Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Strongest Sage, Nullifying


"How rude. I'm a human no matter how you look at it aren't I?"

I swung my left arm around to show him.

Even I couldn't have immediately reattached my arm if it was cut without any preparation.
I had already anticipated that my left arm would get cut in the exchange just now.
That was why I had put two magic into my arm.

One was a magic that made it easy to restore my arm back after getting chopped off.
And the other one was an analyze magic that took in a slight amount of enemy's mana when my arm got cut.
Since the range of the analyze was short, I had to read Arias's movement well and accurately positioned myself to get cut.

There would have been no need to take proper countermeasures if the enemy were only at the same level as Elhart.... However I can't afford to be careless against this demon.
I've got to gather information well right from the start.

"You do look like a human outwardly... Nevertheless, you are still inferior compared to me! Haaaa!"

I parried the swinging sword while activating Physical Reinforcement and Mana Slash, and thrust my sword during that chance.
Since I've finished analyzing Arias, I can predict most of his moves from the mana, so the fight is considerably easier now.

However, demons are sturdy.
I couldn't give a telling blow while my mana kept decreasing.
And after exchanging dozens of slashes, with only half of my mana remaining--Arias suddenly fell on his knee.


Arias immediately tried to rebuild his posture, but it didn't go well.
He looks flustered and perplexed to see his body not moving as he wanted.

"...You bastard, what did you do?"


Of course it's a lie.
I used the developed version of the tactic Ruli and Alma used against Elhart.

The one used on Elhart is only effective against relatively weak demons.... But this magic works against Arias too.
In exchange, I need to precisely analyze the enemy's mana through methods like earlier.

"You think I'll believe you?"

"You don't have... to!"

I cut down the distance and swung my sword.
Arias blocked my sword.

"It appears you are using some odd magic... But it's nothing once you know it."

Arias attacked back as he said that.
Moving as well as he did in the start of battle.

Just as he said, the movement jamming magic I used on him isn't that special.
If it was Elhart, this magic alone could completely bind him, but against Arias, it can only disarray his sense for a moment at most.

However, the true merit of this magic will take a bit more time to manifest, so this is enough for now.
I just need to buy some time until it show its effect for real.... Doesn't seem like my opponent will quietly let me do that though.
I'm constructing a magic while thinking that.

"It's time to end this fight!"

Arias strengthens the control of the mana inside his body.

Next moment, Arias's mana increased all at once.
【Magic Circuit Overdrive】.
A type of reinforcement magic usable for demons higher than middle rank.

The effect is similar to 【Evilize】 with heavy recoils... But unlike with 【Evilize】, the probability of dying from it is low.
Thus, it was known as one of demons' trump cards in my past life.

Just as I thought, he intends to end this quick.
Even if accumulation-type magic isn't well known in this era, it won't be strange for him to notice the fact that I've been using one.
...But there's no reason for me to play by his rule.

"Hey now, why don't you take it slowly?"

I shot the magic I constructed just now at Arias.
And then Arias's mana rapidly withers--to the level before he used 【Magic Circuit Overdrive】.
I've nullified the activation.

"H-how did you nullify it at this timing! There should be no general magic that could nullify 【Magic Circuit Overdrive】 even in myth!"

Arias started to get upset after his 【Magic Circuit Overdrive】 got destroyed.
It's only natural.
Because the magic I built looked like it nullified 【Magic Circuit Overdrive】 after it had been activated.

"Who knows? Maybe it was a coincidence?"

I began to construct the next magic as I said that.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Strongest Sage, Regenerates



I took a moderately sized magic stone out of Storage magic, put my mana on it and crushed it.
However, my objective this time isn't for 【Special Mana Enchant】.
The mana contained within the magic stone gets released into the surroundings without being used at all.


While controlling the mana a bit to hold it back from scattering away, I crushed another magic stone.
The mana flow in the surroundings has changed compared to the usual.
A sign that it's only a step away from Mana Disaster.

While monitoring that, I take out another magic stone and crush it.


Right after the magic stone in my hand was smashed, the surrounding air rolls up the mana and creates a whirlpool.
Afterward, the whirlpool that contained a vast amount of mana converged and started to emit light.

It's an occurrence of Mana Disater.
However, it's not like I failed.
On the other hand, I broke the magic stones to bring about this phenomenon.

"Who would have thought that you would forcefully make me materialize from my Mist form... Elhart called you monster... But even 'monster' is too lukewarm to call you."

