau or the Guard Bureau?"

Looks like he's not detailed in this too.
Servicemen and guards have different jurisdictions after all.

Well, I'll likely find out what kind of crimes the Crime Syndicate Dujii has done if I check on Judicial Bureau and Guard Bureau records, then by investigating people who profited off of those crimes, seizing evidences should be possible.

Map Search is way too convenient I even forgot to check on such basic places.

I parted ways with the commander who looked like he had been liberated off of an evil spirit after binge eating donuts, and I decided to look for places where they keep the records of Judicial Bureau and Guard Bureau with space magic.

"Think it's about time they're ready?"

Looking at the Map, they seem to have done preparing, so I moved to a back alley and Unit Arranged ChuuFat and the other Mice all at once.

They've come together with crows for some reason.
Apparently, these crows are tamed animals of the Sage Mice.

Maybe I should call them Raven Riders?

"Now then, I'm counting on you."


After seeing off Sage Mice who had signal transmitter magic tools with them, I went to prepare stuff for when we found the culprits.

Villains acting like good people huh, they should learn when it's time to give up.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Strongest Sage, Finds Traces


"...We should arrive at Testra Prairie soon."

A while after we left the town.
We reached the vicinity of Testra Prairie's entrance.

"It's really quiet here..."

"Yeah, so quiet it's creeping me out..."

There is indeed something abnormal at Testra Prairie.
We would have heard sounds from various monsters and small animals at an ordinary plain, but there's barely any sound here.

"...Do you recognize that?"

I point at the thing on the ground.
A long sword made of mithril.

The sword is broken at the base, but it doesn't look old.
It's probably been there less than a month.

"That's... Blue Blade Jin's sword!"

"Is he an adventurer?"

"Yeah! He's one of the adventurers who never came back from Testra Prairie!"

I see.
He got ambushed right after he arrived at the prairie.

Equipment that appear to be of adventurers are scattered around the area.
There's no body to be found, but there's no doubt that they've been wiped out.

"Looks like the last adventurer party was attacked here."

"...Yea. I don't see any monster that could do that... but it might be a good idea to watch your surroundings."

The examiner surveys the vicinity as he says that.

Fortunately the visibility is good thanks to this place being a prairie.
You can see quite far away as there's not a lot of tall grass.

We won't get easily ambushed as long as we're alert of our surroundings... is probably what the last adventurer party had in mind.
And the reason for their demise.

"Alma, have you noticed?"

I tried asking Alma here since Ruli must have noticed the monster's mana reaction, no doubt.
Alma replies while looking unsure.

"Ground... I think?"

"Correct. ...Everyone, stay where you are!"

I took some distance away from the four and activated 【Enforced Detection】.
A few seconds later.
The ground below me began to vibrate.

"Over here!"

I've expected this.
The shaking is turning more violence, and right when the ground cracks, I jump slightly backward.

The next moment, a huge head of a six meter long snake jumped out of the ground.
I evaded that by a hair's breadth.


The snake angrily hissed to have its attack evaded.

However, the serpent seems to be fully aware that its forte is burrowing in the ground.
It didn't pursue me, instead it immediately turned around and tried to get inside the ground.

"I won't let you!"

I activated a magic to harden the soil as I trample the ground.
The serpent couldn't burrow well into the hardened soil and slowed down.

I swung my sword right there.
The magically reinforced sword easily slice off the serpent.

...Befitting of a creature with strong life force, the snake still moved about for a while, but it ceased before long as it could do nothing after getting cleanly cut in half.

"This monster was most likely the one that wiped out the adventurer party."

I pointed at the dead monster.

The most troublesome aspect of this monster was that you only had about a few seconds chance before getting attacked from the moment you realized its sign.
For those experienced in fighting, those few seconds should be good enough to take proper countermeasures... But for adventurers who never fought anything like this before, they will eat the ambush for sure.

