Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Tower of Trial  Carrying it Once is? (Third Floor First Part)


The third floor of the Tower of Trial. Five hours and 20 minutes remaining until sunset.

We entered the door and came into the next place.
Wind keeps on blowing. There's a huge space in front of us. It's larger than a concert hall.
However, there is no floor. Deep darkness spread everywhere. You can't see the bottom.
I tried dropping a pebble, but I couldn't hear its sound hitting the bottom.

A narrow 50 cm wide floor extends on that space.
The road is twisting like a snake until the door at the opposite bank.

There's a one-meter tall round pillar next to the door, a torch with green flame is relentlessly burning on top of the pillar. It's a so-called bonfire.
The flame is probably green because of magic.
<TLN: The raw is not clear on this, but it appears the door here is different from the other door mentioned right before, the one with the bonfire seems to be the entrance door.>

I notice the bandage on the old man's arm and ask him.
"Is your wound alright?"
"Yea, no biggie'."
"Just in case, I'll heal you with magic."
"You can even use healing magic! Yer' way too awesome."
I ignore the surprised old man and quickly chant, <<Complete Recovery>> and <<Detoxification>>.

Celica exclaims, wow while seeing the light emitted from my palm.
"I'm sure that Keika-sama can do anything."
"Don't rely on me too much okay."
"Yes, but that means, I'll work hard to be useful."
"Then go read the letters on the bonfire pedestal while I'm healing the old man."
"I understand."
Celica turns over and heads to the bonfire while fluttering her skirt.

Celica looks back while squatting down.
"Keika-sama, it's written that 『Light the candles from the flame on the bonfire and continue onward. Otherwise, the green door will not open.』"
"There are five of them behind the bonfire's pedestal."
"Five huh.... I guess they're not spares but we have to use them all."

I step on the narrow footing in the dark space.
I put my hand on top of the open hole.
A gust of wind blew, hitting my hand, fluttering my Wafuku's sleeve.
Does it blow from the hole below? No it's sucking in via magic.

"I see. The flame will be extinguished if we don't walk on the narrow footing huh."
I'd probably get dragged down if I flew in the air.

I'm thinking.
You have no choice but to carry them while concentrating. While paying attention to your hands and feet, and of course you also have to be wary of traps and monsters too.
--To whittle down the mental strength huh. Your nerve will surely wear down with this.

Celica stands up with thick candles of around 20cm long.
"Well then Keika-sama, let us go ahead. As there are five candles here, what should we do?"
"I'll carry them all."
"Eh!? But if monsters were to attack...."
"I'll do this--<<Floating Wind>>."
Fwoosh, the candles part way from Celica's hand.
The five candles float and move toward the bonfire.
They're lit with green flame.

Celica's blue eyes open wide.
"Keika-sama, you're amazing. This is the first time I've seen a magic like this."
"Is that so. Well, I figured as much."
I basically have more God's Arts--my own created magic than normal magic.
How is that possible? --Cause I'm a God.

However, the moment I got carried away, I suddenly felt dizzy.
I remain firm even though my legs stagger.
Celica shouts with her clear voice.
"Oy, what's wrong Keika!"

I was attacked by a sensation of losing strength of my body.
I look at the bonfire and the candle with <<Truth Sight>> at once.

【Bonfire of Green Flame】 You can go to the next floor by putting this magic flame in front of the Floor Door.
【Candle of Magic Vanish】 Keep the magic flame lit by consuming the user's magic power. The flame will become a normal flame if you release your hand or if your magic power is used up.

Tch, so it's that type!
I look at my own hand.

Name: Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto
Vitality: 614,600
Willpower: 531,204/566,600

Attack: 102,220
Defense: 143,620
Magic Attack: 184,020
Magic Defense: 42,620

My MP's decreased a whole bunch!
I had used many magic and kept using <<Truth Sight>> so it wouldn't be strange if it decreased by 10,000 but this is just too much.

I canceled <<Floating Wind>> on the candles except for one.
The candles fell on the floor. The flame on the candles that still had their flame on changed to ordinary orange colored one.
I kept staring at my status, my MP decreased again.
It became 53,0071. 1133 was consumed. 0.2% of the maximum.
Taking all the candles at once meant a decrease by 1%, 5666. No wonder it was intense.
I put it out immediately.

Celica's long blond hair flutter as she rushes up over the candles.
"Keika-sama what's the matter!?"
"These candles consume your magic power. Moreover, it's probably by ratio."
"Ratio!? Then that means, people who have large magic power will lose a lot of it?!"
"That's right.... Celica, try lighting one with the flame."
Celica picks up one candle with her slender fingers and heads toward the blaze on top of the bonfire.
Green flame lights up at once.
Celica's magic power is the lowest here. It's at 165.

Celica, the old man and I are staring at the candle she holds in front of her chest.

However, Celica's magic power isn't decreasing even though I'm looking at it.
It finally decreased by 1 after three minutes.

--So it's really by ratio. 0.2% of 165 is 0.33.
It was decreased by 0.2% in one minute, and after three minutes, it finally reached a number that could be observed.

I give her another order while nodding.
"Next Celica, light another candle with the flame on the candle you have in your hand."
"Eh... y-yes!"
Celica quickly understands, picks up another candle and lights it with the green flame on the first candle.

The candle that was lit from the flame of another candle had a normal orange flame.
"Flame from another candle won't be green colored huh."
"It's too bad...."
Celica looks disappointed with dropped shoulders.

The old man who was watching speaks.
"Since Keika seems to have a lot of magic power, you shouldn't use them up. There are five candles, so first Celica carries two, and one for me. Once we got to the end and came back, Celica and I will then carry one each. We oughta do a round-trip."

I look at the snake-like narrow road in the dark space.
"No we shouldn't. It looks like it'll take one hour just for a trip. We'd waste three hours if we do a round-trip."
"Then what should we do....?"
Celica looked puzzled, her blue eyes are fogged up with anxiety. Her blond hair glitter from the light of the green flame on the bonfire.

I grin and laugh.
"Of course we end this in just one trip! Like we'll waste time here!"

A dungeon that whittles down your magic power after your physical strength.
Reliably kill the prey after thoroughly weakening them.
It's truly a cunning and repulsive idea.

--Don't think I'll proceed as the demon king envisioned!

Celica's gallant face frowns.
"But how do we do that?"
"Like this."

I took a big step toward the bonfire and drew my Tachi while walking.
"--<<Tempest Blade Grant>>."
The Tachi is clad in tempest. And then I hold the Tachi aloft while staring with Truth Sight.
Celica opens her red lips, dumbfounded.
"O-oy, Keika, what're you gonna do!?"


The prop of the burning bonfire hit the floor.
The pulverized bonfire inclines.
I quickly sheathe my Tachi and hold the bonfire pedestal with both arms.
"It's slightly heavy."
I heave the pedestal and the bonfire which weights around several hundreds kilograms.
And then I lifted them off the floor.

Celica is surprised as she puts her hand on her mouth.
"Ke-Keika-sama! What are you going to do with that!"
"What're doing Keika! --Y-you can't be!"
I laugh after putting down the pedestal for now.
"If doing a round trip is a hassle, then I can just carry the bonfire with me. Besides, look. The flame is still green if it's carried with the pedestal."
"T-that's quite absurd..."
"Your idea ain't humane, in a good meaning. It's at God's or Devil's level y'know..."
The two gradually smile even while looking shocked.

I put down my bag and lift the bonfire on my shoulder.
"I'm going ahead, the old man should go behind me. Next is the big man. Celica will be last with the candles and my bag."
"I understand."
"Got it."
The faces of the two tighten once they've done preparing.
"Now, let's go!"
I step on the narrow road in the space while firmly carrying the bonfire on my shoulder.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Tower of Trial  Endless Encounter (Second Floor)


We went down to the second floor of the Tower of Trial. We have seven hours 50 minutes left until the sunset.
The passage is made of stones just like the first floor. Its height is unchanged at two meters, but it's wider at three meters.
However, I saw a white line on the floor when we got down and sighed in disbelief when I looked beyond it.

"What the heck is this...."
I look ahead.
Monsters are crowding together everywhere you see in the wide passage straight ahead.
【Sword Skeleton】 white skeleton that carries only a sword. It's weak but they come in groups.
【Gargoyle】 stone statue modeled after the devil. Hard.
【Skeleton Knight】 heavily armed black skeleton. Hard and quick.
【Evil Statue】 eerie stone statue modeled after the demon god. Hard and strong.

There's also some 【Recovery Bones】.
Its strength is the same as the one in the first floor, but the regeneration time is only five minutes.

--After a carnival of instant death traps, now it's monster encounters en masse huh. The incompetent idea is seriously like a shitty game.
Rather, the designer's train of thought is transparent. He must be wanting to kill us by all means.

However, looking with <<Truth Sight>>, there doesn't seem to be any trap.
I guess it's obvious. The monsters would have stepped on them.

As I was thinking while observing them, Celica stood up beside me after putting her bag down. Her beautiful face is braced with determination.
"Let's do our best, Keika-sama."
"Ah, of course--don't fall behind old man."
"For sure."

