Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 4

15-Intermission 4 At Muno Earldom


※It's rather shortish.

"Father, is that a potted--vegetable?"
"This isn't vegetable, Soruna. This is called Bonsai, a culture from hero-sama's country, you see."

I'm currently pruning the Bonsai sent from Echigoya Firm in the family-only living room.
It is said to be a pastime of gentlemen in Hero-sama's world, it is truly profound.

I put the Bonsai on the table so Soruna can see it well.
Enjoying my rare time together with my daughter while viewing the Bonsai.

Noisy footsteps rushed into that peaceful space.

"Big news!"

Consul Nina rushed into the room.

--How unusual.

There's only a few things that could make her expression change.
I could easily expect what happened.

"Did Satou-kun do something distinguished again?"
"Distinguished? It's nothing as plain as that."


He's the person who defeated a Floormaster in Selbira Labyrinth and liberated this city from powerful monsters in just half a day.
To make Consul Nina shaken when he's such a person already, I'm excited to hear what he did.

"Would you tell me what he did then?"

I readied myself.
After all that has happened, I will listen to it without getting surprised.

"Satou and his companions defeated a demon lord."

D-demon lord?


Defeated? Demon lord?

Demon lord demon lord, demon l-o-r-d, demon lord?!

"W-what'd you sayyy!"

I shouted out loud from the depth of my heart.

After Soruna patted my back and I received cold water from the maid, I finally regained my sense.

Even though I had prepared myself, I couldn't help but get surprised by this.
Who would have thought that he would do something that would be recorded in the annals of history--.

"W-what should I do, Nina?"
"C-calm down."

Looks like Consul Nina isn't able to hide her unrest just like me.

"Sa-Satou-kun said in his letter that he was visiting Hero-sama to support him, wasn't it Hero-sama who defeated the demon lord?"
"We don't know the detail yet. A global notice from the Royal Capital has arrived on the City Core terminal. Haven't you seen it yet?"
"Oh sorry, it seems I've overlooked it."

Come to think of me, I think something sounded when I was pruning the Bonsai's branches.

By the way, Soruna was only lightly surprised, "Oh my."
She might be the biggest shot in the family here.

◇Nina's Point of View◇

Earl Muno who confirmed the City Core terminal said something unexpected.

"--A summon from His Majesty?"
"That's right. His Majesty wants to give words of praises to Satou-kun's exploits."

I got a headache when I saw Earl Muno who didn't comprehend the graveness of the matter.

"Do you understand what it means?"
"Yes, it's quite an honor."


"His Majesty's ulterior motive."
"Ulterior motive?"

I sighed at the parroting Earl Muno.
This whole family really can't read the underside of things.

"His Majesty is probably going to raise your peerage to Marquis, in exchange he'd ask you to hand over Satou to be his direct retainer."

The Earl shouted in surprises at my prediction.

It's sad, but considering Satou's distinction, it's probably for the best.

"C-can't we decline it, Nina."

What is this blockhead saying?

"I-I mean, I promised Satou when I gave his peerage to protect him and his family."

Oy oy, you're gonna go against the king for Satou's sake?
The opponent is too much no matter how you look at it.

"If you decline this, you won't ever rise to Marquisdom in your generation. It's probably only going to get a reconsideration in your grandchildren generation."

Were Orion capable, it might have been possible in his generation, but it's probably out of question since that kid's not good at socializing.

"Even so, I don't mind. My position as an Earl right now is due to Satou-kun's assistances."

The earl spoke gallantly.
That's certainly true, normally it'd have taken 10 years, and even with my plans, becoming an earl on the next generation would have been most satisfactory.

"Well, you're the one deciding it."

The things I can do is giving advices and implementing what Earl Muno decides.
No matter what predicament we would fall into as a result, I feel that it'd be fun as long as we're with Satou.

My job as a consul should have compelled me to remonstrate the territory lord though.

"Earl, there's a letter."

10 days after that news shook up Shiga Kingdom, a letter arrived through the Griffon Mail.
Of course, the only one who would send a letter with such an expensive service is Satou.

There wasn't any detail regarding demon lord subjugation in the letter addressed to me.
It was full of trivial things like how the banquet with the hero party at Dejima Island was fun and how he had stocked up many interesting souvenirs from Dejima Island so asked me to look forward to it.

Therefore, I'm guessing that if there's anything important, it should be written in the letter for the earl.

I look at the earl's expression as he reads the letter.
The earl who was reading nonchalantly suddenly raised his face in surprises.

"B-big news, Nina!"
"W-what sorta things did that guy do this time!"

I look at the letter from the earl's side in a hurry.

"It's written here that we're going to Saga Empire."
"We can visit the Hero Summoning Room of Parion Temple by Her Imperial Princess's invitation!"

The earl stressed that.

"W-what are you talking about...."

A visit to the Hero Summoning Room?

He used the stupidly expensive Griffon Mail just to report that?
Besides, I can't think of that as more important than the story about the demon lord subjugation.

However, it seems I was the only one who thought that here.

"Father, that's so wonderful!"

Soruna-dono and the earl are both exalted.
Good grief, these parent-child are really alike.

In the end, no details were written in the letter for the earl either.
Satou is probably going to this castle before heading to Saga Empire, I intend to ask him about the details at that time.

Good grief, that guy is too unconcerned about his own exploits.

My mouth formed a smirk when I thought of the time Satou returning to this castle.
I'm going to surprise him back to get even and complain about the troublesome things and political strife Muno Earldom will fall into from now on, and--.

--A grand festival held in Muno Earldom to celebrate Satou's exploits.

A parade would be nice.
I order the maids to prepare for the festival while imagining the troubled look on his face as he's a guy who's not fond of looking showy.

Now then, prepare yourself, Satou!

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※ I planned to write the scene where Satou arrives and they have a get together, but I ran out of time and could only write this much. I'm sorry....

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Negotiation and Saucy Kiss


Unfamiliar starry sky spreads out.
A big city with dazzling lights, Doruas, is situated at the mouth of the river near the sea.
The bank has been made into a wharf, many river ships are anchored on it.

A trip that should have taken three days was finished in one day.
It was thanks to Ieturia.

Greedriver's meat and materials are being carried out of the moored ship.
While taking a sidelong glance at that, I talk to Ieturia who's resting with her hands on the edge of the ship.
"We didn't have to dry out the fish thanks to you. You've been a big help."
"That's fine and all.... But I'm tired."
"Is that right. I'll heal you."
I made my hand shined blue with magic power.

And then Ieturia bends forward with water dripping from her long silver hair. She catches my hand and push it against her smallish chest.
Softness that's just the right size in my hand. The white skin is cold like water.
Her red eyes narrowed as she's letting out 'Aah....' voice like melting.
"This feels nice."
I pat her shoulder and waist with my free hand.
It's cold but her skin is smooth. A delicate body you just want to hug.
"Your upper body is truly that of a beautiful woman."
"That's the first time someone said that to me. --Fufu, very well. Do you want to try my upper body?"
Ieturia smiled bewitchingly and licked her mouth with her red tongue. Her tail popped out of the water with a splash.

"I'm not into that. More importantly, are you alone?"
"What do you mean?"
"Don't you have friends or family."
"Is it about the marriage date? You and I should decide it ourselves."
"What are you talking about. It'll be easier to create a place you belong to if you have more friends."
"Fumu. Then I will call my brethren in the vicinity. There should be three of them here."
"Really, that's convenient."