"Aah. Doesn't matter how experienced of an adventurer you are, no way you could do anything when such a monster suddenly sprung out of the ground.... Heck, how were you guys able to perceive this monster's attack anyway?"

"We just detected its mana. Once you've gotten used to it, you can even detect monsters lurking in the ground."

"Monster mana...? Is that even detectable?"

"Yeah. Identifying the type of monster and stuff is quite hard, but simply finding them is simple. So long the opponents aren't concealing their mana, you won't get ambushed, almost guaranteed."

How well mana transmit over the soil changes depending on the places... and you can detect up to 100 meter below with the soil here.
Plenty enough distance to cope with ambushes.

"...I see, now I get the reason why Branch Head-sama said Mathias Party was monstrous. I woulda let you guys pass the test if it weren't for the standards."

The examiner looked at the monster I beat as he said that.
And naturally, Rank B Promotion Test has standards for passing, it can't be decided by the examiner alone.

Well, since the quest is about Testra Prairie Subjugation, let's do so.
For that, first we need to understand the situations here.

"Do you recognize this monster?"

I pointed at the dead serpent.
If my hypothesis is correct, this monster did not originally live here at Testra Prairie....

"No, never seen a monster like that."

Just as I thought.
This is the first time I've seen this monster too.
However, I could somehow guess how this monster came into being from the aura of its mana.

"Then have you ever seen a monster that looks similar to this, but smaller?"

"...Now that you mention it, it does look similar to a Venom Serpent."

The examiner pointed at the dead serpent.

"Venom Serpent... What kind of monster is that?"

"Right... Outwardly it looks pretty similar to this thing, but it doesn't burrow in the ground, and at most it's only 2 meter long. Oh and its poison is also effective on monsters."

...Poison that's effective on monsters huh.
Monsters don't tend to fight against other monsters, so there's only a few species that have that kind of poison.

And the serpent I just beat most likely had that poison.
There's no mistake about it judging from the mana.

"Let's have a small test."

I pulled off the fang of the dead serpent while luring a nearby wolf monster with 【Enforced Detection】.
And then I threw that fang on the wolf monster.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The fang shallowly graze the wolf and fell down on the ground.
Normally, such scratch would pose no problem to a monster.

However, the wolf plopped down and began to convulse.
The poison works as expected.
...There's no doubt.

"This thing is most likely a Venom Serpent."

I pointed at the dead serpent.
The examiner sent me a quizzical look when he heard that.

"Like I said before, Venom Serpents don't burrow, nor grow this big. It's clearly a different monster."

"Yeah. If they aren't strengthened."


There exist monsters that can strengthen other monsters.
Monsters strengthened by such monster may get bigger, or transform into something else.

"Umm... It kinda feels like there's a magic circle inside this monster... Maybe, that's the reason?"

"Well, that's the rough answer.... This is it."

I took out a magic stone from the serpent monster.

The magic stone is too small to be inside this huge serpent.
Magic stones this size are normally found on monsters that are just 1-2 meter big.

And something resembling a magic circle is carved inside the magic stone.
Unlike the magic circles humans used to create magic tools, the fact that this one made use of mana flow to alter the monster's state means that it's a type of natural magic circles.

"It really does look like a magic circle... But the formation is unlike anything we've been using, I can't read what it does..."

"Well, naturally occurring magic circles have peculiar constructions after all. I'll teach you about it if you're interested later.... From what I can gather, its effects are monster strengthening and behavioral pattern shift."

This magic circle seems to have overloaded the magic stone, it's been darkened with spreading cracks.
The serpent was probably going to die soon even without me doing anything.

"Behavioral pattern shift...?"

"Yeah. Like making monsters that don't ordinarily burrow to do so."

Monsters that's merely been strengthened should still be manageable with brute force.
But they could be hard to handle depending on the change of their behavioral pattern.

And the biggest problem of this kind of monsters is....

"This monster had a magic circle inside it, right? But then who put it inside?"

