Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 1

15-Intermission 1: Hayato Masaki


※ This is from Hero Hayato's point of view

"Looks like there's a time limit for God Parion to connect worlds. I have to go soon."

Gentle light falls from the heaven, wrapping me.

My body floats in the air and my view is swallowed by the light while my friends and Satou are watching.
I could dimly hear Rin's sorrowful voices calling me.

--Sorry, Rin.

I apologize to my friends in my mind.

『My gratitude, Hero.』

I heard a voice mixed with noise, like a badly tuned radio, inside my mind.
This cute childish voice is of God Parion.

She conveys her thought with flowing images.

Looks like she's thanking me for subjugating the demon lord.
I regret that I can't see the young goddess inside the whitened view.

『Parting, Apologize.』

--Don't worry about it. I'm the one who chose to do it.

I shook my head at God Parion's apologetic thought.

『Great Happiness, Future, Blessing.』

--Yeah, I'll find so much happiness so that Rin and the others I left behind won't have to worry.

Hearing me, the young goddess sent a smiling image at me.
That's right, children gotta have to smile!

"This place is--"

I was standing on a stone pavement when I noticed.

--The precincts of a shrine?

Right! I was in this shrine when I got summoned.

"So I've come back...."

I run down the stairs.

I passed through a vermilion arc gate, arriving at a gray road that smelled of exhaust fumes.


I heard a girl's voice on the side.
Looks like she was surprised because I rushed in.

"My bad--Tachibana!"
"--Eh? Masaki-kun?"

I found my childhood friend with her loli face--Tachibana Yumiri and I immediately hugged her slender childish body.

"No, w-wait, Hayato-chan! Please do this at a more romantic spot."

When I heard my panicking childhood friend's voice, I couldn't hold back my nostalgia and ended up weeping.

"What? Are you hurt anywhere? Heey, Hayato-chan."
"Yumiri Yumiri, I'm back. I've come back."

Yumiri gently hugged this unseemly me back even while being at a loss.

"Here you go, Pekari. You like it right."
"T-thank you. Ah to think I could drink Pekari again--"

Yumiri offered a handkerchief as I got in tears again when I saw the sport drink she gave.
I feel that Yumiri's cheeks look red, maybe because of the hug earlier.

"What is it now."

Yumiri frowns quizzically.

"Why are you in sailor uniform?"

From what I remember, this guy doesn't have a cosplaying hobby.

"You're really! We were together at the school earlier."


I stare at Yumiri's eyes.


Yumiri crosses her arms in front of her body, taking a guarding pose.
She was shaken enough that she began to act strangely, but I only noticed that after I got home.

There was something more important for me at this time.

"What year and date are now!"

I caught the puzzled Yumiri's shoulders and asked.

"Tell me!"
"U-un.... It's the third of March 2013, the time too? It's 12:15."

I don't remember the time, but there's no mistake about the date.

This was the day I got summoned.

"I thought Time magic didn't exist...."
"Hey, didn't you say that you'd graduated from chuunibyou in your middle school days? Did it recur again?"

Yumiri who heard my muttering said something, but I couldn't afford to mind that as I touch my face all around.

"Are you really alright?"
"Mirror! Do you have a mirror?"
"I do though?"

I look at the mirror Yumiri handed to me worryingly.

--It's the high schooler me.

"Huh? Come to think of it, why are you wearing a suit? Interview for a part-time job?"
"It's a long story--"

I talked to Yumiri about the other world while feeling pleasant with the surprise from the young goddess.
At first Yumiri didn't believe me at all, but she consented after I crushed a coin into four parts with my fingers.

My strength had been badly lowered compared to when I was another world's hero since I couldn't use my skill here, but there was still enough unreasonable strength remaining for me to do that.
I feel that I probably could join into the circle of top athletes if I just trained a bit.

"Hmm, you went through a lot. And, did you leave lovers or wives in the other world?"

Her words were light.
Looks like she didn't completely believe it.

Well, whatever.

I also would have laughed someone if they told me something like this.

"Nah, I didn't have any lover nor wife--"

--The one that's always been in my mind.

Yumiri blushed as I stared her.

Let's not talk about Princess Arisa.

"Sorry, Yumiri, I have to go home and say 『I'm home』 to my little sister."

When I said that with an earnest look, Yumiri's shoulders dropped down a bit for some reason, but then she waved her hand and said, "Bye bye" while looking astonished.

"Un, see you tomorrow."

My cheeks loosened from Yumiri's farewell.

"Yea, see you."

Yumiri looked satisfied when I replied her.

"Ichirou-nii's friend?"

A beautiful woman who feels similar to Satou is looking at me suspiciously.

"Yes, I'm here to deliver a letter he's entrusted to me."
"How old are you?"

I almost said my age when I was in the other world.

"Then you knew Ichi-nii when you were seven?"

--What does she mean?

"No, it was two years ago."

Her expression disappeared from her face when I said that.


The beauty whose expression changed into that of a noh mask said, "Go home", and turned back into the entranceway.

"P-please wait. At least please take letter."
"If you want to prank someone, do it somewhere else--"

She said that with a cold voice, and then she slammed the entranceway's door right before my face.

"Oh my? Do you need something here?"

When I turned back at the voice behind, there was a middle aged woman who looked similar to Satou, holding a shopping bag.

"Are you Suzuki Ichirou's mother?"
"Yes, I am?"

After introducing myself, I told her the same thing I said earlier.

"Don't you know that our son went missing 10 years ago?"
"10 years ago? He left me a business card though--"

I hold out a business card that Satou gave me.

"I think you're mistaking him with someone else. That child went missing when he was attending an university. He shouldn't be working anywhere."

I recalled, the words "The world might be different" that Satou said when I listened to her.
After apologizing to her for the clamor, I left the Suzuki house.

"Hayato-nii, what a' you doin'?"

My little sister Aika who had just turned three talked to me clumsily.

"I'm making a doghouse."
"Do'! Keep do'?"

Aika gleefully asked while climbing my back.

She's adorable today too.
Truly an angel.

"Right. We should keep one."

Aika happily jumps up and down.
I quickly supported Aika as she was about to fall from my back and lowered her on the ground.

"Ride on do' back!"
"I see I see. Then we gotta keep a big dog."

Looks like my image library will get additional pics of my pretty little sister riding on a dog's back.
Aika was watching me making the doghouse for a while, but then she dozed off halfway through so I let her sleep in the sofa.

"--Alright, complete."

Lastly, I nailed a nameplate written with word, Satou, on the doghouse.
I got this nameplate from the [Satou] of that world.

I clap my hand to brush off wood chips and dust.

"Still, asking me to build this hut, I don't understand Satou's request at all."

I muttered while stretching once.

"Hayato-chan, are you inside?"

I heard my childhood friend Yumiri's voice from the entranceway.

After our reunion recently, she came to call me "Hayato-chan" like she used before, instead of "Masaki-kun."
I got thoroughly made fun of in the school, but since it somehow felt like I regained my lost youth, I gladly enjoyed it and then it waned before I knew it.

"I'm here!"

I called Yumiri from the garden, thinking of bragging the doghouse to her.

At that time, a presence appeared behind me.

"Hello, Hayato-sama. It's been awhile."

I turned back and saw a man who looked like he was just before his thirty coming out of the doghouse.

"Don't tell me, you're Satou?"
"Yes, it's been a while isn't it."

It's my friend with the same atmosphere, but aged.
I don't know how he crossed worlds, but Satou could probably do it indiscreetly.

"Thank you for coming. I'm happy to see you again."
"Yes, me too."

It's only been several months for me, but it's probably around 10 years for Satou.

"Satou, what happened to that world--"

I asked my friend's business while exchanging reunion hugs with him.

"Ha-Hayato-chan? Onee-san thinks BL is bad for you!"

Yumiri who saw us exchanging reunion hugs said some preposterous remark.

"Would you happen to be Hayato-san's elder sister?"
"N-no, I'm Tachibana Yumiri, Masaki-kun's childhood friend and classmate."

Satou shrewdly talked to Yumiri.
He murmured, "Tachibana" when she heard Yumiri's name.

"Sometimes ago, Hayato-san really helped me when he picked up a briefcase with a large sum of money in it."
"Yes, that's right. If I couldn't find that briefcase--"

Looks like Satou is fit to be a first-rate fraud.
Yumiri who got deceived in the blink of an eye said, "It's nothing important, I'll talk to you at school tomorrow", and went home.