Celica pulls out her rapier for the first time. The blade seems rusted. However, I could see a silver blade radiating pure light under it.
The old man draws a dagger with curved tip.

I also unsheathe my Tachi. I sprinkle water from my gourd on the blade, the crest shines blue. I also pour water on the two's blades.
"--<<Wind Blade Grant>>.... let's go!"
The big man carries the baggage and follows us in silent.

I ran over the white line.
The loitering monsters are attacking like waves.
I swung the sword clad in wind blade at the crowding monsters.

Three of the monsters in the front fell victim to my Tachi, the other five behind them were hit by the wind blade, breaking into pieces.
Tremendous destructive power. Celica and the old man behind me stare wide-eyed in surprise.
However, the skeletons and the stone statues are not surprised.
They tread on their friends' bones, attacking in!

I exchange blows at a paper-thin difference against the swift sword attacks of two Skeleton Knights.
I swing the Tachi from below to top. The skeletons broke into thousand pieces.
The gargoyle behind me also broke down.

After swinging my Tachi for about ten times more, more than 50 monsters got destroyed.
However, we haven't even advanced a tenth of the passage.

I sprinkle the gourd's water on the blade once again, the crest shines.
"Hm? Old man, isn't there a hidden door on that wall over there?"
"What.... Ah, there's one fer' sure."
"Can you check it out. I'll hold back the enemy here."
The old man touches the wall and begins to investigate it.

I destroyed the advancing skeletons and statues one after another.
Since I couldn't move, monsters' wreckage piled up around my feet.

I'm thinking while fighting.
--I'm completely fine with this since I'm a God.
But if it were a party of a real hero, their stamina wouldn't last y'know....?
--Don't tell me!!

I shout out while swinging my Tachi.
"Old man, get back!"
The old man quickly stood up.
Right at that moment, the hidden door opened, and a crowd of 【Sword Skeletons】 appeared.

"Damn! --<<Gale Slash>>!"
I swung my Tachi, releasing a sharp gale.
However, it couldn't reach the skeleton attacking the old man in time!

The tip of the lead skeleton shallowly cut the old man's arm.
The old man swings his dagger while frowning. It pierced the skeleton's backbone, crushing it.

However, the second skeleton attacks immediately after.
The old man can't evade it--!
Filled with sharp fighting spirit, Celica's stab broke the skeleton's shoulder.  The wind blade activated, blowing away its upper body. The skeleton's sword fell to the ground.

My wind blade finally arrived.
Crushing the eight skeletons that were clattering behind the hidden door before they could join the battle.
"Are you alright!?"
"Yeah, this much is nothing."
The old man said that with regret on his face.
Celica rushes up and waves her neck.
"The cut is not shallow, I'll treat you."
"Please do. Meanwhile, I'll defend you here."

I continued swinging my Tachi while being wary of the hidden door.
Glank, clank, sounds of broken stones and bones continue to echo in the room.
No matter how much I defeated the monsters, their number hasn't decreased.

I clicked my tongue in my mind.
--They're just sending monsters without doing anything else!
They want to decrease the stamina of the party of heroes that's excellent enough to clear the first floor.

'What do you mean' huh.
A weak party won't be able to clear the heaps of instant death traps on the first floor. Especially the last stairs going up, they will certainly be caught up in it.
However, if a party is able to clear that, that must mean that they are a considerably sharp and able party.
Thus, the demon king stops stacking instant death traps and changes it to a method that will certainly kill the party by shaving off their stamina.

Humans will get tired if they don't get some rest, however, since there is a time limit, they can't rest even if they want to take it slow.

The next floor most likely will have battles that will whittle down physical and mental strength.
And then, when our energy and willpower have been exhausted--it's going to be a battle against Lapisia.
Normal humans will 100% lose.

A cold and cunning scenario.
"Just fine, I'll do it.... Haaa!"
I swung my Tachi and crushed the coming skeletons.

Celica and the old man come once they've done the treatment.
"We're done, Keika-sama."
"Sorry, I used the valuable medicinal herbs."
"It's fine as long as you're safe. Sorry for being a bit forceful, but we're going ahead."
Celica nodded swaying her blond hair.

I sprinkle water on my Tachi.
"O wind and water, abide by name--<<Gale Blade Grant>>!"
SWOOOSH, the Tachi is clad with violent wind.
After seeing that, I go forward at a quick pace.
A horizontal slash at the flock of incoming 【Skeleton Knight】 and 【Evil Statue】!


Swallowing the monsters behind them, more than 10 monsters were smashed into pieces.
"Alright, we can go!"
"A-amazing, Keika-sama!"
Her straight blue eyes were filled with respect.

I took a one big step forward, swinging the Tachi, and went straight ahead the passage.
The floor was littered with so many splinters of stones and bones, hiding the stone pavement below them.

After about one hour.
We finally arrived at the end of the passage.
There was a big double door, but it wouldn't budge even though we tried to push it.
There's no mistake that it's the 【Floor Door】, looking at it with Truth Sight.
The old man investigates the door, Celica protects him, I continue to kill the flocking enemy.

I shout at the old man in askance after defeating hundreds of monsters.
"Are you not done yet, old man!"
"Wait a minute, this door is locked with magic!"
"Hm, there's something written beside the door... kuh, can't read them."
"Kinmerrick-san, I will read it. --Please switch with me in the meantime."
"Ou, counting on ya'."
Celica swiftly moved, and then she crouched down beside the door with her skirt spread.
The old man protects her instead.

I speak while fighting.
"Maybe I should destroy the door like I did with the altar!"
Celica stops me with a clear voice.
"You must not, Keika-sama! It's written here that 『You will fail the trial if this door is destroyed』!"
"What! Then what should we do!?"

Looks like it's hard to read the letters, Celica twists her body while looking at the wall. Her skirt was rolled up, her white thigh could be seen.
"Umm, it's written 『Continue to defeat the monsters as much as possible to open this door. Otherwise, the door will not open.』"
"Nothing written about how many and how long we should do that?"
"Y-yes... that's the only rule--ah but. It's written here that the counter will reset to 0 if you don't defeat the next monster after the last one within one minute."

I shout out loud while half laughing.
Even for games, such a shitty game like this is very rare.
Filled with rage and indignation, I swung my Tachi from above with all my might. The released wind blade smashed monsters dozens of meters forward into pieces.
The monsters stop attacking for a bit.

However, I clicked my tongue when I realized my mistake.
I approach a skeleton and swing my Tachi. It broke into pieces.
I continued defeating several more. Until their number is restored.

If I used a big move, their number would decrease too much and the counter would reset to zero.
That said, I don't know how long it will last if I kill them one by one.
Rather, one minute huh.
We have to continue killing them without resting at all. If you were to take a rest, zero.
A party would be exhausted no matter how excellent they are.
Nothing to do with me since I'm a God though.

I laughed while crushing a stone statue.
"Fine by me. If you're going with that, I'll clear this no matter what it takes!"
However, I'd hate to follow the rule set by the demon king.
Like I'm doing it by the rule! I'll show you how I do it.

I went to in front of the nearest hidden door. I continue fighting in front of it for a while.
The hidden door opened, about 10 Evil Statues came out.
I look inside while swinging my Tachi.

The inside of the hidden room is a square room.
There's an altar in the center, and an orb as big as a watermelon on the altar.
It's emitting eerie black magic power. That's probably the thing that produces the monsters.

Since the door is closing, I quickly chant.
"--<<Magic Power Spring>>."
I pour my magic power into the orb. The orb immediately vibrates.

I went to another door while defeating the monsters.
I poured magic power like earlier there.
After doing that with three orbs, I slowly go back to where Celica is.

Celica tilts her slender neck, looking puzzled.
"What are you doing Keika-sama!"
"You'll see soon."
Right at that time, the first hidden door opened.

The passage is flooded with 【Evil Statues】. There are 100 of them.

"Hyaa! Ke-Keika-sama!?"
Celica screamed cutely in shock. Her blue eyes went round.
I twist my lips and laugh.
"These much are just right--Ha!"
I swung my Tachi. Blade of wind rages.

However, before they were all defeated, Skeleton Knights flooded like they were a muddy stream.
Celica grasped her hands in front of her big breasts, looking worried.
"You overdid it, Keika-sama."
"This much feels nice ain't it! --Tha!"
I swung my Tachi, blowing the Skeleton Knights along with their armor, I evaded their sharp stabs and slashed again.

After about one hour.
Suddenly, a sound of gong echoed.
Along with that, the door behind us opened while creaking.
I glance at it, but there were only a stairway in the wide room. Looking with Truth Sight, there's no trap. The stairs going up are also real.
"Old man, enter with cautions!"
"Celica too, don't let your guard down."
"Yes, Keika-sama."
After the old man, Celica and the big man entered, I also went in.

The three people climbed the stairs ahead.
And then, a sound of gong echoed again.
The walls on both side are lifted up, and from there, countless skeletons and statues appear. There's even some tall giant-like skeletons.

