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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Strongest Sage, Rank Up


A few tens of minute after we defeated a large amount of monsters.
We safely got back to the town and headed toward the guild we took the quests from.

"We kinda went and completed these quests really quickly... You think they'd doubt us...?"

"Don't even need to think about that, they're gonna doubt us for sure, you know?"

Alma gave an instant reply to the worried Ruli.
True, there's a high chance of that.
That's exactly why we're raising our ranks at a territory that's on friendly terms with Eis Kingdom.

Right about now, the lord here should be informed that my coming here is to fight a demon.
The guild in this country isn't under control of the ruling lords, so you can't get them to raise your rank, but lowering possible obstructions is good enough.

...We arrived at the guild while thinking that.

"Huh, you're back already. We accept paying penalty by installments, although there's a slight interest, so...."

The quest receptionist spoke out the moment she saw my face.
Looks like she thinks I've failed the quests.

"No need for penalty. We've completed all the quests we took."

"Erm... You shouldn't lie, okay? Subjugation parts are needed to prove you've completed a quest, and considering you came into the guild empty-handed..."

I see.
Apparently, she thinks I failed the quests because I'm not holding the subjugation part in my hand.

"Are these acceptable?"

I took some random subjugation parts out of Storage magic and put it on the counter.
The counter can't fit too many, so I only took three out.

"These are... Wraith Scissor's shells! Beating this many so quick, is Mathias-san by any chance, actually not a rookie, but a veteran adventurer?"

"I'm not exactly a veteran, but I've done my fair share of adventuring in Eis Kingdom. My card even has the, Issued at: Eis Kingdom, on it."

I showed my guild card as I said that.
『Issued at: Eis Kingdom Embassy Branch of Raginia Federation Guild』 is written on the back of the card.

"Ah, you're right. How unusual! ...If you're this strong, you might just be able to complete that many quests before the deadline!"

"Or rather, we've managed to do it somehow."

"Managed to, somehow... Don't tell me, these aren't all, and you've defeated all the monsters in the quests you took!?"

"Yeah... Since the counter is full already, I think it's better if we go by them one by one."

I took more random subjugation parts from Storage magic.
However, what caught the receptionist's interest wasn't the parts.

"...Where did you take them from just now?"

"Storage Magic."

Huh, I've seen this flow of events somewhere before.
--Aah. It was at the Adventurer Guild after our first delving into a dungeon.
I can predict what's going to happen next.

"Storage Magic!?"

Same reaction as Eis Kingdom's guild.
Explaining this is a pain, I've got make sure to bring my luggage out beforehand the next time I'm doing this.

A few minutes later.
After we somehow managed to get past Storage magic explanation, we got back to the topic.

"Erm... All the subjugation quests are completed. Members participating in the quests are Mathias-san, Iris-san, Alma-san and Ruli-san, is it alright to attribute it to these four?"

"Will our ranks go up if we do that?"

"Yes. There's enough point needed for a party of up to six people to rank up."

"Then, please do so."

Looks like we won't need to do quests for each members.
That'll save us some trouble.

"Understood. Please wait for a moment."

The receptionist withdrew inside with our cards in her hand.
After a bit, she brought back cards with a different color than before.
They were blackish before, these ones are bluish.

"Since all of you have completed 10 rank G quests, and 15 rank F quests, all members have fulfilled the rank up quota. As there is no need for tests to rank up to Rank E, you're all already one now!"

The receptionist presented the guild cards to us.
Looks like the card's color changes with rank.

"By the way, this sets the record for the fastest rank up ever! Ordinarily, it takes one month at least no matter how fast you are..."

1 month just to complete 25 quests huh...

Well, since rank G and rank F are beginner ranks, people probably raise their rank as they train.
Coming here from abroad and raising rank in one stretch are probably a relatively rare case.

"By the way, since we're now Rank E and all, that means we can take Rank E quests right? Could you process the subjugation parts if there are rank D monsters among the monsters we beat earlier?"

"Erm, we can't do that if there is no subjugation quest issued for the particular monster, or if the monster is killed on another territory, otherwise, it will be treated as a quest completion."

"How do you even distinguish if a monster is killed on another territory?"

"From stuff like the material freshness. Bringing materials from a faraway place would spoil it after all... That's also why there are apparently quick-footed people who bring it to other guilds and such."

Freshness huh.
We can cheat all we want by using Storage magic with its time freeze.
Well, this time these are all legit from monsters we beat at a nearby forest.

"Got it. Then, something like that should be..."

I look for rank D like materials from among the ones I have in hand.
I only studied up monsters that appeared in the quests we took so I'm yet to know what kind of monsters are ranked D, but this should be easily remedied by looking up at the quest tags.

I turn my sight at rank D quest tags.
First thing that came into my sight was a subjugation quest for 『Big Horn Turtle』.
Need to subjugate three of them.

Judging from its name, it should be a big sized turtle with a horn.
There were two kind of turtle monsters with horns on them, it's probably the bigger one.

There were only three of those big ones, just enough to complete the quest.

"First, Big Horn Turtle subjugation quest. The subjugation part is, the horn right?"

I haven't checked to see if it's really the horn, but it generally is the case with monsters that has horns.
Would be nice if it applies here too...

"Yes. That is correct."

"Then, here you go."

I took out the Big Horn Turtle's horn.
The turtle was about five meter long, and the horn alone is about one meter long.

It's big alright, but it's ultimately a turtle, hard to consider this monster as rank D... but so long as I can use it to raise our rank, it'll do.
By the way, the smaller turtles were even weaker than this one.

"Eh... Isn't this a bit too big?"

"...Well since it's called Big Horn Turtle, it has to be big right?"

"No, normally it should be around this big..."

The receptionist spreads out her arms to make about 30-cm wide space.
30 cm, then...

"This one?"

I took out the smaller horn.

"Yes! That's it! We have 10 batches of the same quest for Big Horn Turtle, how many do you have?"

The smaller ones seems to be the correct answer here.
I've got a lot of these horns, but is it really alright for this to be rank D.
You sure it's not a mistake.

"10 huh, then 30."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"30!? How were you able to kill so many!?"

"How you ask, well."

I try to recall the battle that time.
But, those turtles didn't really leave a lasting impression on me.

"I just cut them with my sword..."

"Shot them with my bow..."

"Blew 'em away with my spear. I just swung my spear around randomly though, so I don't really remember what kind of monsters I beat..."

Looks like the three are under the same impression.
Rather, Iris doesn't even distinguish them.

"Its hardness is such that you can't normally kill it that way though..."

The receptionist muttered so when she heard us.

"Now that you mention it, they might be a bit tough. I mean sometimes my arrow could only pierce through two even though I was gunning for three."

"Ah. That's right, it did feel a bit tough when I cut them with my sword."

"Really? I thought they were all the same..."

Except for Iris, the girls nodded giving their consent when they heard about its hardness.
Indeed, they might be a tiny bit sturdy.
Putting that aside...

"Then whose horn is this?"

I point at the horn that was refused for being too big.

"Erm... Was the monster this horn from about three times as big as an ordinary Big Horn Turtle?"

"Yea. It might have been a bit bigger, but yeah, it was around that size."

"...That's a rank B Huge Horn Turtle! How did you beat it!?"

"I just swung my sword and shot magic haphazardly whenever they got close."

That turtle... rank B?
Its sturdiness was its only merit, it didn't have a particularly strong attack or special ability.
The receptionist asks me a question while looking tired.

"I've heard rumors that there's a lot of students with monstrous strength at Eis Kingdom, perhaps those students are..."

Who the heck spread such rumors.
While I was looking for the culprit in my mind, the receptionist speaks as if she recalls something.

"C-come to think of it, what about the materials! Huge Horn Turtle materials!"

"You mean this one here."

I point at the horn.

"Not that, other parts besides the horn!"

"We threw them away... You're not telling me, there are other parts besides the horn as subjugation parts, are you?"

Storage magic is the kind of magic that decrease your maximum mana the more you store something in it.
Even though the maximum mana returns when you get the item out, I'd prefer not to lower mine too much.
Thus, we discarded everything but the subjugation parts.

"No, only the horn is needed for that... How wasteful..."

"You can have them if you want to. They should be around this area."

I draw a map on a paper with magic and put a marker on the location where we beat the monsters.

"Eh, what was that magic!? A blank paper turned into a map!"

"I've got to start from that huh..."

After several derailments as such, we proceeded with the quest reports.
About an hour later.

"This concludes the 100th quest completion for rank C! ...Which means, Mathias-san and his party are now qualified to take Rank B promotion test! Waa, amazing! Ah, by the by, needless to say, you've set record for the fastest rank up ever!"