When I separated my hand, Ieturia leaked out a wistful voice, "Ah...more."
"What. Haven't you got enough yet?"
I tightly grip her bowl-shaped breast. Firm elasticity is transmitted on my hand shining blue.
She frowned with her shapely eyebrows.
"Kuh, what are you doing. --W-were you repulsed by me after all!?"
"Hmm, I guess I'm not really fond of a woman who exposes her nude body in public."

She frowned, "guh".
"Is that so.... I'm not detailed in human custom. But it's hard to swim with clothes...."
"I gues you're right. I'll do something about it later."
Ieturia dived into the water.

I talk to a fat merchant who's watching over the cargo, Driad.
"Hey, Driad. When this ship goes back, it's going upstream right?"
"That is correct. It would take a week to go against the current."
"I've got some profitable idea in mind, wanna hear it?"
Driad's eyes shined when he heard that.
"What would that be?"
"Won't you hire Ieturia?"
"Eh, that monster!?"
"Ieturia is not a monster. She might look like that but she's actually a messenger of god."
"I-is that the case..."
"Besides, you've experienced it yourself right. It's possible to go back and forth between the royal capital and the port town in just one day."
"I-I see. That means--"
"You could bring in fresh fish to the royal capital where it's usually dried ones. You can monopolize the high speed transportation."
"That would net a considerable profit indeed.... However, the other merchants and shipowners might go after me then."
That possibility is high indeed.
'He has a dealing with monsters, he must be a demon king's underling!', if such a rumor spread, it might harm my image too.

"Then you should just take the handling charge and deal in luggage. If you tell people that Driad Firm will take the sole responsibility of the contract with Naga, the merchants who are afraid of dealing with monsters directly would have no choice but to abide."
"However, since she's alone the amount of the transported goods would not be high."
"No, she'll bring in her friends with her. If there's at least 3-4 of them, it should be doable with rotations."

Driad strokes his chin while groaning.
"Then how much would Hero-sama's share be?"
"I don't mind getting nothing until the high speed transportation business gets on track. In exchange, let it be known that Naga are not monsters but messengers of god. Advertise that the monster has turned a new leaf by the great power of Hero Keika and become divine beast."
"In other words, I should expend everything announcing that. I will allot your shares on the string-pulling expenses."
"That's right. Other merchants who don't think well of this might try to sabotage you after all. Will you do it?"

Driad furrowed his brows, looking troubled.
I know that changing your usual custom is hard. Furthermore, it's got to do with money.
It's no wonder that he's afraid of risky business since he's worked his way up to be a big merchant who owns several ships.

That's why, to be doubly sure, I tell him this.
"I don't mind if you decline. That means I'll just talk about this with other merchant."
"P-please wait, I'm still thinking about it."
I press on him.
"You're a capable merchant who grew Driad Firm alone aren't you. That's the reason I proposed this idea to you. I thought you were better than some generations old establishment that's risk averse. But it seems that I was mistaken."

When I took a step away, he caught my arm like he was going to jump.
"I understand, I'll do it! --It's a one-in-a-lifetime big job! This Driad will do his all to handle it!"
--Alright. With this Ieturia will get her place and I can sell my name.
"Really, you'll do it huh. I'm counting on you--And also, Ieturia. You heard that right?"

When I peek at the water surface, she showed up her beautiful face. Her silver hair is spreading on the wave.
Looks like she's following what I said, not exposing herself in public.
However, the red eyes that are looking up at me look reproachful.
"....I couldn't help to. Because someone went ahead on his own."
"Your forte, swimming, will be put to good use. It's like your calling. You'd get your place if you work hard. Besides, there's no rival, so you'd earn plenty of money."
"I don't particularly need money. No interest."
"Don't say that. People do business with money. You have nothing to lose saving them. You'd be able to get clothes and food anytime you want."
"Muu. I got it."
Ieturia consented while pouting with her red lips.

I turn around at Driad.
"Also, it'll be bad if a monster like the one today comes attacking again, you should prepare a weapon for Ieturia."
"That's easy, but what would you like to have?"

Ieturia's eyes suddenly brightened.
"I'd love a harpoon. Make the tip divided into two or three if possible!"
"Trident is it. I'll prepare one made of either magic silver or holy white silver."
"My gratitude."
Her red lips smiled in delight. The white snake body under water wriggled.

Curious of the sudden change in attitudes, I ask her.
"What's wrong? Did you want it that much?"
"I lost mine when I was attacked by a monster. I've been looking for a replacement ever since. I was stumped since I couldn't find a good one."
"Well it's not something you can get without money."
"I see... I should have saved money...."
"That's right. Work hard to earn them from tomorrow on."
"I got it. I'll do my best for the sake of my place and money--Keika."
"Thank you."

After saying that Ieturia came out of the water.
When her line of sight was as high as mine, she curled her slender arms on my neck and embraced me.
The beautiful face was filled with smiles, the red lips open invitingly.
She closes her eyes and draws closer. The eyelashes on her closed eyes were very long.

I was kissed without even a chance to be surprised.
Gently pushed, petal-like softness.
Her lips were beautiful and cold like water.
She immediately parts her face. Smiling triumphantly.
"Fufu. Looks like you're not so well-versed in this."

I got a bit annoyed since her red eyes laughed as if looking down.
Getting caught off guard is also mortifying.

That's why I quickly put my arm around her waist as she was going back to the water.
I lift her while hugging her waist and back. Her limbs creak in my arms. The silver hair shakes violently.
Ieturia's eyes rounded up in surprises.
"W-what are you doing!? --Nu!"
I push my lips on hers.
Forcibly putting the tongue in. Forcing open her neatly ordered teeth.
I catch the small shaking tongue and entwine it with mine.
Hot saliva intertwined, making obscene sounds.

Ieturia's beautiful face warped painfully, she looks away with a rough breath.
"My bad.... I was wrong! --Au."
I held her head and sucked her lips more.
I enjoy the soft sensation of the back of her tongue to my heart's content.
Her throat painfully made a sound.
The snake body is undulating violently under the water.

When I relaxed the strength of my arms, her white nude body dived into the water like she was falling.
Making a grand splash.

And then Ieturia showed up from the water while hugging her body with her arms.
Her white cheeks are dyed red, the red eyes looking up at me are moist with tears.
"Uu.... To hold and covet my lips like so.... What unbelievable strength."
"Let this be your lesson, don't make fun of me again."
"I'm really sorry. I realized the difference in status. I believe in Keika."
"Ah, speaking of status--"
I looked at the surroundings while saying that. Driad was nearby. He's hardened in surprises.
--I wanted to ask her about gods, but now's not a good time.

Ieturia tilted her head in puzzlement while holding her body.
"What is it?"
"I want to ask you some things next time."
"Got it. Call me anytime. --Then, see you again."
Ieturia turned away with reluctant eyes.
The white body disappeared into the water while getting coiled by the snake tail.

Driad approaches.
"To make a monster--I mean, divine messenger yield in such a way, as expected of Hero-sama."
Should I be happy getting praised about this.