Celica turns back and shouts with disheveled blond hair.
"Keika-sama, quickly!"
"Yea! I'm going!"

I flew on the stairs while swinging my Tachi.
However, some 【Gargoyles】 flies and comes attacking Celica's back.
"These guy can fly! --Kuh!"
I swing my Tachi, producing wind.
--<<Gale Slash>>!

Bwoosh, the gargoyles collectively dropped.
We run up the long stairs.
The pursuing monsters pulled back halfway through.

A big door is waiting at the end of the stairs. It's not locked with either key or magic.
That's probably the door of the third floor.

Someone sighed, "Ha~".
I ask the old man.
"How long have we been here?"
"Been four hours since we entered."
"It still took two and a half hour even though I increased them that much...."
Celica speaks anxiously while frowning her shapely eyebrows.
"We might be pressed on time if this keeps up."
"Five and a half more hour left... We have to hurry...."

I grit my teeth strongly.
And then Celica grasps my hand. Kind warmth is transmitted from her smooth palm.
"Thank you for your hard work, Keika-sama. I know that we're in hurry, but why don't we take a quick break?"
Celica spoke as if asking.
However, her concern was transmitted to me. I understood that she was worried about me during the whole duration of the battle.

I loosen my cheeks and nod.
"Let's do that. ...Celica."
"Er--thank you."
"It's nothing....."
Celica blushed and laughed like a blooming flower.
My fatigue melt away just by looking that.

I heard the old man saying 'well well' but I didn't mind it.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The Truth of Tower of Trial! (First Floor - Later Part)


Our party continues treading the first floor of the Tower of Trial.
The old man who's walking ahead crouches down.
"There's a trap 'ere. ....This one's a trap where something will fall from above."
The old man takes out some tools from the bag on his waist.

I speak to his back.
"Strong acid will fall down if you step on the floor to the right, the center one, and the one near the left wall."
"....Stop finding them faster than the pro man. I'm losing my confident here y'know."
The old man smiled while saying that and canceled the trap.

Celica's blue eyes are filled with surprises.
"You're amazing, Keika-sama. Seeing through even traps."
The old man speaks while peeling the stone pavements off the floor.
"You're gonna be a great thief. Wanna train?"
"I'm not gonna."
I replied while smiling wryly.

We continued on for a while. While steadily canceling the traps.
After a while, we came into a slightly large room. There's a wooden box and nothing else.
However, there are human bones scattered on the floor.
I look hard at them. Status appeared.
Name: Recovery Bone
Element: 【Earth】【Water】

Attack: 1200
Defense: 500
Vitality: 700
Willpower: 0

Slash: A horizontal slash
Double Stings: Two stabbing attacks
Ray Sting: Stabbing attack that ignores defense
Recovery: Regenerate in 12 hours even if destroyed
"It's an enemy. Recovery Bone."
"What!? Such a powerful monster!?"
The old man was visibly upset.

With rattling sounds, the scattered bones are rebuilding themselves.
One blue skeleton warrior stands up. It's holding a sharp double edged sword in its hand.
Celica frowns and speaks with worry.
"It's alright. Just watch, Celica."
I put down the rucksack on my back and holds my Tachi in my right hand.
My Wafuku's sleeves sway, the sounds of my Geta are resounding.

The skeleton creaks and rushes in.
The sword on side--moving like it's going to slap--.
【Slash】 huh.

I make a large step and swing my Tachi matching the enemy--!
Sounding like hitting a rock, the skeleton's wrist spurted off.
With clattering sounds, the bones and the sword fell down on the floor.

I swing down my sword at the defenseless skeleton.

Hard sensation transmits on my hands.
The skeleton is split in two, from the cranium to the back bone.
Then it became blue sand and crumbled.

I sheathe my Tachi and turn back.
"Weak. Let's go ahead."
Celica's and the old man's eyes are wide open.
"Hm? What's wrong?"

"Y-y-you! Way awesome!"
"That's right, Keika-sama! Cutting down that skeleton in one slash!"
"Really? It wasn't that strong y'know."
Since we're being broadcasted and all, I tried to look like I was having a hard fight like a human would.

"Awesome. First time I saw a warrior killing a blue skeleton in an instant."
"Me too. Keika-sama is always surprising."

I scratch my head.
"Well, I was just lucky. Forget about that, let's press on."
"Y-you're right. Let us go."
Celica fixes her disheveled blond hair and pushes the big man ahead.

--And then.
The old man approaches the wooden box.
I reflexively look hard at it.
It's displayed as 【Item Box】.
"Is thaat something like a treasure chest."
"Right. The clue to go up is inside."
"I see."

There are a written paper, a key and a stone inside the wooden box.
【Equation of Truth】 Release Method 1.
【Key Parts】 Triangular Part. Three are needed to reach the truth.
【Dummy Key】 The door will explode if you use it on the floor door. The user will die.

Die eh.
Could it be that this third maze has many death traps in itself.
In order to legally kill someone they're paid to.
I somehow felt that.

I speak.
"Apparently, the key is fake. The paper and the stone are needed it seems."
"You knew just by looking Keika-sama!?"
"You serious!?"
Celica and the old man were surprised.

"Well, somehow or another."
"Amazing desuwa.... As expected of the man that will become the hero."
Celica's words were filled with deep emotion.

I speak while straightening my rucksack.
"Well then, let's go."
"Yes, Keika-sama."

We continue on the dungeon-like passage while canceling several traps and defeating many enemy.
Sometimes we got some items in a room.
These are all we got.

【Equation of Truth】 1,2,4.
【Key Parts】 a triangular pyramid, a cylinder, and a cone.
【Dummy Keys】 explosion, ice pick, heat oil.
This really seem to be a dungeon that can definitely kill the challengers. The dummy keys' effect are all instant death.

We fought many monsters, but I defeated them easily.
According to the two, the enemy were very strong by the Tower of Trial's standard.

The old man mutters while walking in the passage.
"Looking at the many traps, and the enemy's strength, this could be.... That huh."
"Do you know something?"
"Keika, you have a bad luck. This might be the dungeon to amuse the people by showing death to them."
"Ah, I see. So that's the reason."
I nodded.

Celica knits her brow and asks with a puzzled voice.
"What were they expecting creating such passages....?"
"That y'see. It's a service and direction to amuse the viewers."
"What do you mean?"
Celica tilts her head swaying her blond hair. It looks out-of-place in the dim dungeon, I think it's cute.

I take over.
"The people who are watching want at least one party to atrociously fail. Challengers dying is one part of the entertainment after all."

"H-how terrible! Even though the challengers are fighting with their lives to defeat the demon king--"
"I understand Celica's feeling, but it is what it is."
I pat her angry head. She bit her red lips in vexation.

And then we got to a place with tall ceiling after going left at a two way junction.
There are several round pillars.
There's an altar in the room.
With a big double door behind it.

"Looks like there's no enemy."
"Should I check it out?"
"No it's dangerous to go in. Let's take a break near this entrance."
You won't know it just by looking, but it can't deceive a God's eyes.
There are countless holes on the floor, the wall and the round pillars.

"Well then, let's rest for a bit."
Celica puts down her rucksack, and drink the water bottle on her waist. Her thin throat moves up and down.
"How many hours have we been inside?"
I asked and then the old man looked at something that resembled a compass.
"It's two hours."
"Quite long. Eight more hours huh...."

I look at the altar and the door with the <<Truth Sight>>.
The altar is made of white marble, there are a triangular, a round and a square holes on it.
There's also some candles for illumination.
【Altar】 a place to put key parts in order to continue to the next floor.
You will fall to the needle hell if you put in the wrong parts.

This is another instant death type.

I look at the door beyond. One part of the door is gridded, I can see stairs going above behind the door.
【Fake Floor Door】 a door that will definitely kill the challenger who's thinking of going up.

I reflexively laughed.
"Just how much of a shit game this is."
"Eh? Did you say something Keika-sama? ....Would you like some water."
Celica offered the water bottle to me.

I sigh.
"You'll die when you go up, you'll die when you insert the key. You'll die when you go to the next floo--hm?"
Leaving the water bottle in Celica's hand, I lost in thought.

--Why are the explanations of the Fake Floor Door and the Altar different?
Definitely die if you're going up?
Go to the next floor?

I suddenly realize something and raise my head.
"That means the next floor isn't above!"
Sharp glints of eyes glared in the room.

--The door with visible stairs going above behind it is a trap!
Normally you'd have thought that you must go up since the goal is on the rooftop.
And since you'd see the stairs behind the door in the room, you'd want to open it no matter what.

I unintentionally burst into laughter.
"Ahaha. The designer of this maze is evil to the core. Like he's the demon ki--"
My face turns serious.

I noticed the real reason why they're trying to kill the challengers for sure.
Not to amuse the viewers.
Not to assassinate someone they're paid to.

It's to definitely kill the superior candidate of heroes who might be able to defeat the demon king when they're still weak--.