"I'm glad we cleared the misunderstanding."
"You bet yea."

I ask Satou again while sighing in relief.

"And, did something happen to that world?"

--I won't spare anything if my power is needed.

"Arisa asked me for something."
"My honey--sorry."

Oops, it should be about time for her to become Satou's wife and have children.

"No, you're free to call her what you like."

Satou is all smiles like usual.
For some reason, he's drinking the cheap instant coffee with great relish.

"And, what do you need? Ask me anything if it's something I can help."
"Then, could you guide me to the drugstore or supermarket nearby?"


"Arisa said that she wanted to eat instant food, thus I'm here to buy various kinds."


This was the time when my jaw dropped.
Who would have guessed that he was teleportating between worlds, which even gods couldn't do, just to buy instant food!

"You never change...."

While sighing, I lead my friend to the city in order to fulfill his wish.

"You even had a driver's license."
"Yes, I couldn't exchange that thing with money if I didn't have an ID card."

Satou got his fund by selling a mysterious object made of gold in a precious metal purchasing shop.
After the exchange, we went into a back alley and his appearance changed to the 15 year old Satou I'm familiar with.

"The effect of illusion magic is truly short in this world isn't it."

Apparently, it's not that 15 years have passed in that world, he just had it prepared to match his appearance on the driver's license.
After buying several boxes of instant foods, Satou went back to the other world satisfyingly.

Afterward, he occasionally came to visit once every several months.

I was surprised when brought along Rin who looked and got younger, but right now she's got along well with Yumiri and Aika.
Satou prepared her family register in this world.
His cheat performance is really dependable like always.

"Satou, how is the world there?"
"Yes, it's really peaceful like this world."

I asked Satou while watching him playing with my little sister in the garden.

"Hey, did you do something to that?"

The TV was full of news about wars and disasters when I got back to this world, but they decreased every time Satou came visiting.

Satou only smiled and laughed without answering me back.

Geez, looks like Satou is Satou no matter the world.

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※ The part after ◆ might change depending on the development of the main story

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Strongest Sage, Drew a Strong Crest


I woke up in a hard bed. My memories feel a bit fragmented, but my consciousness is clear.
It seems the reincarnation is largely successful.
I jumped out the bed while thinking that and looked at my left arm first thing first.

"--Alright! It's a hit!"

The one there is not the First Crest I'm used to see, but the Fourth Crest.
This crest specializes in close-quarter combat and as far as I know, it's the most suitable crest for magic combats.

I shouted out loud unbecoming of my age. Since the memories of my past life and current life have mixed together, I wonder if my sense also got younger.

No. It's more correct to say that I got influenced by my past life. My memories simply resurfaced, so it's not like I took over someone else's body and consciousness. My proper age is six year old.
I decide to stop getting influenced by my past self or acting like an old man. My personality isn't like that in the first place anyway.

This current me is not the me who was called Sage. Let me introduce myself again.

My name is Mathias Hildesheimer. I am six year old.
I'm Baronet Hildesheimer's....

I got goosebumps hearing what I just said. I really shouldn't force myself. Let's start over.

My name in this life is Mathias Hildesheimer.
Just as the name suggests, I'm the third son of Baronet Hildesheimer.

I'm not familiar with this 『Baronet』 term, but according to the little knowledge the current me has, it seems to be a sort of government worker with lineage system that administers a local region. People also often call them 『Lord』 or 『Master』. If I'm not mistaken, it's a nobility system or something.
Baronet is most likely the second lowest rank, but nevertheless, it's the top position in this region. Yet from the country's viewpoint, the position should only be about above the bottom.
--At least I believe that's it.

"What happened to the world?"

I couldn't have imagined the world in the memories of the current me from the state of the world in my past self.
I never saw even one Magic Tools that were called indispensable in my past life.

There's no flying-type artificial agriculture fairies, no accelerated molecular motion machine for cooking, no magical machinery for construction.
I wondered just how do they live, but the populace plow the field with human power, and raise crops themselves to sustain their life. Furthermore, the present head of Hildesheimer and the lord of this region, my father is also working among them.

It was an unthinkable spectacle during the Magic Era 12700.
Just what had happened during the time I was reincarnating.

...Well, there's nothing I can do complaining about the present environment.
Fortunately, I have memories of this era too, I'm also experienced in living a survival life in building-less forests for years.
I should have no difficulty adapting.

First, I gotta gather intelligences.
It seems the me until now was not that studios, living a carefree life without ever looking around the region nor reading books in my father's study.
Well since my past self also preferred real practices to studying, I guess it wasn't my current self's duty to do that either.

"Hey, Mathi. Do you need something in the study?"

Reich the eldest son called me as I was walking to the study.
He's the earnest one among two of my older brothers. He's 15 year old.

His crest is the Second Crest. It excels in mid-range ranged magic, a required crest in a group battle.
It seems that right now he's not training in magic, I think he'd become a good magician if he just trains.

"I wanna read books."

I replied my brother with my usual tone. He'd be surprised if it suddenly changed.

"Books huh. I think it's still too early for Mathi.... Which books do you wanna read?"

"I guess books about combat. And magic books."

Nothing else are more important to check first.
I'm also interested in histories to find out just what happened, but that can do later.
Cause it's possible that new combat arts and magic have been developed when I was in the dark.

However, my older brother Reich's face looked complicated when he heard me say magic.
Then his smiling face comes back immediately and he speaks.

"Then I'll read you a book about battle."

Apparently he ignored the matter about magic.
I'm thankful for his offer, but I can read books myself just fine.

"No, I'll do it myself..."

I opened the study door while saying that.
And then, I looked for books that seemed to be related to combat and magic--.

"...What's written there?"

There were a few books in the study.
However, the problem is the spines of those books.
I can't read them.

I had mastered 27 languages before I noticed it as I continued to battle for several hundred years, but the language written on the books' spines didn't match any of those languages.
I probably can read it if I use Translation magic, but it needs a relatively large amount of magic power and throughput. The me right now can't use it.
Even though I have the knowledge, I don't have the resource to materialize it.

"Haha. I figured as much. Then, I'll read this for you."

After saying that, my older brother Reich pulled out a book from our father's study.
That book seemed to be a sort of heroic tales, monsters that could destroy a country alone appeared one after another, and the main character went to defeat them.
How very enviable. There were also monsters like that in my past life, but they were few far and between.
Share me half of them.

Well, that kind of story is too good to be true and can't possibly be real, this book is just a fiction so it didn't help me understand the situations of this world.
However, I was able to comprehend the language somewhat by comparing what my older brother Reich said and the words written in the book. I've got to thanks Reich.

However, it looks like it'll take times before I could read books about combat arts and such, so I'm going to postpone that until later.
And it might be faster for me to train my magic power until I can activate the Translation magic.
By the way, the spoken language wasn't much different to the one in my past life, so I was able to understand it immediately.
There were several terms I don't understand like [Disqualified Crest] and such though.

After he was done reading for me, my older brother Reich went back to his work in the fields.
In this village, you'll get your own field once you turn 11, and you've got a duty to work there.

Both of my older brothers have their own fields in accordance to this rule.
However, it seems the situation is a bit different in my case.
Right now I don't have a field due to my age, but there's a high chance that I don't get one even after I turn 11.

The official reason seems to be because there's not enough area.
Certainly, this village lacks area for fields, so it's not like I can't understand with just that reason alone.
But, judging from the behaviors of the villagers, my parents, and my other older brother Biffgel, I feel that there's more to it.
My parents were looking at me like they feel sorry, while Biffgel was clearly looking down on me.

Apparently, it's got to do with 『Disqualified Crest』, but my older brother and my parents don't want to talk about the particular, and I don't want to ask Biffgel. I probably won't get a decent answer even if I ask him anyway.

Now then. There's still some time until dinner.
First of all, I should train.
It's important to train your stamina and magic power everyday you see.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The Mystery of the 【Emblem of Hero】


After having a meal, I'm in the inn room with Celica.
I've left Lapisia to Minya since I have something to talk about with Celica alone.

We're sitting on the bed next to each other. Celica is sticking close to me somewhat. I can feel her bodily warmth.