I speak while scratching my head.
"I'm going to the inn. Where was it again."
"We have rooms reserved in an inn with relations to merchants at the main street. Everyone who was with Hero-sama has gone there ahead."
"Sorry about this."
"No no. I'd be making more from now on, and the cover charge for the auction was already quite a sum."
Driad glanced at the Greedriver's material that's being carried off.

Since it was his ship, he took control of the auction halfway through.
He made sure to take the commission fee.
Added with that, the price jumped up.

Materials of two Greedriver, the ovary and the meat were successfully bid at 261 big gold coins.
Minya's first-rate dismantling skill also contributed to it.
I've gotta thank her later.

Afterward, Driad's subordinate guided me to the inn.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Strongest Sage, Recognizing the Value of the First Crest


Exam huh....
Moreover, I have to not only pass it, but get the scholarship.


This is bothersome. I'm bad with history especially. I can't make use of my past life knowledge at all for it.
I should be able to somehow pass the test about magic and such. I wasn't that good at magic circle mathematics, but there shouldn't be anything difficult in a test for 10 year old. National language is safe too. I can't read the writing right now but I should be able to in two years.
....Thinking again, the only problem is history.

"Do we have a book to learn about history?"

"History....? We have some, but what do you need it for?"

"I mean, the exam will have history--"

"There's nothing like that in the Second Royal School exam y'know."

Oh! That's most welcome!

"Then what kind of subjects they have?"

"There's classroom lectures for sure.... But it's not really important. The important one is the practical skill."

"Practical skill?"

Wonder if it's with magic or something.

"Yea. Practical skill. Mathi can just concentrates on your sword skill. Can't teach ya magic and school lectures, but you should be fine so long you've got your sword."

That isn't much of an exam is it.
I don't think I could pass without getting a high mark on at least one subject in the curriculum.

"Can I really pass with that?"

"Yea. It's kind like a trick, but I proved it myself. Want me to teach you?"


"The sword exam will be a practical battle with an examiner. Just beat up the guy who came out. That's the first stage."


It has taken a suspicious turn somehow. Won't it be a problem if I beat up the examiner?
Rather, what's up with my father Castor's behaviors as a noble. I feel that many of them are weird.

"Now now, just wait. I haven't finished yet y'know. Here comes the important one. Once you beat the examiner, someone's stronger than them will come out."

I see. You need to directly negotiate with that strong person and have them acknowledge your strength--.

"Beat that guy up."

I was wrong.
It was a direct negotiation (physically).

"That's all the strategy you need. The total score of the exam was 50, sword skill exam should worth 10 but I got 30 for mine. My score got to 35 with other subjects and I passed just fine."

『That's all the strategy』 must be a mistake.
Or rather, you only got 5 in other subjects huh.
....Well I can use magic.
I'm sure I can get some mark in the classroom lecture subjects, added with that, getting scholarship should be possible it?
I don't know if father's tactics are viable or not nowadays, but I guess there's a merit in trying if it looks like I'm failing in other subjects. This is gonna be fun.

"Father. Don't you think that getting scholarship is too harsh for a term?"

My older brother Reich said that after hearing father.

"Really? I think Mathi would easily get it once he's 12."

"I agree on that part, but there's no need for him to get the scholarship is there...."

"Ah. That's not because of Mathi, it's the problem with our house."

"Our house problem?"

"We got no cash."

I've noticed it somewhat.
At the very least, there's no mistake that we're not rich.

"But wasn't father quite a big earner in the past...."

"Being a knight is unexpectedly unprofitable ya know. Unlike adventurers. I had got some saving myself, but it was all gone to manage the territory."


Putting aside our house financial state, I see that adventurer system still exists in today's world.
For the time being, I've decided on my future career.

"Well, in short you're saying that I should get the scholarship, if that's not possible I should earn my keep myself right?"

"That's the gist of it. As expected of Mathi, you're really perceptive.... Huh? Was Mathi always this perceptive?"

"He's always been smart for his age. I didn't know that it was this far though...."

Alright. I'll start to earn my school expense from now on in preparation for the future.
....The problem is how.

I don't see any monster around this area, so I can't save up magic stones.
It's not like I can't sell animal fur and meat, but shops that deal with that mostly don't exist in this territory town (it's more correct to call it a village than town.)
Even if I wanted to go to some big town to sell them, the current me can't use teleport magic.

It's not like I can't use Storage magic, but that magic decreases my maximum mana point depending on the capacity used. It's fine if I just use it to store lightweight things like magic stones, but it's not suited for long term storing of fur and meat .
....I should make a storage container and put them there.
As long as I use the wood well, I should be able to control it to some degree even without magic tools. I'm gonna amass anything I can find, and sell them when I'm taking the exam.

"That being the case."

After talking with Reich, father opened his mouth once again.

"Time for the training to beat up the examiner no matter which strong guy comes out."

Thus, our training restarted.
This training continued every single day in the morning until the day I left the territory.

Afternoon of that day.
Just as I've decided in the morning, before going hunting, I cut down a tree to make a storeroom to put things I've gathered.
From what I heard during lunch, it seems there's no problem in cutting down trees around this area.

"Well then. The quality of the wood is....Un. It's complicated."

Since it's not managed, it's a natural forest for better or worse.
It's not particularly good, or particularly bad.
Well, guess it's good enough.

I burnt off the tree with converged flame magic and made several planks from it.
Then I combined them using magic, creating a largish box.
I made one, but.

"....This is terrible."

I realized the value of the First Crest I had in my past life for the first time here.
First Crest is the crest suited for production type magic.
Using magic while knowing that, the results is terrible.

The bonding planes are uneven, and the amount of mana loaded in it is very little.
This box has no problem if it's only used for storing, but I'm likely going to need the help of First Crest if I want to seriously make equipment.
While thinking about that, I hunted some animals today and brought furs and preserved meat to the house.
During that time--

"I got some birds that accidentally hit some trees today too."

"Did they get neatly skinned too in the process?"

"I'm sure that's cause they hit the trees just right."

"Don't you think that excuse is too much yourself?"

"....I do."

"I know that you're strong. I'm not gonna complain you're hunting animals, bring them here all you want. If there's excess meat, sell it to the villagers, earn your school expense."

With such conversations, I was authorized by my family to hunt.

Thus, my training and strengthening proceeded smoothly.
It was several years after my past memories resurfaced that a slight turning point came up.
A monster appeared in the village's forest.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Advent! The No-Goddess Next Door


Here~ comes~ the detestable~ morning~ the morning of....hooooooope♪
Hello, it's Nobusada who still isn't used to the youthfulness of this body and its morning tent.
This body's too much of a wild kid.
Anyway, let's do my best today.

"Oh, Minerva-chan, morning!"

"Ah, Nobu-san. Good morning."

You're brimming with vigor again today, girl. It makes me feel energetic too.

"We can prepare the breakfast right away, would you like one~"

"Yeah, I'd love to."

The same seat yesterday was vacant so I took it immediately. I'm looking forward to the breakfast.

"Thank you for waiting, here you go~"

The menu she brought out looked like eggs Benedict, salad and herb tea. It's way different than the black bread and soup I've been having until yesterday.
The fatty meat and the egg yolk in the slit are dripping onto the muffin. Rich taste of the yolk and the sauce overflowed in my mouth as I bit into it. Way too good. What's this, the inside of my mouth is already a fantasy.
It's been an enjoyable morning. Ah, bliss. Good breakfast is a man's happiness.