The receptionist shouted out loud passionately, and we received the qualification to enter the rank B promotion test thingy.
Looks like we need to pass the test to qualify into rank B.

"What do we need to do for the rank B promotion test?"

"...You mean you got the qualification without knowing that!"


"Erm... In short, it's a test where an examiner accompanies you to complete a quest. As you can clear ordinary quests with a party, sometimes there are people whose rank doesn't match their actual ability. Once you get to rank B and above, quests that come from the country itself and such begin to appear, therefore, this test is intended to prevent people without sufficient ability from becoming into rank B."

"...I see. So where can we take the test?"

"Erm, since only large branches are allowed to carry out rank B promotion test... The closest one from here is the central city of Fredia Territory, Frejia Branch!"

...The central city of Fredia territory huh.
Things should go smoothly there, convenient.

"Got it. Then let's get on to it and get our rank up."


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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-36

16-36. Earl Seryuu's Foster Daughter (2)


Satou here. I tend to see a lot of foster girls and adopted children in news and fictions, but never from people I'm close with. It's probably not something that happens a lot.

"--Sir Pendragon."

Yukel-kun came to talk to me after we park the wagon and horses near the castle gate.

"Are you really, with Aneue--" <TLN: lit. "elder sister", formal.>
"Sir Marientail."

Another knight who was accompanying us interrupted Yukel-kun.
It kinda feels like they don't want to let me talk with Yukel-kun.

Let's ignore the mood here and make the initiative to talk to Yukel-kun myself.

"Sir Pendragon!"

Another voice interrupted me at a bad timing.

"--Your Excellency Earl."

Of all people, it was Earl Seryuu.
I can't exactly ignore him and talk to Yukel-kun instead here.

We may be of the same rank, but as he rules over a City Core, his position is higher than mine.

Earl Seryuu seems to have been from an excursion, he's riding a splendid looking white steed.

"Pardon me for my long absence. Earl Seryuu."
"I've heard that you've been very active like always, Earl Pendragon."

Earl Seryuu who got off of his horse invited me to his castle like we had been friends for 10 year after hugging me in an oddly friendly manner.

Make me all the more suspicious for his ulterior motives.

The way Earl Seryuu act right now seemed to be a rare occurrence, servants and bureaucrats who caught sight of us lowered their head with surprised looks on their faces.

"--First of all, I would like to express my gratitudes. Thanks to your assistances, the matter with labyrinth management will likely start in earnest by new year time."

Earl Seryuu said so once we settled down in the castle's parlor.
It's probably about how I helped his subordinates to be made into Explorer Guild's assistants at the labyrinth city, Selbira.

"Please think nothing of it. It's all the results of your excellency's subordinates blood and tears."
"Oh stop with 'your excellency' stuff. You'd remind me to call you that yourself, being a cabinet minister and all. Just call me Ros."

Earl Roswald Seryuu requested for something unreasonable.

"Then, Roswald-sama."
"That's still too cold but acceptable. Mind if I call you Satou-dono?"

I give my consent to Earl Seryuu.

"Satou-dono, as for the reward I promised you, we have 2000 demi human slaves currently working to build facilities for the labyrinth management. However, due to the number and all, the office folks told me to ask you around half a month time for the transfer period."
"Then, allow me to make arrangements for the airships needed to transport the slaves. Since I think that we will get our airship allotment turn within a year, I will be sure to dispatch a delegation from Muno Marquisdom early on."

Let's forward all the responsibilities for this to Consul Nina of Muno Marquisdom.

I'm sure she'd happily welcome them with open arms, as the territory lack the manpower needed for the towns and cities recaptured from monsters, including the city I'm managing, Brighton.
I plan to release them all once they've become self-sufficient.

"Airships to transport demi human? Can't you just have them walk to Muno territory."
"I cannot even begin to fathom the expenses needed for such method."

I replied back in kind to the earl who asked in amazement.
I'd hate to hazard the number of victims that would show up if I were to let 2000 demi human slaves, whose levels are mostly at single digit, walk to Muno Marquisdom.

"I've also put out a ban on demi-human discrimination just as I've promised."

Earl Seryuu looks proud somehow.

But despite that, the attitudes in Gate Inn and stuff felt the same as always.

"Fumu, judging from your displeased looks, you must want to say that discriminations still remain even now, don't you."

His eyes kinda look like a teacher admonishing a kid who did a poor job.

"Of course, we've not only issued an edict, y'know? We have soldiers who regularly patrol around the city and punish anyone who throw around unjustifiable violences on demi-humans."

Apparently, there were even citizens who got executed for breaking the ban.

"The sense of discriminations within the citizens is deep-rooted. The complete abolishment of discriminations in its truest sense probably won't happen for a long time."

I guess that's only natural.

There would be no hardships if discriminations would disappear simply by having the statesmen ban it.
Even with the law in effect, it probably only means a shift of locations to where the eyes of statesmen don't reach.

The reason is similar to why bullying at schools hasn't disappeared.

Even so, a prohibition from the statesmen is still necessary as the first step to dispel discriminations.
And I think there is only one path to that, a path where people have to learn to change the perception from "bad things" to "things not worth doing."
Afterwards, having the demi-humans show that their existence bring benefit to everyone is also effective.

"As for the other reward--"

Earl Seryuu changed the topic.
Now, he's probably going to check the matter about making Miss Auna my wife, and Zena-san my mistress.

"About your engagement."


"So when are you going to take my daughter, Auna as your wife, and Zena of Marientail House as your mistress again."

He's coming at it straight huh.

"Regarding that--"

Earl Seryuu raised his hand to stop me while I was hesitating.

"So you really do not wish for it."


"His Majesty and the prime minister have given me a stern warning. Do not force you to have a marriage you do not wish for, they said."

Oh, PM and King, good job.

"Please call off the matter about my engagement."
"Very well then."

Earl Seryuu consented willingly.

Phew, another load off my shoulder.

"However, were I to withdraw a reward I have promised, the jabbering old household nobles at the Royal Capital would force me to wear the miser stigma around."

Earl Seryuu words reached my ears as I let out a sigh of relief.

"In exchange, I will raise the number of magic cores that will be provisioned to Muno Marquisdom from our labyrinth."

Earl Seryuu put up three fingers as he said that.

"By my own discretion, I promise you to accommodate three times the planned amount. I will prepare the documents later. Do deliver them to Marquis Muno."

I didn't realize at this time, but by Echigoya Firm's manager's account, the amount is comparable to the amount the earldom pays to the kingdom.

"Have you ever talked with Zena's little brother?"
"No, it was my first time meeting him earlier."

I talked a lot with him as Kuro, but only made a greeting as Satou.

"He might not be at the level of Satou-dono, but he is quite a knight himself."

Earl Seryuu began to boast about Yukel-kun.
Apparently, Yukel-kun's peerage rank will be raised as a commendation for his feats in the fight against the greater demon and in the Labyrinth Hazard defense war.

And it's not just to Baronet that's just above Chevalier--.

"Baron, is it. That's wonderful."
"Umu. He's the first to climb to Baron since me, and accumulating feats enough to propel one from Chevalier to Baron hadn't been done since the days of my grandfather."

Unlike in my former world, as the nobles in this world aren't given land to govern, letting a noble by blood to ascend the peerage means way higher fixed cost for the lord of said noble.

"--Silver Knight Air."

Earl Seryuu spoke that name with a suggestive tone.

"That was what the knight who slew a greater demon as she flew in the air called herself."
"I wonder if she is related somehow to Hero Nanashi-sama and his Golden Knights?"

With the help of Poker Face skill, I ignore past Earl Seryuu's bait.

"I'm in the same opinion. She wielded a holy sword that could fly in the sky not unlike the Claiomh Solais."

Looks like Earl Seryuu bore witness to that fight.

"Someone amongst the people who witnessed that fight told me. That there is a girl whose fighting style resembles that of Silver Knight Air in my territory."

I have a feeling that Earl Seryuu is aware that Zena-san is Silver Knight Air.
Since Zena-san is weak at keeping secret, she'd probably spill it out the moment he interrogated her.

Well, I'm not too worried even if he knew.

"What about you, Satou-dono. Do you know anyone who fights like Silver Knight Air?"
"Unfortunately, as I never saw how the Silver Knight Air-dono fights myself."
"Is that so. Sorry to ask for the unreasonable. Getting back to the topic at hands--"

Earl Seryuu easily pulled back at my excuses.
Doesn't look like he's trying to ascertain Silver Knight Air's identity.

"We will be holding a ball to celebrate Sir Marientail's promotion tonight. It would be my pleasure if Satou-dono could participate. Of course, your subordinates are invited too."

According to Earl Seryuu, it's OK for the beastkin girls to come to the party, but I wouldn't want to expose them to the inevitable inquisitive glances.
I did check with everyone to see if they wanted to participate, but in the end, only Arisa is going to come with me.