I took out the 【Emblem of Hero】 from my breast pocket and stared at it.
"Every places we went to today was a free pass huh."
"The emblem permits the holder to go to any place. Besides, people would be suspected of doing something bad if they refused a hero's visit."
"Figure. I have the authority of a police, a prosecutor and a judge for anything related to demon king after all."
"Po-lice? Pro-secutor? What are those."
"Ah, sorry. Never mind. More importantly, looks like this has a party function. I wonder how do you set it."

I tinkered with the palm-sized flat silver disk.
And then an arrow and some words appeared.
"Oh here it is. 『Choose the person you want to add to the party』 huh."
I point the arrow toward Celica and set it.
"Ah, something clicked just now."
And then, Celica's name was engraved in a small word on the 【Emblem of Hero】's back.
Looks like I can register up to 8-10 people.

"Ooh. We're joined up as a party now huh."
"But is it alright? If I remember correctly, experience points will be shared between party members."
"I'm strong enough as is. It'd be better if Celica and Lapisia got stronger instead."
I'm a god in the first place, I can't power up unless I gather believers.

Celica nods earnestly.
"I understand. Please allow me to receive the favor."
"Fumu. Seems like it can see the party member's location. I'll add Lapisia later."
"She's a child after all, we can rest easy that way."
Celica laughs.

I look at the 【Emblem of Hero】 once again.
"Next is the exclusive skills of Hero huh. I should be able to acquire them... or should have been."
"Is there any problem?"
I activate <<Truth Sight>> and look at my own 【Skill】 screen.
Katana Slash: Slash with a katana
Katana Stab: Stab with a katana
Iai: Ignore defense + probability of instant death effect

Gale Slash: Flying wind blade. One row.
Gale Revolting Blade: Produce multiple blades of wind that wildly about. Multiple rows.
Roaring Storm Slash: Wind blade that calls forth storm. Ranged attack.

Moon Water Slash: Flying water blade, cut the enemy. One row.
Roaring Waterfall: Push the enemy with a waterfall like water pressure. Multiple columns.
Water Demon Slashing Destruction: Conceive power of sacred water on the blade to destroy evil. Great damage to one enemy.

【Unmastered Skill】
Cut - (Great Warrior)
<<Break Down>>
<<Earth Break>>
<<Sky Saber>>
<<Giga Break>>

Pierce - (Holy Knight)
<<Gale Sting>>
<<Critical Strike>>
<<Multiple Sting>>
<<Holy Strike>>

Explosive Flame - (Holy Sage)
<<Fire Ball>>
<<Shining Rain>>
<<Prominence Tower>>
<<Aurora Detonation>>

I tilt my head in puzzlement.
Accurately speaking, there's one open space on Cut - Pierce -  - Explosive Flame.

I can't see it even with Truth Sight.
Furthermore, if I get either of Cut or Pierce, I can't acquire the other skills.
If I did that, my Class probably would become [Great Warrior] or [Holy Knight] instead of Hero.

I explain to Celica since she looks confused.
"When I equipped this, there were only three unmastered skill tress of Hero, there was a blank space. I think it's possibly because I'm not of Light elemental."
"Eh... Then."
I removed the Emblem of Hero and put it on Celica's neck.
"Let's try it."

I smiled and stared at Celica.
Celica slightly twisted her body in embarrassment. The big breasts shook.

--Oops, Celica's status is still the modified one. Gotta fix it.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 year old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Knight Lv 5=====Lv 17
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 10 (1) Growth Limit 25
Agility: 17 (3) Growth Limit 30
Magic: 19 (4) Growth Limit 75
Wisdom: 12 (2) Growth Limit 50
Luck: 02 (0) Growth Limit 03

Cut: Cut with a sword
Stab: Stab with a sword
Double Stab: Stab quickly. Twice.

【Unmastered Skill】
Cut - Pierce - Cover - Explosive Flame

Cover - (Hero)
<<Magnus Wave>>: Nullify enemy's buff. Does not affect ally.
<<Justice Slash>>: Holy attack that ignores defense.
<<Ultima Garden>>: Create a domain of absolute defense for a period of time. However both ally and enemy cannot attack.
Demon King Destruction Flash <<Ultima Slash>>: A blow to erase the demon king.
I shout out loud.
"This is it! The basic skill is 【Cover】 and the final secret art is 【Demon King Destruction Flash】, the <<Ultima Slash>>! Judging from its description, it seems to be a skill exclusively to kill the demon king."
Just as I thought, the Light element really is the key!

This is the reason why the demon king thoroughly removed Light elemental people.
He must be very afraid of this art.
--On the contrary, this suggests that this skill can definitely kill him!

Celica shakes as her blue eyes open wide.
"Could it be, Keika-sama can.... see ability and skill?"
"Ah, I can."
"Keika-sama even has the power of a Shepherd! My goodness!"
"Shepherd? What's that?"

"Shepherds were people of age past. Each village had one of them, they saw through proper ability and talent that people have and enlightened people the path they should walk on. Even if say, someone is smart in their childhood, they would teach him that he's more suited to become a Warrior or Monk instead of Scholar."
"So there are people who can see Skills and Status in this world. Then why didn't you consult them? Celica has more talent to become a Magician than a Knight right."

Celica frowns and looks down sorrowfully. She speaks like she's about to cry.
"S-so that's really true.... I was strong and fast in my childhood...."
"Figure. Since you've leveled four times, subtracting that, your initial status would be 『Strength 6, Agility 5, Magic 3, Wisdom 4』. No wonder you thought you were more suited to be a Knight or a Warrior in your childhood. Your growth rate is 『Strength 1, Agility 3, Magic 4, and Wisdom 2』, the magic one is higher. Since the Agility is also high, I guess Monk and Priest could be a choice too."

Celica frowned painfully.
"Ah, if only I had met Keika-sama earlier. Recently I sensed the limit of my power.... But the demon king had killed all people with the power of Shepherd."
"Can't you just change your Job?"
"We used to be able to change Job in Temple of Umo, but that was also destroyed by the demon king...."
Celica said weakly.

I think inwardly.
You can't choose a Job that suits you even if you can see your status.
If you chose the wrong job, you wouldn't be able to change it and finish without ever getting strong.
Light elemental people are killed by the Sinner system.
Even if they survive, they can't become Hero.
Even if they get ahold of the 【Emblem of Hero】, they'd be out if they chose the wrong skill to raise since they couldn't see the skill tree.

I unconsciously laugh.
"This world's difficulty is worse than even Lunatic and Inferno. Normally it'd have been impossible to clear."
Celica looked down weakly. Her blond hair hangs on her cheeks.

I take off the 【Emblem of Hero】 from Celica and put it on.
"Well I can just be of Light elemental."
I call forth my Status and tap it with my finger to rewrite 【Faint Gleam】 to 【Light】.
Since I'm a god of river where fireflies ride, 【Faint Gleam】 fits me better though. Can't be helped.

I look at my palm.
Umastered skill 【Cover】 appeared.
"Okay. Next, I just need to raise it properly and acquire 【Demon King Destruction Flash】."
Celica's blue eyes open wide.
"D-don't tell me.... Keika-sama also has the power of Great Priest to change job....!?"
"Hm? Well, I can do something similar to that."
Then Celica clung on my chest. Her blue eyes are moist with tears.
"Please, Keika-sama! Please make me stronger!"
"I think I've listened to your wish, 'I want to live', already though."
"T-that's true.... but I want to become stronger! I want to be of help to Keika-sama."
"You've helped enough... But a wish is different. Offertory--you gotta  offer something."
"Uu.... I don't have anything anymore...."
"I can't do it unless you offer me something. Well give it up. Don't worry, I'll protect you."
"I don't want that! --I-I will offer myself, could Keika-sama at least make me strong enough to be helpful please? ....not good?"

I fold my arms and think.
Celica has helped me a lot.
She might face dangers if we go together hereafter.
Celica should be safer if she gets a bit stronger.

I nodded.
"Well fine. Then take off your clothes and lie in the bed."
"Eh, so sudden..... Y-yes...."
Celica begun to take off her clothes while blushing.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Found Animal Ear-san


"Such fine weather. What a nice morning to start a journey!"

I feel like I've been talking to myself a lot more since I came here. It's not because I'm lonely okay.
I saved up food while leveling Fighter's level yesterday. I gathered a lot of things like aralia's sprout, fiddleheads, bracken, and such, there was no sense of season at all. Of course along with various fruits. That reminds me, there was a type of fruit I had never seen before.

