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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Strongest Sage, Assists the Retreat


"We did it... right?"

A while after the battle started.
The first wave monsters have all been annihilated.

Since the monsters were weak, no one had an injury.
The students also retained half of their mana.

"Oy, what the heck's that!?"

A bit after the subjugation ended.
A student in front of me pointed at the monster outbreak site and shouted out.
A boar monster showed up at the site where the monsters first appeared.


"I-it's big!"

The first wave monsters were weak even though the aggregate amount of mana didn't change.
Which means, the second wave monsters have become even stronger,

This part is influenced by the state of mana in the area at the time, so it's hard to tell what will happens then.
I could predict that far if I was close to the Dragon Vein before the battle begun, but I needed to be around the summoning site this time.

Thus, what will happen from here on is an unknown territory.
One thing for sure, the second wave monsters are an order magnitude different than the first wave ones.
Five of them have showed up, yet they're probably stronger than the entirety of the first wave monsters.

"Calm down! The situation hasn't changed! The monsters only only showed up a bit later! Pull yourself together and attack them!"

Meirad amplified his voice with magic and gave an order to the group.
The students calmly shot magic at the monsters in accordance to his order, however--

"Wha... They're unhurt!"

"This can't be real...."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"What the hell's up with those monsters!"

The students' magic couldn't even make a scratch on the newly appeared monsters.
And it only took at most two shot to defeat a monster of the first wave.
--Not only that.

"T-they're increasing!"

Of course, the second wave monsters don't end with only five.
One after another, monsters gush out of the ground.

"W-we're retreating! Let's move back to the capital!"

Seeing that, Meirad immediately gave the order to retreat.
Looks like his training as a leader bore fruits.

A leader who can't make a decision quickly in this kind of situation will lead to the annihilation of their unit.
He seemingly lost a bit of his composure as his amplification magic got a bit unstable, but since it was still loud enough to reach the whole group, I guess I'll give him a pass.



The students who had been looking like they wanted to run even before the order ran away the moment Meirad spoke.
They ran at full speed toward the capital.

"Ruli and Alma, you two fight from inside the barrier until something happens. Iris, keep these two safe okay."


I went out of the previously set up barrier.
Most of the summoned monsters haven't taken any action to attack.
However, the monsters who showed up first were enraged by the students' attacks and charged toward them.

Being boars, the monsters aren't slow.
They'll probably catch up at this rate.

The retreat order would have been perfect if he instructed the students to create obstacles with earth magic... but I shouldn't ask too much as this is his first time acting as a leader in a real combat, let's give them a hand.

I activated Physical Reinforcement, kicked the barrier on my feet and accelerated from zero to top speed.
I ran up to a boar and swung my sword.

The monster's head fell without a sound.
Then the monster itself fell down while not realizing its death.

I jumped up into the air while glancing at that boar monster, kicked the barrier in the air to launch myself into the ground, killed the second and third monsters together, kicked the air again to plunge into the remaining monsters and annihilated the leftover monsters.

--This is how to fight a group for a disqualified crest.

Once you've gained a certain degree of power as a Disqualified Crest, ground doesn't have much meaning.
There is a limit to the strength of ground no matter how hard it is, it's highly likely to deform if you kick it seriously.
Barrier you put yourself on your foot is far more reliable.

The biggest advantage of this battle style is mana consumption.
It's very efficient since I just need to use attack magic on sword at a minimum.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone on with the idea of fighting against the second wave with just us.
Because the number of monsters we will have to fight from now on isn't anything to scoff at.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Strongest Sage, Leaves It to the Leader


"Looks like it's coming on schedule."

The day after we defeated the demons and set up the barrier.
We and the academy students went to a plain near the vicinity of the capital.

Needless to say, it's the place we buried the magic devices yesterday--in other words, we're near the site monsters will come out.
Judging from the mana flow, we have around 30 minutes before the monsters appear.
It's mostly just as I expected.

"I don't see any monster...."

"Will monsters really come out when it's this peaceful?"

"I mean Mathias-kun said they will, so they will right...."

The students form a formation while chattering about this and that.
Well, the formation this time is quite simple though.
On top of having the help of the guidance magic, there's no for need a complex formation.

"C... Can I really be the leader?"

While I was gazing the student, one of them approached and asked me anxiously.
He's Meirad, the leader of this operation.

"Yeah. Monsters will come to this plain, and Meirad will be the leader until there is no more of them here."

I'm going to quit the school after all, while Ruli and the others aren't suited to be a leader, thus I've selected some students who looked qualified to be a leader and made them into leader candidates.
Meirad is one among them.

"Yes! Mathias-sensei!"

By the way, for some reason Meirad treats me as a teacher.
Or rather, about half of the students seemed to have been influenced by Meirad as they've begun treating me as a teacher.
I'm a student through and through though....

I leave the students while thinking about that and watch over the monster outbreak site and the students' state.
Ruli, Alma, Iris and me are excluded in this operation as we're going to deal with the second wave.
I haven't told them about the second wave, though--

"Lastly, Meirad, recall again what you should do in case the unexpected happens?"