I was planning to go back to the inn once, but the time for the ball approached while I was arguing with Earl Seryuu about whether the labyrinth should be managed by himself or not.

"Hmmm, first time coming here, but this Earl Seryuu's castle is really designed for wars unlike the Royal Castle isn't it."

I'm heading toward the ballroom with Arisa.
It seems the majority of the entrants have entered the venue, there's only the two of us in the passage asides from the busily coming and going servants.

"""Earl Pendragon-sama!"""

High-pitched shrieks resounded the moment we got into the venue.

Fair noble girls of the Earldom come to my side one after another.
It's like the entrance of a famous actor or singer.

"Earl-sama! Please tell me all about your adventures!"
"Earl-sama! I do not have a fiance!"
"Earl-sama! My house is famous for being the most fertile in Seryuu city!"

The beauties who are encircling me make their appeal.
Fertility being an appeal point seems to be common in Shiga Kingdom.

As they're dressing more brazenly compared to the girls at the Royal Capital, lots of the beauties emphasize their cleavage, truly a sight for sore eyes.

"Master's popularity is to the point of being sickening isn't it. I should have brought Mia along--Hey, you there! Don't feel on Master as you please!"

Arisa attempted to guard me from the beautiful noble ladies, but she's way outnumbered.


Noticing a glance, I turn around and see a butler gazing here.

"What's up?"

The butler averted his glance like it was nothing while I was paying attention to Arisa, opened a door and announced the entrance of the territory lord and his family.

"Hueh? Why'd Zena-tan come out from over there?"

Just like Arisa said, Marientail siblings came out of the door along with the lord's family.

"Wasn't this Yukel-kun's celebration?"

As if affirming my words, Earl Seryuu praised Yukel-kun's feats and announced his promotion.
The moment they heard that, half of the beauties who were surrounding me turned their interest over there.

"In addition, Sir Marientail will take my daughter, Auna, as his wife."

The people in the hall make a stir when they hear the earl's announcement.
Yukel-kun and Miss Auna bashfully smile at each other.

Zena-san looks happy too, but her smile looks lifeless.

"It kinda feels like Zena-tan is forcing herself, doesn't it."
"You're right."

I agree to Arisa's whisper.
Zena-san's smile is usually like a blooming sunflower.

"Quiet down. I am not done yet--"

Earl Seryuu silenced the people.

"I am happy to introduce the second wife of my eldest son, Badowald!"


Crisis Perception is alarming me for some reason.

"Sir Marientail's elder sister, Zena will be taken as Badowald's second wife."


The hall was filled with even more commotion than with the announcement earlier.

"Master, did you know about this?"
"No, first time I'm hearing it."

Arisa asked me in whisper.

Zena-san didn't talk about it when I talked with her last night, and it didn't feel like she was hiding it either.
Earl Seryuu probably brought the subject to her all of a sudden today.

Zena-san is hanging her head down, I can't see her expression.

"Geez, she's really a good girl..."

Arisa sighs.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"No helping it."

Arisa scratched the back of her head and used space magic as she stood next to me.

『Zena-tan. Does Zena-tan really agree to that engagement yourself?』

Arisa's Telephone is connected to me through her connection as my Familiar.


Zena-san replied while covering her mouth.

『Not because you can't go against your lord's order?』
『...It's, not.』

Zena-san sounded stiff.

『I see, there's some kind of reason behind this--wait, no need to even guess huh.』

Arisa sighs.

『You don't want to be a hindrance in your brother's love life and career, do you.』

Zena-san remains silent.

In other words, the answer is correct.

『Since both of those would be called off if you were to refuse the engagement forced on you by your lord?』
『...Yukel and Auna-sama had always no choice but to hide their feelings to each other. And just when their wishes were about to be fulfilled--』

Hint of tears are mixed in Zena-san's voice.

Arisa glanced up at me.
Her eyes are expecting something.

Can't be helped.
It's for the sake of my precious friend.
Let me show you how much brunt I will bear for this.

I step forwad toward the crowd that encircle Badowald-dono and Zena-san.


At the other side of the crowd, Zena-san raised her head.
Her eyes moist with tears are looking at me.

"Oh, Satou-dono! Demon lord slayer-dono is going to congratulate the new member of my family--"

Earl Seryuu is all smiles, but his eyes remain sharp.
He's probably foreseen what I'm gonna do here.

A blank space has been created in front of Badowald-dono and Zena-san.

"I'm very honored to meet you. I am the eldest son of Earl Seryuu, Badowald Seryuu."
"Nice to meet you, Badowald-dono. I'm Shiga Kingdom's Tourism Minister, Earl Satou Pendragon of Muno Marquisdom."

I stop with my formal speech pattern.
I extend my hand toward Zena-san after the greeting.

"Satou, san?"

Zena-san is looking at the hands I've presented to her with eyes full of expectations.

"Sir Pendragon, what are you--"

Badowald-dono sounded perplexed.


Zena-san is reaching out to my hands, reacting to my calling.

Badowald-dono who finally realized my intention took a step forward between me and Zena-san.

Sorry, but you're way too late.

"Excuse me, Zena-san."

I quickly catch Zena-san's hand and pull her to me.
Since Badowald-dono looked like he was going to block me, I twirl around like dancing and took a distance away from him with her in my arms.
The women in the dance hall let out a shriek, while the men made a commotion.

"W-what is the meaning--"

Earl Seryuu stopped the enraged Badowald-dono with his hand.

I somehow get the feelings that he was dragged in the plot, but there was never a choice to abandon Zena-san here, so I'm not going to let him complain.

"Let me hear your excuses."

Earl Seryuu quietly asked.

"I'm taking her for myself."

If Zena-san wished for the engagement with Badowald-dono herself, I would congratulate her as a friend.
But I cannot abandon her if they're looking to make use of Zena-san as Silver Knight Air, not as herself, to benefit Seryuu Earldom.

"In other words, you're going to deprive my son of his fiancee?"

Kinda feels like I could hear Earl Seryuu's inner voice.


I look at his eyes and nod.

"This isn't a joke you know? Do you realize your and my positions here?"

In short, he's demanding something that exceeds Zena-san.

I stare at him with sincere eyes.

"As a neighbor, I will promise you this."

As the lord of the Dragon's Valley.

"If a being appears to threaten Seryuu Earldom, I will eliminate them regardless of what they are, once, I will also assist in the effort to restore the damage incurred."

If I didn't place a limit, it'd be annoying if I were dragged into wars with the neighboring countries and lords after all.

"From any being? Even if you're up against a greater demon--or even a demon lord itself, do you mean that?"

That must have been exactly what he wanted to hear.
Earl Seryuu grinned and laughed.

In many cases, demon lords tend to be revived in the vicinity of a labyrinth.
Demon lord disasters that had always felt like something distant and not his problems must feel really close now that there is a labyrinth smack dab in the capital of his territory.

Well, even without this promise, I'd have come to exterminate rampaging demon lords anyway.

"Even if I'm up against a demon lord. I swear by the title of Demon Lord Slayer--■■ Contract"

I took a vow by using Contract skill.

"That is still not enough. Give me two more conditions."

As one would expect from a politician.
He'd keep pushing me on even if I refused here.

"Don't make that face. It's nothing big."

Is it really?

"First, take Zena Marientail not as your mistress, but as your formal wife. I will not question her position in the hierarchy."

That's unexpected.

"The rank of Marientail house as a baron must be a bit insufficient. The second condition is for Zena to become an adopted daughter of our Seryuu Household when the time comes for you to take her hands in marriage."

I see, he's going to make us related through that huh.
It'd be troublesome if she were adopted now, but since it's [when it's time to marry], it's of no particular problem.

"Very well. I agree to those two conditions."

Since it felt like he was going to add another condition, I activated Coercion skill for an instant to suppress it.

"--Contract complete."

When the sweaty looking Earl Seryuu announced that, I formally activated Contract Skill.
Right at the same time, the nobles gave their applauses, and as if informed by that, the other people also congratulated me by giving handshakes.
Looks like Earl Seryuu has prepared shills among them beforehand.

Badowald-dono whose face was all red turned confused after Earl Seryuu whispered something to his ear.
Apparently, he was only made to dance in Earl Seryuu's scheme.
Let's give him something to make up for him forced to be a clown here.


Right when I turned around to Zena-san who whispered into my ears, I felt something warm on my lips.


Looks like Zena-san gave me a kiss the moment I turned around to her.

An innocent junior high school-like kiss.
The slight pain from our teeth clashing kinda feels nostalgic somehow.