"Today was a feast too. Tell your father my thanks."

"Yes, I got it~. Oh and also, dad was really pleased with the meat yesterday you know. He's going to give it his all, please look forward to the dinner tonight~"

"That sounds awesome. Then I'll be heading out."

"Have a good day~"

I head to the guild while feeling quite pleasant. I'd like to do some quest if I can take the baptism today.

"Good morning, Eleanor-san."

"Yes, good morning. Nobusada-san. Let's start right away, here is the payment for the wild boar and everything else from yesterday."

I got 25,000 mani in total. I'm grateful to Futsuno-san and Mitama. I should go see them along with some gift once I've settled down.

"And for the matter about baptism, I've prepared a map for you. The places marked on this map are the guild and the temple. The priest-sama of the temple should be staying permanently there, please hand over this letter of introduction to the priest."

I accepted the map and the letter of introduction that were probably written by Eleanor-san herself. I'm thankful that she's prepared me many things. I should bring her a present next time.

"Thank you very much. I feel bad for having imposed you on everything."

"Please don't think about it, it's my duty as a guild staff member to support adventurers."

"Then I'll be going to the temple."

Phew, it's the baptism at last huh. It seems to be an unpopular god, but I'm sure that it should be effective for my leveling style. But well, even if it didn't meet my expectation, I'd be fine as long as I learned the life magic.
While thinking that, I relied on the map and arrived at a solemn temple...tem...ple...?
Huh? The building looks unbelievably like a hut though.... Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?
The Aren and Ordis temples I saw on the way here were of fantasy standard y'know?
Even if it's unpopular, this much difference is strange.

I knock on the hut's door timidly.

"Excuse me, is the priest here?"

"Y-yesss, I thought we already paid the interest this moooonth."

I heard a feeble voice that sounded very unreliable. Or rather, interest!? Is the temple covered in debt or something!?

"Err, I'm Nobusada who came here for baptism as referred by the guild."

"Aaah, I'm sorryyy. Someone did contact meee. It's been awhile since my last baptism, but I'll be sure to do it properlyyy."

The one that appeared before me was a small female priest? But, it's been awhile since her last baptism huh...

Name: Bell - Gender: Male - Race: Half Elf
Class: Priest Lv13
Title: Believer of Levelitt
Life Magic - Holy Magic Lv4 - Water Magic Lv2 - Singing Lv3 - Animal Knowledge Lv3 - Housework Lv2 - God Blend

A man!? And a half elf!? People who like shota probably won't be able to resist him.
BL? No no, I'm normal! But what is this 'God Blend' I wonder?

"You're Nobusada-san right. Umm, I'm the priest who is in charge of this temple, my name is Bell. I will confirm once again, you can't undo it once you've baptized once, are you really sure about it?"

Bell, why'd you need to make doubly sure that far?

"It's fine, but why are you being so timid about this?"

Bell begins to talk timidly.

"There have been only three adventurers in total who received baptisms ever since I got assigned here three years ago. Even if you complain later, it's not possible to cancel the baptism once it's done you knoow. The one before you was the daughter of the former duke-sama, but she decided on it on her own. I was severely reprimanded by the people in duke-sama circle for not explaining enough...."

Uwaaah, that's.... Guess it's a miracle enough that the temple remains. The biggest problem is that he did the baptism, which can't be changed once done, to an arbitrary whim of the duke's daughter. When you're a duke, you'd probably associate with each temple, and temples must have power struggles among them too.

"I choose Levelitt-sama since I think she fits the best for my objectives. Thus, please proceed with the baptism."

"I understand. Then first, we would like to ask 2000 mani as a donation."

I took out two silver coins from the rucksack and gave it to Bell.

"Thank you. With this I can repair the leaking roof.... no no, it's nothiing."

Hey hey. Your inner voice is leaking out big time. I'll give him the remaining fruits I have when I'm leaving. He looks like an abandoned puppy somehow.

"Then please stand before the idol. And kneel with one knee and close your eyes pleaase."
I look like I'm praying after doing what he told. Looking again, I couldn't sense any shred of dignity from the Levelitt's idol for some reason. A relatively attractive girl with a slightly comical feeling to her. She looks like that. Is it really fine for the idol to be like that?

"One among the six pillar gods, goddess of growth and talent, Levelitt-sama. Give your blessing and protection to this the new believer.
New believer, Nobusada. Do you swear not to indulge in your talent and continue to grow righteously?"
Oh, he looks like a priest for once, I can even see something that looks like a halo. I don't understand what the heck 'grow righteously' even means, but I'll tread the road I believe in.

"I swear."

"Do you swear to not entrust the power you obtain from growing to evil and wield them righteously?"

"I swear."

Isn't he shining brighter now!? Is this the state called trance?

"『....Would you swear to be eternally loyal and donating toward the righteous, noble and beautiful Levelitt-sama?』"

"Wait a minute, oy!"

"『A a, test. She sells seashell aiueOH! Hello, it's the star of hope for 23,000 people in the countrywide, Levelitt-sama here.』」


"『You over there, don't make that disappointed face!』"

"Ventriloquism? Some kind of illusion?"

"『The one borrowing this child's body and talking is Levelitt without a doubt you know. I mean, I don't have much time to do this God Blend, so I'd appreciate it if you can make it short! This child's mind would be deleted if it passed three minutes time you see.』"

"From which Nebula you came from anyway. Why'd you do such a dangerous thing."

"『Well y'see, you looked like you'd become an extra-large singularity when I was watching from above, I thought it was amusing, tehee.』"

So she really did mark me!?

"Amusing hey.... I mean that singularity thing sounds ominous!?"

Who'd have thought that Goddess Levelitt's personality would be like this! I'm quickly regretting hurrying the baptism at this rate. I was in daze since things progressed too quickly.

"『So then, Nobusada-kun, won't you become my apostle?』"

"But I refuse!"

"『Instant reply!? Can't you think about it a bit more? This onee-san is sad.』"

"I'd appreciate if a goddess who's been around since the beginning of the world not calls herself onee-san thank you!"

"『So cruel, Levelitt-sama is eternally 20 you knoow.』"

"I'm not fit to be this apostle or such."

"『So you're just going to ignore my age are you. You'd get many privileges when you become my apostle. I'm good at improving growth you know. You should just nod while thinking you're being tricked 'k.』"

Goddess Levelitt coaxes me through Bell body. However, my mind won't waver cause I know the body is of a man!

"So I'm still being tricked in the end? I've nothing to lose not getting growth improvement."

"『You're terribly frank. Muu, I don't have much time left, this is it for today. I won't give up okay. The creator god told me that it'd be the end of the match if I did.』"

"Creator god, what are you teaching her...."

"『For now, think about the apostle matter more cause you'll get many privileges okay. Don't forget about occasional offering to the temple. Levelitt-sama likes her sweets you know. Dorayaki particularly, that one's her favorite.』"

"Yea yea, Doza*mon."

"『You got the part that needs retorting all wroong. And that's the parody drowning one~. Well, see you again adios!』"

Levelitt-sama left after talking like a storm. Un, any respect I have is already disappearing like dust in the wind. She does seem interesting though.

"Ha! I felt like something descended just now... My head is.... Feels like it's unbearably...."