"Yes! I must promptly give the order to retreat back to the capital!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
And this is the result.
Telling them about the second wave beforehand would ruin this rare chance of training.

Retreating as a group is quite difficult.
We will be handling all of battle involving the second wave, so the degree of difficulty will greatly drop for them, but it should be still a fine personal experience.
--The monsters began to appear while I was thinking that.

Un. These monsters look weak.
Defeating them won't net anything good for us.
However, the students don't see it as such.

"What's with their numbers!"

"There's so many of 'em!"

The students began to get flustered when they saw monsters that kept on appearing.
There's around 1200 monsters.
And there's around 150 students participating in this battle, one to eight, should be a good experience.

"Do not flinch! The number of monster is roughly the same as Mathias-sensei's prediction! Let's subjugate them according to plan!"

Meirad gave an order to the flustered students.
And then the students began to regain their composure and shoot out magic.
Disqualified crest students who aren't suited for long-range attack went forward to defeat monsters that escaped the bombardment.

Just as I thought, Meirad has the qualification to be a leader.
He's quite dependab--

"Mathias said we could beat them! So we'd beat them!"

"There's even magic devices set up by Mathias-sensei!"

"Everyone, let's do as Mathi.... Meirad says!"

"Alright, we're winning!"

It's different from what I imagined.
Well they carry out the order well anyway, guess it's all OK.

Thus, the monsters kept decreasing as they defeated them one after another.
--And then, the main event finally shows up.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Strongest Sage, Sets up Traps


"Okay then. Now that the barrier is up and running... Let's go and set some stuff up."


"Yeah. We'll have an easier time if we set up some traps before the monsters come out."

I took a magic stone and a lump of iron out of Storage magic.

"We'll be using this as a trap."

"...Barrier magic?"

Ruli quickly guessed my intention when she saw those things.
However, her guess is only half right.

"It's similar but not really. We'll be setting detection-based guidance magic in the ground."

"...Guidance magic?"

"Yeah. I'll teach you the magic circle later, there's this magic device that can draw magic toward it you see. The pulling force changes depending on the amount of mana filled into the magic device."

By the way, even though the device can pull magic in, the force isn't that great so it's hard to use it for defending.
And it's easy to counter it if you know someone is using it.

"Guidance.... And that will be the trap? ...Don't tell me Mathi-kun is going to plunge right in the middle of the monster swarm and become the target?"

"That's one of the possible means."

"So it is..."

Alma sounded like she couldn't believe it.

Well, defending against attacks from your average monster is easy if you know how to use defensive magic well.
I can also defend against attack magic shot by students if I want to.
Leaving it to Iris is probably a good idea if we're relying only on defensive prowess though.

"But we'll be using another mean this time. We recently made a magic device to measure mana didn't we? We will be directly using that as the guidance device."

"And what would happen if we did?"

"A place where there is a lot of monsters will contain a lot of mana, thus it will pull magic in. In other words, our magic will automatically fall right in the middle of the monster crowd simply by shooting them toward the sky."

Many magic will fall into a place where there's a lot of monsters.
If a place has a few monsters, only a few magic will fall on it.

When it comes to large-scale group battles, giving orders where to shoot to each and every one of your allies isn't really feasible, and it's difficult to get a straight line of fire.
Yet, letting the magicians to randomly shoot their magic by their own discretion is not the best way to demonstrate the strength of a group.

Thus, it's this magic device's turn.
Simply by scattering these devices in the battlefield will make the shot magic naturally get distributed nicely.

By the way, the guidance precision depends on the number of devices you set up.
More does not mean better, it's the hard part of this strategy... well, leaving it on instinct should do.
If some slipped out it, I could just deal with them myself.

"S-so that's how it works.... Huh? Which means, don't tell me, it's the students who will defeat the monsters?"

"Yeah. The first wave that is."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"First wave?"

Ruli looked perplexed to hear what I said.

"To tell you the truth, the monsters summoned this time will likely come in two waves."

"...Two waves?"

"Yeah. The monsters coming in the first wave will excel in number, but are weak strength-wise. I'm thinking of leaving those monsters to the students, which should also act as their training."

They probably have grasped the basic of simple combat in the fight against demon this time.
Afterward, they just need to learn how group battles work and some strong guys should appear among them in times even if I leave them alone.

...Well, the purpose of leaving the first wave to the students is more about saving my mana.
If some unexpected situations were to occur, having or not having mana would make a great difference.
Exp from the monsters in the first wave should be fewer than the second wave ones anyways, no need for me to force myself getting them.

We arrived at the destination while having that conversation and set up around 30 magic devices.
We had put them inside metal cases before burying them in the ground, so they shouldn't get destroyed.

Now the problem is what monsters will appear in the second wave.
Would be cool if some strong nice monsters came out then.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-9

16-9. Sera's Resolution


※ This chapter is told from Sera's point of views

--Faith or love, which one should I pick.

The kind and gentle Satou-san cannot approve of the gods' undiscriminating divine punishment.
To the point that it even prompted him to shelter Weasel Empire, who was the culprit, into another world using a power that was no difference than that of god.