--The designer is the demon king himself!--

My mouth warps, forming a ghastly smile.
"Enough. Going at this by the rule is just making a fool of ourselves--gimme that!"
I snatch the water bottle from Celica's graceful hand.
"Eh? Keika-sama....?"
She was trembling in fear from my sudden change.

--Sorry, Celica. This irritation won't settle for a while.
There's no need to hold back if the other party is the demon king.

"Get the luggage! We're going!"
"Y-yes Keika-sama!"
Celica and the old man grab the baggage in a hurry.

After making sure of that on the edge of my vision, I pulled my Tachi.
I pour water from the bottle on the blade!

The crest on the blade shines!

"In the name of Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto, o gentle breeze blowing in the ravine since the Age of Gods, gather into a bundle and form a gale--<<Roaring Tempest Slash>>!"


A huge wind is released from the swung Tachi!
it goes straight to the altar while whittling down the stone pavements.
Boom, it cuts the white marble altar in half.
The countless wind blades turn into a storm, blowing violently with the altar in the center.

Swoosh swoosh!
Countless needles are shot from the wall and the floor. Thin lights that look like silver threads fill the room.
However, the tempest roars and strikes down all the needles.

--And then.
The storm calmed down.
The floor is full of glittering silver needles.
The altar has been broken into pieces, and a stairs going down is opened below it.

I look at it with Truth Sight.
【True Stairs】 the stairs to the next floor.
"It was really below huh--"
I sheathe my Tachi while muttering.

Celica's blue eyes are wide open.
"A-amazing Keika-sama.... To think there would be a stair there...."
"Keika, you can do anything can't you...."
Well, I'm a God after all.
I take my rucksack and step toward the stairs.
"Let's go."
Celica, the old man and the big man follow behind me in a hurry.

We come to the hole where the stairs are and peer below.
Dim basement. I can feel presences of something moving.
Dry wind blew up, swaying my hair.
"Be careful."
Celica puts her hands on her big breasts and nodded seriously. Her blond hair powerfully shakes.
"Alright, leave it to me."
The old man replied with a fearless smile on his square face.

Healed by the two's voice that were mixed with trust and respect, I went down the stairs.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-40

15-40. Divine Punishment (9), Reinforcements


※The viewpoint will change to the later part of Weasel Empire on ◇, please take note.

Satou's here. I've always been scolded by my parents since I was small.
I got scolded for disobeying my parents, like playing at a dangerous river, going to a mountain and making a secret hideout, not tidying up my room, or not taking a bath quickly.

For me who have been scolded overwhelmingly more than I scold someone, whenever I recall those days, I ponder really hard why was I that unruly.
I might be oblivious of it, but the current me is probably thanks to my parents and teachers who patiently kept on scolding me of those days.

"--Geh, the country would be destroyed before the tsunami came."

I was shocked at the points shown on my radar when I teleported to the magic kingdom Raragi with Unit Arrangement.
On top of dozens of level 30-50 krakens, there's a peculiar super huge level 92 kraken called [Sea King] that covers half of the island.
Moreover, it seems this [Sea King] is a familiar of the [Dog-Head Demon Lord].

I have to exterminate them fast--huh?

For some reason, Pochi's marker is at the Weasel Empire.
I left her alone since there was no more considerable threats around Seryuu City, just how the heck did she end up getting to that place....

She probably fell into a trap of a third party, but more than that, I'm surprised that there's someone else that can move that far besides me and Arisa.

"For now, let's bring her back with Unit Arrangement."

I open the map and check Pochi's surroundings.
For some reason, Pochi and her white dragon Lyuryu are not the only ones there, Lady Ringrande, Sera's big sister and Hero Meiko, Saga Empire's hero are there too.
Furthermore, it seems a big airship that carries Princess Maryest has landed slightly away from them.

Since there are demon lords near them, Pochi was probably sent in to help Hero Meiko and Lady Ringrande.
Judging from the situation, God Parion is the most suspicious.

I was going to confirm the situation with space magic, but then the roof of Echigoya Firm got blown away.

"I've got to quickly clean up this side too."

Since my skill, [Threaded Think], only splits my thinking by multi-threading instead of like having several brains at once--in short, it's only at the level of an [expert of dividing works], it's not possible for me to do several things with a large burden like searching the map and using advanced magic at once.

『Master! It seems Pochi is outside Seryuu City!』

Arisa reached me with [World Phone].
She's like a windfall, I tell her the situation.

Meanwhile, I transform to Hero Nanashi figure and fly in the sky.
I lock on the krakens that come into my field of view with advanced force magic [<<Multiple Javelins>>], but the processing time is a bit slower than usual.

『Open a gate near Pochi, and bring Liza and Tama with you to retrieve Pochi and everyone around!!』
『Okay, I got it!』

Arisa willingly consented my instruction.
I recalled my worry hearing her somewhat high spirited voice, so I give her a warning.

『Arisa, I think you understand already--』
『Of course! It's fine, leave it to me.』

The Sea King's giant sea spear came flying during that time, so I smashed it with [Break Magic].

--Ge geh.

The [Giant Sea Spear] that got its structure destroyed changes into a mass of ocean water and pours down to the ground.
I frantically stretch [Magic Hand] and store the ocean water into my storage.

Arisa cut off the communication during that time.

I'm a bit worried if she's going to be okay, but let's trust Arisa here.

I release [<<Multiple Javelin>>] that have finished locking-on.
Now all the enemy besides the Seas King should have died off.

Since there's a tanned girl and a white skinned girl stuck on the Sea King's forehead, I can't eliminate it before rescuing them.

It seems a level 82 monster called [Flame King] has invaded the neighboring country while a Roc called [Sky King] is raiding the islands of sugar road.
These Flame King and Sky King seem to be familiars of [Dog-head Demon Lord] just like the Sea King below me.

Good grief, please don't leave these kinds of troublesome legacies behind.

While evading the train-sized arms of the Sea King, I go in to save the girls on its forehead.
The tanned girl is of an unusual race called [Half-Ghost], while the white skinned one seems to be a [Homonculus] like Nana.
I hurry on to save them while averting my eyes from the demonic breasts of the tanned girl that can even compare to Lady Karina's.

◇Weasel Empire◇

"Ja-jaan! Arisa-chan arrives!"

The one who appeared from the crack in space is a little girl donning golden armor with a red mantle.
It seems she doesn't have any intention of using her temporary name, Golden Knight Red.

"Arisa! Nanodesu!"
"We've come to pick Pochi up!"

The shock absorber installed on Arisa's golden armor softly received the full body hug of Pochi.

"--Arara? The situation seems chaotic isn't it?"

Arisa who's hugging Pochi knitted her brow looking at the surroundings.

"Forgive me, Nanashi--"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord who saw Arisa muttered in his mouth.

"Little girl, look at the eastern ground."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord pointed at the shining yellow giant.


When Arisa saw the shining yellow giant, fighting spirit boiled from within her.
Even though she's not using her Unique Skill, her golden armor is tinged with purple phosphoresce.


Hero Meiko is going to attack Arisa who's overflowing with purple aura.

"Nin nin~?"

Golden Knight Pink, Ninja Tama appeared from Arisa's shadow and evaded Hero Meiko's slashing attack with cast-off no jutsu.
No one in this place questioned the origin of the slashed large tree.

"It appears you are a hero, but if you're going to harm Golden Knight Red, we will keep you company."

Golden Knight Orange Liza who appeared after Ninja Tama said that while taking a stance with her white dragon spear.
It seems the girls who have teleported to the Weasel Empire are equipped with the highest level of equipment that they've been bestowed.

"Liza-san, please take care of that rampaging hero. I'll be that guy's opponent."
"That guy's an enemy! I absolutely must defeat it!!"

Arisa who was pointing at the yellow giant--God Zaikuon, raised her visor and shouted.

"However, master ordered us to go back once we retrieved Pochi--"

The two's conversation was cut off by the assaulting Hero Meiko.

"He might be wounded all over and dying, but that guy (God Zaikuon) is strong y'know? Even demon lords banding together weren't a match for him."
"How cowardly. Leave that guy to me."

Arisa grins and laughs.
A smile unsuited for the jovial Arisa.

"It's fine, it's fine. I also remember a promise I made when I was reincarnated."

It appears some kind of sealed memory resurfaced after she saw God Zaikuon.

"I'll show you the things made by our cheat Master when he goes all-out."

After saying that, Arisa flies in the sky with the support of her golden armor.

"Storage Dimension Release! Deploy Staff Warship!"
『Yes My Lady. Dimension Lock Release.』

The armor responded to Arisa and then the space behind her cracked.
From there, a golden staff in the shape of a spaceship appeared.

"Main Staff, boarding."
『Yes My Lady. Open Canopy.』

After Arisa said that while taking a strange pose, she disappeared before the Great Weasel Demon Lord and got on board the whole upper part of the Staff Warship that acts as a cockpit.