"A-are you alright?"


"Whaddya mean by itchy!"

I reflexively retorted. I was worried for nothing!

"Please continue with the baptism."

"Yes, I'm sorry. ...Strongly wish to God once again. Give your blessing and protection to this new believer."

Particles of light float and converge around me. It shined once and got sucked into my body.
Bell looked dumbfounded somehow looking at it. Huh? Was this not a baptism?
I appraise myself to see if there's any change.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Fighter Lv7 - Condition: Healthy
Titlte: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 70/70 MP: 82/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Evasion Lv1 - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv2 - Life Magic (new!) - Disguise Lv2 - Magic Clad Lv2

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv3 (up!) - Levelitt's Blessing (small) (new!)

Levelitt's Blessing (small): Improvement to class experience point acquisition, skill acquisition, and skill level increment.

Additional Title
【Levelitt Apostle (Temporary License)】
Proof of someone who has become a messenger of Goddess Levelitt. However it's a temporary license. The power balance among gods change depending the actions of people who have become apostles. However, this has little influence since it's just a temporary license. Effective just by possessing it.

That no-goddess.... I'm thankful for the Blessing, but the (Temporary License) is most baffling. Just how far did that no-goddess marked me down.
Power balance exists even among gods huh. How fresh.

"....Many things happened, but the baptism is now over."

"Was baptism always like this?"

"....No, this was a first for me too. Nobusada might be especially favored by Levelitt-sama."

You got it right, and I got some weird thing added to me without my permission you know. Not gonna tell anyone though.
Afterward, Bell taught me about the life magic and I left the temple(?).

The life magic are

Washing magic - Clear
Ignition magic - Pom
Drying magic - Dry
Springwater magic - Water

Etc, it seems to consume little mana and plenty of people could use it. These magic are plain but extremely convenient.

I shove the matter about Goddess Leve to the corner most region of my brain and head to the guild. I should still be able to make it to accept some quest at this hour. I feel like doing some quests devotedly right now.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 31

Chapter 31 White Snake Woman and High Speed Rivering


We're riding a ship going downstream a large river toward Drias the port town.
It's a large river that's 100 meter in width. It's deep too.
The blue water is flowing abundantly.

The four of us are playing a card game after having our lunch.
Celica is going steady while laughing elegantly, Minya is concentrating on the game with a serious deadpan expression. But if she had a good hand, her skirt turned up from her tail moving and when she got a bad hand, her ears flopped down, she was like an open book.

This peaceful rivering is probably going to continue on.
--Right when I thought that.

The boatman suddenly shouts.
"Hold on to something! You'd get thrown off!"
"What!?" "What's happening!" "I don't see anything--!?"
The passengers raised their voices.

The next moment, BAM, shock ran on the bottom of the ship.
The vibrations feel like the whole ship is rising.
The passengers screamed, "HYAAA!", "UWAAA!"
Minya agilely stood up like a cat, but Lapisia fell down and went rolling on board the ship.
I shout.
"Celica, take care of Lapisia so she won't fall!"
"Yes, Keika-sama!"
Celica hugs the rolling Lapisia on her lap.

After making sure of that, I ran to the boatman.
"What's going on!"
"Hero-san, we got a monster!"

I look around with Senrigan.
Then I saw a 15 meter long fish as huge as a whale swimming in the water. Abominable sharp teeth are lined up in its mouth big enough to swallow a house whole.
"That's one big fish."
"We're gonna try to run to the riverbank! Hold on the ship somewhere!"

"Nah, no need for that."
"Don't worry. As a hero, I'll cut it down."
"C-can you do that?"
"We're probably going to be a fish bait before we get to the bank if I can't do that right?"

The boatman opened his eyes wide, but then he nodded firmly.
"Gotcha. Gonna believe in you!"
"Move to some place easier to fight on."
The boatman moved the ship's rudder to the middle of the large river.
Riding on a fast stream, accelerating.

The huge fish is chasing after our ship.
Its thorny dorsal fin cuts through the water surface.
Name: Greedriver
Element: 【Water】

Attack: 2300
Defense: 1200
Vitality: 2000
Willpower: 500

Swallow: Swallow the enemy whole.
Crunch: Crush one enemy ignoring defense.
Surface Slash: Cut even steel with the dorsal fin.
Pressure Down: Jump up and flatten with its body. Ranged attack.

Null Water Elemental Attack: Scales that repel direct attacks of water elemental. Complete protection.

It's opening its mouth, trying to swallow the ship whole. Its body is glittering from the sunlight.
--Water element having no effect on it is troublesome.... Is that what you think, foolish fish.
Water and wind are my followers!

I unsheathe my Tachi and fire a magic while taking the upper stance with the Tachi.
"--<<Sealing Water Jail>>!"
The water emits blue light, taking crystal shape. I'm using this one since it's not a direct attack.
The fish got caged, it violently floundered left and right.
Of course it won't break from just that.

"Breeze who abide by name  Become an assemble of sharp blades--<<Gale Slash>>."
I swing my Tachi.
Releasing a sharp blade of wind.


The top half of the fish's head is blown off.
Its brain tissue scattered, it died after convulsing.

SPLASH, the fish fell into the river with a grand water splash.

Shout of joy broke off on the ship.
"Awesome!", "With just one blow!", "Hero-sama is amazing!"

Etc etc. They unanimously praised.
There's nothing in it being praised by merchants.
"You're amazing as expected. But it was unfortunate. Greedriver's teeth and scales can all be sold handsomely. Its meat is also delicious. You could get around 30 big gold coin with one that size. Truly unfortunate."
"Really now..."

It was a highly prized fish at the same level of tuna huh.
I never thought of selling the materials from the monsters I defeated.
I've got to earn money after all, losing 30 big gold coins (3 million yen) is a blow.
That said, it's already in the bottom of the river.
I should prepare a fishing rod next time.

While I was thinking that.
The boatman suddenly shouted.
"There's another one!"
"What!", "What'd you say!?"

I look at the place the boatman pointed at.
A huge Greedriver fish is chasing after a white snake.
The white snake's long body is undulating while trying to desperately escape.
"The fish is eating the monster", "Nice, run run away~!"
The passengers laughed.

However, my attention was caught by another thing.
It's big for a snake. Its total length is about 5 meter.
The white upper body--of a woman?
I stare at it hard. Cause I don't think it's just a mere snake.
Name: Ieturia
Gender: Female
Race: 【Divine Kind】 Naga
Class: Conjurer Lv65
Element: 【Water】

Vitality: 6000
Willpower: 4000

Attack: 1900
Defense: 1400
Magic Attack: 1800
Magic Defense: 1200

Water Spear: Strong water attack on one enemy.
Spear Needles: High pressure water needles attack on multiple enemies.
Aqua Fall: Change water into a high pressure axe, cutting like a waterfall. Ranged big damage.
--Hou. She has divinity huh.
She looks like a monster outwardly, but apparently she's a divine beast.

Why isn't she fighting back even though she's that strong?
I thought that for an instant, but then it hit me that water attack had no effect on the huge fish.
It doesn't seem like she's carrying a weapon either, she probably has no choice but to flee.

I put my hand on the ship's rail and shout.
"Oy, you the Naga there. Come here. I'm gonna help you~"
Hearing my shout, the snake woman hesitated for a while but then she made a sudden turn heading here.