If Satou-san were to really come into conflict with gods, I wonder what I should do....

"--To the Duchy capital?"
"I'd like to consult something with Tenion Temple's head miko--Lily-dono you see."

As I was worrying endlessly and stuck in the maze of my mind at the Solitary Island Palace, Satou-san invited me along to the Duchy Capital for a change of pace.
Of course I didn't say no.

"Are we going on an airship today?"

--That's unusual.

Satou-san could have gone back to our Duchy Capital in an instant with his space magic and Unique Skill.

"Yes, sometimes traveling in the air is nice for a change."
"You're right, it is."

This time, I'm the only one among the Solitary Island Palace members who's going with Satou-san.
A journey of only two, though imprudence, it's a bit exciting.


"Satou-sama, so this is Satou-sama's personal airship."
"Sorry about this, Satou."

Why am I seeing two third wheels here.

"If you really feel sorry then you can just fly there with that Flying Wooden Horse."

I threw some sarcastic words to ane-sama who unreservedly made use of Satou-san while also peeling the touchy feely Ane-sama off Satou-san

I don't want to show dark emotions in front of Satou-san, but I can't control it well when I'm dealing with ane-sama.
I'm sure that the inferiority complex I had in my childhood still remains in the depth of my heart even now.


"Ririna-san, hugging a gentleman's arm who is not your fiance is shameless for a lady."

Good grief, I really cannot let my guard down.
I peeled off Ririna who promptly clung on Satou-san's arm.

"Ara? Sera, are you being jealous of a kid?"
"I'm not jealous! I'm just guiding her how to act like a lady."
"Hmmm, guiding huh--"

I calmly brushed off ane-sama who chided me while looking happy.


Ane-sama suddenly embraced Satou-san's head.

"Onee-sama! You're shameless!"

I cannot believe it.
It's another matter with Ririna who's still a child, but it isn't something an adult woman like ane-sama should act like.

"Ara? Grandfather-sama told me to marry Satou you know? That means we're like fiance and fiancee now right?"


Please stop with such jokes, it will only serve to stimulate ane-sama.

I endured myself to deal with ane-sama until we arrived at the duchy capital in order to prevent her from troubling Satou-san.

Yes, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart the moment I saw the duchy castle's spire from the window.

"It has been awhile Satou-san."
"Nice to meet you again, Head Miko--No, Miko Lily."

The morning after the day we arrived at the duchy capital, I accompanied Satou-san to visit Tenion Temple.
Satou-san wishes to meet the gods.

"Since that's what you wish for, I'd love to have it granted it, but--"

Lily-sama paused.

"If you want to talk with a god yourself, then there is no choice but to use 『Invoke Deity』 to let a god advent into my body."

--Invoke Deity.

It's the ultimate holy magic to let one part of god descend unto your own Soul Vessel.

In the history books of Tenion temple, there were records of miko and priests utilizing Invoke Deity in order to fights against demon lords and greater demons' invasions.
However, every one of them required a great compensation.
Worse than even losing their life, they apparently had their Soul Vessel broken.

It probably is not possible for the tiny vessel of man to bring into themselves a huge existence that is god.

"No, the compensation for that magic is much too big."
"If it's for you and this world's sake, I don't mind giving up this soul of mine you know?"

Lily-sama jokingly said that to Satou-san who was shaking his head.

However, Lily-sama is being serious.
I'm scared that she would really do it were Satou-san nodded.

Lily-san suggested the method an ancient king used to have a dialog with gods to Satou-san who asked for another mean.

We asked for the current head-miko's permission to enter Tenion Temple's banned archive and looked for the document we sought.

"Here it is--looks like it needs quite a difficult ceremony."

Lily-sama muttered while looking over a banned book.

The ceremony needed some rare items, but Satou-san arranged them up in a line with a calm face as usual.
Please stop treating the philosopher's stone like taking a pebble out of your pocket.

Look, Lily-sama is gettng dumbfounded there.

"Ufufu, you really are amazing."

The childish looking Lily-sama smiles at Satou-san.
Her maiden in love air is making my heart ache, I wonder if I'm imagining things.

"The ceremony needs Prayer magic you see. If Sera can recite it, can I leave it to you?"
"I have never tried using the magic, but I believe I can do it."
"If you aren't sure, I don't mind using it myself, but--"

Lily-sama whispered into my ears with a mischievous look on her face.

"--The ceremony requires you two to stick together in bare."


It's too shameless!

An unmarried maiden embracing with a gentleman naked!!

"But Sera, aren't you used to embracing Satou-san naked?"

Lily-sama said some unbelievable things.

"M-Me and Satou-san, doing such a thing!"
"Sera, he'll hear you if you're too loud you know?"
"Eh? U-umm, err--"

Lily-sama reproved me when I reflexively shouted out loud.

"So what would you do, Sera? I can do it for you if you're embarrassed you know?"

Lily-sama looks into my eyes with a teasing look.
The figures of Satou-san and Lily-sama embracing each other in nude flashed in my mind.

