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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Got a Master


I saw the inn's ceiling when I opened my eyes.
My whole body feels like it's been bathed in boiling water, my upper half feels very hot. And then dull pain ran through.

"Aah, I lost huh?"

It's painful to even turn around, but shining crescent moon was reflected on Nobusada's eyes as he looked outside. A considerable time must have passed since that uproar.

"I'm utterly weak...."

I wholeheartedly think so. I couldn't do anything at all. No wait, I did send him flying once. But that's it. I was beaten to a pulp afterward. I remember blurting out some passionate speech but my memory fazes out after that. When I think about it again, I did that in front of so many people, that was so embarrassing I could disappear into a hole right now.
Still, I followed through my belief and protected the animal girl. I have no regret in that.

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I managed to protect her didn't I?

I got off the bed in a hurry and went down the stairs while walking along the wall.
Guaaa, ooooww.
That Gian guy really hit me hard.
I use heal on myself while walking. Come to think of it, I can use heal on myself without holding my hands up now. It might be a fluke, but it's really helpful as I'm holding onto the wall right now.

When I got to the dining room, captain-commander-dono who was heartily drinking booze, Donur-san and Kyle-san who had a totally exhausted look on his face were there.
Why are these people here? Although I'm curious, I have to ask the thing that weighs on my mind first.

"Oo, young 'uns sure recover fast. Nobusada, so you have come to."

"Captain-commander-dono, is the waitress girl safe? Did they do something to her after I was knocked out?"

"Fuhahaha, worried about that girl more than yourself huh. Everything's fine, those bunch went somewhere afterward. That little girl was just nursing you until a bit ago. She's resting in her room now."

Pheeew, gooood. I was relieved and fell limp right there.

"Aah, good. I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to that girl after I went and picked a fight on my own."

"But still, I'm surprised you could get up after getting punched that bad. Nobusada, you can use holy magic don't you?"

I was shocked to hear that. However, my intuition tells me that his eyes are that of conviction. Guess I shouldn't try to hide it and spit it all out.

"Yes that's true. Is it weird that I can when I'm neither a monk or a priest?"

"Not at all. Although few in number, there's people with multiple classes, and people who have changed class can also use it. However, it won't be as effective compared to the professionals."

Phew, looks like worry was in naught. Looks like I can use it openly without worries.

"Nevertheless, it is still abnormal. You healed yourself while being clad in mana and without holding your hands after all."

Eeeh!? I don't remember doing such a thing y'know. Wonder if that's why I could use heal without holding my hand earlier.

"What's this, judging by your expression, you did it unconsciously huh. Either way, your way of fighting was quite reckless. Be grateful to your parents for being born with a sturdy body."

I guess that would be Gune in this case? There's many things I need to reflect upon, but just having avoided the worst scenarios of, 『I died』, and 『Bunny ear girl got taken away』 is relieving enough.

And then, Donur-san who was staying silent suddenly stepped forward and stood before me.
His face looks scary but he's staring at me with a serious look. Come to think of it, this might be the first time I'm face to face with him.

"Nobusada. All in all, I cannot commend what you did. There had be another way to resolve it amicably."

Guh, I can't say anything to that. I couldn't think up any other way in that instant.

"However, I do not dislike that recklessness of yours. Rakog and his daughter are also grateful to you. He said, 『You can't find many who could say it like that, thank you for protecting my daughter』. ...So, what I'm trying to say here is.... Well done."

Afterward, he awkwardly brushed my head. Even while being curt, Donur-san is awkwardly expressing his gratitude. It's kinda embarrassing since I'm not a kid, but it doesn't feel bad.

"I-I just did what I wanted. I just didn't like his attitudes..."


My belly rumbled when I was going to speak. This belly really can't read the mood.
My shame meter reached the max. Captain-commander and Donur-san look at each other and burst out laughing.

"Kufu, hahahaha, your body is honest. Wait a bit. I'll make you something. My treat."