『I'll overlook it this time.』

Arisa's voice that felt kinda sullen reached me through her Familiar connection.
While patting Arisa's head with my free hand, I lowered the blushing Zena-san who was done with the kissing on the floor.

I send Zena-san off to a circle of female nobles who've come to congratulate Zena-san, including Miss Iona.

"Hey, Master, have you noticed?"

I gave an affirmative to Arisa's question.

Zena-san who's surrounded by her friends has gotten a new title.

--Satou's Fiancee.

Well, I guess it can't be helped considering the situation.

I check my Log.

> [Plunder] skill acquired
> Title [Plunderer] Acquired.
> Title [Love Hunter] Acquired.
> Title [Soulmate] Acquired

I got some slightly objectionable titles and skills.
Well, maybe I'll leave the last title be on the active column for a while.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 40

Chapter 40 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Bouncing Arc


Up the stairs, we see something like a fountain. The room looks similar as the one with the withered fountain earlier.
One thing differs from that room, there's something enshrined in the bottom of the water. Is that a pedestal? It's hard to see from afar.

"T-this is it! This is the water!!"

Kagura-san sounded ecstatic. This wavy water is what she's been searching for huh.
Lemme see, here's the result of its appraisal.

Dense Magic Water
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 30/30
Water with very dense mana. It has about three average magicians worth of mana enclosed within.

Hohou. Huh? Isn't this the same high quality water Tama-chan usually drinks?

Kagura-san scoops the water with her hands and drinks it. And then she chants something in an unfamiliar language.

Wait a minute. You're using the art to transform your body back already?
It'd be bad in many ways if you did that with those outfits.
Kagura-san, stooooop, if you don't change first....

Kagura-san transformed back to her original size. Of course, the shabby dress and the string panties couldn't hold her as they got torn apart.

"It's back. My body's back, Nobusada!"

She turned to me and made a large gesture to show her joy. The bouncing part of her body is bouncing around all over.
Looks like she hasn't noticed her state. My line of sight are nailed down on the huge twin hills and the black meadow.
Kagura-san tilted her head in confusion to see me not speaking a word.

"W-what's wrong noja? Why aren't you saying anything...."

She seemed to find it strange, she traced my line of sight and realized the state she was in.

"Hywawaaaaaa. D-don't look. Don't look at meeeee."

She crouches down in a hurry while hiding her body. I'm sorry, it was truly a sight so much that I couldn't manage to avert my glance. It's been meticulously saved in the newly created secret folder in my brain.
I turn around and wait for Kagura-san to finish changing. I could hear sounds of rustling clothes. How do I say it, at times like this, even the tiniest sounds of rustling could be heard.


Deep thumping sounds and tremors happened again. Are these repeated tremors from the ant nest collapsing?

"A, aaaaaaaaaa"

Kagura-san who was changing in a hurry wailed in despair.
I run up to her and see that the Dense Magic Water pool that should have been there is gone, and you can see the bottom. It's clearly visible now, there's a sword enshrined on a pedestal-like thing.
I took a sidelong glance at the dejected Kagura-san and descended down to the bottom of the fountain.

It wasn't really clear from above, but the thing enshrined at the bottom was a single katana.

I carefully approach it and take it in my hand.

Lunar Cat
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 21/21
Material: Positive Force Life Tree - Soul Steel - Magic Steel
One of the only three Living Soul Katanas whose performance changes depending on its user. Merely maintaining its blade requires an enormous amount of mana, thus rarely anyone could wield it.
Gift: 【Regeneration】 【Hardening】 【Back Blade - Un-slash】

I get what's going on somehow after appraising it. Someone must have enshrined it under the Dense Magic Water in order to maintain its blade. It's probably correct to think  that the blade didn't rust even under water because it was constantly supplied with mana. All facilities in this cave must have been for storing this thing.

I create earth wall into stairs and climb up the fountain.
Might as well try unsheathing this thing.


Huh what? It won't come off!?
I calm myself and put my hand on the grip.
Nuoou. I can't draw it out. Is there a trick to this?
I should test it out once we get back. Ah right, I've got to discuss what we should do with this.

"Aah, Kagura-san?"

Ah, she looks like she's about to cry and has a look like she's decided on something. I haven't been with her long, but I somehow know that this face means she's going to go off and disappear somewhere.

"Fuuh, this would mean that I have to go back to the wandering days. Nobusada, I'm really glad that I was able to go on a journey with you in the end."

I have to ask one thing to Kagura-san who's asking for a handshake, looking like she's about to disappear anytime now.

"No well, about that. Would it be a problem if the magic water you need has better quality and enclosed mana than the one earlier?"

"Hm? Well, the better quality the more expensive it is. There is no problem noja. Besides, that level of magic water would need every last bit of mana from three to four average magicians just to be made, you know? You'd need a vast sum of money were you to purchase it."

Eh, really? Does that mean Tama-chan who's been having it as her meal three times a day is actually a celebrity?

"Well, I can easily provide you that level of magic water... I mean, Tama-chan has been having it everyday."

I produced the magic water as I said that.

Dense Magic Water
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 40/40
Water with very dense mana. It has about four average magicians worth of mana enclosed within.

...Kaguras-san was stunned to see the magic water I created in my hand.


...Explanation time again...

"..J-just what was all those hardships for..."

She went down on all four and fell depressed. Err well, I'm sorry about it.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After looking down for a while, she resolved on something and turned her sight at me. The hint of passion in her eyes that are looking at me must just be imagination right?

"No-Nobusada. I will have you take responsibility for inspecting every inch of my body noja!"


Right when I was frozen by the sudden claim, she forcefully put her lips on mine.
My mind can't catch with the sudden progression of events. The sweet fragrance peculiar to women tickles my nasal cavity.
After what feels like a long yet short time, Kagura-san separates herself and speaks while locking eyes with me.

"This is a deposit. You will provide me one month worth of Dense Magic Water as your responsibility. I'll also make sure to compensate you."

"For Kagura-san, I don't really mind giving..."

"No, I'm grateful for the gesture, but you cannot do that. Did you know that high quality Dense Magic Water is one of the ingredient for Extra Potion and the likes? If I were to buy it, even 2000 mani a bottle would be cheap."

Eh!? It's that much? I won't have money problem if I make use of this... No no wait, spreading it carelessly would put me in danger instead. Quick cash scheme would bring in too many danger, let's not go with it. If those greedy Alchemist Guild bunch or something were to took a whiff of it, we'd have no idea what they'd do.

"Then, how about you put your body up..."

"Wha!? ...Un, t-that's one possibility... Being sought after by a gentleman isn't so bad in itself... *mutter mutter*."

"...and help me if I'm ever in trouble. Wait, she's not listening!?"

Kagura-san is muttering something, but I can't hear her well. Well, I'd be fine with her helping me as an assistant in my quest every time she ask the water.
Anyway, getting suddenly kissed was surprising. Wonder how many years ago was that, I didn't have one after becoming a withered old man in my former world.
My body now reacts too much, it's problematic though. However, my reason still manages to stop me from getting to the act right here right now.
I do carry the desire to make it happen some day, but I still lack so many things at present, gotta bear with it, bear!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-35

16-35. Earl Seryuu's Foster Daugther (1)


※ The part before departing off Garleok City in the previous chapter has been revised, please have a look if you're curious
<TLN: Updated part has been added with *update* keyword on the translation here.>

Satou here. There was this time I was surprised to see the scenery in my hometown changing more than expected when I came back after a long time.
Especially when places you often went to play as a kid turned into a mansion or a skyscraper, feels like your memories have been polluted doesn't it.

"Master, look over there!"

Arisa who's bending her body forward at the coach seat box shouted out loud while pointing at the megalith formation ahead.

It's a ruin from the era of ancient Orc Empire that looks like three-stranded torii-like stones.
We found it when we began our journey off Seryuu city back then.

"A broken Travel Gate huh.... This takes me back."

We're currently heading to Seryuu City after receiving Zena-san's messages.
After confirming the situations using the Map and through space magic, it didn't seem like an emergency so we decided to go on a wagon like when we departed Seryuu City per Arisa's suggestion.

Only the same members who left Seryuu City back then are coming with me.
Lady Karina wanted to go with us too, but she was dragged somewhere by the princess and Sera, saying that they needed a fitting adjustment for a new dress or something.

"The way Master now, you could fix it right?"
"Well yeah, I could."

I can fix or even make a new one, but I don't plan to do so for the time being.
A Travel Gate would need a vast amount of mana to activate, and since the mana from Seryuu City's Source is currently being siphoned by the [Devil's Labyrinth], doing so would be bad in many senses.

"Think we can see Seryuu City soon?"
"Oh we still have around a hour left."

Wagons are slow after all.

"Show me your ID--Hm? You look familiar."