--I don't want that.

I resolved myself at the words that flashed for an instant.
I breathe deeply and put strength in my stomach.

"--I will do it."

Lily-sama nodded satisfyingly at my limp teary sounding voice that was in contrast to my resolution.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After parting with Satou-san who went back to the duchy castle, I was led by Lily-sama to a work room at a corner of the sanctuary.

"Well then Sera. Please work on this."

She handed me a ceremonial white holy robe and two spools of jade silk thread.
Along with a handbook about ceremonial embroidery patterns.

--Don't tell me, I have to embroider the holy robe starting from now?

"U-umm, but the ceremony is in two days...."
"It's alright, I'm sure Sera could do it."

Lily-sama replied my question with a smile.

"You're good at embroidery right?"

It appears that there is no escaping this.

"I'll do my best."

I quickly and carefully begin to embroider.
Of course, I'm doing it while putting my prayers to god Tenion.

I kept working until total exhaustion, and on midnight of the ceremony day--

"Oh no, I fell asleep."

I raised up in a hurry and checked to see if the holy robe were dirtied.


Even though there should have been more than half of unfinished embroideries, everything is already done.

Having no idea what happened, I looked around and found nutritional supplements and snacks that would still taste good eaten cold at the corner of a table.


Warmth coming from the bottom of my heart warms me up.

<--O my dear human child>

A voice that isn't a voice.

<O young girl in love>

Neither it is a thought, the words fall from the sanctuary's ceiling.

<Speak of your feelings.>

I surrender myself to the sudden oracle.
I spoke to my heart's content just as god Tenion desired.

--The next morning.

The embroidery pattern on the robes gets transcribed onto my body by Lily-sama and current head miko-sama's holy magic.

Everything is ready now.

"Sera, give it your all."
"I'm sure you can do it."
"Yes, Lily-sama, head miko-sama."

Miko who have undergone purification ceremony are lined up along the ceremony place.

"King entering--"

Satou-san who was wearing ancient king-like clothing walked into the ceremony in the sanctuary.

Coupled with the classical king clothing, today Satou-san really looks like a king.
He looks more dignified than usual.

"O king, stand before miko."

Satou-san followed the current head miko words and came walking here.

Satou-san whose eyes met mine lets out his usual gentle smile.
Even though he's going to communicate with god Tenion, he's acting like he always is.

"O king, discard your worldly garment."

Two miko take off Satou-san's clothing.
It was over in an instant since there was only one piece.

The miko blushed to see Satou-san's symmetrical naked body.
I stared at Satou-san's calm eyes to keep my line of sight from going down.

"O miko of guidance, discard your worldly garment."

The miko take off my robe.

When I think that Satou-san is watching, I feel so embarrassed it's enough to turn my whole body red.
Even though I'm feeling this embarrassed, Satou-san looks nonchalant as usual.

It's somehow--no, it's really frustrating.

But this isn't the time for that.
I have to continue with the ceremony for Satou-san's sake--.

"O miko of guidance, show the king the way."

I spread both my arms and embrace Satou-san's upper arms.
Even though Satou-san's body look as soft as that of a woman, it's covered with slightly hard muscles.

The serene light of the sanctuary, and the words of miko celebrating for god soothe my heart that's falling into disarray from that sensation.


I look up at the sanctuary's ceiling and calls for god Tenion.

--Great god who watches over us.

A light falls from the sky as if answering my call.
This warm light is god Tenion's holy light.

I surrender myself to god Tenion's holy light like I always did when receiving oracles.

<O my dear child of man. O king who calls for me by way of maiden. State your wish-->

※ Next update is planned for 8/20

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Strongest Sage, Observes


"Having monsters coming out in a place where it's easy to fight above ground is the best possible chance to gain experience points. It's no bad news at all."

"T-treating monsters like mere resources..."

"They are resources though. Moreover, if we know where they will appear, we can prepare a trap. There's never been a better situation. ...and so let's go have a look at the Dragon's Vein while we're activating the barrier."

"Dragon's Vein?"

"Yeah. As Dragon's Vein is an enormous lump of mana. You can look at the Dragon's Vein if you need to observe magic, convenient stuff."

I know that the summoning magic has gone haywire, but observing from the surface only nets me a rough picture of the way the monsters will appear with my current detection capability.
We've got to go there to activate the barrier anyway, so might as well.

"I saw the Dragon's Vein when I installed the magic stone... But it only looked like a jumbled mix of mana inside the soil to me..."

"Me too, it doesn't feel like I can get anything from watching that stuff..."

Well, it's probably still a bit too hard for Ruli and Alma.
Dragon's Vein does look like a jumbled mess after all.
Once you get used to it, you can read things like its composition and such.

"It's alright! I don't understand either!"

"...Eh? Iris, you should know about it shouldn't you?"

Just as the name suggests, Dragon's Vein are used by dragons for stuff.
Like say, instead of using maps, they make use of Dragon's Vein, there's no way she doesn't know--

"I can understand its rough geography, but even dragons don't know how to distinguish a slight magic mixed in the vast Dragon's Vein! The only one who could do that is Mathias-san and... no, only Mathias-san!"