"Chanting support mode, set the power to the maximum."
『Aye Aye Ma'am. Transform Staff Ship.』

The bow separates, changing the ship's shape to look like a catamaran.
The 1024 Sacred Tree Stone Furnaces inside the ship go into full operation all at once, the warship's bow gets clad in blue light.

The yellow giant afar rises and looks at the airship, it seems that it has sensed the enormous magic power.

"You're far too late to notice now--『Over Boost』"

Arisa's body is wrapped in purple aura, that light also covers the whole Staff Warship.

"Because! My cheat isn't only the equipment! <<First Aria>>!"

Responding to Arisa's shout, one magic circle materializes on the warship's bow.
Apparently, she used an advanced space magic chantlessly.

Normally, [Over Boost] is a Unique Skill that makes the user put all their magic power into the next magic and make them helpless after the use, but with the Staff Warship taking over that burden, that risk has been canceled off.

The Sacred Tree Stone Furnaces that have used up its Sacred Tree Stones all at once are loaded up with the next rounds of Sacred Tree Stones.

Arisa uses [Over Boost] once again.

"<<Second Aria>>!"

The second magic circle materializes, the blue magic circle turns into purple.

"I've still got more, <<Third Aria>>! <<Fourth Aria>>!"

She chants advanced space magic one after another while overlapping them with her Unique Skill.
The Staff Warship is wrapped in purple aura.


Due to the excessive overuse of many [Over Boost], an unusual phenomenon happened to Arisa's body under her armor.
Arisa's double teeth grow a little, purple gem-shaped lines begin to surface on her body.
Raka Clone that detected the state of emergency is trying to send an emergency call, but that fails to transpire in this space where communication is obstructed.

The yellow giant who sensed the danger stepped forward staggeringly.

"N-not yet! Arisa-chan won't lose to this little pain! <<Fifth Aria>>, <<Sixth Aria>>--"

The beastkin girls who are fighting the rampaging Hero Meiko look up at the Staff Warship Arisa is riding worryingly.
The three beastkin girls are clearly stronger than Hero Meiko, but honoring their master's non-killing policy, they're unable to settle the match.

"--<<Seventh Aria>>, Merge Magic"

Arisa uttered that while having a dark laugh, and then the seven magic circles merge into one.
It appears she made chantlessly casting forbidden spell that should have been impossible to become a reality by chantlessly casting seven parts of advanced space magic spells.

"Now, die once again--"

The yellow giant creates multi layers of light shields in front of it.
Shields that it didn't use in its fight against the demon lord.

It shows how dangerous Arisa's attack is.

And then, the third purple light flows.

--Never Give Up.

A Unique Skill for the sake of defeating a superior enemy.

"Forbidden spell of space magic--『Mythology Down』"

A torrent of purple golden light are shot from the Staff Warship's bow.


Arisa fires the magic while enduring the enormous magic power flowing in her body.

The distorted purple golden light reaches God Zaikuon while erasing everything in its path.
The yellow and purple golden lights clashed for an instant before the shields of yellow light were broken.

The light not only overruns the Material Plane but also the surrounding Ethereal Plane, and finally arrives at the sub-space where the God's substance rests.


The God's scream echoes in the whitened earth.

The God's arms break, its legs are blown off and fall to the ground.

"A-a lone human winning against God!!!"

Seeing that scene, the Great Weasel Demon Lord shouted in surprise.


Liza was looking at the Staff Warship whose first half has melted and ceased functioning.
Still, thanks to the overprotective design of the girls' master, the cockpit where Arisa resides is completely flawless.

Arisa who's safe inside the cockpit stares up at the sky while leaning her body on the cockpit's seat without confirming the result of her attack.

"The sky is--"

The scene of clouds getting parted and a ring of light appearing from there are reflected on Arisa's eyes.

"--I'd only take wanko soba for the second helping please."

Arisa's hidden muttering reached no one's ear.

Even after receiving the barrage of dragon's fangs land mine and the anti-god magic, [Mythology Down] that Arisa used, the yellow giant, God Zaikuon still survives.

The yellow giant wrapped in light is flickering like it's at the end of its life.
Were it received several more attacks of the same scale, even a God would probably perish.

But the ring of light that broke through the cloudy sky overturned that.

Six multi-colored orbs of light are floating on the ring of light, a belt of light that materializes from that ring pulls the body of God Zaikuon to itself like the tractor beam from science fiction.

Several of the surviving demon lords tried to attack God Zaikuon with long-ranged attacks, but the cocoon-like light covering God Zaikuon thwarted them all.

God Zaikuon that arrived at the ring turned into an orb of light.

The seven orbs of light slowly begin to rotate on the ring, and then, the surrounding clouds are dyed with richly colored lights.

"As I thought, those light orbs are Gods--"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord couldn't finish his muttering.

A pillar of light released by the whirlpool of light turns the Weasel Empire into a deep deep crater, that forces spreads  unstoppably to the whole of Weasel Empire, changing everything into a wasteland.

That day, the weasel empire was erased from the continent.

※The next update is scheduled for 1/22.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Challenge! Tower of Trial (First Floor - First Part)


The morning three days later.
Parties of heroes candidates have gathered in front of the Tower of Trial. The average party has 3-5 members.

I saw Gaff as I was looking at the other party members.
He draws closer while grinning. Disgusting.
"So you didn't run with yer' tail between yer' legs."
"Back at you."

Gaff looks down at the old man and Celica.
"What, you didn't hire some decent adventurers? A senile old fool and yer' mistress won't do at all."
Gahahaha, he's laughing while insulting.
The old man ignores him, but Celica looks angry.

I laugh Gaff off.
"Aren't your members worthless? They look fit to be in a mountain."
U, Gaff holds his breath. But he immediately smiled.
"That Maz has challenged hero exam's Tower of Trial many times. He knows everything. Do you even have an experienced one?"

Maz... if I'm not mistaken it's the archer bandit.
Did he make him challenge the exams for the sake of this day?
"No need for an experienced one. We'll break through any trials ourselves."

"Heh, I'll be enjoying yer' dying moment!"
He went back to his underlings while grinning and saying that.
--I won't forgive this guy. Don't think you can insult a God this far.
I'll quickly clear this exam and advance to the tournament.

I'm challenging the tower with a party of four.
Me, Celica, the old man, and a big man.
The big man is taller and wider than me. His whole body is wrapped in black.
Everyone has a big rucksack on their back.

Still, there sure is a lot of people in the open space around the tower. It's crowded even to the main street. Lots of jeering and cheering.
Fido Grill stalls are making a killing.

Many monitors for the broadcast are installed in various places in the city, people are waiting for the start.
By the way, of course they're doing a bet.
The old man and Celica were going to enter too, but I stopped them.
I have two reasons.
One, the odd is quite low since the facts that I came in third and had a run in with Gaff were known.
The other reason is that I don't think the thing with Lapisia will go very smoothly.

After waiting for a while, a man in the prime of his life who seems to be the examiner finally appeared on the rooftop of the Tower of Trial.
He's moving nimbly contrary to his age. A deep voice echoes.
"Future heroes who have broken through the trial of 『Wisdom』. We will now begin the trial of 『Courage』. Break through all five floors of this tower and reach this rooftop before the sunset. In other words, only ones who cleared the tower in 10 hours will pass the trial. --Then starting from the first, enter your door! First turn, Gaff's party."
Cheers and jeers come mixed.
Gaff enters the first door while cursing.

The second party's leader is a robust-looking warrior with broad-shoulders.
His face looks dauntless. With a thief and a magician, they enter the door.

"Third, Keika's Party."
I immediately walk while letting the sleeves of my Wafuku flutter. My Geta are making rattling sounds.

People are cheering.
"Do your best, bro!" "Make it fun!" "Old man, I'll take care of Minya if ya die!"
"Shut up! I ain't giving my daughter to you!"
We entered the third door with a relatively warm cheering.

The inside is dim.
The floor is of stone pavement, the wall is made of stones too.
The passage's height and width are around 2 meter each. It's unexpectedly wide.
There's a big door at the end of the passage.
Candle lights are put on the ceiling at an interval.

I speak while looking up.
"Sure is convenient, we don't need torch or lamp."
"That is because the broadcast cannot be seen otherwise."
"Makes sense."

Celica straightens her rucksack and powerfully nods with her blond hair swaying.
"Let us advance, Keika-sama."
"Yea, old man, I'm counting on you to be the vanguard. After that it'll be me, big man and lastly Celica."
"Yes." "Alright."
We slowly advance while being careful.

I activate <<Truth Sight>> that can see through everything while walking.
Any kind of trap on the floor and wall will appear.
【Hidden Door】

"Oh? There's a hidden door this close by the entrance."
The old man turns back and replies.
"How'd you notice that. As expected of Keika."
"Can we use it?"

"There's a stair leading to the upper floor, looks like it's a maintenance facility. It can't open without specific key or magic."
"I see."
That means the stone coffin was carried to the upper floor huh.
In fact, I can't feel the unpleasant presence of that malice on this floor.

There doesn't seem to be any trap in this passage, so we continue on and open the door at the end.
The inside is a very big room.
About as big as a playing field of an elementary school. I can't see the edge as it's too dark.
There's another door inside the room. That's the only exit.