Knight Soun was the one who stopped us at Seryuu City's gate.
If I'm not mistaken, he was also the one who processed my entry when I first came here.

"I remember now! You're Miss Zena's friend aren't you."

Knight Soun who smiled manly had a look like he recalled something and then he sent a pitying look at me.

"Well, this world doesn't consist of only bad things, don't let it get to ya."

Not understanding what Knight Soun who whacked my back was meaning to say, I involuntarily tilted my head in confusion.

"More importantly, let me have your ID."

I give my ID to him.

"Silver ID?"

Knight Soun look puzzled for a second but that quickly changed into shock.

"E-earl-sama? O-on top of that, Earl Pendragon? That Demon Lord Slayer, Pendragon?"

The shaken Knight Soun's eyes make repeated round trips between the ID and me.

"--Ah, no. Please excuse my impoliteness. Your excellency Earl Pendragon! Allow me to guide you to the castle!"

Knight Soun apologized for his rudeness, sent a gatekeeper to deliver a message to the Earl Castle, and called another gatekeeper to bring his horse here.

"No, just send a message there. I still have some business to take care of, I plan to visit the Earl once it's over."

I firmly refused Knight Soun who was still trying to guide us, then we brought our wagon to the Gate Inn.
The inn that was destroyed by monsters during the Divine Punishment has been completely rebuilt now.

"There's Yuni here nodesu!"
"Eh? Tama-chan? And Pochi-chan too!"

Tama and Pochi found the maid Yuni who was sweeping the front door, they jumped off the wagon and ran to her.

"What's wrong Yuni? Why'd you throw your broom--Satou-san! Mom, it's Satou-san!"

The Gate Inn's poster girl who came out of the door, Martha-can hugged me as I got off the wagon.

She's still the same--no, she's grown up nicely in the last two years.
It shouldn't be long till she surpasses Gate Inn's landlady (Morta)-san.

"It's been a while, Martha-chan. Did the inn undergo a renovation?"
"Un, many things happened while Satou-san wasn't around. You're staying here right? Let's talk a lot inside!"

Martha-can pulled my arm into Gate Inn.
She's as forceful as always.

"Lulu, please park our wagon in the courtyard. Mia, you can go ahead and greet the Manager if you want to."
"Yes, I understand."
"Nn, I'm going."
"Mia, I will go with you so I inform."

Looks like Nana will be Mia's escort.

"Oh my, long time no see. I'm really grateful for the other day."

Gate Inn's landlady said her thanks for the souvenirs I sent along with the letter for Yuni.

"No no, it was just an extra with the letter. Do you have rooms for eight people today?"
"A-aah--I'm sorry, but we only have rooms for four today."

The landlady looked awkward as she said that.
By the way, according to the Map, half of the rooms here are available.

--Ah, right.

I had forgotten since we were able to normally stay in inns everywhere we went to, but demi-humans besides Fairykin are persecuted in Seryuu City and can't even stay in a lodging.


Liza silently readied her spear when I called her.
The landlady and the other girls got frightened when they saw that.

"Not that. Your ID."
"I-I'm sorry."

I got Liza who interpreted me wrong to put her spear back and urged her to show her ID to the landlady.

"ID? --Honorary Viscountess Kishresgalza? Are you serving as a retainer of a noble somewhere?"

The landlady is looking restlessly to behind Liza.

"That's not it, that's her ID you see."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I showed my own ID as I said that.

"Earl? Satou-san--no, Satou-sama was a noble all along?"
"Amazing! Earl, it's that earl right? Satou-san, you're amazing!"

The landlady's face went pale, but Martha-chan is looking ecstatic.
Martha-chan takes my ID and reads the words one by one.

"Tama too~?"
"Pochi too Pochi too, she's a hororary barrelnet nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi tout out their own IDs as they line up next to Liza.
Pochi got honorary baronet wrong but since no one came forward to correct her, I'll tell her about it later.

"I-I can't believe it... Lizardkin and beastkin, nobles?"
"Uwaa! Mom! Mom, hey mom! It's amazing! Pendragon! Satou-san was Earl Pendragon-sama!"

Martha-chan beat the landlady's shoulder who seemed to find it unbelievable.
I know that you're excited and all, but now the neighbors are peeking here curiously due to the commotion you're making at the Inn's front door.

"By Pendragon--you mean that Demon Lord Slayer?"
"Yes, that's correct."

I gave an affirmation to the landlady.

"Then, one of Earl Pendragon's Knights, the lizardkin who won over Julberg-sama is--"
"That's me."
"Tama is a ninja~?"
"Pochi is a samurai nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi made an appeal next to Liza who nodded.

"Which means, you girls are the demon lord slayers?"
"Yes, we were granted peerage as a commendation for the feat."

Looks like she's acknowledged that Liza is Honorary Viscountess Kishresgalza.

"And so, would it be alright if we stay here?"
"Y-yes, since you're nobles, anyone who has a problem could be silenced--"

Just as I thought, some people would have a problem with it huh.

"--But, wouldn't it be better for noble-sama to stay at a high-class inn at the other side of the inner wall instead of our commoner inn?"
"No, we're planning to visit the castle tomorrow so--"

We're probably only staying for one night anyway, I'd rather stay at a place with memories than somewhere slightly more luxurious.

I follow after Martha-chan who's showing the way to our room and head to the stairs, but Pochi and Tama aren't coming for some reason.

"--Pochi, Tama. Over here."
"Not at the stable nanodesu?"

They looked dejected somehow.
Later when I asked them, apparently, they wanted make a bed of straws at the stable and bounce around in it.

"Will maid-san stay in the same room too?"

Lulu reflexively answered Martha-chan.

"Ahaha, Lulu is a noble too like us you know."

Arisa corrected her in Lulu's place while laughing.

"No way! She's a noble yet she drives the wagon?"
"We usually have a dedicated employee for it, but she asked to hold the rein for today since she was feeling nostalgic."
"Hee, really."

Martha-chan who got it apologized to Lulu, "I'm sorry for my mistakes."

After leaving dummy baggage in the room, we went to the [Handymen] where Mia and Nana were waiting.

"Long time no see, Satou-san--no, your excellency Earl Pendragon."

Handyman Nadi-san bowed like a court maid after saying that.
Looks like this knowledgeable girl is well versed in such etiquettes too.

"It's been awhile, Manager."

The manager of Handymen, Elf Yusalatoya-shi saluted while sitting in the sofa.


The Manager gave his thanks while lifting up a bundle of letter and souvenirs.
All of them are stuff his relatives and friends entrusted to me when I came to Boruenan Forest to visit Aze-san.

Nadi-san offered us chairs and everyone had tea together.
By the way, the tea cake was my handmade.

After a bit of pleasant chat, the door was flung open and a boy in military officer outfit jumped in.

"Is his excellency Earl Pendragon here!"

He looks familiar.

The military officer boy muttered, "Black hair, foreigner-like features--no doubt about it", and then he bowed at me.

"Long time no--"

Oops, not good.

"--No, this is the first time we met face to face isn't it."

I gloss over my blunder with the help of [Poker Face] skill sensei, get off of the sofa and turn to the boy.

"Nice to meet you, Yukel Marientail-dono."

That's right, this military officer boy is Zena-san's younger brother.
I've met him before as Kuro, but this is our first meeting with me as Satou.

"I've been hearing a lot about you from your sister, it didn't feel like this was our first time meeting."

After saying that, I introduced myself with full name.

"I have been tasked by Earl Seryuu to welcome his excellency Pendragon. Would you be willing to grace us with your presence?"
"Yes, of course."

I gave an affirmation to the nervous-looking Zena-san's younger brother and turned around to the girls.

"Well then, I'll be heading out for a bit to meet Earl-sama."
"I will accompany you Master."
"Leave it to me~?"
"It's like having 100 men with Pochi around nanodesu."
"Proceeding to escort Master, so I announce."
"Ah no, I'll be fine without an escort."

All of them immediately offered their company, but since there should be nothing dangerous about this, I tell them that there's no need for escorts.
It may be a bit cold, but I need them to do something else.

"Should I go with you? It won't look good on you if you don't have any escort with you, you know?"
"Then, I will go."

Arisa was right, so I took her and Lulu with me.
Mia looked like she wanted to go too, but since it had been awhile since she met the manager, I told her to stay at the [Handymen] for.

"Now then, let's go."

We got on board an open wagon parked outside the Handymen and I urged Yukel boy who was riding a horse to depart.

Now then, just what is waiting for us at Earl Seryuu's castle.
Judging from my conversation with Zena-san through Telephone, she sounded hesitant about something, so it's probably something to do with either Yukel boy's engagement or Zena-san herself.

Well since a pointlessly vast amount of capital and authority have been falling my way lately, I can generally guess what it is about, and I won't hesitate to use them if it's for the sake of my friend, Zena-san and her family.