The snake woman comes to the side of the ship. The huge fish pursues right behind her.

I hold my Tachi and recite a spell.
"--<<Gale Slash>>"
I swing my Tachi from the side, slashing horizontally!


The whale-like huge fish got cut in two.
SPLASH! The fish sunk with that sound.

And then the snake woman Ieturia swam to the ship with her undulated white snake body.
The inboard is going up in screams.
However, I tell them.
"Don't worry. She's a divine messenger. That's why, do not attack her you hear me?"
"Hii", " I got it", "Let's do as Hero-sama says."
I put my hands on the ship's rail again when the passengers quieted down.

Ieturia came right beside me. Water is dripping from her long silver hair that stretches to her back.
She's a beautiful woman with alabaster-like white skin and bowl-shaped breasts slanting upward. However, her lower body is that of a long snake covered in white scales. The snake part is about 4 meter long.

Her beautiful face is warped, looking at me with dubious eyes.
"....Why did you save me?"
"Hmm. I thought you were a divine beast, not a monster. Am I mistaken?"

Ieturia's red eyes opened wide.
"How'd you know that.... That's right, I am of people who have divinity. You really saved me there. My gratitude."
"Then could you bring me the fish I defeated here? Looks like it can be sold at a high price."
"...I can't really accept it, but it's a request from my lifesaver and one of higher rank. I will undertake it."
After she said that, the long snake body wriggled and she dived underwater.
She said higher rank just now. She saw through me as a god huh.

After a while, Ieturia brought back two huge fish.
They're fastened to the sides of the ship since they can't be carried on board.

And then Minya came to my side with kitchen knives on both hands. She snorted and stood with her legs open wide.
"I'll... dismantle them."
"Can you do it?"
Minya nodded.
Even though she had her usual deadpan, strong will shined in her black eyes.
Like saying it's her expertise.

I decided to entrust it to her.
"...Is that so, thanks then. As one would expect of a daughter of a chef. I'll be counting on you."
Minya's black eyes brightened in delight.
"Do my best."
And then she begins to dismantle the fish that's bigger than the ship.
She got on the back of the huge fish with a jump, and swung the kitchen knives.
She cut the gills and drained the blood, cutting off the vivid meat from between the scales.
There was no waste movement, it was beautiful enough to be a martial art dance.

I talk to the merchant.
"Are you going to buy the meat and the material?"
"Yes, allow me to purchase the material. However, since the meat can't hold on for long, it might rot."
"Is that so. That's too bad."
After I said that, Minya turns around to us and speaks.
"...If dried in the sun, kept."
"I see. Dried and salted fish is it. Please do."
"Then, Hero-sama. How about 18 big gold coins for the two fish's material and 3 big gold coins for the meat?"
"I don't know the market price. Is that fair?"
I couldn't use <<Truth Sight>> since they haven't been finished being dismantled into individual items. Appraising each of them gave me results from 1-100 coins, the gap was too big, I couldn't get the difference.

--And then.
Minya mutters in a whisper while skilfully dismantling the fish.
"This is a female. She had eggs. Unless it's 40 large gold coins... no."
"W-what! Greedriver's ovary!? I'll buy it, I'll buy it at that price!"
The merchant shouted excitedly.

However, the other merchants stand up in a frenzy.
"W-wait. It's the ovary y'know! I'll buy them all for 45 pieces!"
"Argh, 60!"
I don't really understand but an auction has started.
The female fish's eggs seem to be very highly prized. I guess it's like herring roe and caviar.
The other boatmen and the wealthy joined as the auction reached the climax.

I left it to Minya and left the place.
I approach Ieturia who's swimming on the ship's flank with her hand on the ship's side.

However, one of the passengers draws near with a stiff face.
"Hero-sama, is it fine to get close to that monster?"

I look at Ieturia. Her silver hair and white body are glittering under the sunlight. Her liberally bowl-shaped breasts are exposed.
"What. Are you hostile to humans?"
She shook her head while still holding her hand on the ship. The wet dripping silver hair swayed heavily.
"I don't remember ever being hostile. However, humans mistook us as monsters and assaulted us."
"I see. Well you do look like a monster."
Ieturia looked down as I said that nochalantly.
"--We're attacked by monsters, chased after by humans. Where do we have to live at...."
Shadow was casted on Ieturia sculpture-like beautiful face.

I'm thinking.
--This might be a good opportunity.
Helping her means that my name will be known and I get more believers.
In an instant, I establish a plan to help her.

I speak with folded arms.
"Looking at the situation now, there's no way you guys have home is there?"
"Wha--! Everything is because you gods are fools--"
"Waa! Listen to the end! If you don't have a place you belong to, then you just need to create one! --Rather, I'm a hero! The name's Keika. Call me that!"
And then I reminded her, "Do not say god" in whisper.
Many things would be finished if my identity as a god got exposed.
I alluded it frantically.

Ieturia seemed to understand as she obediently nodded.
"I got it, Keika.... But what do you mean by creating a place we belong to?"
"It's simple. If you want to get along with humans, you just need to show your worth to them."

Ieturia tilted her head quizzically. The silver hair inclined.
"...Hmm? I don't understand what you're meaning to say at all...."
"Humans are a calculative creature. If they are aware that something or someone has a value to them, they will take care of it regardless of its looks. Like the honeybees from where honey is collected, they look scarier than you right? They have compound eyes and all."
"I-indeed.... But what should I do? For me to be useful to humans...."
"Is your swimming fast?"
"I do not lose to human ships."
"Is that right.... Wait a bit."

I go to the boatman.
"I need to talk about something."
"What's it Hero-sama. Say it, I'll help s'long it's within my power."
"Is this ship yours? Or is it of a merchant somewhere?"
"Driad-san who's participating in the auction over there is the shipowner. He owns the Driad Firm that deals in transportation and trade."
"I see. Then would you tie a rope on the ship's bow?"
"Where'd that come from!?"
"Just do it, I'm asking here."
I said that while showing a glimpse of the 【Emblem of Hero】 on my chest, and the boatman followed while frowning.

A rope is tied on the bow.
I present the other end of that rope to Ieturia.
"Pull the ship with this."
"Haa!? You mean I have to pull a human ship! Are you mocking me!"
"But you want a place you can belong to right? Your specialty is the ability to move quick on water."
"It might seem like you're being used. However, that's only in the beginning. Leave it to me. I'll raise your worth and create a place you can belong to."
"Are you telling the truth? ....No, I have nowhere to go anyway. I'll do it even if it's a lie."
Ieturia took the rope from my hand with her slender arm.
Her cold fingers touched for an instant.
And then she turned forward and pulled the ship.

BWOOSH, the river ship sailed at high speed.
"Fast!", "Oh noo!", "Uu...gonna puke."
The passenger's screams were within my expectation as the ship went down the big river intensely.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Strongest Sage, Join the Sword Practice


The next morning after that terrible mock battle.
My brother Reich, Biffgel and I have assembled in front of the entranceway, getting ready for practice.

Looks like Biffgel who was late yesterday (our father, Castor caught him as he was trying to run, and then he declared five consecutive surrenders at the speed of sound, astonishing us three) is early today.
Father nodded when he saw us.

"Alright, everyone's here! Let's start the practice right away! First, all of you swing your sword 100 times!"