"What is this place....?"
"There's a signboard here...."
Celica points at the wall in the entrance.
Written is, 『Preliminary trial. Defeat the fake one to obtain the key. However, there is no penalty even if you defeat a real one.』

"Fake one? I don't really understand, but that means there's no problem even if we defeat them all right?"
"That seems to be the case, Keika-sama."
Celica nods, the old man replies.
"Just right fer' warming up."

"Nyaa", suddenly I heard a cute voice below me.
"Hm? What?"
There's a cat when I look below.
Its small and cute body is snuggling on my leg.
Its standing tail is slightly curved at the end.
The mark of affection.

"Oh my, why is there a cat in this place?"
Celica bends down and reaches out while staring at it.
There was no particular danger when I saw it with <<Truth Sight>>. It's just an ordinary cat.
The cat squints and rubs its face on Celica's white hand. Cute.

"There's no trap, nothing. I wonder if it got lost?"
Just when I was puzzled.
I suddenly heard rushing sounds from the depth of the room.

"Nyaa!" "Nyaon!" "Nyau!"
Countless fluffy cats came flocking like a tsunami.
It was not just one or two hundred.
Several hundreds of loveliness bury the hall.

The old man's eyes are lit up and he shouts.
"C-cats! And so many!"
"So we have to kill them to find the fake one!"
"Impossible! Doing such a thing to such lovely creatures!"

"Dammit, what should--uwaa!" "Kyaa!" "Foo!"
We were swallowed up by the cats without being able to fight back.
It's impossible to do anything in this wave of fluffiness!

I saw with <<Truth Sight>>, but the ones here were all ordinary cats.
Of course it's easy to kill them since they're weak.

Our actions are broadcasted to spectators through the monitors.
Their confidence would decline toward a candidate of hero who could kill such a cute creature like this!

"Kuh! So this is what a trial of hero about!"
It's really unthinkable for a human to come up with such an inhumane plan.
Underhanded! As expected of demon king, underhanded!

I shout at the old man while pushing the waves of cats.
"Old man! Do something about this!"
"T-telling me that--hawawa."

"Old man like ya shouldn't 'hawawa'-ing!"
But, I can understand that feel.
Lovely cats on the floor are crowding us. They're also climbing our bodies. On our arms and faces.
The cats are rubbing their bodies while looking affectionate.
I'm melting.
Feel like I'll ascend to heaven even though I'm a God!

And then the old man shouts in a serious tone.
"I can't! Sorry, Keika! I love caaaats! I'd rather die than killing them! --Hawawa."
The old man closes his eyes and disappears under innumerable cats.
--We've lost a valuable man. I'll pick up your bones later.

....Well I've somehow sensed that the old man loves cat.
Her wife was a catfolk after all, and he stopped being a bandit and became a honest man in order to raise her catfolk daughter Minya.

I look at the other side. I can see a blond hair that's half buried in cats.
"Damn, I can't become a hero if this keeps up! --Celica, can you do something!"
"Nyaaa, desuyo, nyaa. ...Ha! That's right Keika-sama! I'll help you now!"
Celica who looks like she's been charmed suddenly gets up in high spirit.
She shakes off the cats that have climbed her body and swiftly pull the sword on her waist!
She's taking a pose with the rapier as if threatening.

The cats are separated once, but then their tails stand up and they snuggle on her legs.
Celica's graceful face warps as if it's going to cry.
"Ah, so many solitary cats in a group.... I'm truly sorry Keika-sama! I'm a useless woman."
With that as her last words, she's buried in the mass of jumping cats.
--Celica, killed in action.

However, Celica's words hit me.
When you think about it, it's strange for them to get attached to us all at once when we don't even have catnips.
Moreover, the cats are acting too cute. They're accurately tempting humans.
It's most likely not just some remote-control technique.
Something that knows the situation must be giving detailed instructions in this place!

I shake off the cats and activate the <<Truth Sight>> once again.
I look at the cats who are rubbing their bodies while meowing.
The cats keep climbing up my body no matter how many times I shake them off.
Damn, cute.

--Found you!
There's a lone cat with a different status.
It looks exactly like a cat and acts affectionately together with the other cats.
However, it can't deceive God's eyes, it's displayed as 【Magic Doll】.
"Animal shaped golem huh--Haa."

I quickly draw my Tachi, and flash.
The sound of something hard being cut echoed in the wide space.

The cat golem breaks while scattering gears and springs around while wailing.

The other cats stop moving.
At the next moment.
They ran away from us all at once.

The ones that remain are the old man in heaven, and Celica who's gasping with her skirt rolled up and underwear on display.

I speak while sheathing my Tachi.
"Hey, we're going."
"Huh... hyau."
The old man rubbed his eyes and stood up, Celica fixed her clothes with a red face.

I take a silver key among the scattered parts on floor.
It's the key for the next door without a doubt.

The old man and Celica come to my sides and say.
"Such powerful enemy right out of the gate.... Keika yer' awesome. Noticing a doll mixed in them. That was dangerous y'know..."
"As expected of Keika-sama. And I was in mess, I'm very sorry..."
Celica said that while straightening her disheveled blond hair.

"Well that was probably a trap to waste our time and reduce people's confidence in us. What a dungeon with disgusting personality this is."
"How horrible...."
"Alight then, let's go--let me take that key."

The old man takes the key and opens the door in the interior.
A dimly lit passage. The atmosphere is different from before.
Looking at it with Truth Sight, it's full of traps.

"From here on, it's the real deal. Let's brace ourselves and do our best."
"Ya got it!"
"Yes! Keika-sama!"
Celica smiles with her blue eyes. Her white teeth shine.
It's a comforting smile that makes you smile just looking at it.
--I have to protect this smile.

I'm going to work hard, in order to meet Celica's expectation and become a God in this world. I continue on while strongly gripping my Tachi's hilt.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Celebration for the Exam


The royal capital Chloe is dyed madder red at the day's end.
I walked back to the inn after passing the exam.
Then I noticed a signboard [Reserved Today] put in the front.
I thought it was strange, when I went inside, it had become a party venue.

Tables are put in the center of the tavern forming a big one.
Many dishes on large platters are put on them. A one meter long fish, butter roasted shellfish, chicken karage, unknown meat on skewers with vegetables.
Appetizing steams are rising from every one of them.

The tavern old man who came out bringing a large platter filled with meatballs glazed with sweet sauce laughed heartily when he saw me.
"Oh, you're back! Everyone, here comes the leading actor!"
Celica smiled.
"Welcome back, Keika-sama."
"Keika Onii-chan... welcome back."
Minya was expressionless, but I'd like to think that she was smiling in her heart.

The other guests also congratulated me. A pair of man and woman who look like adventurers approach.
"Coming at third, you're amazing."
"Thank you."
For some reason being congratulated by people who don't know the truth feel embarrassing.

Celica comes to my side while swaying her hair. A white blouse and a red skirt. Since she's not wearing her armor, her breasts shake just from her walking.
She puts her hands on her big breast and sighs in admiration.
"Keika-sama is really amazing to come in third for the written exam."
Celica's smile was full of sense of respect.
The third place is a result of a fixed exam though, I thought as I scratched my head.
"It's thanks to Celica's support."
"No such thing, I only helped a little. The actual study time was only two days."
I wonder what my actual ranking is.
When I have some free time someday, I'll threaten the bald old man to tell me.

Celica's sparkling blue eyes are looking straight at me.
"Let's keep this up. I will lend Keika-sama as much power as possible."
"You've been quite the help already. Thank you."
I pat her head. Feeling her pleasant blond hair.
She smiled like she was about to cry, 'hauu', her whole face to her ears is red in embarrassment.

The old man raises his voice while smiling broadly.
"Now, eat eat! We still have many dishes! Drink all you want!"
WAAA~, the tavern is full of shouts of joy.
The old man goes in and out of the kitchen busily. I want to talk to him, but it seems he can't afford to.
I call the old man when he passes me once.
"Let's have a talk later."
"Got it."
After affirming that, the old man went into the kitchen once again.

In his place, Minya came out with some fruits and went to my side. She presents a red fruit that looks like plum to me.
"This... tasty. For onii-chan."
"Thanks. --Hm, is this sweet?"
Minya nodded. Her ears are standing upright, paying attention.
I took a bite. Fruit juice overflows. It's sweet yet the citrus-like fragrance that spreads in my mouth quenches my throat.
"It's really tasty."
"Red juice, stain on cloth is bad.... watch out."
"Got it. It tastes good, but the color sure looks odious."
According to Truth Sight, this seems to be 【Rubera Fruit】. There's no particular effect. Besides its producing area and price, it's only written that it's tasty and juicy.
I bite it once again in relief. While being careful with the red juice.