Iris muttered so before I could say it.
Yes. That's the problem here.

"The one who put a magic circle inside was... a monster. And most likely a parasite type at that."

"Parasite type?"

"Yea. Among parasite monsters, there are those who strengthen its host and the surrounding monsters to protect itself."

"Surrounding monsters, you mean the one just now wasn't the boss..."

"Yeah. It's just a small fry. These kinds of monsters should be crawling all over this prairie right now."

The monster I killed earlier was just the very tip of an iceberg.
For even a mere ordinary snake monster to turn this big.
Since the parasite monster must have latched itself onto the strongest monster among them.... Seems like I could enjoy fighting the boss here.

"Monsters like this, crawling all over..."

"Sorry but can I go home now?"

The examiner attempted to go back after hearing what I said.
Being able to quickly decide when to escape is an important quality for adventurers, and running away here is the correct answer for an adventurer who cannot use 『Passive Detection』, but please try a bit harder for the sake of our rank up.

Let's try to amicably and peacefully persuade him here.

"I don't mind if you go back alone, but we can't save you if you get attacked along the way, yeah? By the way, there's another five serpent monsters like the one earlier around this area."

"...Okay. Let's push on."

Looks like he understands now.
Thus, we went deeper into the prairie.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Your Lovely Pecs


Hello, ma'am, you knew right? Izumi Nobusada here.
Oy, eat yer' bread!

Whoops, not good I was panicking there. Yes, I failed my cooking which doesn't happen often.
I've just identified the culprit. I had left that thing I got yesterday set.

That thing → 【Mold Destroyer】

Ha ha ha, I thought it was strange how the dough didn't rise no matter how long I waited, gawddamn.
It's my fault for neglecting it since the dungeon though. Fortunately it stopped being effective the moment I changed my title.
I was worried about other ingredients in the kitchen for a sec, but since its effective range is seemingly only on stuff I touch, they're fine. This title could be a terrifying weapon in a sense. Sealed, it's sealed!

Now then, let's pull myself together and resume cooking.
I'm thinking of these to be the menu.

・Louivu Pork Tonkatsu (fillet, shoulder sirloin), Pork Cutlet Sandwich
・Louivu Pork L-sized Hamburger, with cheese
・Louivu Pork Rib Meat Skewer
・Roast Louivu Pork, with herbs
・Meat Pie
・Flame Broiled Eggplant Mushroom and Matsutake
・Tempura Combination Platter (Shrimp, Mushroom, Vegetable)
・Minced Bonito
・Vegetable Stick, Salad

I'll leave the rest of the menu to the Flame Dog's cooking. Apparently, they have a lot of heavy dish, so I'm making stuff that goes down easy. I can't wait to try simple fried eggplant mushroom myself. By the way, I got the bonito from Kumahat-san.

I was done with the preparation in the afternoon so I shared some of them with Boss-san.
Come to think of it, I lost my spare clothes since I used them for Kagura-san. Guess I'll stock some since I have time and all.
I still can't get used to it no matter how many times I went there, but I'm still going there, for the cheap yet good quality stuff they have.


The moment I opened the door, countless huge light brown thingy stuffed the place.


Okay, I saw nothing at all. Now then, let's head to Sefi-san's store.
Right when I thought that I stood still instead of escaping, like I should not open the door. Wonder why, my instinct and intuition as a living being warn me not to open this door.
But my resistance was fruitless as the door cracked open with a FUNNU yell.

"Oh no no bad, Mineia. You shouldn't break the furnitures here, you hear me."

"Forgive me, Anija (elder brother, formal). But, this boy, he's..."

"That is that, him is him. Long time no see, Nobusada-chan. What's the occasion?"

My path to escape has been blocked off... No choice but to brace myself. So I won't get eaten, in many senses.

"My clothes got all tattered up in an excursion during a quest. I was planning to get replacements here, but since you seem to be busy, maybe I should visit by later."