"Nah, not really. I actually wanted to force you out of hiding with a proper method, but I couldn't use it."

Among the type of Mana Disaster, the most common one is monster outbreak.
Usually an outbreak of a large quantity of monsters would happen--however, there are cases where it doesn't happen depending on the surroundings.

One of those cases is when a 『Mist Demon』 is merged into the surroundings.
If the Mana Disaster is of a small scale, the 『Mist Demon』 will be materialized instead of monster outbreak occurring.
--Well it's quite the brute force of a method, and has a disadvantage.

"However, know that my rank differs from that of Elhart. Moreover, today I'm overflowing with power for some reason. Now that you've summoned me, are you ready to die?"

"I already know that you're of a different rank. I'm not gonna die though."

I probe into Arias's mana while talking to buy some time.
Looks like he really got stronger compared to before materializing.
Overflowing with power doesn't seem to be an exaggeration.

This is the side effect of forcing a 『Mist Demon』 to materialize through Mana Disaster.
Monsters summoned by Mana Disaster are usually powered up by the huge amount of mana.
It's the same for demons.

"...I see. Then you can realize that by dying!"

Arias swung his sharp claws and kicked the ground.
Just as he said, his speed is incomparable to Elhart's.

That's why, I parried the attack without using Physical Reinforcement and 【Mana Slash】, and attacked back.
At the same time, I analyze the enemy's habit, moves and battle style.

And after exchanging a few blows, I got the information I needed.
Now's the time to execute the plan.


As I exchanged blows with Arias, I used the recoil and movement magic to retreat close to the wall.
While watching Arias who was surprised at my sudden action, I constructed magic--kicked the wall and closed the distance between us at once, slashing at him with my sword as I passed by.

And right after that my left arm--fell to the ground.
This isn't illusion that I used in the fight against Elhart.
My arm really did get chopped off by Arias.

"This match is over. I'll let you choose how you'll die... How do you wanna die?"

Arias asked me while looking at my fallen arm.
Looks like he's convinced of his victory.

However, of course I don't plan to die.

"Sorry, but I don't plan to die again for at least 1000 years. Think it's too early to choose the way I'm gonna die."

I turn around at Arias while resetting my sword in my right hand.
Looks like the preparation for the real battle is complete.

"You're bluffing. Even if it wasn't your dominant arm, losing one is--"

As he said that while readying his sword, the left arm that Arias cut flew toward me --
The next moment, my arm is reattached back as if nothing happened.

"...You, are you really a human?"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Strongest Sage, Jumps Off


"Well, there was a bit of happening... But you've got a passing mark. If you keep at it, you two should be able to beat the weakest demon after some training."

"Eh, without Mathi-kun!?"

"No no, that's impossible... We can't even do a thing if they shoot magic at us...."

It seems like the two aren't convinced they can defeat demons themselves.

I guess it's only natural.
In the fights against two demons they beat so far, they were only buying time as I fought in the front line.

And also, I haven't taught them the magic needed for it.
Well, all of them are magic circles simpler than the 『Magic Poison』 we used in this fight, I'm sure they'll learn it in no time.

"I'll teach you the knack for it next time. For now, let's go back."

I used faint 『Compulsion Detection』 at Iris flying above as I said that.
And then Iris began to descend.

I talk with the two with telepathy magic.

『About the other demon, pretend that you don't know it.』

『Pretend.... So there's really another demon here?』

『It was nowhere to be seen during the fight earlier and I can't detect it Passive Detection at all even now....』

『This demon is hard to detect, you don't have to worry about it at present. We should get on Iris for the time being.』

Because it's a demon that cannot normally be found unless it shows itself.
And its fighting prowess is incomparably higher than Elhart.

『T-that motivates me to find it with instead...』

『Mumu.... Ah over there!』

Alma was concentrating on something with closed eyes, then she suddenly opened her eyes and pointed above.
Toward Iris.

『...Wha, it's just Iris!』

『True, it'd have been a catastrophe if Iris was our enemy...』

"U-umm.... Everyone, did I do something?"

Iris looked perplexed as it was suddenly getting pointed at.
I talk to Iris with Dragon Language.

《Iris. Get only the two on your back and evacuate to the sky.》

《...What happened?》

Even Iris doesn't know huh.
Even if its detection capability has been lowered due to the broken magic circuit.... This demon really is incomparably better in hiding than other demons.

《There's another demon here.》

《Eh, I don't detect anything--is it a Mist Demon?》

《That's right.》

Mist demons.
Just as the name suggests, they can turn their body into mist-like substance, having the ability to melt into the surroundings.