Donur-san went into the kitchen while looking like he saw something interesting.
Then sizzling sounds of his cooking resounded. Oh crap, it smells good too.

Oh right, Kyle-san is slurping his booze with eyes that look like a dead fish's. Wonder what happened to him?
Is it because he kept those two company. Mine is fruit juice since I'm injured and a non-drinker though.
Let's leave him alone for now. I can't find a word to speak to him.

"Right, Nobusada. Did you have anybody teach you martial arts?"

The captain-commander suddenly changed the topic.

"No, I'm self-taught. I'm just mimicking stuff I saw."

Yup, it's completely self-taught. My swordsmanship is kendo imitation, and the hand-to-hand combat is an extended version of playing around between classes. When I think about it again, that was completely reckless of me.

"I see, I see. Nobusada, would you like to come under my apprenticeship?"

What!? This is abrupt. However, it's just what I asked for. From the rumor I heard, captain-commander is one of the five strongest people in this country. There will be no greater experience than having someone like that train me. But, why did I get invited I wonder? There must a mountain of people who want to learn under captain-commander. I lost the fight in the end, and didn't have anything good to show did I?

"You look baffled. You might have not won, but you did not lose either. If we go by result, it's a draw by prolonged match."

Really. I thought it was my total lost. Well, that's not much better though.

"If there's one thing that caught my attention, it's your unyielding spirit. That's the one thing youth these days lack and the most indispensable thing to become my pupil. Most of my successful pupils are all people who are bad at giving up."

I'm not sure how to feel about that. I didn't give up for the sake of animal girls... It's directly connected to my desire isn't it.

"Also, I have never seen your type before. Most will not engage in hand-to-hand combat to that degree when they can use magic. How will someone as unusual as that grow up. I'm curious about that. Now then, what will you do?"

A mere curiosity. Even so, I will grab this chance. I have been made completely aware of my lack of power and techniques. And if he's going to teach me that, it must be my good luck.

"Please. I can't protect anything if I stay like this. Please make me your disciple, master!"

"Master huh. It has been awhile since someone called me that. Come to think of it, you might resemble my first pupil somewhat."

"Are you done? It's better when it's freshly made."

Donur-san has brought the food before I knew it.
A dish in a big plate raising warm steam.... I-isn't this Paella!? Rice, is it rice!?

"Do-Dododo-Donur-san. Is this rice!?"

"O-ou. I managed to get a few. We don't have a lot since it's a rare drop in the dungeon, so it's not enough to be served in the store. Eat up without reserve."

On top of the seasoned rice, there's prawns, chicken meat, paprika, onion, and colored cut parsley. Uwaaah, it's only been a few days, yet it feels very nostalgic, rice.

I pick up the spoon and put it into my mouth deliriously.

S-so good. Oh crap, it's so good I'm tearing up. This, this is it. The sweetness and seasoning that get stronger the more you chew, and the stock that spreads out in your mouth. He said this was a rare drop in the dungeon huh. I'll hunt it, absolutely. For the sake of my eating habits! Another thing that necessitate me to get stronger.
The prawns are flavored to the tail as I crunch them whole. There should be no sea in this inland area, wonder where he got this?
The chicken meat has chewy texture to it, similar to game fowl, but this is nice too. The harmony with the soft rice is unbeatable.

The paella that was on a large plate went into my belly in about ten minutes.
Everyone around me looks dumbfounded to see my eating pace.

"Thank you for the meal. That was totally great."

A laughter resounded.

"Hahaha, looks like there's no need to worry about your condition if you can eat that much. Just sleep well. Tomorrow... well, nothing can be done about the swelling, so head to the western gate station the day after tomorrow. You will find me or Kyle there, we will talk about your training afterward."


Just as master suggested, let's go back to my room and have some rest. Or rather, I'm so full my eyelids won't hold on anymore. I think I saw Kyle with vacant eyes, but I left the dining room while leaving a prayer for him to find peace in the next world.

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