"Oh it's fine you know? Everyone here are all kindhearted sworn fighting school brothers of mine after all. Right right, I should introduce them to you. They're a Rank A adventurer party, 『Muscle Brothers』. Which makes them Nobusada-chan's great senpai."


Four men and women (?) struck out striking poses as Maniwa-san introduced them.  Kein, Sige, Otto, and Moriko, a party of four brothers. Besides Moriko, three of them are half naked with yellow bikini on. As for Moriko, it's pink micro bikini on top of Afro head. One thing they all have in common are their huge bulking muscles. It's a poison for sore eyes.
They were striking poses silently without a word while being introduced. According to Maniwa they're extremely bad with words. How are they even able to take quests then?
They don't have specialized weapons, apparently they fight with bare fists. I can feel quite an intense pressure from them, though not quite the same level as Master.

"And this one's my younger brother, Mineia. He's working as a fortune teller now, but he was in an adventurer party together with me back in the days, you know. Monbarabara Siblings was quite famous just so you know. Well, we disbanded when my dream of opening this store came true though."

"I am Mineia. I am but a humble fortune teller."

"I'm rank D Nobusada. I'm just a weakling that has only started recently as an adventurer for a month, nice to meet you."

"Oh my, Nobusada-chan, you're already rank D? You're so quick."

"I've improved a lot compared to last month thanks to Master's intensive training and managed to smoothly finish many quests."


"Yes, the Captain Commander of Gramada Guard, Matda-shi. I still have quite a long way to go, but I'm currently striving hard to not shame Master if I were to call myself his 10th pupil."

"What! You're War Fist-dono's pupil!?"

Mineia-san pressed on me vigorously. This person has bulking light brown muscles just like the others. Am I too hasty to consider that he has common senses for wearing clothes unlike the other members here.

"I cannot state how much I envy you. I too aspired to become his disciple, however I was refused, 『I don't have anything else to teach to someone who's mastered another school of fighting』 he said. Oh if only I could have the opportunity to closely inspect those elderly muscles!"

Yup, I was too hasty. He's completely the same kind as them.

"Oh you never change Mineia, still like your rigid elderly men. I prefer young supple muscles myself you know. Right, Nobusada-chan."

Please don't turn it on me. And you Muscle Brothers, I saw you nodding to both.

"I'm sorry, I have to go soon, could I purchase two tunics like the one I had before?"

"My, that's too bad. It was black wasn't it. It'll be 60 mani."

"Here you go. Please excuse me then. I will work hard so we could someday work together in a quest."

The Muscle Brothers gave their thumbs up while displaying their white teeth. Are they giving me encouragement? Excluding their weirder side, they might not be bad people... I think??
I quickly left the store while waving my hands. Phew, this store really is thick.
I wasted my time on some really unbelievable things, but at least I got what I wanted, let's head to the 『Flame Dog』.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

I immediately rented a room at the Flame Dog. I ended up splurging 380 mani including the dish for the party. It all added up to be quite an expense, but this is fine once in a while.
I got into the room and rearranged the king-size bed, sofa and tables inside. I moved the unnecessary furnitures out of the way to make the room suitable for party.
The sun was already set when I was done arranging tables, so it's time to set up dishes next. The waiter came to check on me, and began to bring the dishes in.

・Minestrone-like soup with lots of vegetable
・Frico-like dish with potato and cheese
・Gnocchi-like with potato
・Asparagus rolled meat
・Chicken Sautee

They were surprise Italian-like menu. The names are different, but they look exactly the same as the dishes mentioned above to me. Where did they get these stuff anyway? And how do cuisines in this world even work? Most of the menu are quite filling to your stomach, I guess I'll keep half of what I prepared and take them out whenever needed.
Once I'm mostly done with setting the dishes, I only need to wait for everyone. Can't wait to see how they react.

Ah, I'm letting Tama-chan soak in even thicker than usual Magic Water earlier. She seems really delighted, yay.

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