As told, we took up wooden swords and began to practice swinging.
I don't know what kind of training it is so I mimicked my brother Reich, doing diagonal slashes.

Magic Combatants don't mean that they only fight with magic. Close quarter combats are also important, slashing with a powerful magic sword reinforced with several dozens of buff magic was one of my specialties.
I had repeatedly used diagonal slashes many times in my past life, I couldn't possibly count the number of times I used it in actual battles.
Since I already know the basic, I match that knowledge with my current body for the practice swinging.

"Biffgel, your posture is all wrong, do it like this!"

"Reich, your swinging has gotten quite better, but the part after that is no good! Reduce the interval more!"

Father instructs us while overseeing our practice swinging.
He stopped in front of me.

"As for Mathi...."

Father went silent after that.

".....Nay, I don't see anything that needs correcting. Isn't the sword heavy?"

"No. I think this much weight feels just right."

The important thing is not brandishing a heavy sword, but brandishing a sword with the right weight.
Since I can't change the weight of the sword at present, I'm adjusting the Physical Reinforcement instead.
That's why a heavier sword for the practice swinging only means that I consume more mana to adjust the Physical Reinforcement.
It might be difficult for someone who can't control Physical Reinforcement well, but it's really nothing to write home about for the current me.

"Is that so. Then continue to swing like that.... Huh? If it's that perfect, I guess there's no actual need for the practice swinging?"

Now that you mention it, that's certainly true.
I've gotten quite used to this body, the current me can already use  Physical Reinforcement and 【Mana Strike】 easily. <TLN: Mana Strike was translated as Magic Strike earlier.>
I'd like to raise my fundamental strength and mana.
I want to go the forest and hunt animals to increase my mana but....

"No matter what genius Mathi is, he must have a weakness somewhere! First we should look for that!"

Well I should've expected this. This is the time for sword practice after all.
Indeed, there's no guarantee that I have no weakness.

If I'm not mistaken, I was 120 when I started to wield sword in my past life. In other words, I was already relatively able with magic.
Of course that condition persisted while I mastered the way of sword.
The thought of fighting to the limit with just the 【Mana Strike】 never even crossed my mind.

"But, how?"

In many cases, you can only learn the right way to move in battle in an actual battle.
The current me don't have time to design a Simulator which took several dozens of years in my past life.

"Of course by having me as your sparring partner. It'll be a good practice for me too. It's a different story in the royal capital, but there's no one as good as Mathi as a sparring partner around here you know."

Sparring with father huh. That's most welcome.

"So we really weren't good enough to be one...."

My brother Reich seemed dejected when he heard that.

"Don't get the wrong idea, it's just Mathi that's weird here. Reich's swordsmanship is at the level where you can easily pass the entrance examination of the Knight Training School you know?"

And he got encouraged.... I was treated like some kind of weirdo, I'm not satisfied with that somehow.
By the way, it seems the Knight Training School is one of the elite rearing facilities in the current world.
It seems they don't deal with magic and sound stiff somehow, I don't wanna go there.

"Alright, first you can assume that your opponent will swing straight from above the head orthodoxly! Here I go!"

"Wait a minute"

I stop father who was rushing in while shouting out.
What is he trying to do announcing his strategy before the match.

"There's no point if you're announcing your moves beforehand!"

The point of sword stances is using them to flexibly deal with the opponent's movements.
Of course normally you'd change your sword stance depending on your the moves your opponent used, but that is only after you've seen through the their habits and movements, not by believing the announcement they kindly provided.

"No but. That'd be too difficult for y..."

"In real combats, there is no one who fights by shouting 『I'm gonna swing my sword straight!!』 and actually following through that, isn't there?"

"You're right, but you know... No. I was misled by your appearance. I have a hunch that Mathi can do it.... Let's do it!"


--30 minutes later.

"....I can't find any weakness...."

"Mathi isn't just at the level of a genius is he....?"

In the end, he couldn't find any weakness of my swordsmanship.
Since my fundamental strength and mana are lacking, I've lost in a contest of strength, but that's the weakness of my body instead of my swordsmanship.
It's not really a problem since they will be improved as I continue to train.

"C...Cheat! He must be using some sort of trickery!"

"How again?"

"H...he must have used some kind of underhanded method!"

And Biffgel seemingly couldn't stand losing in swordsmanship to me anymore, he began to scream out some weird things again.
By the way Biffgel. You can't call that an answer you know.

"So that's what Biffgel thinks. ...Didja know that the easiest way to find out the trick the other party uses is by fighting them. If you insist on treating Mathi like that, you can fight--"

"It was just my imagination."

And he immediately amended himself. Even being unsightly has a limit....
I should stop thinking about this guy, it's not good for my mental health. Think about fun things, fun things....
....I remembered something important.

"Oh right, father."

"What is it Mathi?"

"You said that I could leave the village if I learned the sword, does that mean I can go out now?"

Unfortunately, the Hildesheimr territory where I am now isn't really ideal for magic training--.
That's just something I made up to deceive myself.

The real reason is that I want to see the world.
Even though I've succeeded my past life's memories, a six year old is six year old. It's an age where one holds an interest and yearns for adventures in the world outside.

"I... it's true that your strength is already good enough for that, but don't you think it's too early?"

"I also think that it's too early."

But they objected it.
I also had an inkling of that. It's maybe too early for a six year old child to go outside the territory alone.

"Yeah! Go away! You should hurry up and scram. Rather, leave, now."

Unusually enough, Biffgel seemed to agree with me.
Please stop. Getting Biffgel's approval makes me think that I've made a mistake.

"You can't lead a live by relying on your skills in combat alone. At least when you've turned 15.... No. 12 year old depending on the term. That's the most I could compromise."


Wonder if I have to win against father with a sword.
If yes, I should be able to do something about it in two years--.

"You have to pass the exam of the Second Royal School as a scholarship student."

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 14

Chapter 14  Good Food Really is the Best


Evening of the day. I ran to the guild.
Come to think of it I didn't ask the guild's open hour. I was panicking in the middle of the way, thinking what I would do if it was closed.
I head to Eleanor-san's counter in a hurry. Adventurers inside the guild at this time of the day were sparse, so it didn't take long until it was my turn.

"I'm back Eleanor-san, I'd like to complete the procedure please."

"Yes, Nobusada-san. Please wait a minute."

Even though I knew that it's just a business talk, being told to wait by a beauty would still skip your heart wouldn't it?

"There's an inn behind this building called 『Solomon Pavilion』 of which the guild is cooperating with. You could apply for the beginner fee if you show this note to the receptionist."

"Thank you very much. And excuse me, could I ask you something?"

"Yes, please ask me anything."

"Truth to be told, I haven't been baptized yet, what should I do to take one?"

"Baptism is it? Excuse me for asking, what would be the circumstances that make it happens?"

Just like what I told Futsuno-san, I told her that, 『I got abandoned as a baby in the western forest, an old man who was living in the forest picked up and raised me. My grandfather passed away recently so I thought of going to the town. Since I've been living in the forest all my life, I haven't taken the baptism and my general knowledge is a bit unreliable』.

"Was the the case, you've had it hard don't you...."

No, um, it's just a setting I randomly thought up, I'm truly sorry.

"Were you informed of the baptism?"

"Yes, I heard about it from someone I got acquainted with on the way to this town."