It'd be nice if it's something simple and easy to solve though.

I muttered quietly while looking up at Earl Seryuu's castle that had come into view.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Strongest Sage, Hunts Efficiently


"I see, so there's no limit to how many quests you can take huh. ...What's the highest ranked quest a Rank G can take?"

"It is one rank above, which means Rank F. ...If you're a newly registered adventurer, we recommend accepting simple quests first, however."

"...Gotcha. Thank you for the advices."

I turn around after saying that.
There, Alma carrying a huge amount of quest tags is standing.

"I've got the quest tags with me here! These should be all of the subjugation quests for Rank F!"


I look over the quest tags.
There's around 50 of them in total.

We need to pick quests that can be cleared quickly among these.
Having to go around looking for monsters that aren't in the neighborhood will take too much time to rank up.

"This, and this..."

I probe the surrounding mana and remove quest tags with monsters that don't seem to be around.
Eventually, only 34 remain.

"We'll take these."

I collected them all, put it on the guild desk, and declared so.

"Er... Were you listening to what I said?"

"I was. That's exactly why I took out the quests that can't be cleared."

I point at the quest tags she's not processing.

"That's not the problem here... Well, I guess taking more than you can handle is also an experience in itself. The monetary penalty for failing Rank E and Rank F quests isn't that high anyway."

The receptionist stamped the quest tags as she said that.
Looks like things are going well.

A dozen minutes later.
We went to a forest slightly away from the town.

"Uun. There's not a whole lot of monsters here..."

"It's just an ordinary forest after all. But we might be able to finish this by the end of the day if we split up!"

Befitting of a site where quests for the lowest Rank take place, the forest itself is peaceful.
It's true that we might not be able to finish it in one day if we go about killing the monsters with the orthodox way.

However, I never had that plan in mind to begin with.

"No, we're not splitting up."

"We're not? But the monsters here are all over the place, it'd take a loong time if we don't split up...."

Iris pointed at a monster in a distant as she said that.
She's right, the monsters here don't form herds, so most of them are scattered over a wide area.
Splitting up would have been the wise decision if we were to hunt normally.

"Even splitting up will take too much time. Gathering those monsters in one place is faster."

"Gathering monsters... How are we going to do that?"

"Like this."

I invoked 『Enforced Detection』 to our surroundings.
However, it's not the usual 『Enforced Detection』 pinpointed to one monster.
I've completely forgone the control and just spread hostility to the surrounding monsters haphazardly, it can't even be called magic anymore.

As a result...

"I can hear some really loud sounds...."

"A huge number of mana reactions are heading our way!"

All the monsters around the forest perimeter are heading straight to us.
Monsters have completely surrounded us from all sides.

"Wait wait, what're going to do about this!?"

"Of course, annihilate! Let's split up!"

I plunge into the herd of monsters, cutting them up while also shooting magic at any monster within range.
The monsters here aren't that strong, so dealing them is easy despite the number.

For now let's annihilate all these monsters regardless of types and look for the quest monsters afterward.
This is the trick behind completing a huge number of quests in one go.

"Hold on, isn't this just way too many!?"

"Making sure they don't get close is pretty hard..."

Ruli and Alma seem a bit overwhelmed with the enemy number but they're smoothly defeating these monsters.
They're lacking firepower a bit, they likely get pushed back if left alone, so I'll be covering them.

As for Iris--.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

She's swinging her spear horizontally, mowing down any monster that dares to get close.
All monsters within Iris spear's range get blown away and land dozens of meter away, retaining none of their original shape.
...Yup. Doesn't look like I need to cover for Iris.

Thus, the battle continues.
We've been exterminating the monsters one after another, but the number of marching monsters isn't decreasing at all.
There seem to be more and more incoming monsters than in the beginning instead.

--However, the end is in sight.

Since the monsters arrive in relation to their initial distance, it may look like their number isn't decreasing, but that's just an optical illusion.
As monsters are finite in number, the end will surely come.

Around 30 minutes since the start of battle.
The monster assault suddenly halted.

Just three minutes ago, nearly 100 new monsters rushed in every minute, but now sometimes not even a monster came in a minute.

"Umm... The monsters suddenly went away, is it over?"

Ruli who seemed a bit bewildered at the sudden disappearance of monsters asked me.

"Yeah. Since the range of 『Enforced Detection』 is not unlimited, once you beat the slowest and farthest monsters, it's over."

I pointed at the herd of monsters we beat last.
Most of them are slow-moving monsters.

"It's true, the last ones were mostly slow monsters! Shooting at 'em was a piece of cake!"

Alma pointed at the last monster she killed.
The arrows Alma let loose on the monster are precisely stuck on its vital points.

Same things with other monsters.
Looks like Alma's skill with bow and arrows have gotten considerably better.

Now quests over... which would have been nice, but unfortunately, that isn't happening.

"...Now then, let's collect the subjugation proof parts. You three, split up and check if the number is enough to clear the quests. Iris, help with carrying them."

"""I understand (got it)!"""

Hearing the three girls' reply, I began to collect subjugation parts of the monsters.

Apparently, in this country, you need to bring a part of the monster to the guild as a proof of subjugation.
That part is called subjugation proof, and differs by monsters.

Since I've taken a glance at the list of subjugation proof at the guild, I rely on that memory to cut up these monsters' subjugation proofs and stow them away into Storage magic.
The gathering ended in 30 minutes.

"That's quite a lot. So, do we have enough?"

I can grasp types of monsters somehow by looking at their mana reaction, but the accuracy cannot be said to be 100% the farther they are.
With that in mind, I took only the quests whose quota we could fill, and as a result--

"Yes! ...Or rather, there's way too much of them!"

Looks like it went well.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-34

16-34. Garleon Union (10)


Satou here. It's quite hard to produce results that can make the client 100% satisfied. That is because, oftentimes, what the client said is not everything there is to it to their demand; their true demand lies implied beyond their words.

"Admiral Pendragon, look at that!"

The navigator called for my attention with a desperate look on his face.
Right when the tide had almost completely turned to our favor at the coastal waters of Garleok City, a gigantic ghost ship charged forward alone toward our ship, the fleet's flagship.

"It has the Skeleton Archduke flag on it!"

This seems to be a ploy by the Skeleton Archduke.

"I am Heaven Dweller, I know no defeat!"

The gigantic ghost ship opened its bow like a shark and then several ships flew out of it.
Those ships look familiar.

"--Pirate ships?"
"Admiral, those are the pirate ships we fought with!"
"There are some Union's escort's ships too!"

It's just as the first mate and officers said, the ships that came out of the gigantic ghost ship's mouth belonged to the pirate fleet and the escort fleet.
The fake Skeleton Archduke young man is on board of the leading pirate ship.

"What sinister looks..."

And those ships have all been turned into ghost ships.
The fake Skeleton Archduke seems to be muttering grudges with hollow eyes.

"This is the power of Skeleton Archduke...."

Voices filled with fear leak out of the flagship crew.
This could get a bit bad if it kept up.


Lady Karina who has accomplished her duty on the front lines unleashed a flashy diving kick from the sky toward the pirate ghost ships.
Then it pierced through not one, not two but three ships all at once.
Really, this scene looks similar to one from a classic masterpiece anime.

Eventually, Lady Karina sunk into the ocean while leaving a huge water column behind.

Looks like she did the kick without thinking what to do at the end.
That really is like Lady Karina.

"Oh no nanodesu! Karina is drowning nodesuyo!"

The two who were done with their propaganda work showed their face from my shadow as they gazed at the water column Lady Karina created.

"Sorry, but could you help collect Karina-sama for me?"
"Pochi will go to nodesu!"

As my [Magic Hand] can't reach that far, I ask Tama and Pochi to deal with the rescue.

"Kicking Princess went and did it!"

Lady Karina's reckless abandon quickly raised the flagship crew morale.

『Yea, please do.』

I gave my approval to Mia's suggestion.
Now that the morale is high, let's cull out the majority of the pirate ghost ships with Garuda's finishing move.

It may not conform with God Garleon's order, but faith and prayers to God Garleon should have increased enough after this much, and most importantly, we'd be heading straight to a battle with underwater undeads if this continued on.


The golden feathers of Garuda fly around as they cut up the pirate ghost fleet everywhere.
That's what I call a big haul.

"--Hostile on starboard!"

The navigator suddenly shouted.

Looks like the gigantic Ghost Ship is trying to forcefully push its way through Tempest and ram us.

『I won't let you!』

A golem ship controlled by Princess Sistina got in the way of the gigantic Ghost Ship, but due to the huge difference in mass, the golem ship got hit on the side by the gigantic ramming horn and sunk.
Though, thanks to that, our ship narrowly avoided the ramming horn and managed to avoid getting sunk despite the intense sparks produced from the colliding ship's flank.

