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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Strongest Sage, Obtains Permission


"There's a letter!"

A certain evening.
There was a letter in the mailbox in our inn's room when we got back.
No sender is written.

"...Is this another harassment by the city ruler?"

"I wonder if they've given up trying to beat us upright?"

Alma and Ruli observed the letter as they said that.
The city ruler's underlings have been attacking us everyday in this past week indeed.
I don't blame them for getting suspicious at this letter in this situation, but... it's different this time.

"No, this isn't from the city ruler. It's the letter we've all been waiting for instead."

I unfold the letter after saying that.
I haven't put my guard down, but there should be nothing weird written on it.
The content is in line with my expectations too.

"Look, this."

I spread the letter.

Need to pass you a letter. Will wait on the dungeon floor 2.

This all that's written.
There's a dungeon map drawn below with sign marked on a location.
This is the place the sender is waiting at huh.

"...What does this mean?"

"I can't think of it as anything but a suspicious invitation by the city ruler... Maybe he's put a trap there...."

"If he wanted to pass a letter, he could just have put it in the mailbox like with this one...."

"No. This should be different. If they're going to attack us, they wouldn't purposely do it on floor 2 and they would have written the appointed time. And above all... the reason they gave is too suspicious to be a trap."

Basically, the higher the dungeon floor, the more people are there.
You'd find someone just by walking a bit on floor 2.
They would have chosen a deeper floor if they intended to ambush us.

And the reason for calling us would have been a bit less suspicious.

"Then just who..."

"This person probably came to meet us as ordered by the king. Pretending to be an adventurer make them less suspicious, and there's no way a letter from the king be dropped in this mailbox just like that."

"....I see! It's true that getting found out by the city ruler will be troublesome!"

"Which means, the king's messenger is waiting in the dungeon... We've got to hurry!"

"Yeah. We should hurry but still careful as to not raise suspicion."

We hurried to the dungeon.

10 minutes after we found the letter.
We arrived at the location specified in the letter.

There's no one in the appointed place.
...Or so it looks it.

"We're here to receive the letter. Could you show yourself up?"

I said so and waved the letter toward the wall.
And then a part of the wall disappeared... and a man appeared out of thin air.
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"Please excuse me. I'm called Eiku. I was ordered to keep myself hidden until Mathias-sama found me as His Majesty believed you definitely would."

Eiku bowed in front of me as he said that.
His equipment look like that of an adventurer, but... his movements don't.

He's probably a secret agent employed by the royal family.
The magic he used to hide himself is also one of the less objectionable ones I saw in this world too.

"The reason you rigorously hid yourself that far.... is to avoid getting found out by the city ruler, am I correct?"

"Yes. My order is to deliver this letter without the city ruler's knowledge and to accompany you if necessary."

Eiku handed over a letter as he said that.
The letter is stamped with the royal family's crest.

I receive the letter and open it.
The content is... written with something that goes beyond my expectations.

I have received your report regarding the current ruler of Melkia City, Dogiel Melkia.
We have carried out an investigation about his tyranny ourselves, and the situations are just as Mathias reported, it cannot be forgiven.
Thus, the instant this letter is delivered to Mathias, Melkia Household is to be abolished and Dogiel Melkia is to be executed.

In addition, if you wish for it, Mathias and his party, with Eiku as a representative of the royal family, can act as a proxy to arrest the current city ruler.
In that case, you are permitted to execute him on the spot if you deem it necessary to.

As we expect him to put on a resistance, be advised to prepare your force.
But that's probably not needed if Mathias agrees to take part.

"...Mathias-sama, would you like to act as a proxy for the arrest?"

"Yeah. I'd like to."

I immediately replied Eiku's inquiry.
With this, we can make our move now.

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