When they turn into mist, they are bound by a some conditions and limitation, they can't move in that state.... But that doesn't change the fact that they're troublesome.
Because, the mist is invisible, and since it's scattered over a vast area, it can't be detected with normal 『Passive Detection』.

With all of those characteristics, I felt that they should have been called 『Air Demon』 instead, but people called them 『Mist Demon』 in my past life.

《Umm, mist demons are best handled by burning them down with my breath....》

And even if you find them, they can't be defeated easily.
In order to do that, you need firepower equaling full power breath of the current Iris.

《No, with the way you are right now, it's dangerous for you to fire a high-powered breath. You wouldn't be able to fly for at least 30 days if you did.》

《30 days will pass by quickly if you just sleep....》

《For you that is, our school will be destroyed in the meantime.》

Forget 30 days, there's a high chance that we'd be out in half the time.
At present state, the Royal Capital can't afford to have us away from it.

《School!? Mathias-sama goes to school!? But there's nothing more you can learn in this world....》

《Yea. Enough about this, just escape with the two. Maintain your altitude at 700 to 800. I'll get on too at first, but I'm gonna jump off midway.》


The two get on Iris.
I also followed afterward, showing many chances on purpose as I got on.... But the demon didn't make a move.

I thought that it would come out to do a surprise attack if I showed it obvious chances.
Apparently this demon Arias has quite the prudent character.
After confirming that I jump off Iris.

"Ah, Mathi-kun!"

"I'll take care of this guy alone! You two, wait in the sky with Iris!"

I got down on the ground as I said that.
I saw Ruli trying to do something, but since Iris raised its altitude at once, her voice couldn't reach me.

Usually, one needs a very high level magic in order to forcefully materialize a demon that has turned into mist.
The current me cannot construct such a magic, therefore I'm substituting it with another mean.
And since that mean brings in danger with it, I let the two get away ahead.

"...Now, shall we begin then."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Strongest Sage, Inserts Poison


"Alma, here's another arrow!"


I continue to parry Elhart's attack while Alma and Ruli shot him with arrows.
Fighting while using as little mana as possible, and being careful not to get shot and get pushed back is unexpectedly tough.

Apparently, being a vanguard in a practice battle isn't easy.
The sole consolation here is the fact that Elhart's brain has been damaged by the traceback, so his magic construction is very coarse and easy to nullify.

However, this tough fight is worth it as the two's prowess clearly rise in the midst of this fight.
Ruli's magic engraving speed becomes remarkably faster and Alma rarely misses her shot now.

The difference in running tension between fighting monsters in a dungeon and fighting a demon is big.

"Kuh... Why's my magic disappearing! My power shouldn't have fallen this much!"

Elhart doesn't notice that I'm nullifying his magic as he keeps trying to use them.
It's true that I've been doing stealthily.... But having it this unnoticed is a problem in itself.

If the situation becomes too stable, the tension decreases and the effectiveness of this battle training turns weak.
If we get another chance, I should get myself wounded on purpose and stir the situation a bit.
....Well, this fight is about to end soon.

『Looks like the effect is starting to manifest.』

I informed the two while continuing the fight.


『I feel like my arrows hit easier... or rather, he's slower?』


The magic circle I gave to Ruli this time is an arrangement of poison magic called 『Magic Poison』 which interferes with demon's mana, stiffening them.
The effect is slow-acting, or rather it will demonstrate itself once the accumulated amount of poison passes a certain mark.

The fact that he's slower now means that the amount of poison Alma shot has passed that mark.
It's only a matter of time before the demon completely loses its ability to move.

"...Nu? Since when did you bastard became faster--No wait! It is I who turn slow!"

After a slight delay, Elhart himself noticed the effect of magic put on him.
However, the pattern he showed afterward is quite an unusual one amongst what I predicted.

"Me, beaten by a sham.... I won't allow thaaaaaaaaaaaaat!"

"Mu? This is...."

Elhart's dull movement suddenly turned fierce unlike what he showed up until now, I immediately activated Physical Reinforcement magic.
However, Elhart's change didn't end with just that.

"Damn you--damnyoudamnyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

The moment Elhart's speech crumbled, his eyes shined red, and his whole body was wrapped in mana.
It's a phenomenon called 『Evilize』.

"....『Evilize』 huh. Been a while since I saw that."

