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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Strongest Sage, Revises Magic Circle


"Uum... Since it's a bird monster... Fighting it will be hard if it takes flight..."

Ruli points at the monster's wings.
By the way, we haven't been found thanks to the effect of concealment barrier.

"Then what if we go about this while preventing it from flying? Like shooting arrows at its wings?"

"...I don't think arrows will be enough to break its wings considering its size... Iris-san, how damaged wings could be before they lose the ability to fly?"

"Hmm... For us dragons, we can fly even if most of our wings are destroyed as long as our mana is in perfect state, to begin with, our wings rarely ever get damaged... but I think ordinary monsters aren't that tough! I think it won't be able to freely fly if half of its wing is broken!"

Looks like Iris understands stuff about wings well since she can fly herself.
Just as she's said, that level of monster won't be able to fly if you smash half of its wing.

"Then if we destroy it with a bow...."

Ruli said that and looked at the monster again.
And then she mutters.

"How many times should we attack to break a wing of that size...?"

"We will long run out of arrows first for sure...."

"Breaking it won't be hard if my spear can reach it...."

"Iris-san's spear... Ah!"

Due to its size, the bird monster's wings are located quite high up.
Since this floor has a high ceiling, Iris's spear won't be able to even reach the monster's feet once it flies.
Ruli sounded like she hit upon an idea.... And began to draw something on the ground.

"If we do this.... I think we can drop it down!"
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Ruli has drawn a magic circle that combines a spell to inhibit flight and a spell that increase attack power against big monsters.
Looks like she's planning to drop the monster down to the ground since it's not possible to break the wings by normal means and make use of Iris's offensive power.
The plan itself is good.
This kind of tricks works well when a bow user join hands with a Glory Crest.
Looks like my teaching of magic circle drawing has started to bear its fruits on Ruli.

However... There's a slight unfortunate part.

"Your idea of combining these two spells are nice... but the power increase and flight inhibition will work separately if you do it like this. We don't really need the arrow power in this situation, and rather reinforce the flight inhibition effect, so... This is how you should combine them."

I erased several lines on the magic circle Ruli drew and added some.
With this drawing, the arrow won't have any power, but the flight inhibition effect will be raised to maximum.
A few arrows of this should be enough to drop down that level of monster.

"This combination... I understand! You two, do you have any objection about this plan?"

Ruli looked at Iris and Alma.

"I think this will work!"

"Yes! Leave the monster to me once it fell!"

Normally, you also should discuss how you are going to retreat in case of failure... but I guess I should teach them about it after we leave the dungeon.
I'm with them this time, and even without me, this party has Iris.

Even if they failed, they should have no problem dealing with it as long as they kept their calm.
The ability to keep calm and devise a plan in cases of sudden unexpected turn of events are ones of the important abilities to have.

Thus they finished the strategy meeting, Ruli augmented the arrows they had in hands--and then Ruli declares the start of the operation.

"Then, let's do it! Iris-san, please guard us until the monster fell down!"


"Let's go!"

As she said that, Alma pulled her bow and shot an arrow at the monster.
The monster immediately noticed the arrow and attempted to evade it, but Alma guided the arrow and made it hit right on its wing.

Now, the battle begins.

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