"....Keika Onii-chan."
"Hm? What is it?"
Minya stares up with her big black eyes while keeping silent. Her ears twitched. Her black tail is shaking like it's undulating.
And then she speaks up.
"Become a hero, beat, bad people."
"Is that your wish?"
Her tail flexibly stood up. As if showing her determination, it's slightly shaking.
"Understood. In my name, I will grant thee thine wish."
"....Thank you, onii-chan."
With slightly reddened cheeks, she went back to the kitchen with her tail still standing up.

And the buffet party continued.
The other guests are eating and drinking while having pleasant chats. I listened to various useful stories about monsters, dungeons and the hero exams that come after this from many adventurers.

The sweet fruit wine I drink at times pleasantly pervades my body.
Celica keeps accompanying me and diligently brings me alcohol and dishes.
"I've brought some Fido Grill."
"Oh. Thanks. ....Om...yup, this nostalgic taste is good. --Rather, Celica, you won't be able to eat if you keep serving me."
"It's alright, there's so much food, I can eat later...."
"These Takoyaki and Fido Grill won't taste as good when they're cold--here."
I push the bitten Fido grill in front of Celica.
Her eyes are wide open.
"What's wrong? Look, the inside is the tastiest."
"No, well... um."
Her shapely eyebrows are lowered, she looks troubled.
I move the Fido Grill closer to her cute mouth.
"Here, aan."
"Au.... A-aan."
She closes her eyes with the long eyelashes.
She opens her red lips elegantly and takes a bite.
And then, her moist blue eyes look up at me while her small mouth is chewing.
The gently-sloping cheeks are tinged with red as if she's just taken a bath.

....I wonder why.
It felt like I was bullying her even though I was just feeding her.
But, since I want her to eat them before they're cold, I push another dish after tasting it once. She groaned, "Uu", like she was about to cry.

We ate one Fido Grill together alternately.
However, she declined the last bite shaking her head and crouched down on the floor. Her blond hair is spread on her thin back.
"Mou, I can't believe you Keika-sama."
I activate <<Truth Sight>> in a hurry and look at my own palm.

Name: Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Race: All Gods
Job: God
Class: Master Swordsman  God Monk
Element: 【Noble Wind】 【Clear Stream】 【Faint Gleam】

Strength: 51110(+1110)
Agility: 718100(+1810)
Magic: 92010(+2010)
Wisdom: 21310(+1310)
Believers: 3

Good, my believers haven't decreased.... don't tease me.
Rather, it's increased!?
1110 Strength, 1000 is from a chaste holy elemental girl, Celica, and for the remaining 110, 100 is from a chaste girl who is not of light elemental Minya, and the old man gives 10.
Umu, do it. Respect me more.

For now, I'll apologize to Celica since she looks troubled.
I like Celica's smiles, I'll be at a loss if I can't protect it anymore.
I pat her head as she's crouched down.
"I'm sorry, Celica. I won't do it again."
"You're terrible.... When it's just the two of us.... More--"
The last of her words were too quiet I couldn't hear it.
And then she looks down with a red face. Her face is covered by her blond hair.
I don't really understand what's going on, but since she looks okay now, I'll let it go.

Still, Celica's face tends to become red, does she have blushing syndrome. Or is it an illness?
It'll be troubling if she collapses.
I should use the <<Complete Recovery>> magic later.

The party continues until midnight, more and more people get back to their rooms.
Since Celica also looks sleepy, I ask her to go back.

Only me and the tavern old man remain.
In the unpopulated tavern. The room after the party is over seems lonely somehow.
There's no pedestrian, it's very quiet.
The wind rattles the windows sometimes.

The old man and I are sitting side by side on the counter.
Drinking while snacking on the cold Fido Grills.

I ask him about the question I have in mind.
"Still, old man. Isn't it too pompous for just passing an exam?"
"Being one of the 32 people is already splendid in itself... It was also an apology y'see."
His later words were quieter.
Apology.... In other words, he couldn't assemble the party members huh.

"It can't be helped. Unlike the usual year, they accelerated the schedule."
"I'm ashamed. I couldn't contact half of them, and the remaining ones had already been hired for large amount of money."
"Well, I probably can clear it alone...."
I wonder if I could escape the instant death trap while protecting Celica.

Moreover, I can't use Senrigan since it would make me see the inside of the stone coffin. Not being able to go straight to the maze's exit will be hard.
However, since I can use the Truth Sight, I can detect all the traps, hidden doors and treasures.
....I feel this is already cheat enough.

The old man drank the alcohol in one gulp.
"However, a promise is a promise. It's a shame for a man if he can't keep his promise. Besides, you'll have a tough time in the Tower of Trial if you don't have anyone with Thief skills."
"Do you have someone in mind?"
The old man points at himself.
"Take me."
"Wha! Old man!?"
"I was a bandit leader in the past you know."
"Many things happened.... I started a business here 13 years ago."
"Looks like it's related to Minya."
Minya is 13 year old.

The old man's eyes are warped in agony.
"....It was the last will of my wife.... Raise this child at somewhere decent, she asked."
"So it's like that--don't tell me, those bandits are."
A filthy unshaven face that I saw just recently flashed in my mind.
The old man gulped the alcohol and sighed.
"That's why I couldn't refuse that Gaff. He threatened he'd expose my past."
"I see. I guess you couldn't do anything about that."
The old man shook his head when I cheered him. His short hair swayed, and he drank the alcohol in one gulp. He flung the cup on the counter.

"That's wrong Keika! I was taken aback by what you said! I noticed my mistake when you told me 『do you still call yourself a father then?』! That's right, I'm Minya's father before this tavern's owner! I shouldn't have been afraid of losing my business, I should have fought to protect my daughter! It really opened my eyes. For the past decade, I had forgotten the most important thing cause I was desperately trying to run this shop."
"I see.... I'm glad for you."
When I agreed with him, the old man stared at me with slightly drunk eyes.
"That's why take me along. I'll definitely remove the traps."
"--Understood. I'm counting on you."
"Ou yo."
The old man pour alcohol in two cups.
We toasted without minding which started it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-39

15-39. Divine Punishment (8), Dog Hero Pochi


※This time it's not from Satou's perspective

"Choiyaa, nanodesu!"

Blue and purple sparks dyed the battlefield.
Breaking through the reverberation of the distorted space, numerous holy swords assail the demon lord's sword arms.

Golden Knight Yellow and her split bodies unleashed a single blow on the sword demon lord, landing behind it.


The sword demon lord sets up the reverberation traps using Space Magic that Pochi and her split bodies ignored like a trick in front of them once again.

Her split bodies might have decreased, but there's still 47 of them remaining.

"This much is nothing nanodesu!"

Pochi and her split bodies accurately see through the space traps and annihilate them with their holy swords.

"It's father bought the sacrifice of 72 pudding-sans nodesuyo."

Pochi probably mistook [Chichikawareta (father bought)] for [Tsuchikawareta (As a result of)].
If this were a web novel, there's no doubt that comments correcting the typo would pour in like rain.

The desperate struggle against the purple haired girl, Arisa and her [Game of Tag] flashed in Pochi's mind.
Every time she lost a fight, her snacks and puddings were mercilessly taken.

"direct match DWEEDgozaru."

The sword demon lord's arms increased to six, each arms held a different weapon.

"Yes, nanodesu."

Together with the 47 split bodies, she shifts to close combat against the sword demon lord.
It's a high speed battle that no ordinary human can see.

The split bodies disappear one after another, but each of them damaged the sword demon lord.

"Uwaa, I can't move well."

Hero Meiko also wanted to participate in the battle, but she couldn't get used to her tripled stats and fell to the ground many times.

"Ugege, watch out you."

Hero Meiko futilely shouted while evading the raining Magic Edge Cannons and the sword demon lord's flame bullets with her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility].

"Uwawa, nanodesu."
"emperor DWEEDgozaru."

The Great Demon Lord who had lost its lower body was blown to between the two who were fighting fiercely.

"The big meat-san came nodesu."

Pochi who had lost a lot of calorie from the high speed battle licked her lip under the helmet.

The blown salt disappeared, the intellectual eyes of the Great Weasel Demon Lord look at Pochi from below.

"Golden armor...."
"Meat-san talked nodesu!"

Pochi was surprised.

"Are you an attendant of Hero Nanashi?"
"Yes nanodesu! Pochi is Master's sword, Golden Knight Yellow nanodesu!"
"Is that right."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord partly closed his eyes after hearing Pochi's answer.


Hero Meiko wrapped in blue light is about to cut the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

A clear sound echoed in the battlefield, purple and blue light shined on the Great Demon Lord's body.
The sword demon lord intercepted her holy sword.

"Tsk, you glittering little thing over there! Hold back the sword demon lord properly!"
"Pochi is troubled if you tell her that nodesu. Please wait a bit nodesuyo."

The troubled Pochi's ears flopped down under the helmet at Hero Meiko's unreasonable demand.

"Mou, you're useless!"

Receiving fierce attacks from the sword demon lord, Hero Meiko separates away from Pochi.

"Is weasel-san a demon lord person nodesu?"
"Umu, I'm the Great Weasel Demon Lord."
"Are you a bad demon lord nanodesu? Master told Pochi not to fight good demon lords nodesu."
"Like I said! Bad demon lord's friends are all bad people!"