Ramputun Fruit
A sweet fruit with thorny rind. The flesh in the inside is smooth.
Besides for consumption, it's also an ingredient for making nutrient, it can be sold at a good price.

Keep it a secret that I hoarded a lot of it because I was attracted by the price part!

I'm finally departing under this clear weather! I stayed too long though!
Ah, my current status is like this.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race:???
Class: Fighter Lv4
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 55/55 MP: 82/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv1 (new!) - Disguise Lv2 - Magic Clad Lv1

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv1

I've put on 【Moss Ball Killer】 as my title.
To be honest, the only titles I have that look usable are only this and 【One who Surpasses Mom】. Then this one is still the better. It's effective when moss balls come out after all.

Now then, I decided to head toward the east direction I inferred by looking at the sun. I continue to advance while cutting grass so I can get back if I make a mistake. Moss balls might come out too.

Slice slice

After walking for about two hours.
I can only hear the sound of me cutting the grass around. I keep walking forward while re-hydrating myself by stuffing my cheeks with a mango I found earlier.

I saw something that looked to be the forest's exit when I was getting tired of this. I think I can see an open plain beyond it.

Claang, cliing

I heard sounds of metal hitting metal. Is this a fight!?
It's probably not with Moss balls, but a fight between something who use weapons.

I head toward the source of the sound while consciously erasing my presence behind trees.

As I got closer, I saw two people fighting a group of goblin-like monsters.

My eyes opened wide when I saw their appearances! Animal...ears!!
My long-awaited animal ears. Of course they also have tails. A cat-like woman and a fox-like woman are having a hard time fighting goblins. One of them, Cat-san (temp name) seems to have hurt her leg, Fox-san (temp name) is fighting while protecting her, the situation doesn't look good.

As someone who intends to become Mofumofu King, I must help them. However, I'm a chick who have just been in another world for four days after all is said and done. There's a high chance that I will drag them down instead if I come out suddenly here. First, let's analyze the opponents' fighting force.

Goblin Leader Lv5
HP:20/20 MP:1/1
Goblin that leads a group of goblins. A kind of monster.
As female goblin does not exist, it makes use of women of other races to breed, a vilified being.
It has high propagative power, it can create a colony at a dreadful pace, thus it's always wanted for subjugation.

Goblin Soldier Lv4 x 2
HP:16/16 MP:0/0
Goblin soldier. Abbreviated.

Goblin Archer Lv3 x 3
HP:11/11 MP:0/0
Goblin archer. Abbreviated.

A group of goblins with an average level of 4 huh. There's six of them remaining. They're of human type, but they're monsters no matter how you look at it.
Since the girls have cut down several goblins already, they probably wouldn't have a problem if it were not for that wound.

First, I need to keep their attention away from me. I pick a nearby stone and swing my arm.
Fortunately, they don't seem to notice me, so I can hurl it with all my might.
Eat this! I throw the stone while praying that it'd be nice if it was a gyro ball that sent out a tornado!!


The stone flew at a speed impossible for me to reproduce before I came to this world, and hit a goblin.


It sank into the face of a goblin archer in the back row! Looks like it fainted and fell down.

"I'll help you two!"

Fox-san replies while looking surprised at me suddenly calling her.

"Thank you. I'm a magician, careful not to get hit 'kay."
"Got it."

While being surprised by her unexpected Kansai dialect, I threw more stones, distracting the goblins on the rear.
This body has a higher performance than I thought, perhaps it's due to the increased level. The stones hit the places I aimed at, possibly due to the assistance of Throwing skill.
It seems even monsters like goblins get relatively high damage when their heads are hit by stones, two of them have already fainted.
I rushed to where Fox-san (temp) was when I ran out of stones.

"Frankly speaking, I'm not that strong, but I'll be young ladies' shield even if I have to offer this body."

I don't have a shield though.

"Uhihi, getting called young lady by a child feels itchy. Could ya at least protect the girl behind while I'm casting a spell?"


Fox-san began to concentrate on something while dodging. Now then, I'll go to where Cat-san, who can't move, is and fight the coming mobs. I acted cool and all but I could only evade and evade and block with my sword. I countered weakly sometimes.
The level is really different compared to moss balls.

But, I dance like a moth! Prick like a mosquito!!

I provoke the goblins to prevent them going toward Fox-san.
Oh, it seems my provocation worked too well, three of the goblins are coming at me. Even though I have Magic Clad, its defensive power isn't enough to block sword attacks, so I'm getting wounded here and there. Ouch ouch ouch ouch, there's no big wound, but painful things are painful.

Thankfully, the goblins are not that strong, so even I can handle them well without getting fatally hit with my Swordsmanship Lv2.


Fox-san shouts when I finally succeeded cutting down a goblin.

"I'm ready, fall back when I signal ya."

"O mana dwelling in all things. Become a stream of flame and burn them down. Fire Storm!"

As Fox-san gave forth words with power, a torrent of fire swallowed the goblins. Ah, the fainted ones got rolled up into it too.
After the flame disappeared, only roasted goblins remain.

Tereretettette~♪ Fighter leveled up to level 5.

Oh, looks like I leveled up too.
Well, I can check it later, for now these two take priority. I wonder if they're hurt.


Hm? What?

"Thanks a lot, I don't know who you are, but we're saved. I'm Futsuno. The injured one is Mitama, my little sister ya."
"...Mitama. Thank you for saving us..."

The moment when they were thanking me.


"Hwou, my my...."

Eh!? Cat-san screamed, fox-san was staring curiously with reddened cheeks at me. Rather, she's staring real hard.
And then I feel refreshing wind on my lower body.... When I timidly looked down, an elephant overflowing with unused atmosphere was peeking between my nether region.

Uooooo, the string of my trousers and underwear got cut.
I hurriedly raise my underwear and trousers and fix the string.

"That was an accident, yes an accident. I have absolutely no interest in flaunting my nether region, please forgive me."

I desperately apologized while being careful with my words. I was also quite perplexed, but I wouldn't have been able to recover if they treated me like a pervert so I got desperate.

"A, aa, I don't particularly mind. Rather, thanks for the feast?"

Futsuno-san is looking at me while smiling, "pukukuku". On the other hand, Cat-san who's called Mitama is averting her gaze with a reddened face.

"I'm Nobusada. Just call me Nobu."

I tried my best to look as calm as possible, but my face is probably also red. I never thought that my nether region would get fully exposed.

"Then, Nobu-kun. Forgive me for being shameless, but do ya have a medical set? The bandage we had on hands got trampled during that battle earlier."
"Ah, then how about this? I completely forgot I had this in my rucksack since it was so hectic earlier."

I took out a potion out of my rucksack. I shouldn't daringly use holy magic. Since it seems like it'll be a problem if I, who's clearly a Fighter, use healing magic.

"Potion? Ya sure? Ain't that quite pricey?"

Is that true? Its price isn't shown. Well, either way, I don't mind. I don't have something else for this after all. Rather, I can't miss this kind of chance encounter.

"I don't mind. I might have hesitated if the other party were a hopeless old man, but I don't mind at all if it's for beauties like you two."
"Pu, ahahaha, Nobu-kun, you're small but good with flattery. Then, I'll gratefully borrow it."

She opens the potion and sprinkles it on the affected limb. After that, she wraps the wound with a cut-off cloth I brought from the hut. I've boiled the cloth in the hut so there should be no problem with the hygiene.

"Just consider it free. But if you insist.... you could let me touch those fluffy mofumofu ears. Or rather, please allow me to touch them."

Futsuno-san opens her eyes wide in surprises. Huh? Did I say something that surprising?

"....Nobu-kun sure is bold ain't ya. For beastfolks, only family can touch their ears ya know? Once they grew up, even family can't touch 'em y'know?"
"In other words, asking a young female beastfolk to let you touch her ears is the same as asking her hands in marriage ya see."

That cannot be!? If I can't freely touch them, that means the road to become Mofumofu King is extraordinarily steep!? Kuuh, but, I won't shrink back, I won't break, I won't give up! I can't become Mofumofu King if I give up.

I was down on all fours in despair, but I pull myself together and stand up. No good, my emotion is too unstable.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was that important. I don't know a lot of things since I just came out of the forest."
"From the forest? You lived in this remote place?"
"Un, it seems I was abandoned in the forest before my grandfather picked me. My grandfather passed away the other day, so I was thinking of going to the city since I had no other relative."

