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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Strongest Sage, Heals


"Healing magicians recruited by the guild, we're here!"

A few minutes after the guild called for assembly.
We arrived at a wide building near the dungeon.

"T-this is terrible..."

"Did they not administer first-aid treatment..."

The inside was awful.
More than 200 wounded adventurers are lying on the floor, most without even having been treated with first-aid.

They have a sick ward in this city but it seems they don't have enough beds at all.
Nor recovery personnels.

Looking around, there are only around six people who can use healing magic here including me and Ruli.
Judging from the scale of this city, it needs at least three times that.

"We're in a dungeon city, even only by name, right? Aren't there more the healing magicians than these?"

"We have no more! Previously, we had people specialized in the field employed by the city, but last month, the ruler said that it was a waste of expenditure and let got most of them...."

"Are you serious...."

The situation was even more terrible than I thought.
I investigate the adventurers' mana while looking around.

I can't heal them all at once in a situation like this.
Thus, I need to set priorities.
If it seems like we don't have enough hands, we might have to give up on some of them to save as many life as possible, but....

"Okay, looks like we can heal them all."

Fortunately, healing magic that doesn't require range is one of the strongest point of Disqualified Crest.
For now, I should be able to at least save their life.

"Eh!? All of them!?"

The guild personnel was surprised to hear my statement.
Her tone sounded like such a thing was impossible.

If possible, I'd like to continue after getting her understanding, but... We don't have time.
We can only save them all if we start the healing right away.

"Yes. All of them! I'll do the complicated part, everyone, use healing magic on the wooden tag I prepared one by one! We need to treat a lot of people, so just heal them enough to prevent them from dying!"

As I said that, I magically carved numbers on wooden tags I took out of storage magic and left them beside the patients.
Even Disqualified Crest can do it if it's just carving readable numbers.


"I understand!"

Alma and Iris nodded when they heard me, and began to carry the magic tools Ruli created.
The other healing magicians aren't moving.... But I've got no time to care for them.
I have my own important work to do.

I use healing magic on patients whose injuries are especially bad to prevent them from losing any more blood.
Judging from the other healing magicians' quality of mana, they can only heal physical strength at most.
I need to heal people who are hemorrhaging myself.

Someone called me out from behind.

"Hold it right there! We're professionals! Why do we have to listen to a child!"

The one who called was one of the gathered healing magicians.
He's probably one of the remaining healing magicians in this city.

Seeing how the other healing magicians are following him, I guess this guy is the leader.
Well, as for his skill in healing magic... It's just as you've guessed, same with other magicians.

"Then can we save them all with your lead?"

I asked the healing magician while still continuing the healing process.
His reply is within my expectations.

"Of course not! However, we can minimize the victims by prioritizing people who can be saved! So you should abandon that hopeless patient and--"

I stand up and go to another patient while ignoring the healing magician.
It seems like this healing magician understands the procedure when you don't have enough hands.
However... It looks like he lacks the capability to grasp the situations.

"It really is impossible huh! So stop treating that hopeless patient--"

He probably thinks that I've given up after seeing me moving away from the patient.
The healing magician shouted out at me.
The other healing magicians behind him look at the patient I treated... and let out surprised voices.

"I-it's healed! That horrible injury is healed, look!"

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