She was going to say more just now.
Was she trying to hide something perhaps.

"Weren't you going to say someone else's name besides me there?"

"There was another person, but not anymore."

Iris replied to me.
So there was someone who could do it in the past.

Now that I think about it, I never met anyone who knew how in my past life, but I'm sure those people did exist and only didn't want to say it out loud.
It's not a particularly hard technique.
It can't be helped now since magic technology has declined, but there must have been a lot who could before the decline.

"By the way, that person said 『I'm going to reincarnate. Please don't look for me』 as his last before he passed away."

Such a guy--hm?
Isn't that the past me!

"And the one Iris knew was only that person?"

"Only Mathias-san and that person."

"...Well, Iris is a dragon. It's should come as no surprise that she doesn't know much human techniques."

"I think Mathias-san is worse here in the sense of not knowing the technique level of normal humans...."

We arrived at the Dragon's Vein while having that conversation.
The magic tool has been installed inside the dug Dragon'S Vein just like how I asked them before subduing the demons, and one part of the magic absorption installation is already in operation.
With this we can start the barrier anytime once the other devices are in places.

I checked the Dragon's Vein before starting it up--the situation has gotten quite interesting.
The magic that had been there fused together with mana of the dead demons, turning it into quite an extraordinary situation.

Looks like I can expect much, in many ways, from this.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
And also, judging from the Dragon's Vein state, the monsters will be summoned tomorrow noon.
Even the amount of mana I will have to use to activate the barrier won't be recovered by then.

--Which means, let's start the barrier for now.
It'd be troublesome if some demons were to infiltrate during this time.

"I'll go make the space to insert the barrier, wait a bit."


"Got it!"

"I understand!"

After hearing the three, I start to dig the surrounding walls.
I could do it freely now since the parts needed for the Dragon's Vein were finished already.

Afterward, I put together the barrier composition with the help of the three.
Lastly, the main event is augmenting the magic device.

"Ruli, carve this magic circle into this magic stone."

I took out a magic stone and a paper drawn with a magic circle.
The subjugation back then was over by the time I arrived, but I knew that Ruli had succeeded augmenting the magic circle I gave her back then by looking at the dead prickled demon in the schoolyard.
This one is simple compared to that.


Ruli quickly finished augmenting the magic device after saying that.
Her skill really has improved remarkably.

The Ruli before the fight against the demon couldn't have possibly augment that magic circle.
Yet, counting on her getting it right after repeating for many times, I still gave her the magic circle.
The weights of experience between augmenting in the heat of battle and peacefully augmenting with no penalty in failing greatly differ.

"Well then, here it goes!"

I started up the completed magic device as I said that.

The magic device vibrated with a dull sound and then it stopped before long.
The mana supply from the mana collecting device has stabilized.

Looks like the barrier has been activated safely.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-8

16-8. Ringrande's Homecoming


Satou here. I always came back to my parents' home for obon and new year's day in my college days, but that got less and less often the moment I became a working adult.
It's not because I didn't like getting pestered about when is the wedding or getting offered to go to a marriage interview by obliging relatives. I'm telling the truth you know?

"Satou, sorry but could you please escort me back to Duchy Capital?"
"Yes, I wouldn't mind."

When I was on my way back from the castle after seeing the fake Holy Shell Mobile Armor, Lady Ringrande whom I came across in a hallway asked me that.

I was just thinking of going back to the duchy capital, so it's just right.

I had promised to attend to a tea party and a banquet so we couldn't go right away, we departed to the duchy capital on the Tourism Ministry airship the next morning.

"Satou-sama, so this is Satou-sama's personal airship."

For some reason there was another individual attached to Lady Ringrande.
It's miss Ririna, the daughter of Gururian's viceroy, who's also attending the royal academy.

"No, it doesn't belong to me as it's the Tourism Ministry's facility."

Of course, the fuel for the magic furnace, magic cores, comes from my own expense.

"Sorry about this, Satou."

Lady Ringrande said that as she boarded the ship after carrying in the Flying Wooden Horse.

"If you really feel sorry then you can just fly there with that Flying Wooden Horse."

The one who reproached Lady Ringrande with thorny words was her little sister of the same mother, Sera.
She's the the only one among Solitary Island Palace members who's going along with me this time as the other girls seem to have business in the royal capital here.

Additionally, Lady Karina is going to act as a guide in lady Soruna's capital tour.

"Ehehe, Satou-sama."

Miss Ririna went and clung on me when the airship shifted into level flight.
Looks like she's gotten attached to me.

"Ririna-san, hugging a gentleman's arm who is not your fiance is shameless for a lady."

Sera she stepped in while smiling and peeled Miss Ririna off me.

"Ara? Sera, are you being jealous of a kid?"

Lady Ringrande teased her little sister while grinning.

"I'm not jealous! I'm just guiding her how to act like a lady."
"Hmmm, guiding huh--"

Lady Ringrande gleefully watches Sera who's desperately insisting her official stance.
Lady Ringrande's eyes met mine while she was talking, they shined like that of a cat who found its prey.