I thought of that excuse in the nights before today. It's a common setting, but this is probably the most reasonable pretext for someone with a child body.

"You've been through a lot haven't ya."
"....nod nod."

Mitama-san nodded.
Mitama-san doesn't talk much does she. No wait, is she on guard because of what I did earlier? That would be very regretful if it was.

"Mitama-san, I'm sorry. Were you offended by what happened earlier?"

Shake shake. She denied with her head.

"Ah, this girl usually doesn't talk much. All the more against an opposite sex. In case of Nobu-kun, I think she's just nervous. Yer' our lifesaver 'fter all."
"...Thank you, you saved us. You can call me Mitama."

Mitama-san said while being bashful. Fuoo, cute.
I thought they looked beautiful from afar, but they really are beautiful looking this close.

Mitama is silver haired, blue eyes. She's equipped with a thin leather armor, carrying a dagger and a small bow. She has a nice body with curves at the right places, her relatively big breasts are not that excessive, but they're only slightly emphasized by the leather armor, damn. Her height is sadly only a little taller than mine.
Futsuno-san is blond haired, green eyes. She's wearing miko-like thin robes with a wand and a dagger. Above all, those emphasized breasts. They're quite voluminous. It's like there's two melons. They were bouncing around boink boink in the battle earlier, my eyes inadvertently wandered to them, keep that a secret. Thanks to it, I got hit when I was captivated by them.....

The two of them are right in my strike zone.... It would be the best if I could form a party with them.
Let's take care of our relationship from now on. Gonna have to thank Gune for dropping me in this place.

"Still though, why were you fighting in a place like this?"

"At first we came here for a gathering quest y'see. When we were about to go back after gathering the required item, that goblin group attacked us. Probably because the target of the gathering quest, Ramputun fruit, is Goblins' favorite."

Hohou, that fruit is liked by Goblins huh. They might have come at me if it wasn't for this rucksack. This kind of information is important.

"I see. Then, what are you going to do now?"

"Since Mitama looks like she can walk thanks to Nobu-kun's potion, we're gonna go back to the town. It'd still take three days even if we go slowly after all."

"If it's okay with you two, could I accompany you? I know the direction somehow from the map, but it would be helpful if I'm with people in the know."

"Ara, that would be helpful for us too. But ya can't do that just cause you're surrounded by two beauties 'kay? Don't wanna get burned ain't ya?"

"Hahaha, of course. I ain't gonna do that without consent, young lady."

"Ahaha, you're sure precocious Nobu-kun. Then, let's strip off the goblin's subjugation parts. If we start now, we should arrive at the post town along the way before the day ends."

Sad to say, Futsuno-san treats me like a child. Well it can't be helped, I'm short after all. Rather, what about my age. Is it going to be of my former age, this body's age, or both added.
No, more importantly, what is subjugation part?

"Subjugation part of goblins?"

"Ah, guess you wouldn't know that too. You collect these left ear and the Soul Stone around the chest of the goblins see."

I watch the two from the sideline and then try it at once. I use my knife to slice off the left ear and look for the thing called Soul Stone. I feel a bit hesitant, but I resolve myself and thrust my hand into the chest.
Hm? I hit something small and hard, is this it.
I caught and pulled out a black crystal-like thing. So this is a Soul Stone. Wonder if this is the same thing as the Magic Stone commonly found in light novels. I'll just regard it as such.
After two and three goblins, I got considerably used to it. It's easier than dealing with a wild boar.

"Nobu-kun, you're quite skillful eh. Ain't ya better at it than us already."

"It's because I have Housework Lv5 somehow. Well, this is far easier than processing a big wild boar."

"H-Housework Lv5!? Why's that high!? And how'd you know inside this forest? Ya can't know your skills unless you have a guild card or let an appraiser appraise ya."

Uwaao, I've done goofed----. I see, normally you can't appraise things huh. Hmm, what to do.

"G-grandpa had Appraisal skill you see. He saw my skills right before he passed away."

Alright, this should be fine. Should be.

"Is that right. Still, Housework Lv5 huh. You look blinding to us who are catastrophic with housework."


"Really. Just a while back, the masterpiece Mitama made with all her fibers demonstrated enough power to bring down great many people see?"

"You serious."


Mitama covers her face with her hands and go "no no".
What's this super cute creature. I wanna take it home.

"Alrite' then. We've completed the gathering and all, let's go back to the city. Now let's, snap snap."

We walk toward the city as urged by Futsuno-san. This person is really a good mood maker.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 0

Chapter 0 Strongest Sage, Pessimistic Towards His Future Chooses Reincarnation


"27.42 seconds--not good."
I, Gaias, muttered in disappointment.

The thing lying in front of me is the body of a dragon said to be the world's strongest that had destroyed three countries, the 『Great Dragon of Deicide』.
Its smashed figure with burnt holes is nearly 20 meter big, still too big even after losing its original shape.

And 27.42 seconds are the time needed for me to beat it.

From what I've heard, in a far-off domain that's even farther than the sky, called 『Space』, it seems there are multiple monsters far stronger than this guy.

And they're not just twice or thrice as strong. It's said that their life, and defensive power are hundreds times stronger, thousands times if we're talking about their attack power. Literally different leagues. Wasting 27 seconds for this level of monster means that I can't possibly compete with them.
And even if I continue to train forever, I can't ever reach the space monsters.

There are two big reasons for that. One of those is the 『Crest』 I have.
『Crest』 is something that every person has when they're born, it's the most important factor to determinate the magic disposition of a person, it's classified into four crests in accordance to its function.

Among those, the 『First Crest』 that I have is the weakest of them all.
How is it the weakest you ask, its growth room is really small. The 『First Crest』 is the strongest until you're around eight year old, but the difference between the crest power becomes more obvious as you grow older, and once you've become an adult, the lead the other crests have is awfully clear.

If you ask just how bad it is, one of the terms for entering the prestigious and even all the main magic schools is 『Not First Crest』. First Crest is turned away at the door. You can't even apply for the test.

Nevertheless, right now I'm called the world's strongest magician. There were occasions when I was called 『Sage』 or 『War God』 too.
I've reached this point despite having the First Crest. I thought I would continue to grow endlessly.
Even if I hit the extreme limit of magic power, I thought there would still ways to cope with it.

However, the reality is cruel.
I certainly found several ways to procure battle prowess that surpass the me right now.
However, every one of them is applicable to all 『But』 the first crest.

The Crest that I have already has no room for growth at all.
It took me 200 years before I realized that my growth had stopped.

After that I started to research about 『the way to change crest you're born with』.
This research is extremely easy compared to magic combat.

Since there's no need to predict the enemy or think of tactics to deal with situations.
Thus, this research was the shortest research I had done so far.

『Changing the crest of a human is impossible.』

It only took me two days and two hours to arrive at this conclusion.
During that short time, I proved that I had no room for growth anymore.

And during that time, I challenged the monster I subjugated today to see if something would happen while half giving up.
I unsealed a monster that had been sealed for 300 years on purpose and fought it.
Nothing happened. I did defeat it, but as I couldn't grasp any clue of growth, it was nothing more than a fruitless labor.

--However, it's still too early for me to give up.
A human's crest is set the moment they're born, changing it afterward is impossible.
This is a proven fact.
Then I should just be born again.

I already completed the magic for that purpose a long time ago.
It's an incomplete magic art that only let one carries their memories intact to the next life, they can't choose which crest they'd be born with, but it's enough as long as I have my memories.

I can just train again to gain power in the next life, and even if I'm born with First Crest again, I can just use the art again.
It only took me less than two second to solidify that decision.

Using a rudimentary magic, I scatter letters, 『I'm going to reincarnate. Please don't look for me.』 to the few acquaintances I have, and then I immediately activate the magic to reincarnate.
Without any hesitation I yield myself to the magic that snatches my life.
I pray that my next crest will be any crest but the First Crest.

....By the way, the other reason why I couldn't become stronger was because I didn't have a friend who fought with me, so I didn't know how to fight in a group.
In other words, I was a loner.

Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Slave Trader (Intelligence Gathering 2)


After having lunch, I and Celica resumed gathering intelligence in the royal capital.
Next we went to the slums near the capital's outer wall.
It seems this is the first time Celica has come to this dirty place, she's cuddling on me with her arm linked to mine. She looks a bit sweaty.