When a demon is cornered, this situation may happen rarely.
The amount and intensity of mana of demons who have undergone 『Evilize』 increase tremendously, and their physical ability becomes incomparably higher than their usual state as a result.

Demons who undergo 『Evilize』 die at the same time the effect of 『Evilize』 ends.... However, that doesn't change the fact that demons who use 『Evilize』 is a force to be reckoned with.
I'd better stop the practice and deliver the finishing blow here.


Looks like the 『Evilized』 Elhart is targeting the two behind me.
His evilized feet kicked the floor and he jumped above me.

Seeing that, I constructed a magic while giving order to the two and shot it at Elhart.

『You two, don't move from where you are.』

『I understand!』


They probably couldn't catch up with the sudden turn of event. The two remained in place as they nodded.
And the two--moved ahead, before the coming Elhart.


Elhart easily caught up with the two who didn't act as ordered.
My magic also missed its target, destroying the ceiling.

And Elhart's sword reached the two--slipping through them.


Elhart looked surprised as his sword slipped through nothing.

I had expected this move.
The things Elhart cut just now were illusions I created with magic.

It was an impromptu illusion, I merely hid the two with an extremely simple magic.
If Elhart still retained his sanity, he would have immediately noticed the oddity.

However, Elhart didn't notice it.
Because his awareness was turned at my magic instead of the two slow-moving girls.

"This is how you use camouflage magic."

And it's not just an illusion.
I've put highly concentrated 『Magic Poison』 inside it.

With how much 『Magic Poison』 has accumulated inside his body, even an 『Evilized』 demon can do nothing about it.
As he swings his sword, Elhart hardens--and perish in that position.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Strongest, Treated Like a Sham


『...Huh? The concealment's gone... Can I shoot him?』

Alma who received an arrow from Ruli asked me with a bewildered look when she saw Elhart's concealment magic getting completely removed.

『Yeah. And you'd better do it quick. He might find out that he has lost his concealment magic if you take too much time.』

As we're communicating through telepathy magic, we probably look like we're just standing around and clueless about the enemy from the demons' perspective.
It's only a matter of time before they notice the incongruity and realize their situation.

『Go...Got it!』

Alma set up the arrow and shot it at Elhart.
Seeing that, Elhart collapsed into a strange posture and barely evaded the arrow.
Looks like Alma didn't use the 【Wire-guided Enchant】.

『Even if your enemy looks like a fool, you should always use guided enchant on your arrow. They could evade it like just now.』

『Sorry. I knew that but... What's that?』

Alma turned to look at Elhart with a perplexed expression on her face.
Elhart isn't attempting to attack back as he keeps the posture he took to evade the arrow.

It seems to be a hard posture to maintain, his neck is trembling.
Since his location would get found out by the unnatural movement of the arrow if he touched it.
He's far too late though.

『He's probably trying not to expose himself. Looks, he's being careful not to make a sound with his feet now.』

It appeared that Elhart had reached his limit, he slowly put his hands on the floor and returned his posture.
He probably didn't think in the slightest that his camouflage was already gone, and that Alma only shot the arrow randomly.

『That means, it's the second round!』

『I'll hit him this time!』

The arrow Alma shot homed in Elhart who tried to evade it, hitting him right in the face.

"...How foolish! My camouflage should have been perfect!"

Elhart who was hit by the arrow shouted with a face that looked like he couldn't believe it.

"You're the fool here."

That camouflage vanished around a minute ago.
If this was perfect, just how bad are these demons....
If all demons are all like this, I can understand why humanity hasn't gone extinct yet.

『Huh? It doesn't seem to be working at all...』

True, even though Elhart looked surprised, he didn't seem like the arrow hurt him.
Even with the support of magic, Alma currently lacks the strength needed to break through a demon's defense.
However, that is according to plan.

『There's no problem. It's working alright.』

It would be hard for Alma's arrow to directly shoot through a demon's defense.
We really have to rely on the power of the inserted magic.

"...Mu? Why aren't you attacking?"

Elhart had an inexplicable expression on his face as he looked at me.
And then, that expression suddenly turned into a grin.

"...Oh I see! That's how it is!"

"What're you going on about?"

"If you were the real Mathias I should have died already! However, I'm alive! This can only mean one thing! You aren't that monster Mathias! You're a sham!"


This time I'm the one who's bewildered.
What the heck is with that leap of logic.

"Kuku.... I thought it was strange. It's impossible for humans to reach our domain in such a short amount of time. The dragon we detected isn't attacking either, it must be just a sort of illusion magic."