Lady Ringrande hugs my head with a mischievous look.
The ample breast cushion deformed on my chest, transmitting captivating sensation.


Sera shouted when she saw that, Miss Ririna also sounded surprised.

"Onee-sama! You're shameless!"

Lady Ringrande gleefully looks at the flaring Sera.

"Ara? Grandfather-sama told me to marry Satou you know? That means we're like fiance and fiancee now right?"

Looks like lady Ringrande who's crazy about her little sister can't help herself teasing Sera.

"Sa-Satou-sama! Is it true that you're engaged to Ringrande-sama?"
"No no, it was just a joke someone said when we were out drinking."

Miss Ririna was asking me with a desperate look, so I told her the truth.
Lady Ringrande is like an idol in Oyugock Dukedom, she's probably a fan of her too.

And then--.

The small airship equipped with the latest cruising engine devised by Prof. Jahad only took half the time needed for a conventional airship to reach the duchy capital.

I ended up having to watch endless quarrels or rather, teasing, between sisters, in the whole duration of the flight though, it was a bit troublesome.

That ascetic journey finally came to an end and the airship arrived at the duchy capital to meet a grand reception sponsored by Sera's and Lady Ringrande's father, who is also the next duke.
The personnels were a bit lacking since the duke and the two glutton nobles weren't present, but I got to meet Earl Wolgock who took care of us when we first arrived at the duchy capital back then for the first time in a long while.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"It has been awhile Satou-san."
"Nice to meet you again, Head Miko--No, Miko Lily."

Sera and I met with the former head-miko, now a miko apprentice little girl, Lily in Tenion Temple's parlor.
After telling each other how we were doing and the matter about demon lord slayer, I got into the point.

"--Meeting with Gods?"
"Yes, I'd like to know what the gods want from humans."

Lily and Sera matched eyes.

"Haven't you heard about Sera asking the same question to God Tenion during an oracle?"
"Yes, I have."

It was during the divine punishment back then.

That oracle was--.

『Gods wish for pious prayers from people and gratitudes for their joyous life.』

--like that.

But was that really all there is to it?

"Do you not believe it?"
"I believe in Lily-sama and Sera-san, but it's hard to believe that's what the gods want."

Lily and Sera looked troubled to hear my reply.

"I feel it in my journey and the Weasel Empire, unreasonableness that could be said verging on god's irrationality, I think it's in contrast to wanting prayers and gratitudes."

Even if I were to yield 100 steps and regard what was said earlier to be God Tenion's true intention, there is still a risk of an even bigger tragedy happening as long as I don't know what the [Gods] want.

"Therefore, you're thinking of meeting them?"

I gave my affirmation to Lily.

"Since that's what you wish for, I'd love to have it granted it, but--"

According to Lily, miko's oracle is very complex as it's like piles of images, words and meaning cobbled together, only the thing that a miko can decipher can be conveyed.

"If you want to talk with a god yourself, then there is no choice but to use 『Invoke Deity』 to let a god advent into my body."
"No, the compensation for that magic is much too big."
"If it's for you and this world's sake, I don't mind giving up this soul of mine you know?"

I shake my head to answer Lily.

"Is there no other way?"

Lily contemplates with her hand on her cheek.

"Maybe with the method the ancient king used to have a dialog with a God--"

I was led by Lily to a room where the banned books of Tenion Tempel were stored.

"Here it is--looks like it's quite a difficult ceremony."

Lily muttered while looking over a banned book.

"Looks like we need some very special articles, although they're fundamentally the same with the ones for oracle ceremony."
"What kind of articles are they?"
"World Tree Sap, World Tree Leaf, and Philosopher's Stone--they might be everywhere during the era of ancient king, but every one of them isn't something you can get hold of easily."

Lily looks up at me with a profound look on her face.

"I have those with me here."
"Ufufu, you really are amazing."

Lily took the material while smiling broadly.
She turns her gaze to Sera while putting them on a table.

"The ceremony needs Prayer magic you see. If Sera can recite it, can I leave it to you?"
"I have never tried using the magic, but I believe I can do it."
"If you aren't sure, I don't mind using it myself, but--"

Lily whispered something to Sera with a mischievous look on her face.
I turned off the Attentive Ears skill since that seemed to be a secret.

"M-Me and Satou-san, doing such a thing!"
"Sera, he'll hear you if you're too loud you know?"
"Eh? U-umm, err--"

Sera who was teased by Lily stuttered while turning red.
It's rare to see that expression on her, she looks quite cute.

The two had a private talk for a while and then Lily said, "I'd like three day time to let Sera learn the ceremony", so I readily gave my consent.
Not like there's any impending crisis looming anyway, no problem with it.

"Do I not need to do anything?"
"Yes well, I think you'd only need to wear ceremonial clothes and take a bath in a purification ceremony with cold water in the morning of the ceremony day?"