On the contrary, I walk lightly.
Because I know that I don't need to hold back now that there's no god.
It's like a thorn in your side been picked off.
It feels very refreshing.

I arrived in front of a stone house inside the slums.
It's a two-storied building that looks like a solid prison.
I knock at the door made of thick wood.
Then, a small window on the door opened, and a man peeked out. Sharp eyes, he's not an ordinary man.
"....Member card?"
"Don't have one."
"Then scram."
"Still not good with this?"
I took out a big medal-like 【Emblem of Hero】 from my Wafuku's breast pocket.
The man on the other side of the door held his breath.
"U... Hero..."
"Don't worry. I'm a guest."
With a click the door opened.
--Well, I could've smashed it if I wanted since I have the Emblem of Hero.
I did not do it cause I'm thinking of establishing a connection and prevent animosity in the future.

There's a skinhead man with a wound on his cheek standing beside the opened door.
"....Go ahead."
"Excuse me."
I went into the building with Celica.
A dim room. The wide is average, there's only one counter. There's a door in the back.
Sour smell drifted in. The smell of people who haven't bathed.
"Looks like your business's thriving."
The skinhead man look troubled.
"I don't know how to respond that."
"Guess you're right. Are the slaves inside?"
"Yes.... Over here."
The man--the slave trader guides us inside.
The sour smell became even stronger when we entered the door.

A windowless secret room. It's as wide as a classroom.
There's barely any light, the man goes to light a lamp when he enters.
Figures of men, women and children appeared along the wall.
All of them are chained, wearing dirty clothes.
There's more than 10 people.

I turn back and say.
"Celica, if you're not feeling well--"
"...I'm fine. I'll stay with Keika-sama."
Her face looks pale face, she's biting her lips. However, her fingers are gripping my Wafuku's sleeve. Looks like she's afraid to be left alone.
"Don't worry."
Then the slave trader speaks.
"These are slaves that you can buy right now."
I look at every one of them with <<Truth Sight>>.
Magic to see through abilities and skills.
However, there's no slave I wanted. Slaves with 【Light】 element.

I found a being that's out-of-place here.
A good-looking boy with long limbs is actually a monster.
The monster is called 【Poison Shape】, it gets close to people by imitating their looks and then it would eat them when they let their guard down.
What to do. This looks usable.

Celica suddenly gasps.
She strengthened the grip on my Wafuku.
"What's wrong?"
"No.... It's nothing."
Celica shakes her head with a stiff expression. Her blond hair glimmered faintly in the dim light.

I chase after Celica's glances.
There's a kind-looking auntie there. She's hugging a slave girl who seems to be attached to her.
Name: Clarissa
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Race: Human
Job: Slave (Royal Court Chef)
Class: Cook Lv 49
Element: 【Earth】
....Royal court. I see.
Celica's acquaintance huh.

While I was lost in thought, the slave trader showed off a man.
"If you're looking for someone who can fight, how about this man?"
The skinhead brings the lamp on the wall near the man. Lighting a bearded man with muddy eyes.
"He looks weak."
"This man was a former gladiator. He has an excellent handling of weapons."
I stare at the man. His abilities are high but he's fallen to 【Alcohol Addiction】.

"He's no good. He has a symptom of alcoho--drinking addiction. I don't think he can work properly."
"....As expected of Hero-sama. You certainly have good eyes."
"Don't you have any Sinner?"
"There's a lot of demands for sinners, so they're immediately shipped every time we get one. They're very popular for ceremonies, sacrifices and such."
"I see... The man that fought in the final--that Leo guy, what happened to him?"
"They're still discussing to judge whether that man is a Sinner or not. It looks like they can't come to a conclusion."
"Is that so.... Then can you tell me about the other Sinners? From hereafter."
I spoke while glancing at the Emblem of Hero.

The skinhead slave trader speaks while patting his head.
"I'm doing a business here...."
"A business to support the demon king?"
"Don't be absurd. It's an honest clean business."
"I'm not obstructing your business. You can tell the information after you've sold the sinners. There should be no loss for you."
"I'll lose trust, I can't do this."

I ask while putting my hand on my Tachi.
"Then, do you want to die."
"What? What are you saying Hero-sama."
"I want information about Sinners. I'll cut you down if you're not going to share them."
"If you kill me...."
"Your replacements are everywhere. Right? Then I can just keep cutting down slave traders until I found one who would tell me where the Sinners were taken to."

The slave trader looks at me with cold eyes.
"....Hero-sama, are you sane? Even if you're a hero, you can't just kill someone innocent without repercussion you know?"
"Even if it's an underling of demon king who brought a monster into the capital?"
"That good-looking boy over there. He looks like a human, but he's a vampire right? Look."
I approached the boy and sprinkled him with water from the gourd on my waist.
The boy seemed in pain and then his eyes turned red and his canine teeth grew.
The slaves were thrown into panic.
"Hii", "Help!", "I don't wanna die!"

The slave trader is panicking.
"N-no way! I-I'm--"
"You're selling a vampire as a slave to kill people who buy him right? As a hero who has the right to decide anything related to demon king, I will judge you. It's death penalty."

I quickly draw my sword and thrust it before the slave trader's neck.
"Ha....! It's a mistake! I don't know anything!"
"You can't talk your way out this, not with the evidence and all."
"No way! --a."

The boy who grew fangs tore the chain and came attacking.
I casually swing my drawn Tachi. It's shining blue from <<Water Blade Grant>>.


The boy split in two and crumbled. His ash scattered away. Hitting auntie Clarissa directly.

Without looking away from the slave trader, I thrust my Tachi before his neck again.
"Now then, what're you going to do? There's a lot of witnesses y'know? Will you tell me or not?"
"I will. I'll tell you! So please help me. I really didn't know about that vampire."
"Whether you do or don't is not the problem here. The important thing is the fact that you brought a monster into the royal capital. I'll help you if you're proven to be usable."

The slave trader held his breath, "gwuu" and he sighed.
"I understand. I'll tell you. However, I don't have any information, or rather, I don't have any news about Sinners who are still alive. Because they rarely appear."
I grin and smile.
"Really. Then contact me as soon as you have some info. Do you know Kinmerick old man's inn?"
"Yes, I do."
"Notify me there. ...I think you're aware already, but lying won't work on me understand?"
"Yes... I understood."
I put away my sword and offer my hand.

The slave trader is puzzled.
"It's a handshake. Let's get along from now on."
The slave trader timidly reached out and shook his hands with mine.

"Ah, also. Humans bitten by vampires will turn into a vampire too after a while right? Don't sell the slaves here. I'll come visit again before long to dispose of them."
"Yes, I understand."
"See you."
I went out with Celica.

It's already evening outside.
The western sky is turning red.
"Let's go back to the inn."
Celica looks gloomy.

I ask her while walking in the town.
"What's wrong?"
"No... It's nothing."
"You're really an open book. You saw an acquaintance there right?"
Celica's blue eyes open wide.
"H-how did!?"
"I know. Don't worry. I'll buy her."

Celica shook her head.
"We shouldn't. We can't buy someone who could become a vampire...."
"Ah, that was a lie."
"It was a monster alright, but it was not a vampire, just a monster who spread poison around. And when they showed the symptom, I would buy them for cheap with the promise of disposing them."
"Such plan--no, but, wait. Then the slave trader might show a symptom too."
"I had a plan for that."
That was why I added 【Null Poison】 on the slave trader's 【Status】 when I shook hands with him in the end.
Rewriting status is a special privilege of gods.

I laugh showing my white teeth.
"Don't worry, it will go well. Now let's have a meal with the old man and Minya when we get back."
Celica was dumbfounded with her mouth open, but then she smiled and burst into laughter.
"....Keika-sama is really great. You make anything impossible possible."
"I guess."
"Thank you, Keika-sama!"
Celica twines her arm around mine. My arm is interposed in her big breast valley.
Her breasts shook while we were walking, so I continued to feel the finest softness.

We returned to the inn.
The moment we entered the tavern on the first floor, Lapisia came swinging her slender limbs, wearing a white dress. The blue twintail trailed behind.
"Welcome back Keika! Meal!"
She looks like a 10 year girl, but her mental age is a bit lower. She still isn't able to stop her baby talk yet. But she's a Mother Earth Goddess.