"You lots, attack!"

Ghost sailors with scimitars in their hands are surging onto the flagship (ours).

"Filthy undeads! Extolled at Garleon Temple, I--"

The Temple Knight Commander gleefully intercepted them while naming himself.
Since this seems to be the final clash, I also draw my Fairy Blade and intercept the undead next to the Temple Knight Commander.

"You must be the 『Golden Wheel』 master!"

Skeleton Archduke carrying a bluish black adamantite rapier let out a thrust toward the Temple Knight Commander.
Looks like he mistook the Commander for me.

"You must be the ringleader!"

Temple Knight Commander's mithril sword clad in Magic Edge blocked a black string-like thing.

That black string comes from the Skeleton Archduke's shadow.
Since the Archduke doesn't seem to be a reincarnated person, he must have used a Shadow Veil lurking in his shadow.

I observe their fight while kicking and slashing the incoming Bone Knights with my Fairy Sword.


Skeleton Archduke's rapier went for the kinks in commander's armor faster than the commander could back step.
However, that rapier was blocked by a protective film created by holy magic that Knight Commander used.

"Hmph, holy magic huh!"

The Skeleton Archduke groaned, and then a crowd of beast-like Ghoul appeared behind him, and came rushing down the Temple Knight Commander.

"You damn coward!"
"Ridiculous! I'm merely punishing a lowborn, knightly etiquette have no place here!"

Skeleton Archduke laughed off the commander's protest.

Well then, that means it's fine for me to intervene too.

"Let me help."

I flashed the Fairy Sword and turned the Ghouls back into corpses one after another.

"Gununu, are you a knight serving the 『Golden Wheel』 master!"
"No, I'm that master in the flesh."

I take out the [Golden Wheel] from my bosom and let the Skeleton Archduke take a peek on it.


Skeleton Archduke is lunging at me along with a suspicious looking black aura.

I exchanged swords with Skeleton Archduke while jumping around left and right decks of the gigantic ghost ship and the flagship, scattering red and black sparks all the while.
After a few hundreds clashes, Skeleton Archduke stopped and opened his mouth while striking a weird pose.

"You measly aboriginal mongrel, how dare you fight on par with this strongest swordsman of Lalakie with a sword!"
"Don't think my birthplace has anything to do with my skills with swords though."
"Silence! Die by my sword, lowborn!"

Skeleton Archduke is enraged while moving suspiciously.

"--Phantom Rampage!"

He unleashed a buckshot like multi-stab attack clad in dark red aura.
Looks like his queer pose earlier was the initial move of his finisher.

With the fairy sword in hand, I duteously parry all the stabs of what seems to be the Skeleton Archduke's finisher.
Man, the sparks are dazzling.

This should be a good time to lower the veil of this battle.

"This cannot be! A savage's bastard sword parrying my blade, me a Heaven Dweller?!"

Well, I think even Liza and Tama could do it.


--It's a checkmate.

I sheathe my sword back after one final slash.

"Why are you sheathing your sword? Have you realized that you're no match for me?"

Skeleton Archduke dubiously posed a question as the red light inside his eyes flickered.

"Have you not noticed yet?"

Skeleton Archduke's body begins to crumble into black ash, starting from his fingertips and body surface.
And below his feet, splinters of a broken red magic core--.

"T-this is... I, Heaven Dweller promised with eternal life... dying..."

Skeleton Archduke who was looking down on his body lifted his head as red and black light gushed out of his eyes.


The shouting Skeleton Archduke charged toward me as a jet black aura wrapped his body.
However, his fingers disappeared into black ash before they could touch me.

"I told you, it's a checkmate."

After muttering something that no one would hear, I look around at the surroundings.
Slightly after the demise of Skeleton Archduke, the gigantic ghost ship crumbled and sunk into the ocean.

Several of the surviving pirate ships attempted to flee, but they were sunk one after another by Magic Edge Cannons of unknown affiliations.
I've put a [Golden Wheel]-like magic circle in front of the place where Pochi and Tama are, it should be alright.

--That's right, all in the hope people believe that everything is [God's Miracle].

"All enemies have been destroyed! This is our victory!"

The fleet crew cheered loudly when I declared our victory.
While I'm at it, I blow away a few dark clouds that hung over the battlefield, and let sunlight peek through them to make it look mystical.

Just to be doubly sure, I projected an illusion of the [Golden Wheel] in the sky once again.
I land the ship at Garleok City's port with that illusion as the backdrop, and return the Golem Ships back to the base using the landing water spray as a diversion.

I'll also teleport people whom I've sheltered on a hill visible from Garleon Temple.
Since it's bothersome, guess I'll also make them go with the pirates I captured?

"Glory to God Garleon!"

When we entered the wharf, people who had gathered at the port cheered for God Garleon while I was heading to Garleon Temple with the temple knights as the guard.

Since there were lots of houses that grew flowers in their garden and balcony, we were showered with flower petals until we reached the temple.
Makes me kinda feel like being a hero bridegroom or something.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Welcome back--God's Trial accomplisher."

When I arrived at Garleon Main Temple, the male miko--Shaman Sauani boy welcomed me.

"Now then, let us report to God."

I don't mind him casually trying to take me to the ceremony room, but I kindly flicked away his hand as he tried to coil it around my waist.
Sauani boy muttered, "you're so cold", but I pretend not to hear it.

Just like with the trial-taking ceremony, I report to God Garleon through Sauani boy.

『--Splendid. I bestow you my mark.』

His line was exactly the same as God Heraruon, but voices mixed with irritation and satisfaction, saying, "Overproduction", "Prayers enough", "Scheme lacking", "Faith enough", "Lack tactical reversal" also reached me at the same time, but since my goal is to clear the [God's Trial] and gather the Marks, there's no particular problem here.

> Title [Garleon's Mark] Acquired.
> Title [One Approved by Garleon] Acquired.
> Title [Garleon Saint] Acquired.
> Title [Garleon Apostle] Acquired.
> Title [Charade] Acquired.
> Title [Overproduction] Acquired.
> Title [Stage Director] Acquired.
> Title [Poor Schemer] Acquired.

Okay, I know that you can't get behind it, but please don't override the Title system just to show your dissatisfaction.

After a short dialogue with God, I return to my consciousness at the temple.
Lights coming down from heavens gather into one and transformed into a gaudy scepter.

I catch it as it slowly falls down.

According to AR readings, it's [Golden Scepter Garleauph], a kind of [Divine Treasures].
Just like [Golden Dagger Heraruseph] I got from God Heraruon that was adorned with a small Sun Stone on the grip, this scepter has a blue gem--Sea God Stone on its tip.

It seems to be a support tool for holy magic.

This would be a good match for Sera, but it's probably a bad idea to let someone who believes in another God to use a Divine Treasure of another God.

"Hee, this is the first time I've seen someone bestowed with a Divine Treasure."

Sauani boy who has come to stares at the scepter in amazement.

"Mind if I touch it?"
"Feel free to."

I offer the scepter to Sauani boy.
He curiously looks at the scepter from all angles.

The other priests and miko(s) around us are prostrating, what a difference.

"Thank you, it's really amazing."

Sauani boy gave back the scepter without a shred of reluctance.
The other priests and miko(s) looking so disappointed makes for an interesting contrast.

"If Garleon Temple wishes to enshrine it, I would love to hand it--"
"Naw, you don't have to. I mean, that's something bestowed to you by God Garleon, and most importantly, we now know that the Main Temple has the blessing of the great god Garleon and the invincible 『Golden Wheel』 divine treasure from this matter."

--I'm sorry, most of it was my own doing.

I feel a slight guilt to see Sauani boy's refreshing face.

The priests and miko(s) look like they really want it, but since none dares to tell me to push back Sauani boy, I put the Scepter into my bosom and straight into my Storage.


An image of him clicking his tongue flashed in my mind for an instant, must be my imagination.

I left Garleon Main Temple, enjoyed a banquet held by Garleok City, and departed Garleon Union.

<TLN: *update*>
"Sa-Satou! There's something between the clouds!"

Some times after we departed Garleok City's airport, Lady Karina found a black flying object in the horizon.
According to the Map info--.

"That seems to be a Saga Empire airship."

Moreover, it's a large warship type.
Think it's the same shape as the airship that Hero Meiko rode to the Weasel Empire.

Furthermore, a different summoned hero is on board of it. <TLN: not clear if there's only one hero or plural.>

"Did they perhaps come to save Garleon Union from crisis?"
"They might be."

I agree with the princess.

Since demons were involved, it won't be weird if heroes are mobilized.
There's probably no way Saga Empire would go on an aggression with the heroes leading.