Thus, I'm gonna spend the three day time until the appointed day by visiting my acquaintances.
Kuro and Nanashi aside, I haven't visited the duchy capital as Satou a lot after all.

"--Satou, where's Sera?"
"She's investigating something in Tenion Temple."
"Oh really..."

I got caught by a bored looking Lady Ringrande when I returned to the duke's castle.
She's wearing a light knight outfit today.

"Then you'll be going on a date with me. Let's go have some fun in duchy capital!"

Not sure how it came to this, but apparently I'll have to accompany Lady Ringrande killing time.
We're both wearing recognition inhibition items since it'll be bad if either of our identities get known.

"Look look! There's Pendragon Bun and Pendragon Kitchen Knife!"

Lady Ringrande was in high spirits while pointing at the items on stalls.
She probably finds it interesting to see me getting embarrassed.

"If you're going there, aren't they selling Ringrande Dolls and Portraits too."

Or rather, there's a lot more of those.

Dolls aside, I wonder if it's alright for them to sell portraits of a duke's daughter as a commodity, but since they're selling it openly, duke Oyugock himself has probably given them his permission.

"They've been selling those since ages ago, so it's fine! Forget about that, I wonder what they're selling over there!"

Even though she brought the subject herself, she tried to get it off the moment it involved her, then she brought me to a stall afar.

"They smell kinda weird don't they?"
"Well they're pickles."

Lady Ringrande sniffed at a place where pickled jars were lined up.
Pickles that come out in a noble dining table have been preprocessed so they won't smell, that's probably why she finds this weird.

"Aunty, you forgot something."
"Oh my? Are you running an errand today?"
"Un, Futsuna asked me. I'm starving here. Gimme some Kuhanou pickle pleasee."

I passed by a girl I met before.

"What's wrong?"
"Uuun, it's nothing. He just looks like someone I know."

The girl whose eyes met mine raised her eyebrows as if she was recalling something even though I had the inhibition recognition item on, but she immediately yielded to her appetite and began sampling the pickles.

Urged by Lady Ringrande, I followed along the road and arrived at the port.

I can see the port branch of Echigoya firm slightly afar.
Sealkin children who have just entered into apprenticeship are working here and there near the entrance.

"Un, the port really is nice."

Lady Ringrande stretches herself on top of the great river while basking on the wind.
Her pulled tight clothes look quite attractive.


A gust of wind blew her veil--and ran off with the recognition inhibition item.

"I see Ringrande-sama over there!"

As expected of a local celebrity.

Even though I immediately gave her back her veil, her identity still got widely circulated in an instant.
People calling [Ringrande] broke out in no time.

"Satou, let's get back to duchy castle separately."

After saying that, Lady Ringrande used the assistance of wind magic to leap onto a roof.
A crowd was also coming for me, but I managed to slip out using short-distance [Ground Shrink].

Let's go see the sealkin children while I'm at it.

"How is it going?"
"Where's Nana?"

I told them that I would bring Nana here next time and gave the two some candy.
While I was listening to their present situation, other young apprentices from the branch office had gathered, so I presented them with candy while telling them to, "Get along well with these kids okay."

They seem to be doing well already from what they told me though.

And when I got back to the duchy castle, I ended up having to instruct the duchy knights in swords together with Lady Ringrande.
The swordsmanship lesson was going relatively peaceful until--

"Which one is stronger between Demon Lord Slayer-dono and Ringrande-sama?"

The place became tense with those few words from an apprentice knight.

"Of course Ringrande-sama is stronger."
"Ara, I wonder about that?"

Lady Ringrande threw a doubt back at my words.

"Didn't you beat Heim-dono the other day? You might be already stronger than me now."

Lady Ringrande licked her lips while smiling like a carnivore who found her prey.
How do I say this, she really looks carnivorous.

"Let's test it out. You're not going to say not are you?"
"Guess I've got no choice."

Lady Ringrande stopped me when I was going to take a training wooden sword.

"Wait, let's fight with real swords."
"That's dangerous."
"It's fine, we have a high priest here, and there's always mid-grade potions ready."

--H-Hold it right there!

You already assumed that someone would get hurt?!

She seems to read my unrest, Lady Ringrande has the same expression like when she's teasing Sera.

"Ufufu, if you can win against me, I'll do just as grandfather-sama said and become Satou's wife.

--Don't wanna.

As I dropped my shoulders in my mind, the surrounding duchy knights and merchants were surprised to hear Lady Ringrande's controversial statement and clamored enough to hurt one's ears.
Some asked whether she was telling the truth, but Lady Ringrande only smiled and didn't answer back.

"Here I go!"

With the fairy sword, I blocked Lady Ringrande who threw a stab while using Flickering Movement.
My ears that are on guard for her kick hear a chant.

"■■ Quick Burst"


I strike and crush the lesser explosion magic with my palm to avoid a direct hit.

Lady Ringrande's curled up her lips in the corner of my view.

Her bare left hand clad in red light approaches.

--Magic Edge.

I strengthen my pivotal leg and jumps up from an unnatural stance.

