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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Strongest Sage, Obtains Info


The dungeon city was terrible in various ways.
We're standing on the entrance of the city, so I have only seen a portion of it, but... I can already see what's wrong about it.
Or rather, it's choke full of things worth retorting.

"Um... I wonder what is the pillar over there? I can feel weird mana flowing in it...."

Looks like Ruli noticed one of the things I found weird.
Ruli pointed at a magic lamp... in other words, it's a pillar that enlightens the vicinity through magic... The problem is the source of its mana.

You usually use magic stones as the mana source of this kind of magic tools.
And since this place is a dungeon city, it should be easy to procure magic stones.

And yet... The magic lamps here are directly connected to the dungeon's mana.
And it's done quite sloppily.

True that you won't need magic stones by doing this, but it's an extremely reckless act.
Left alone, they'll probably explode in about three years time.

"Oy, you two over there. You'd better not get closer to that thing! That one sometime explodes on its own! It's killed 10 people this year alone!"

A food store's storekeeper nearby warned us when Ruli and I were observing the magic lamp.
It really does explode....
And there's already dead victims even.

"Why would they install such a dangerous thing?"

I tried asking the storekeeper since I really can't fathom the reason why anyone would put this thing.
And then the storekeeper beckoned me while covering his mouth with his hand.
Looks like he can't say it loudly.

I approached the storekeeper and then he started talking with a voice that was barely audible.

"...It's the order of this city's ruler. He went and told us to use the thing since he didn't want to decrease magic stone exports. We had been using magic stones until then. There's also stuff like heavy taxes... I miss his predecessor already."

...I see. It's used as a substitute by the new ruler's order huh.
If this ruler guy is someone like Biffgel, then I can see how this situation comes to.
Or rather, there's no other explanation to it.

"Also, did you notice that there's not a lot of people in this city today?"

"...Now that you mention it. Is this related to the ruler too?"
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This area should be the center of the dungeon city, which should be a huge city.
Judging from the land mass on the map, the states of the surrounding stores and the dense buildings, there's no mistake about it.

Yet, there's too few people here.
The sparse figures of people are obviously unbalanced with the number of stores.
Adventurers who should naturally be here in a dungeon city are mostly absent too.

"You got that right. Apparently they found a strong monster in dungeon floor 10, so most adventurers got mobilized to defeat that monster. And this is the result."

Most huh, just how many adventurers are mobilized.
It's true that more people is better if you want to beat a strong monster... but only if all members have reached a certain level of magic combat competency.

Randomly grouping small fries together will only turn them into a drag.
And I don't believe that the adventurers of this dungeon city have reached that level.
I mean, the weapons they're selling in the nearby shops are all awful.

"Both strong and weak ones?"

"Yeah. Every adventurer in this city was made to roll a dice, anyone who rolled any other number than six had to participate. Volunteering was formally optional, but they pretty much are coerced to. The people who refused to participate last time were driven away from the city.... I wonder how many will die this time."

They decide by rolling a dice, not by the adventurer's strength huh. That's just way too much...
Perhaps the ruler of this dungeon city is even more inept than Biffgel.

"...I see. Thank you for the information. Let me purchase some of these."

I randomly bought several spices the store was selling.
I could buy food, but due to the matter with Storage magic, I wanted something light.

"Come again!"

However, if this ruler guy is this incompetent, we might get rolled up in some trouble here.
Demons also might something to do with it, but I don't feel any presence that points to that.
Well, let's just how things are while exploring the dungeon.

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