No well, that dragon is currently flying right above this building though....
You can't see it with naked eyes since the ceiling obstructs, but you should know it as soon as you use 【Passive Detection】.

"...There is no reason to hide now we know you're fake. Come out Arias, let's kill this faker together!"

Elhart called out toward thin air but there's no reaction.
Well, the other demon hiding here (apparently called Arias) doesn't seem to be that stupid.
It's exceptionally better at camouflaging than Elhart, and it has a high chance of escaping here without being found out.

"Arias won't show himself? ...I see. I alone is enough huh. That's exactly--true!"

Elhart rushed toward Alma.
I moved before him and blocked his sword.

Even if he's injured, a demon is still a demon.

It doesn't seem like I can block him easily without Physical Reinforcement.
Well, if I were to completely overwhelm Elhart, this wouldn't serve as a field practice for Alma and Ruli, so this is fine.

『I'll be the vanguard. You two, keep shooting at the demon like earlier.』

『I-I got it!』


"...Tch, my sword got blocked huh. Looks like even a sham is strong enough to act as a substitute of a monster...."

I'm the real one though...

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Strongest Sage, Sees Through


"Here I go!"

Iris thrust its claw on the demon's den while saying that.
The wall made from earth magic broke without any resistance.

"Well then, I'll be waiting above!"

Iris flew above after it said that.

"...Huh? There's no one inside?"

There's only one room in the demon's den.
And there is no one inside that room... or what it looks like.
Well, in short, it's a concealment magic.

The demon that was outside probably informed them somehow when it saw Iris.
It was far away so I didn't catch communication-magic-kind of mana, but the 【Active Detection】 mana got disordered a bit after all.

『Can you hear me, you two?』


"W-what's this!"

『It's a short-range telepathic magic to protect us against bugs. You can reply by thinking inside your head without letting out your voice.』

『Inside my head....』

『...L-Like this?』

『Ooh! I could hear Ruli's voice even though her mouth isn't moving!』

『Alma's voice too! Magic like this exists too....』

『With my crest, I can only use it at a short distance, like in this situation. To explain this, in short, you can't see the enemy because of concealment.』


『Yeah. It's a magic to hide your form and make it hard to detect mana detection. That said.』

『Which means, with 【Passive Detection】... Un?』

『I can't find it....』

The two immediately concentrated on detection, but they couldn't seem to find the enemy.
Well, these demons might be difficult for their first time.
Particularly the one besides Elhart, they wouldn't have known if I didn't tell them.

『Normally mana reactions are bigger than the surrounding mana.... But the concealment magic they're using is a type that completely erase their mana emission. Don't you feel a place where the mana is thinner instead? ...Ah, we shouldn't let them know that we find them, so don't point your finger if you do find one.』

『Hm.... Ah the corner over there!』

Alma looked toward a corner of the room.


『True, the mana there feels thinner.... But I can't find the other one... there's two of them right?』

『Yeah. You don't have to worry about that one. It can't be found after all.』

That one must also think that no one can find it.
If we attack Elhart, I'm sure it'll choose to forsake Elhart and continue hiding.
Demons don't risk go out of their way to help another demon weaker than themselves unless doing so benefits them.

『And so, let's count you two as our firepower this time and have you defeat Elhart.』


『No no, that's impossible....』

Frankly speaking, I can instantly kill Elhart with 【Special Mana Enchant】 right now.

However, the other demon isn't that easy.
In a normal fight, I'd need quite a lot of mana to kill it.
In consideration of the possibility of surprise attacks on our way back, I'd like to reserve my mana as much as possible.

...Moreover, we have a target practice that's just right here. It's a waste for me to defeat it.

『It's alright. I've given you a new magic circle to make that happens.』

The magic circle I gave them this time is a bit more complex than the last one.
However, Ruli should be able to produce it now.

『Eeh, Mathi-kun knew this would happen before we went inside!?』

『I wasn't 100% sure. Well, I thought this would happen for 80%.』

『....By the way, what's the remaining 20%?』

『They would attack us the moment we stepped inside the room.』

When we see that there's no one inside and go to check it with our guard down, they'd attack us from behind.
It's an effective tactic when the concealment is working right.

『Surprise attack, how can you so calm....』

『It's fine. I planned to kill both of them if that happened.』

Or rather, that'd have made this easier.
There is nothing easier to deal with than an exposed surprise attack.

『Is there a situation where even Mathi-kun can't cope with?』

『There is.』

For example, if the nuclear fusion magic is activated in front of me right now, even I can't stop it.
I can probably barely survive at most.