Lady Ringrande rotated her body as if dancing as her magic sword sprung up like a bird of prey.
I intercept her sword with my fairy sword clad in Magic Edge.

Metallic sounds resounded along with scattering red light.

"■■ Quick Burst"

We're too close.

At this rate, Lady Ringrande will be engulfed in the explosion magic.

I let go of the fairy sword, catch Lady Ringrande's wrist and slip myself into the explosion magic.

An explosive sound.
And an impact on my back.

I had no injury since I put on Magic Armor on my back right before the impact hit, but the blast threw me and Lady Ringrande onto the training ground.

"You're really reckless."
"That's my line."

Lady Ringrande whispered under my arm.
There's a dagger clad in red light in her hand, thrust before my neck.

My bride candidate will increase if I win this, so this is just right.

"I give up."

When I declared so like getting a windfall, Lady Ringrande pinched my cheeks.

"That didn't feel like my win somehow. Wanna have another go?"

I shook my head to Lady Ringrande's suggestion, afterward, any duchy knights who wanted to have a match with me or Lady Ringrande got their wish.
The muscle brain knights who kept coming to me even after I beat them one after another was quite troublesome.

But well, the drinking bout afterward was quite fun though.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Strongest Sage, Wait-and-See


"...I see. Over there huh."

Right after the demon went outside the capital's vicinity.
I observed the run-away demon's mana reaction.

Fundamentally speaking, demons do not form a group.
14 of them went to attack Second Academy, but that sort of unity is rare.

However, it's not unusual for demons to temporarily work together and build a small base.
Such situation almost happened in Ace Kingdom before I got here after all.

Thus, I've latched a magic on the demon that makes it emit a special kind of mana to tell me its location.
Of course, I didn't ask for the demon's consent.

From now on, that demon will have to work for me, to go around demon's bases in various places and tell me their locations.
The demon itself is probably going to report to other demons about my and Second Academy's menace anyway.

--Leaving that aside, the problem now is the monster outbreak magic those demons left behind.

It's most likely a magic that interferes the peculiar mana released by dead demons to cause a huge outbreak of monsters.... Looks like they made a mistake constructing it, the part for stabilizing the magic is damaged.

The success rate of summoning monsters with this composition is only 0.7% at best.
Nothing will be happening at more than 99% probability.

The problem is the remaining 0.3%.
The magic circle is broken just right for it to operate the surrounding mana, creating a possibility of it causing an unusual phenomenon instead of just summoning monsters.

I waited here to look after the magic until it disappeared while thinking that nothing would have happened anyway, however... this pattern, it seems we're quite unlucky--no, quite lucky.

The incomplete magic turned into something weird, as it combined the mana of demons that died this time with the monster outbreak magic (the one Ashril used right before his death.)
If this is left alone, a large scale monster summoning will happen near the capital.

After watching that far, I went back to the Second Academy.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>


Ruli, Alma and Iris were waiting for me in front of the school's gate.
It appears they managed to stabilize the barrier while I was absent.
I need to give a hand when the barrier is getting activated for real so they're probably standing by now.

I don't see many students... Judging from their mana reaction, apparently they've gathered inside the school.
Wonder if they're having a celebration party.

"You told us that you had a work to do... What happened!?"

"Ah. I just went to beat up some demon. And the work refers to the other demon."

I took out the horn of the demon I killed earlier from Storage magic while answering Ruli.

"Y-you said it like you just went shopping... By work, do you mean that horn?"

"Nope, that's from another demon. I latched a magic on the other one so I let it escape on purpose."

I search the reaction from the demon back then once again as I said that.
Apparently the demon is still in the middle of its flight toward a neighboring kingdom.
The magic I latched on it is working well.

"Letting a demon escape!?"

"Yeah. I just threatened it a little."

"T-that sounds dreadful... By the way what kind of magic did you put on it?"

I answer Ruli's question.

"One magic is to make detecting the demon easier, and the other one is to remotely explode it."


"Yeah. Well, it's impossible for Disqualified Crest to remotely control magic in the strictest sense, so it's a type of spell art that will automatically explode when it reacts to a peculiar mana."

That was the most troublesome thing in the fight this time.
With other crests, it would have been over in an instant by simply inserting the magic, but here I had to go to the trouble of binding them.
Disqualified Crest is nice in a frontal combat, but it's not well suited for this kind of petty tricks.

"I-I see.... I mean, there's no way Mathias-san would have let a demon escape just like that...."

"Yeah. I can't let them slip for free no matter how weak those demons are."

Leaving them alone to a degree was fine in my past life, but the present time can't seem to afford that.
My traveling speed has slowed down considerably too, so directly beating them will take time.
I cut in to the next topic while thinking that.

"Oh and I have a good news."

"Good news! W-what is it!"

"The scale of monster outbreak that will happen near the capital has been greatly magnified!"

"...G-good news? Err, it sounded like nothing but bad news to me though..."

"Or rather, it's a catastrophe...."

Bad news? Catastrophe?
What are they saying.

Monsters that are just right strength-wise will appear in droves, and they're going to be our experience points.
Clearly, that's a good news.

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