I say while patting Lapisia's head.
"I'm back. Let's eat then."
"Yes, let's. We've walked quite long."
Celica spoke with her hands on her big breasts.

Lapisia with her childish face smiles.
"Lapisia made this today!"
"Was it okay....?"
I reflexively looked at the kitchen, Minya came out of it with her cat ears moving. She's a 13 year old beastfolk girl. She's as slender as Lapisia, but her swelling chest looks innocent.
"I helped her.... It's fine."
"I see. Then there's nothing to worry about. Minya makes good meal after all."
Minya looked down in silence, but it seemed she was happy as her black tail stood up.

And then we sit on a four-people table. I and Celica sit next to each other, Lapisia is in front of us.
Minya brought the dish at once.
Meat dumplings, mushroom soup, roasted vegetables. The bread was toasted.
The meat and the bread let out smell that stimulate my stomach.

Lapisia says while staring with her round golden eyes.
"Meat dumpling, eat! eat!
As suggested, I stab a meat dumpling with a fork and put it in my mouth.
Sweet meat juice overflowed in my mouth the moment I bit it.
"Hm! What's this meat dumpling. The inside is perfectly mashed and soft!"
"Good? Good?"
"This is really good! Is this a new menu!?"
"Lapisia was like gyuu, gyuu"
Lapisia held out her slender arm and made pressing movement with her small hands.
--I see. She crushed the meat with 30,000 grip strength and this was the result.

"You're great Lapisia."
She smiles with her whole faces and glittering eyes.

With elegant gestures, Celica put the dumpling in her mouth with a fork.
Her blue eyes opened wide after her mouth moved several times.
"It's really delicious. This is the first time I've eaten this texture."
"Praise me praise me!"
"You're great. Lapisia-chan."
Lapisia raised both her arm gleefully.
Celica smiled looking at her.

The meal continued afterward.
The dining table was lively with laughter.
The cheerfulness made it twice as tasty.

However, as someone who was born in Japan, I began to think.
It was a certainly good western-style meal, but it made me wanting Japanese food.
Glittering white rice. Miso soup with Dashi. Salty salmon. And also Nori and Nattou.
Well it's probably impossible though.

Celica looked puzzled when I sighed weakly.
"What's wrong Keika-sama?"
"No, it's nothing. I was only recalling about my hometown dish a bit."
"Is that so."
After nodding many times, she speaks with Lapisia.
"Lapisia-chan, what did you do today?"
"Today played with Minya! Ball to the wall!"
"Oh my, you played ball and it flew to the city's wall did you. As expected of Lapisia-chan."

Celica talks with Lapisia for a while.
She understands when to not fuss over things.
She let me to be alone.

This kind of consideration healed my heart.
I continued to enjoy the good meal while thanking for Celica's existence.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-44

15-44. New World (2)


Satou's here. I tend to handle things I got for free or got before I wanted it, roughly. I'm sure that things I obtained after much hardships must have this [Hardships Cost] added to it.

"Well then, I'm off."
"Un, take care okay."

After saying that to the girls, I teleported to the desstination using Unit Arrangement.

"....It's cramped."

I open the hatch of the small pod I used to send the mice in and go outside.
I had used Astronout magic before I teleported, so I'll be okay regardless of the environment.

--A desolate world of death.

That was my first impression.
Ruins of crumbled high-rise buildings stretch out in the emptiness.

"Oh, I can still use Skills huh."

Even though the Skill Column is grayed out in my Menu, I still can produce Magic Edge on my finger.

However, using the Magic Edge felt slightly off than the usual.
Since the skill indication is grayed out, perhaps there's no added augment from Skills.

"....Magic power isn't recovering?"

The decreased magic power isn't recovering at all.
I'm not talking about my abnormal recovery rate, but the rate for common people.

Apparently, Magic Essence that's needed to recover Magic Power almost doesn't exist in this land.
This might also be the reason why the mini Gargoyle units I sent earlier as a scout ran out of magic power.

The Magic Column in the Menu is white like usual.

"Now then, how about All Map Exploration--"

My magic power got completely consumed, but it activated nonetheless.
It seems I can get information from this world through the Earth Vein even though there's no Dragon Vein.
In addition, even though it takes a long time to activate, [Appraisal] skill seems to be usable with times.

"The map's name is 『Ordinal M World Line, Planet Earth, Ruins of Japan Empire』 huh."

The word 'ruins' is like a proof that there is no one in this land.

--No. [There is nothing] is more correct.

After searching the whole map, let alone people, there's not even an animal larger than small ones.

I've secured several means to go back, but since my Menu functions normally, it's just excellent.
I tried going back to the [Solitary Island Palace] and went back here.

"Fumu, is it because the worlds are different--"

I put my hand on my chin and muttered.

It seems there was a slight load when I used Unit Arrangement to move between worlds.
I probably shouldn't use it too often between worlds.

I went around the earth using Sight-based Unit Arrangement, and confirmed that there's no one on the ground.
It appears nuclear fusion reactor was the mainstream instead of nuclear fission in this world, but there was a lot of glass craters on the ground and the terrains were considerably different from the earth I know.

World War 3-like nuclear wars probably happened.

"Just how rampant was the insanity in this world...."

Even several large-scale underground shelters were crushed by special bombs that could penetrate earth crust, I couldn't find any survivor.
When I moved to the place that should be Tokyo, snow was piled up like it was in glacier period.

"Survivor in the space is also, none huh."

A lot of debris was floating in the satellite orbit, the lunar base had also been annihilated.

"Traces of attacks by unknown aliens or hell's spawns, also none."

Humanity killing each other is within my assumption.

I give a silent prayer to the destroyed people of this world.

I had grasped about the destruction of this world and the state of electromagnetic waves from the mini gargoyle scout units beforehand, but I still wanted to confirm whether there was really no former inhabitant before we start the emigration.

I call forth a large warship loaded with numerous large-scale Sacred Tree Stone Furnaces from my Storage.
I resupplied my of magic power from those furnaces and picked one magic from the Magic Column.

--Terra Forming.

Rainbow colored light similar to my Spirit Light stretches to the sky, covering the planet like auroras.
With this, these ice age-like atmospheric temperature, lethal toxic substances and radiation should subside somehow.

"Next, I need to prepare the planned site of the settlement--"

The place is Kansai in Japan.
It's partly because it's near an inland sea which is a rich fishing ground, but also because I have limited options since Kanto and Tokai regions have been destroyed into huge craters.

While getting magic power supply, I created cities with multi-storied buildings and 10 KM gaps in between, and covered them in a barrier that'd protect them from radiation and pollution.
The barrier will only hold up for around three months since there's no replenishment of magic power from outside, but during that time, the [Terra Forming] magic should finish purifying the outside world cleanly.

"In addition, I'll leave them water and preserved food."

I turned the land from around Kyoto to Lake Biwa into empty lot, and then I purified the frozen water in Lake Biwa, Lake Nara and Lake Osaka, making them drinkable.
In addition, I left enough preserved food to feed a population the size of a city for 10 years.
I think I put a bit too much, but since they're excess that was over-mass produced by the Chlorella factory, there's no problem.

"These should be about right eh? After this, I can just ask them if they need more once they've settled in--"

And since I'm planning to put a Sacred Tree Stone Furnace in the emigrant ship, it should be possible to use magic here for one year. I guess it could be 10 years if they economized?

After that, they should be able to make it themselves if I just leave a lot of solar panels.

--Ah perhaps.

Can't I just let them out here from the sub-space without using the Ark?

I tried to do that, but it was not possible.
Apparently, the subspace I created belongs to that world, it can't be connected directly here.

Looks like this world isn't in that easy mode.

『Master, can you hear me?』

Arisa contacted me.

『Yeah, I could--』


It shouldn't possible for space magic to reach here.

『How'd you do it, Arisa?』
『Telepathy thing?』

Arisa's tone sounded slightly triumphant.

『There's no way--』

When I was going to deny that, I understood that it was certainly something close to telepathy.

『Ehehe~ you noticed? It's exactly it, the [Familiar~]'s power!』

I hold myself back from retorting Arisa's weird intonation of [Familiar], I contemplate.

Right now I and Arisa can communicate with our will, the effect seems to be similar to [Telephone].
Apparently, there's a reason why [Satou's Faamiliar] was added on Arisa's title.