Hero Meiko who had come nearby interfered Pochi's question.

"It's as that girl has said, demon lords are evil from Gods and Heroes's perspective."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord addressed Pochi's question with a quiet voice.

"However, good and evil depend on your viewpoint. From the perspective of people who rebel against the Gods that restrain people's growth and happiness, we are the light of hope."
"Hahn! No matter how many sophism you spin, you're the bad one here for breaking the rule of this world!"

Hero Meiko shouted while fighting the sword demon lord.
It's as if this is an anime or manga, but her ears probably also got improved from the tripled stats.


The sword demon lord caught up with her, and they parted away from the two again.

"Pochi doesn't really understand if it's too difficult nodesu."
"I see--."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord closed his eyes while regenerating his lower body.

"Then let me say this. I bear no hostility towards Hero Nanashi. Although we cannot be called friends, we're like acquaintances."
"You know Master nodesu? Then Pochi won't fight nodesu."
"Is that right, that is most excellent--it's about time."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord turns his head.
His eyes were looking at the last demon lord that was blown away to the horizon as the yellow giant arrived at the center of the palace.

The yellow giant that arrived at the ruined palace repeatedly hit the ground with both its arms.

"It's like a child throwing a tantrum."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord that has finished regenerating his lower body stands up.

"What's the yellow person doing nodesu?"
"There is something that guy seeks below that place."
"A big meat nanodesu?"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord pleasantly laughed at Pochi's words full of her appetite.

"That guy wants only one thing. Depriving the 『Dragon's Vein Connection』 that Troll Demon Lord has."
"Dragon's Vein, nanodesu?"

Pochi tilts her head, she's heard the words somewhere before.

....Unfortunately, it seems she can't recall it.

"It's an authority that the Dragon God had only ever given to one god; the Demon God once."
"That's amazing nodesu."

The Great Demon Lord talked while putting up a mysterious air, but Pochi responded randomly with a low tension voice.

Getting whatever response after especially talking about the secret like that, the Great Demon Lord tasted the feeling of letdown.
If his subordinates were to saw his slightly pitiful face, they would likely think that it was rare.

A flash-like small light wraps the yellow giant.

"It's coming--if you have a way to defend yourself, use it. If you don't, hide behind my body."
"Why nanodesu?"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord moves to cover Pochi behind his back.
Apparently, he's taken a liking to the pure Pochi.

"Explosions that will shake the earth are coming."
"That's terrible nanodesu!"

It's as if Pochi's surprise was the switch as several flashes ran through center of the yellow giant--God Zaikuon, thunderous roars erased the surrounding sounds.
Most of the forces and the explosions were directed right above the yellow giant, but they were strong enough to blow away every salt buildings around.


White pebbles broke through the purple light defending the Great Weasel Demon Lord, Pochi who was being covered behind him jumped to his side.

"Weasel person is in danger nodesu! 『Phalanxusu~』」

Pochi climbed on the giant body of the Great Weasel Demon Lord, and then she stretched her short arms and spread open the disposable defensive shield, Phalanx.
Even only for a short time, this can actualize the same defensive power as the later model of Castle that Golden Knight White Nana has.

"Auch, nanodesu."

However, the white pebbles broke through that impregnable defense.
It's the same white splinters that pierced through the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

Pochi who slipped off the Great Weasel Demon Lord, flicked away a white splinter that pierced through the demon lord with holy sword Durandal.

"Awawa, the holy sword broke nodesu."
"Conceal yourself behind my body obediently, there's only a few of them but those are the splinters of Dragon Fangs--the ultimate weapon that pierces even God."

While saying that, the Great Weasel Demon Lord increased the thickness of his purple aura.

Intermittent sounds of explosions are still continuing even now, the white Imperial Capital seen from behind the Great Weasel Demon Lord is hidden by horrible salt and soil smoke.

"Alright then nanodesu!"

Pochi hit on a good idea hearing the Great Weasel Demon Lord, she dropped the holy sword and put her hand inside the Golden Armor's storing pocket.
A white splinter that pierced through the Great Weasel Demon Lord's body was flicked away by the white sword that Pochi took out.

"This time Pochi will protect you nodesu!"

The Phalanx that has lost its effect disappears in front of Pochi who goes around in front of the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

With a speed that can't be seen with naked eyes, Pochi intercepts the white buckshots that are coming flying faster than the speed of sound.

"Don't tell me that's a Dragon Fang Sword--"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord muttered.

It's as he's guessed, the sword Pochi uses, Dragon Fang Sword--is a sword made from a lesser dragon fang created by the Ancient Dragon using Primeval Magic.
It can be said to be the completed form of the swords used by the Empire's Temple Knights.

"Uoryaa, nanodesu."

With spirited yells, Pochi intercepted all the shots.

"It didn't die even after getting hit by that directly huh...."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord is looking at the yellow giant bending down on the ground of the imperial palace's remain.
Even though the yellow light has weakened like it's going to disappear, it continues to pulse as if asserting its life force.

"We'd probably win if we had several more shots of that, but I cannot ask for too much."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord stands up while bleeding out.

"You shouldn't move nanodesu! You're hurt all over nodesuyo!"

Seeing the gushing blood, Pochi rummages through the Golden Armor's pocket in panic.
She finally found the health recovery magic potion and generously use it on the Great Weasel Demon Lord's wounds.

The magic potion showed its effect before long, the bleeding stopped.

"Thank you. Little hero."
"Yes nanodesu. But, Pochi is not a hero, she's Golden Knight Yellow nodesuyo?"
"Is that so, pure one. I will carve that name on my soul, Golden Knight Yellow, Pochi."

Pochi panicked when she heard that.

"Pochi's name is a secret nanodesu! Being known is bad nanodesuyo."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord laughs happily.

"Then I will keep that name a secret. I vow to never speak of it to anyone."
"Thank you nanodesu."


The sword demon lord who's bleeding all over landed beside the Great Weasel Demon Lord.
Only one of its six arms remains.

"There's blood all over nanodesu.... But, there's no more magic potion nodesu."

Pochi shoved her hand in the Golden Armor Pocket and got flustered.
Her figure looks like a certain panic-prone cat robot.

"Don't worry, the bleeding has already stopped."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord puts his giant paw on top of Pochi who's on the verge of tears.

"Besides, I only need to give the decisive blow on that guy next."

The gentle eyes of the Great Weasel Demon Lord sharply changed the moment they turned at the yellow giant, like he was a different person.

"Wa it! De mon, lord...."

Pushing through the salt ground, Hero Meiko who looked like a ghost stood up.
Apparently, she also survived the attack earlier by continuously using her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility].

However, that required a great compensation--.

"The hero girl is in tatter nanodesu!"

--Blue lines emerge on Hero Meiko's body, blue lights are leaking from her mouth and eyes, just like how she was before drinking Pochi's potion.

"de, mon lord..... DEMONLOOOOOOOOORD"

Hero Meiko screamed and then blue light are emitting furiously from the lines and holes on her body.

"Fallen hero huh--how pitiful."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord quietly muttered.

"Awawa, something's bad with hero girl nanodesu."

Pochi doesn't know what to do, and the fact that she can't ask help from her master Satou and her comrades makes her restless.
Even though she knows how to fight, she's still a little child who lacks experience, so it's understandable.

"Parion's heroes won't become demon lords even if their Soul Vessel is broken."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord gave a signal to the sword demon lord to lead Hero Meiko to the other side of the battlefield.

"The vessel of a fallen hero is completely broken, they change into a hunting machine that will continue to hunt demon lords until they breathe their last. Any kind of healing magic no longer works on them."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord is looking at Hero Meiko who's destroying the sword demon lord without being afraid of getting injured.
Pochi looks at the rampaging Hero Meiko while crying and shouting.

"Pochi, Pochi couldn't do anything at all nodesu."

She's exhausted all her medicines, and she can't communicate with her master and comrades.
Pochi was at a loss.

That cannot be helped.
In a world where it's common to lose your life to the unreasonable violences, her master prioritized to make her learn the way to survive.

Even though that sacrificed everything else, the fact that she's able to survive in a battlefield where demon lords and God are rampaging in just less than two years is a proof of the success of that objective.

If we're talking game-like, I guess it's the result of putting all growth points toward combat-oriented abilities?

"If you can't do anything, then do not ever forget that chagrin."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord who's overlooking Pochi gives an advice.

"And learn."

With tears in the corners of her eyes, Pochi looks up at the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

"In order to catch up with your ideal self someday...."
"Yes nanodesu."

One feeling buds inside Pochi who's clenching her fists.
Whether that withers or grows into a great tree depends on her own will and supports from her surroundings.

Pochi is looking up at the Great Weasel Demon Lord with eyes full of determination.

And then--.

As if waiting for that, the space beside Pochi broke like it was made of glass.

And the one who emerged from there was--.

※ Next update is planned for 1/15.

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