『...Un. I could somehow sense that you were imagining some unthinkable situation...』

Alma sounded like she couldn't believe it.
There was no sound since it was through transmission magic though.

『There was no surprise attack anyway, all's well... And so, let's do this!』

『Eh, so sudden....』

『It's alright. You've never seen such an easy mark like this before right?』

As I said that, I slipped interference magic into Elharts's concealment magic, tearing it down it little by little.
In just two seconds, the concealment magic was completely torn down, and we could see Elhart with our naked eyes.

....Elhart itself doesn't notice that its concealment magic has been broken, exposing its foolish look to us.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Strongest Sage, Bisects


"Hey. Iris, you know that, unlike 【Passive Detection】, it's hard to delude 【Active Detection】 right?"


I ask a question to Iris while controlling its wings' mana en course toward the demons.

"Then, do you know how to deal with 【Active Detection】?"

"I-If it's Mathias-san, you should be able to easily elude 【Active Detection】...."

"Well, it's not impossible. But even if I did that, they'd easily find Iris with your size right. ...There's a simpler method for this."

"We beat them don't we. I understand."

Iris speaks as it's given up.
Having acquainted with my past life, it knows me well.

"That's right. ...Judging from the mana, it looks like the only one outside is a demon that's using 【Active Detection】."

"Demon is still demon even if it's alone, you know? I'd prefer not to participate in the battle with how these wings right now..."

"Don't worry. That wasn't the plan."

I set the course high up.
Straight towards the sky right above the demon that's using 【Active Detection】.

Right now being able to fly at all is Iris's utmost.
Even if it's against a weak demon, I don't want to let it get exposed to attacks. Cause going back home would be a pain then.

"...Huh? We're passing by?"

Alma muttered when she saw the situation.
However, unfortunately she's mistaken.

"There's no way Mathias-san would do that...."

And Iris gave the correct answer.

"Alright, I'll leave the rest to you! I'm going down to pulverize the demon!"

I jump off Iris's back while saying that.
I went the trouble of controlling Iris's flight circuit in order to fall down above the demon.

"I was right!"


While hearing Alma's and Ruli's voices, I casted resistance reduction magic and drew my sword.
The demon far below on the ground that was paying attention to Iris shifted its attention to me.
Looks like it's confused.

While looking at that, I took out a magic stone out of Storage magic and crushed it.
The sword augmented with 【Special Mana Enchant】 began to emit light.


The demon casted defensive magic and held up its shield while taking an evasive action.
Judging from its desperate look and the fact that it pumped all of its mana into defensive magic, the demon seemed to realize the menace of 【Special Mana Enchant】.
But it's too late.

"No matter how weird your"

The defensive magic that touched the sword vanished without a moment of resistance.
And without losing my momentum, I bisected the demon along with its shield.

I didn't use any magic to break that defensive magic.
To begin with, 【Special Mana Enchant】 isn't something that can be blocked by that level of defense.

"Oy, it's safe now!"

I wave my hand at Iris in front of the demon's body.
Iris began to descend when it saw me.

--10 minutes later.
We've gathered in front of a rectangular building where Elhart is hiding.

It was probably built using earth magic. The building has no windows, but instead it's been carved with defensive and concealment magic circles.
The concealment seems to be a countermeasure against magical detection.... But the spell art is sloppily constructed.
For people who are used to mana detection, it would make them focus on the building instead.

"This is the demon's den?"

"No mistake about it. It's the same mana reaction that came out in the royal palace. There's... two in total inside."

"Two demons..."

"Since Elhart's reaction has become small, it's virtually one demon though."

Elhart's mana reaction is slightly smaller than Desiril.
Its reaction was bigger when I was tracing it, this was probably due to the aftereffect from that time.

The other one is bigger than Ashril.... But, unlike at that time, my mana is full now.
We should be able to win without relying on Iris.

"Alright. Hinder Elhart with arrows like before. This time.... use this spell art."

I gave a paper drawn with a new magic circle to Ruli.
It's a bit different than the one they used before.

"I-I got it!"

"I just need to hit 'em with my arrows like before right!"

"You got that right. Iris, break the wall and evacuate above afterward."


I could also ask Iris to mow them down with 『Dragon Breath』, but the burden would be too big if Iris shot it at its current condition.
Dark Dragon Iris is ultimately a transport.

I declare loudly after making sure that the two people and one dragon are ready.

"Alright, commence the attack!"

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