『Still, it's amazing how it enables us to talk between world.』
『Sure is, it's the power of our love.』

Well, leaving aside love, being able to communicate between worlds that even space magic can't do sure is convenient.
Moreover, just like my Unit Arrangement, it doesn't seem to consume magic power either.

This looks like it'll be useful when I'm visiting the God's Realm.

『--Ah, right, I forgot.』

Arisa said that and told me her primary business.
Apparently, the weasel emperor called me.

『Got it, tell him that I'll be back asap.』
『Hooi. Cup ramen as the souvenir, please!』
『Okay okay, leave it to me.』

To meet Arisa's request, I dropped in a bit on the way back to our world.

"Were you able to convince them?"
"There is no problem."

When I visited the castle in the desert subspace I made, the former great weasel demon lord--the current weasel emperor was having a lively meeting with the director of [Brains], and several other people.
There's someone wearing a robe too, looks like the weasel empire imperial court magician also came.

The director and other people who saw me begin to ask questions in a rapid succession.

"I heard we're emigrating the people to another world."
"Is it true that it's Earth that's been destroyed by nuclear wars?"
"Did World War 3 really happen?"
"I'd rather go to Mars!"

--Calm down.

While being overwhelmed, I answered the questions of these [Brains] members.

The new world I suggested to them is the earth of a parallel world I visited earlier where no one is alive.
I found it by chance when I was randomly sending unmanned pods to see if I could find my original world.

"We're going to become Adam and Eve in the new world!"

Before I could even finish, a woman who was accompanying Brains's director said something similar to what Arisa would say.
I don't think it'll be that romantic since all the people of Weasel Empire are coming along too.

"However, can you teleport all the empire's people? Weasel Empire needed quite an amount of magic power to summon people from earth. We were barely able to maintain the gate for three minutes even when using catalysts."

I give a positive answer to the man wearing the weasel empire imperial court magician robe.

"It's fine. It will take some time, but the people will be going to that world using ships that cruise between dimensions."

As a matter of fact, transporting the Ark using my Unit Arrangement would have been the fastest, but if they were given a new land without any distress, they'd likely take it for granted, so I'm having them to take a slightly dangerous and troublesome way.

Of course, their safety is guaranteed enough.

"An emigrant ship that can go across worlds huh..... We'll make it in 100, no 30 years."

The director said some long-term idea.

"It'd be too pitiful for the people if they had to wait that long. I'll provide the shell, the main engine, and the life support system, so you guys just need prepare the interior."

The cruise will probably only take three months, three years at the longest, so the system doesn't need to be that tedious.
It'll probably take longer if the system is based on science instead of magic, but since it's going to have Sacred Tree Stone Engine anyway, there should be no problem in using magic tools.

"--Could it be, you had the people in mind from the very start."
"If you're letting all the empire's people migrate, just how long ago you had it planned."

....The emperor and the director seemed to have a misunderstanding.

Seeing them this happy, it's hard for me to say that I just thought it up yesterday.

Thus, the plan to emigrate the people of weasel empire to another world, [World Exodus] truly begins.

"You really made the travel possible in one month...."
"You can finish the interior during the cruise to kill time."

The weasel emperor sighed as he was overlooking several emigrant ships floating in the void sky-styled sub-space.

He had the [God's Fragment] removed by Demon Lord Shizuka, and I turned him back to his original weasel emperor figure using Primeval Magic.
With his devotion, I was able to manage the Primeval Magic quite well to do it.

It seems to be extremely painful, so I'd better not casually use it on living people.

"Your Majesty! We've finished the preparation to depart."

Lady Liedill wearing a space suit arrived with a small void sky ship.
She was a long-earkin girl who served as a Weasel Empire's Temple Knight, I had saved her when she was in critical condition from the Divine Punishment, and she regained a body close to her original one thanks to Bio Tank.

Lady Liedill jumped from the small void sky ship to the wharf where we were.

"Are you okay."

It seemed she was still not used to her new body, I caught her as she staggered and lost her balance.
I help her back on her feet while trying not to focus on the poyo-poyo sensation that hit my arm in accordance to inertia.

『You pervert.』
『I had no ulterior motive.』

I replied to Lady Liedill who complained through Telepathy similar to what Arisa did.

"Your Majesty, the preparation for ceremony has been completed."
"Umu, let's go."

I follow after him to the ceremony hall.

"Liedill, are you really not going to stay here?"
"Yes, Your Majesty. Even if this body has been altered by this guy, my loyalty lies with Your Majesty."
"Is that so--"

I take no notice to the conversation that has been repeated many times these past several weeks.

I don't know if it was because I poured Blood Elixir without restraint, or if it was because Lady Liedill lost the majority of her limbs, her title became [Satou's Familiar] once the treatment was complete.

We can communicate between worlds since she's my familiar, it's useful if there's trouble with the weasel emigrant fleet, so I leave it as is.

As a bonus--.

『This fat, it's a nuisance.』
『I think it's attractive.』

--Maybe because I had set the tank for Nana, her breasts volume increased to E cup from her super slender old self.
She said it like it was a problem, but it seems she's taken a liking to it so I didn't readjust it.

"Hear me my people! We are no longer able to set foot in this world whose gods loathe us. However--"

I take a look at the people standing in lines while taking no heed to the weasel emperor's speech.
There's not even one person with purple hair.

All of the reincarnated people received Unique Skill--or rather, [God's Fragment] as a compensation for reincarnating.

All of those fragments were transfered to small monsters by Demon Lord Shizuka, and then my companions defeated the demon lords that manifested.
Unfortunately, except for Arisa who got [True Hero] title like Pochi, no one got [Hero] title.
I also had the former demon lord who was training in the selbira labyrinth's lower layer, Shin boy to defeat them, but unfortunately his ability wasn't even enough to give a finishing blow to a weakened demon lord so he wasn't able to get [True Hero] title.

"--Give an applause of gratitude to Hero Nanashi! This emigrant fleet wouldn't have been possible without him!"

While enduring the earsplitting waves of sound, I wave my hand at the people elegantly like a member of Imperial Household.

"Then, let us depart!"

After the weasel emperor declared that, the people who were standing in lines began to move to the cockpits of the emigrant fleet.

"Satou. Please take care of my little brother and the weasel people who stay in this world."

Even though I couldn't imagine that Weasel Empire's prince wanting my help, I replied him with a short, "I got it."

『Your Majesty, this is a farewell degozaru.』
『Umu, serve under Satou and become his shield from now on.』
『Acknowledged degozaru.』

The former sword demon lord who's staying here regrettably parted with the weasel emperor.

There were also around 200 other people who declined the emigration, but I had already sent them to various places in the world separately.
These settlers' memories about science were erased by the catear-kin reincarnated person, Louise, who was in charge of memory deletion in Lete City, so they shouldn't become a target of a new Divine Punishment or something.

"Emperor person, please wait nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi ran up while holding a necklace-like thing.

"Dog Hero Pochi and Cat Ninja Tama. I see that you two are lively today too, excellent."

The weasel emperor looks like a friendly old man as he smiles with his whole face.

"Safety prayer~"
"We made 『Sekka Flower』's necklace to protect you in your journey nodesu."

It's the same necklace Pochi and the others got from the little girl Yuni when we departed Seryuu City back then.
For these two, this [Sekka Flower] Necklace must be the very symbol of safe journey.

"Umu, I will cherish it."
"Yes nanodesu."

I left the emigrant fleet with a small void sky ship along with Pochi and Tama who were waving their hands buzzingly.

"Open nanodesu!"

It's an Otherworld Gate I remodeled from Saga Empire's Hero Summoning and Weasel Empire's Japanese Summoning magic circles.
A dark gray subspace can be seen on the other side of the multi layered magic circles.

One ship after another enter that subspace.

"They're gone~"
"Emperor person will be alright for sure nanodesu."
"That's right. I'm sure he can accomplish it."

The preparation was excessively enough after all.

After confirming that the gate had closed, I teleported back to the Solitary Island Palace.
I'd like to relax with my companions before visiting the God's Country.

"Meat meat meat~ ham~ burg~?"
"Bird-san, goat-san, beef-san, lots of them, but I love them all~ nanodesu."

I'm walking in the alley toward Solitary Island Palace where flowers are blooming while listening to Tama's and Pochi's lunch song.
Peaceful daily life really is the best isn't it.

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