After observing the situation for a bit, I change the airship course toward our destination.

"Here's your souvenirs."
"Uwaa! That's some fresh looking sea bream and octopus!"
"We have oyster and mussel too here."

Garleok City's octopus and shellfish are superb, I'd love to treat the girls and Echigoya Firm peeps with it.

"Did you buy them from the market?"
"Nah, the sea bream was from the mermaids I saved in the iceberg incident."

They went and brought fresh sea bream on the back of dolphins to Garleok City and all.

"How are you going to cook 'em?"
"Sashimi for the sea bream--but it'd get too repetitive if we keep eating that only, so I think I'll make half into carpaccio. As for the oyster--"
"I want it raw!"

Arisa who fears no stomachache raised her hand and insisted.
Well, even if she gets one, we can just cure her with panacea or elixir, so it's all fine.

"Got it. I'll put some ice on the platter to go along with it. Oh and sorry, we're out of lemon, could you get them for me."

Arisa teleported to the lemon orchard.

"Think we should stay on the safe side and go with paella for the mussel?"
"Yes, I'll give it my all!"

I hand over a basket full of shellfish to Lulu and think up the side menu while muttering, "Wonder what I should make next."

"Pochi is happy with either fish or shellfish like she is with meat nodesu."

Since the meat lovers Tama and Pochi proposed an amendment, I think about meat dish that goes well with paella.
Meal really is the funnest with your friends.

An urgent message came up in such peaceful times.

"Satou-sama! We've got a contact from Zena-san at Seryuu city--"

Looks like something happened to Zena who was visiting her home.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 39

Chapter 39 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Extermination Arc


After having a simple meal and short rest, I begin to ponder.

At any rate, we've got to find a way out of here. I look above and can't see the ceiling at all. The walls around here crumble easily, climbing them is practically impossible.
Then how about; I look at the tunnels around us. Dunno where they will lead us to, but no choice but to go into one.
However, the fact that they look to be freshly dug, unlike the cave we were in earlier, bugs me.
We should act with the assumption that something lurks there.

I change my Classes back to Fighter and Otherworlder, ready to rumble. Alchemist and such aren't combat-oriented classes, no point in leveling them here. I personally think Otherworlder isn't one either, but for some reason, the strength of my magic increases ever so slightly with it active. No reason not to use it.

"Kagura-san. For the time being, we have no choice but to go into that tunnel over there. Please follow after me from behind."

"I'm sorry. I am powerless in this form. I cannot even wield my spear."

She's crammed her clothes and weapons into her magic rucksack and carries it on her back. Even just that already takes everything out of her.

"Please don't worry about it. Tama-chan, please protect Kagura-san, okay."

Tama-chan bounced around, poyon poyon, like saying, 『Leave it ta' me. Master too, do ya best.』
Wait a minute, why do Tama-chan's dialect sounded like Kyoto dialect? I approach the passages, since this isn't time to worry about this ever-deepening mystery.

We chose one of the passages and went inside. After reaching many dead ends resulting in us backtracking many times, the one we're in right now seems to go deeper inside. This passage feels like it was dug in a hurry by something. It doesn't seem like it'd collapse on us anytime soon, but I probably should still come up with a way to cope with it.
Kagura-san is following me from behind in silent. As her steps had gotten smaller, I walked slowly without rushing.

After we've walked for a while. I heard something echoing at passage ahead.

I stealthily tip-toe forward and take a peek at the open space ahead. What unfolds below me is a gym-sized mortar-shaped cavity. And over there is ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant..... there's more than 50 ants. They don't look that big from afar, but honestly, this crawling swarm really creeps you out.

Iron Ant Lv6 x 53
HP:18/18 - MP: 1/1
An iron shelled ant monster. The so-called worker ant, with the lowest rank in the hierarchy. It has various means of attack, such as brute forcing with its jaws and acid, or using weapons it holds in its multiple hands. By the way, the weapons Iron Ants carry are made from the carcass of dead Iron Ant.

Iron Ant Queen Lv16
HP: 27/47 - MP: 28/48
Iron shelled queen ant. It gets stronger and bigger as it ages. Does parthenogenesis by consuming mana.

These guys are the culprits who dug these tunnels huh.
Each one of them isn't that strong. Queen's health has decreased for some reason. Is it giving birth or something? The only worrying factor is their number. I'm not confident I can guarantee Kagura-san's safety if all of that swoop in at once. Which means, I've got to deal with them all at once the moment the battle starts.

Hm? One of the tunnels across looks different than the rest. Maybe we can get outside from there. The problem is we've got to push through all these ants in the middle to get there.

"Mugugugu, this is quite an unpleasant sight."

Seeing me lost in thought while peeking down seemed to have piqued Kagura-san's interest, she also bent forward to look below.


As Kagura-san tried to move forward a bit more to get a better view, her foothold crumbled. I caught her staggering hand and pulled her in.

The soil fell down toward the ants below.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Oops, they noticed us huh. No time to ponder then.

"Hawawawa, I'm sorry noja."

"I'm not angry, but... Kagura-san, would you entrust your life to me?"

"Alone, I would have perished anyway. I do not know what you intend to do, but I will entrust my everything to you."

I actually didn't mean much when I asked her that, it was just to calm her and myself. Well, since I got a reassuring reply, let's do this with a bang!

The ants right under us are running up the slope while letting out unpleasant creaking sounds. We may not have the luxury of time, but let's do the chant to be doubly sure.

Invoking magic with a chant lower mana usage and increase its strength. Putting my own original chants on my modified magic gives the same benefits. Problems like fine control and power stabilization still remain in my modified magic development, but I'm gonna ignore them this time. No need for minute details coz I'm gonna hit 'em with maximum power.

"Flower of life in the valley of waves, Bloom a raging surge whirling in waves!"


The magic modified from Aqua Storm created an enormous amount of water that became a wave in front of me, washing and pushing away the slope. The torrent of water swallowed the climbing ants and even the ants inside the mortar-shaped cavity. All the ants have been gathered in the center of the whirlpool. Some had their limbs plucked off or bent in strange directions. Hahaha, look, these ants look like garbage!

Some of the ants spewed formic acid in desperation, but of course there's no way it'd reach us from there. But acid from huge ants sure is on a different level.

I shouldn't forget to knead my mana to get to the next step even while thinking something stupid. I gulp down a mana potion and put most of my remaining mana into the next one as the finisher.

"Haihoo-haihoo-chousan-buusan-nakamossan, lightning's coming. everyone's close get wrecked, everyone's far get wrecked!"

"<<Electric Parade>>!!"

Forgive me for the weird chant, came up with that after an all-nighter. I mean, I myself can't recall why the chant turned out this way. Tension's running weird after an all nighter. I'm definitely fixing it once we get back. I mean, even Kagura-san is looking at me with pitying eyes.

It's a magic modified from Thunder that completely forgo directionality. Since the opponents have been drenched and are made of iron, it works well without problem.
Using the water and the iron ants themselves as conductors, the electricity is let loose everywhere. Newborn ants have their limbs burned as they fall from the weakened ants. A few minutes later, Electric Parade receded, and heap of ant ant ant ant ant ant ant carcasses laid below in the mortar-shaped cavity. Mmm, arrivederci!!

Kagura-san is at a loss of words at the disastrous scene. Haahaahaa, honestly, I'm probably way more dangerous than the Onifolks.


Yup, and I can't afford to listen to the noGoddess's fanfare. I've got a bad feeling about this even though I'm the perpetrator.

"No-Nobusa... DAAAAAAAA!?"

I hold Kagura-san in my arms and run through the passage in a hurry. Hurry, hurry. I'm not slowing down while gulping down a mana potion. Kinda feel like my strength's getting better. Looks like my training with Master wasn't a waste.

I put Kagura-san down and have a short break along the way since I was losing my breath. I also take only the Queen's carcass into the rucksack. As expected of Queen. Its body is still intact even after getting hit by the wave. Monster carcass easily gets into the rucksack. Can't do it when they're still alive though.

"Nobusada, you're not going to take the other ants?"

"No well, there's something that's been bugging me, so let's get across over there quick. We're running again!"

"Wait, hold, aaaa-------"

I carry Kagura-san once again and rush toward one particular cave.
As the reason why I am in such a hurry. I mean, lots of ants, tunnels that are dug everywhere, a huge hollowed cave, and lastly the grand water magic I did. If you combine everything, there is only one possible conclusion.



Right as we approached another stairs after climbing a slope while gasping, sounds of something collapsing reverberated behind us.

Just as I thought. Guess it's only right after so many components of a landslide disaster gathered in one place. Even here may not be safe cause we don't know what after effect may come. I whip my tired body and climb up the stairs.

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