"Is that right, but you'd have to take it at another day since it's already late today. If you have time I could prepare your baptism ready for tomorrow, what would you like to do?"

"Yes, I'm fine tomorrow."

"Then would you tell me the god of whom you'd like to be baptized under?"

"『Goddess Levelitt-sama of Growth and Talent』 please."

I chose it without hesitation. Eleanor-san made an "Eh!?" face for an instant, but she calmed down immediately.

"Levelitt-sama is it. Many adventurers went with 『God of War and Battle  Aren』-sama, are you sure about that?"

Goddess Leve, why are you this lowly regarded? Did you do something bad?

"Yes, it's Levelitt-sama please."

"I understand. Then I'll prepare the procedure for the baptism. Please come again by the daytime tomorrow."

"Thank you very much Eleanor-san. Then I'll be resting at the inn for today. Thank you in advance for tomorrow."

"Yes, have a good dream."

I went out the guild and immediately headed to the 『Solomon Pavilion』 behind it.

After walking for a few minutes, I saw a big building with a big sign written with, 『Solomon Pavilion』. Even an inexperienced adventurer wouldn't get lost with that. Yes, that's me!
When I went inside a door that looked like it had quite a history, I was immediately greeted by a dining room. Looks like the lodging rooms are above. I immediately search for the receptionist desk and then a girl who seems to be around 10 greets me.

"Welcome~ to 『Solomon Pavilion』~"

Un, it's a small girl with bob cut that could be called a beauty.

Name: Minerva - Gender: Female - Race: General Human
Class: Merchant Lv5
Title: 【Poster Girl】
Arithmetic Lv2 - Reception Lv3 - Housework Lv3 - Life Magic

Poster Girl is a title!? Considering her age, she's quite a capable girl.

"I've got an introduction from the guild, is there any room left? I've just been registered as an adventurer today."

"Ye~s, if you please show the note given by the guild."

"Ah, here it is."

I handed over the note that Eleanor-san gave me to the girl.

"Yes, I got it. F rank Nobusada-san right~ How long do you plan to stay in~?"

"For now one week please."

"One week it is~. Ah, in case your rank rises, you'll still be charged with the beginner fee for that one week, but it'll be regular fee after that, please take note~"

Regular fee seems to be 600 mani with included breakfast a day, but it's half of that at 300 mani for F rank beginners. How very fair.

"Nobusada-san's room is room 210 at the corner of the second floor. For dinner, the recommended special of the day will be provided for free. Other menu besides that including liquor will incur extra charge, please take note~"

I see, they can make the recommended menu cheaper by making a lot of it huh. They properly charge the side menu and the liquor.....  I guess this is the kind of world where the entertainment is limited to women and alcohol.

"Just call me Nobu. Looks like I'll trouble you for a long time after all."

"Yes, Nobu-san, and you can call me Minerva too~"

"No no. I'd feel bad if I had to do without honorifics when we just met, it's Minerva-chan okay."

"Ye~s, then Nobu-san, what would you like to do for dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to eat right after I put my baggage in the room. Also, is there a bath here?"

"There's no bath in this place~ Only royalty and nobles that mostly have it~ We can prepare a bucket of hot water for free, I'll bring it to your room later~"

"Then would you please do after dinner."

"Ye~s, then I'll go get it ready for you~"

I paid the fee for one week, got the key from Minerva-chan and went to the second floor. When I went inside the room, yup, it's that. The interior design is like a student dormitory's. If that's hard to understand, then let's say it's like a cramped studio flat? But well, I don't hate such closed space like this. Though small, it feels like my castle.

"Phew, I can finally settle down."

I put down my baggage (just the rucksack) and sighed. I'm finally here.
The past several days were like surging waves. The real show only starts now though.
For the time being, tomorrow I need to procure the wild boar money and get baptized, full of things I gotta do. I should check if there's any quest I can take too. Personally speaking, I'd like a quest about alchemy or blacksmithing.

Awright, let's have dinner. Wonder what kind of menu will it be.

I went to the dining room on the first floor, lots of people were in there. Most of the guests look young, like they're inexperienced adventurers. I wonder if there would be an encounter that culminates in me creating a party with the other person here.... But well I'm going solo for a while. I have few acquaintances anyhow.

I look around for a vacant seat restlessly while thinking such things.

Oh, there's one on the counter. Let's go with that, I can see the cooking in this world too from there.

"Ah, Nobu-san, you're here for dinner right~"

Minerva-chan unexpectedly showed up on the counter.

"Yup, one special set of the day please. I think I'd go for a fruit juice as well."

"Ye~s, one set of today special, plea~se."


I heard a deep voice from the back. The chef seemed to be quite a big man though I could only see his back. His body is big but he cooked with impressive nimbleness. Amazing, this works as a reference. There's no waste movement.

Name: Donul Zavinia - Gender: Male - Race: General Human
Class: Chef Lv48
Title: None
Martial Art Lv4 - Joint Lock Lv5 - Physical Strength Lv4 - Cooking Lv7 - Life Magic.

The heck, are the old men in this world the strongest or something. Weird, why are they all this fit. His cooking level is amazing too. How would the royal court chefs be like I wonder....
That reminds me, this is the first time I saw someone with a family name in this world. Since Minerva-chan doesn't have one, looks like there's some kind of deep circumstances surrounding it, like maybe a fallen noble.

"Thank you for waiting, here's one set of today special~ Today's special set is chicken saute, salad, bread and potato soup~ And here's your peach fruit juice~"

"Oh, they look good."

Uwaah, I can't get enough of this. The chicken saute's seasoning is especially nice. The garlic and some kind of spice stimulate the appetite. The salad dressing is a new taste for me, but it's quite refreshing and the optimum palate cleansing for the saute. Lastly I drank the fruit drink, it wasn't cold but the peach juice was refreshing and easy to swallow.
I got too absorbed and finished them all in no time. Oh no, I wanted to savor the taste a bit more.

"Muhaa, I'm completely satiated."

"Oh my, Nobu-san finished already. You're really quick~"

"It was amazingly good. The saute was especially superb."

"Really~. Dad would be happy to hear that."

"Eh, that chef in the back was your father?"

"Yes, this inn is run by our family after all~ Dad is in the kitchen, I deal with the customers and cleaning, and mom deals with the accounting~"

"I didn't know."

It hit me then.

"Could you take this to your father to be used later?"

That's right, it's the leftover wrapped meat of the wild boar. I'm curious
to what kind of dish would the old man make with this. I'm also handing over the assorted fruits I picked in the forest. These are for the payment for the request.

"T-this is boar meat isn't it~ There's so many fruits too. Are you sure?"

"Yup, I'm interested in the dish the old man would make with this. The fruits are a kind of payment for this request of mine."

"I understand, I'll give them to him. I think we can ready it at tomorrow's dinner~"

"Yeah, looking forward to it. Then I'm returning to my room, I'll be waiting for the hot water later."

"Ye~s, thank you very much~"

I handed over 20 mani for the fruit juice and went back to my room.
I lie down in the bed in the room. Phew, fluffy bed and good food, this inn is a hit. No wonder the guild recommended it. It's cordial towards newbies.

Afterward, I cleaned my body with the hot water Minerva-chan brought.
Feels like I'd have a good dream tonight,

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