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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Strongest Sage, Follows Advice


The day after we sent the letter to the principal.
The four of us went into the dungeon.

To begin with, we came to the dungeon city to explore the dungeon.
It's going to take some time before the letter reaches the king anyway, we should wait for it while we engage in the dungeon exploring.

"So this is the dungeon's gate...."

"I've heard about the rumor, but this door looks really huge in person...."

Alma sounded astonished when we arrived at the closed gate that led to the dungeon.
True, the door installed on this gate is huge.

Besides being tall and wide, it seems to be more than one meter thick.
It probably weights several tons at least.

Looks like it's installed here to stop monsters from coming out of the dungeon in an emergency.

"Huh? Is this door made of ordinary iron?"

"Yeah. It's just an ordinary iron. It breaks easily."

I replied to Iris.
Yes. This door is just a hunk of iron.

Dungeon Rampage isn't simple enough to be stopped by this stuff.
Iris in her dragon form could easily break it with a kick.
Thus, we went inside the dungeon while worrying more about the dungeon city.

"It's bigger than the dungeon in the academy... but you know, it's kinda ordinary..."

"Apparently, there should have been more people on the floors above...."

The inside of the dungeon really was ordinary.
The monsters aren't particularly strong and there aren't that many people around.

There are traces of many people having hunted here, however... looks like there's not a lot of them today.
It might have to do with people having been injured in the battle yesterday.
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Several adventurers show up as we advance on.
There are cases of adventurers attacking other party to plunder money and stuff in a dungeon, but.... Looks like there's no need to be wary here.
I don't feel any hostility from them.

"Ou, that's some young party you have there. What are you guys doing in the dungeon?"

The adventurers stopped slightly away from us and talked.

"Just as you can see, we're exploring the dungeon."

"...You'd better not and turn around today. That monster from before might have gone up the floor."

The monster from before.... He's talking about the monster the ruler failed to defeat huh.
It's a great news for me if that monster is still alive though.

"Are you talking about the monster from the failed subjugation?"

"Yeah. Last we checked, it was on floor 11. However, that type of monsters is hard to read. It's impossible to beat that thing in the first place anyway, so you'd better give up exploring the dungeon today."

Dungeon monsters usually don't move between floors.
However, special kind of monsters that are sometimes spawned can do it.
True, if you're not confident enough, you probably should not go into the dungeon today.

"...Thank you for your advice. We'll hunt for a bit on some shallow floor and go back early today."

"T-thank you very much!"

"Take care!"

We advance through the dungeon.
Let's follow their advice and go fight on shallow floors.
Or more specifically.... Until we got to a floor with strong monsters on it.

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